Deric Lostutter: How the FBI Caught Up to an Anonymous Hacker

Deric Lostutter has confirmed that he is KYAnonymous, the leader of "Operation Roll Red Roll," which targeted Steubenville High School after the rape of a 16-year old girl by football players.

This Successful Dallas Prostitute Rehab May Go Statewide, and It Should

In 2007, Dallas began offering an ultimatum to prostitutes caught in stings: Go to jail or get help. Encouraged by the success of the program, lawmakers are now close to taking it statewide.

Kanye West 'Yeezus' Album: Is the Rapper Tired Of His Own Ridiculous Brand?

West's new album, "Yeezus" seems to indicate he wants to be himself, but cannot because he's married to a brand he doesn't truly like.

Dwight Eisenhower Had This Secret Message Prepared For When D-Day Failed

You probably never saw this letter in history class.

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Recap: Viewers Need a Break From Tragedy

The gritty, realistic tone of the show is refreshing, but the tragedy may end up getting old if it keeps up.

NSA Scandal: No Defense For Obama's Massive Phone-Gathering Program

The nation learned Wednesday night that the FBI has been demanding data on all of Verizon's U.S. calls in complete secrecy, probably for years. Will this make us wake up?

Why Country Stars and Rap Stars Aren't As Different As You Might Think

"Accidental Racist" aside, country and hip hop both can be done well, and the reason might be that they aren't as different as you'd think.

Racism On the Soccer Field Must End Before It Kills the Sport

Racism runs rampant in some of Europe's top soccer leagues, and not UEFA is cracking down. What took so long? And will it work?

Apple WWDC Rumors 2013: New Macbook Pro, Macbook Air Expected, But Could Be Lacking In Big News

Apple will hold its 24th annual Worldwide Developers Conference next week. New and updated products and services are expected to be announced, but it will still leave people wanting.

Bill O'Reilly Just Lost Every Millennial Vote With This Quote

And you were wondering why the Republican Party has a problem with young people?

Tropical Storm Andrea Path: LIVE National Hurricane Center Updates

Tropical Storm Andrea, the first of the hurricane season, is set to make landfall on the west coast of Florida Thursday afternoon. Check in for live updates throughout the day.

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3: 7 Female Characters Who Face a Glass Ceiling

Why the women of the Seven Kingdoms still have a long way to go.

New York Versus Los Angeles: A Tale Of Two Cities

With all of the journalistic bickering about N.Y. and L.A., it might be time to start taking a look at our own cities and habits, and stop throwing each other under the bus.

Abbey Niezgoda: Reporter Attacked By Mother Of Shooting Victim Got What She Was Looking For

When reporters interview heroes, they are praised. When they attempt to forcibly interview grieving parents, they should be considered arrogant and in violation of privacy.

You'll Never Believe What Our Nation's Highest Ranking Leaders Said About Porn

Politicians and military officers are attributing the military's rape epidemic to porn, hookup culture, and hormones. Women aren't the only ones who should be offended by this ignorant claim.

NSA Phone Records: We Know Tapping Phones Is Legal, But Is It Effective?

Recent "scandal" exposing NSA strategies for collecting phone records underlines the need for more robust evidence of these strategies' counterterrorism power to help justify these programs.

E3 2013 Date: Can Xbox 1, PS4, and 'Destiny' Live Up to Expectations?

The entire gaming world is waiting with bated breath for next week, the most important Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) since the conference went public in 2009.

Obama Verizon Scandal: Will This Finally Turn Liberals Against Obama?

While many liberals have been offering defenses of the current administration, this latest scandal may be the breaking point that turns Dems. and Independents against the president.

Lynne Rosen John Littig: Brooklyn Self-Help Radio Hosts Commit Suicide Together

Two “self-help” life coaches were found dead Monday after committing suicide in their Brooklyn home. Despite projecting positive messages, the couple decided to end their lives early.

Orlando Shaw: This Man Has 22 Children, So Why Are We Laughing?

The latest "hilarious" video to go viral is yet another non-white man stuck in a ridiculous but troubling situation. Why is "tragedy porn" so shareable?

Susan G. Komen Foundation Struggles to Raise Money As CEO Makes Nearly $700K

Fundraising prospects are looking bleak for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, even as CEO Nancy Brinker gets a raise.

"I'm Happy Being a Prostitute" Might Be the Worst PSA Ever

Brazil recently dropped its "I'm Happy Being a Prostitute" campaign following what should have been a predictable backlash. What were they thinking?

"Men Of Honor" VSU: Another Hazing Incident Goes Tragically Wrong, Kills 2

A recent Virginia State University secret society hazing ritual resulted in the death of two and the arrest of four, for a total of six lives destroyed.

Bashar Al-Assad Isn't the Threat to Freedom in Syria — Islamic Rebels Are

Don't be fooled by pro-war propaganda. It is imperative that President Assad is not removed from power if secularism is to survive in the Middle East.

9 Crazy Food Items McDonald's Serves in Other Countries

From shrimp Big Macs to hulking sausage sandwiches, McDonald's serves a lot of weird stuff overseas ... and a lot of it looks delicious.

This Israeli Military Photo Gives a Whole New Meaning to the Term "Gaza Strip"

Israeli female soldiers are in hot water after posting photos of themselves on Facebook wearing little more than their underwear and sparse military gear.

Chelsey Ramer: Teen Fined $1,000 For Wearing Feather in Graduation Cap

Chelsey Ramer was fined for wearing an eagle feather in her cap and gown during graduation.

NSA Phone Tapping: Obama Has Failed in His Promise to Build the Public Trust

Obama promised to build and maintain the public trust. How's he doing?

Marijuana Legalization: This Graph About the War On Drugs Should Embarrass Every American

If this graph doesn’t change the public’s view about how frivolous the War on Drugs is, then what will.

6 People in Your Life With Secretly Sketchy Backgrounds

You never know who might have a criminal record. Appearances can be very, very decieving.

Marijuana Legalization 2013: What's Good For Smokers is Also Good For the Taxpayer

Marijuana legalization wouldn't just be good for users. It would be good for taxpayers and the economy.

Summer TV Shows 2013: 3 Dramas That Will Fill Your 'Game Of Thrones' Void

"Game of Thrones" got you down? "Big Bang Theory" re-runs not cutting it? Fear not, fellow TV fans, there are a few series returning just in time for summer.

Cambridge Law Exam Question May Have Gone Into a Bit Too Much Detail

A recent Cambridge exam on criminal law contained a question that may have been a bit too graphic for the average law student. What do you think?

Euro Crisis: EU Tyranny Will Collapse, and Soon

The EU will collapse due to burdensome regulations, uncontrolled immigration, and a centralization of power among those who know nothing of the real world.

Verizon FISA Order: Millions Of Phone Records Being Collected By Obama Administration

Generally, FISA court orders are directed to specific named targets/suspects or a limited set of named individuals. Most surprising in this case is the blanket, limitless nature of the order.

#MyGirlfriendNotAllowedTo: Trending Twitter Hashtag Promotes Violence Against Women, Even Though It's Tongue-and-Cheek

From trending hashtags to rape pages on Facebook, the newest internet craze has become violence against women.

Immmigration Reform 2013: It's About More Than Immigration

Recent debates over immigration reform have introduced the topics of guns and gay rights for immigrants, making this legislation complex. Is this due to our hyper-partisan culture?

Ellen Sturtz: Michelle Obama Heckled At Fundraiser, Threatens to Leave

Michelle Obama threatened to leave a fundraiser after being heckled by an LGBT activist.

10 Graphs Prove American English Is Like a Bunch Of Different Foreign Languages

The way you speak is probably right, but it's probably not right. Confused? Don't be. It depends on where you live, and here are graphs that show the different pronunciations of the U.S.

Erika Harold: Miss America Tries to Save the Republican Party

Young, accomplished and conservative, Erika Harold represents the type of conservative the Republican Party needs to promote to make good on its outreach rhethoric.

Minimum Wage Increase is a No-Brainer

The federal minimum wage has not kept up with inflation, and 71% of Americans support raising it. Yet Congress cannot seem to pass legislation to help out America's low-wage workers.

Japanese Sushi Chef Infiltrates Kim Jong-Il's Secret Lair – What Happened Next is Most Absurd

This chef became one of the world's most oppressive leaders closest friends and confidants, but a friendship like this does not come without a hefty price.

Roger Vinson: Judge Responsible For NSA Surveillance Reveals Hypocrisy in Past Rulings

Roger Vinson has a notable record that contradicts itself on the most fundamental issue of government authority, as he invalidated Obamacare but permitted the Verizon phone record collection.

Want Social Security and Medicare Someday? Start Having Babies

The easiest (and perhaps most enjoyable) thing millennials can do to secure social security and medicare is simply have kids. And lots of them.

NSA Phone Records: Obama is As Bad As Bush, and Congress Must Act

The Obama administration's NSA is routinely seizing the private telephone records of millions of U.S. customers of Verizon Wireless, regardless of any wrongdoing.

Sandy Hook Shooting: Connecticut Passes Law Barring Release Of Photos, Videos

A new law that shields these pictures from the public sends the message that we should hide and forget all about this tragedy.

'Game Of Thrones' Red Wedding Episode: George R.R. Martin Reacts to Viral Fan Response

The writer responds to the epic reaction to the latest episode of the show.

Hey Millennials: We Want to Know About Your Experiences in the Workplace

Whether you check Craigslist hourly or you've never even looked at LinkedIn, jobs are on everyone's mind. This month, PolicyMic hosts a special week-long discussion on entering the workforce.

America is Clearly Better Off With Women Leaders On Capitol Hill

The seven women on the Senate Armed Services committee take the military to task over its sexual assault crisis, showing why having women leaders is such a good thing.

Boy Scouts Gay Ban: How Have Religious Leaders Reacted to Gays in Scouting?

Some churches have promised to sever their relationship with scouting, but others have been more supportive.

Taksim Square Protest: Turkey Won't Go Down Egypt's Path On Women's Rights

Women protested alongside men in the Egyptian revolution, but now women's rights are in danger. Now Turkish women are protesting, but they have a better chance of making change.

NSA Phone Wiretap: There's No Excuse For Spying On Millions Of Americans

There's nothing targeted about the government's latest round of wiretapping, in which millions of everyday Americans have had their phone records handed to the NSA.

Sri Srinivasan: Meet America's Newest Federal Judge (And Likely Future Supreme Court Justice)

Sri Srinivasan is President Obama's first appointee to the D.C. Circuit Court, possibly the second most important court in the country. Will he be nominated for the Supreme Court? We'll see.

Euro Crisis: The IMF is a Bad Doctor, and Austerity is Bad Medicine

The IMF has admitted to serious mistakes in its handling of the Greek debt crisis. However, with deep flaws in the Eurozone unresolved, is the Troika just postponing the inevitable?

Tropical Storm Andrea Path and LIVE Coverage: Follow Live Updates

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

NSA Phone Records: Why Is the Government Able to Obtain Your Phone Records, Anyway?

Collecting phone records from a Verizon Wireless subsidiary is legal under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). What is FISA and what can it do?

'Much Ado About Nothing' Joss Whedon: 'Avengers' Director Does a 180

"Avengers" director Joss Whedon does a complete 180 with "Much Ado About Nothing," which will probably be the best classic reboot of the year.

New York Post Boston Bombing Lawsuit: Falsely Accused Bombers Sue Paper

Being wrongfully labeled a terrorist is not just a small inconvenience that can be remedied with an apology. These individuals have every right to press charges against the Post.

6 Life Lessons I Took Away From College

Looking back on the past four years, here are six lessons that I’ve learned — both in and out of the classroom.

Obama Nominees: President Names 3 Nominees Simultaneously to Spark Inevitable GOP Backlash

Amid the bitter partisan war being waged in Washington, the simultaneous nomination of three candidates to fill the vacant seats on the DC Circuit Appeals Court deepens the US partisan divide.

Bashar Al-Assad: Will Alleged Syrian Use Of Chemical Weapons Lead to U.S. Intervention?

Amid mounting allegations that Syria is using the chemical weapon sarin gas, will President Obama act upon the violation of his "red line"?

Silicon Valley Holds the Answer to Republicans' Millennial Problem

he GOP has an opportunity to gain significant support among a millenial electorate accustomed to disruptive technological and economic revolution. Now is the time to seize it.

Nissim Yeshaya: Israeli Judge Resigns After Claiming "Some Girls Like To Be Raped"

Judge Nissim Yeshaya thoughtlessly offered the opinion that "some girls like to be raped" during a court case. Then he tried to justify it.

5 Ways to Figure Out How You Can Change the World

It's often said millennials don't care enough about what really matters. Prove everyone wrong by doing these five things.

Tim Tracy: Was Film-Maker's Release An Attempt At Diplomacy By Venezuela?

U.S. documentarian Tim Tracy has been released from a Venezuelan jail due to lack of evidence supporting allegations he destabilized the country, spied, and provoked unrest.

Chris Christie 2013: In a State Where Even the GOP Is Blue, There's a Small Ray Of Hope

The Hudson County Republican Club seeks to abolish the political corruption in Hudson County, New Jersey. Although it is an uphill battle, there is no doubt that progress is being made.

Taksim Square Protests: Erdogan is No Dictator, But Tolerating Dissent Isn't Exactly His Forte

While Erdogan's popularity in Turkey and in surrounding nations remains strong, his increasing intolerant actions towards any form of dissent are hypocritical and detrimental for his own legacy.

The Most Populous State in America Has a Dark History Of Forced Sterilization

For 70 years, California's eugenic laws forced targeted sterilization on racially and mentally disabled populations, with little to no shame.

Plan B Age Restrictions: Court Lifts Limitations, But Unlimited Access Remains Unattainable

A court decision Wednesday allows the morning-after pill to be sold over-the-counter for women of any age. The ruling offers promising direction, but threats to unrestricted access still remain.

Jeff Chiesa Appointed as Interim NJ Senator Until October Election

Who is Gov. Christie's long-time friend and colleague, Attorney General Jeff Chiesa?

You've Got to Legalize It — It Being Every Drug

It's about time. Human Rights Watch is calling for the decriminalization of every drug worldwide.

Is Suburbia Now Worse Off Than the Inner-City?

The face of poverty in the U.S. is changing and affecting more than just urban areas, and policies need to catch up.

Samantha Power: Why We Need Her At the United Nations

The nominee for UN ambassador has the power to start a necessary discussion on US engagement with the world. If it isn't too late.

Italy Unemployment Rate: Why Italy's New Government Must Focus On Its Youth

An Italy focused on its young people is an Italy likely to emerge from the European recession stronger and better positioned to capitalize when economic conditions rebound.

Gomez Markey Debate: Who Won? Probably No One

In the debate between Ed Markey and Gabriel Gomez, the main topics were abortion, Benghazi, and Clinton, but it was all the same old stuff.

Hulu Bidding: DirecTV, Two Others Bid Over $1 Billion For Streaming Service

The bids for Hulu are escalating with a price tag already surpassing $1 billion. The rapidly heating war is telling of where the media industry is headed: to the internet and beyond.

NSA Phone Records: A Justified Program, Followed By a Dumb Coverup

While the government's phone monitoring is justified, they should have done a better job informing the public about it.

Ahmen Douma: Egyptian Activist Sentenced For Insulting President Morsi

President Morsi's crackdown of critics continues, as one of Egypt's most prominent activists is sentenced to six months in jail for speaking out against him and his administration.

New Jersey Special Election 2013: Who Will Win New Jersey's Open Senate Seat? (Spoiler Alert: It's Cory Booker)

The recent passing of New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg leaves an open Senate seat in the state of New Jersey. Who will claim it?

Ban Ki-Moon: In the DR Congo, UN Money Can't Buy You Peace (Yet)

The international community has spent billions of dollars on peacekeeping efforts the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Can the UN and World Bank finally bribe the DRC to stop the violence?

Esther Williams Dies at 91: She Was the Original Pin-Up Beauty

The swimmer-turned-movie star was plastered across countless baracks walls in the 1940s. She has passed away in her sleep.

Obama Secret Emails: Having Several Email Addresses Isn't Actually a Big Deal

This scandal may be another that looks worse than it is.

New Jersey Special Election 2013: Is Cory Booker Ready to Move For Lautenberg's Seat?

In light of Gov. Christie’s decision to hold a special election, Booker needs to decide to finish his term as mayor of Newark or run to fill Lautenberg’s seat.

A Letter to Senator Lindsey Graham: Yes, We Bloggers Deserve First Amendment Rights Too

The South Carolina Senator is lead sponsor on a new bill aimed to protect First Amendment rights for all journalists. He is not including bloggers under this category.

10 Awesome Things to Do in D.C. This Summer

Bored and in the District of Columbia? Check out this expansive list of fun things to all around the city.

Feminist Weekly: How to Save the World 101

This week, PolicyMic writers tackled everything from street harassment to the North Carolina GOP's war on students to the Keystone XL pipeline. Check it out!

Connecticut Budget 2013: Lawmakers Use Loopholes and Tricks to Balance the Budget

To close the deal legislators relied on a number of short-sighted tactics including the legalization of the gambling game Keno.

Al-Qaeda Establishes Complaint Department in Syria; Encourages "Comments" About "Government Officials"

The stonings will continue until morale improves! Feel free to leave your feedback in the box.

Tropical Storm Andrea: Tornado Warnings

Tornado warnings have been issued across Florida and southern Georgia.

Tropical Storm Andrea: Current Conditions

Rain, Wind, Movement Information for Tropical Storm Andrea

Tropical Storm Andrea: Watches and Warnings in Effect in Your Area

Tropical Storm Watches and Warnings are in effect from Florida to Virginia. Here's the complete list.

Tropical Storm Andrea Update: Has Made Landfall in Tampa Bay Area

Around 3pm Thursday, Tropical Storm Andrea make landfall near Tampa Bay on the western coast of Florida. Flood warnings have been issued as far North as Washington, D.C. and NYC.

Tropical Storm Andrea Update: Path & Damage

Via Twitter, here's an update on Andrea's location as of 1:30pm, and some images of recent damage.

Tropical Storm Andrea: Expected Path

Andrea is expected to hug the coastline, bringing up the East Coast as far as the southern New England.