5 Crazy Facts About Texas' Gun Laws

It's no secret that Texans love their guns, but you might be surprised to find out just how much.

6 Shocking Things Censored by the Chinese Government

Along with big yellow ducks, here is a list of some of the other bizarre things that the Chinese government has censored, from penis-shaped buildings to empty chairs.

Anonymous Activist Who Exposed Steubenville Rape Could Spend More Time In Jail Than The Rapists

The man who exposed Steubenville could be facing a longer sentence than the rapists who committed the crime he helped solve.

Domestic Spying: How the NSA is Watching You Through a PRISM

The NSA is storing and searching virtually every single electronic transaction that Americans transmit online.

Gloria MacKenzie: 84-Year-Old Florida Woman Becomes Largest Lotto Winner Ever

The real hero is the woman who let MacKenzie go ahead of her on line at the supermarket, and isn't bitter about it.

Bill C-11: Canadian Pirates Are Walking the Plank, But It's Not Exactly a Terrifying Drop

A case going before the courts regarding illegal file sharing may set precedent for litigation of those who like to download illegally, but bill C-11 means damages will be limited to $5000 max.

PRISM Scandal: What Are the 9 Internet Companies Accused Of Helping the Government Spy On Americans?

Yet another surveillance overreach has been exposed as attention shifts now to internet companies involved in spying on Americans.

Ezekiel Gilbert: Texas Man Who Killed Prostitute Not Going to Jail

If you want to kill a prostitute, you may want to consider moving to Texas, where a 27-year-old man was just acquitted for killing a sex worker who took his money and refused him sex.

PRISM Surveillance Scandal: Welcome to George W. Obama's America

All of your phone and internet records have been spied on by the government. This is a national shame and an example of how far we’ve allowed our civil liberties to slide.

What's the World's Most Gay-Friendly Country? The Answer May Surprise You

The Pew Research Center is at it again, surveying countries to gauge how tolerant of homosexuality they are. Some results might surprise you.

10 Ways the Federal Government Has Failed America

Over the last two presidential administrations, Congress and the executive branch have made things worse for the country in almost every possible way.

There is a Massive Twitter Illhueminati, and You Should Join It

Twitter movement, "Illhueminati" has discovered a new way to use the cathartic power of social media without the privacy invasions we take on so willingly.

Watch Obama Promise to Never Wiretap Americans in This 2007 Speech

In 2007 Obama accused the Bush administration of acting "like violating civil liberties is the way to enhance our security." And yet this is exactly what his government is doing now.

Immigration Reform 2013: Once Again, Republicans Miss the Memo

With the passage of Rep. Steve King's amendment, Republicans have shown they still haven't learned the lessons of 2012.

Obama Is Following the Same Economic Policies That Made the Great Depression Last For Years

Another economic report shows a recovery that never was. Growth will continue to stall so long as Obama takes his cues from Hoover, Roosevelt and Carter instead of Harding, Coolidge and Reagan.

NSA PRISM: 10 Democrats Who Have Turned On Obama Over Domestic Spying

Democrats are starting to speak out against what they're calling Bush's 4th term.

PRISM Scandal: These Numbers Are Terrifying — and What We Don't Know is Scarier

As the Obama administration goes on the defensive over the top secret NSA spying program PRISM, here is a by the number guide to what we know about it so far ... and what we don't.

Homeschooled Kids Aren't Freaks Or Deprived, and Stereotypes Against Them Need to Go

When done for the right reasons, homeschooling is many times more effective at education than public schools and even private schools.

Why Millennials Should Abandon Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC

To fill the news day, networks rely on sensationalism and parading commentary as fact. This trend isn't going to slow down so the burden is on us to get smarter about the information we rely on.

African Union: Will We Ever See An Africa United to Fix Its Many Problem?

Africa has long been a pariah of underdevelopment, and it is high time our leaders started work towards providing people with the human dignity they deserve.

Your Old iPhone is Now in a China Landfill With 3.62 Million Tons Of Other E-Waste

Ever wondered where all of the discarded devices ultimately end up? Many electronics, large and small, begin and end their life in China.

The History Of Cyrillic Script

1150 years ago on May 24, the Reformation started in eastern Europe.

The 30 Best Tweets About Obama's PRISM Internet Scandal

If you can't beat them, at least you can laugh at them?

Immigration Reform 2013: Joe Arpaio Halts Racial Profiling

After being ordered to halt his activities by a judge, Joe Arpaio has finally given in and stopped his hostile treatment of Latinos in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Is There Such a Thing As a "Good" Rape Joke?

There are essentially two camps: those who believe rape jokes contribute to rape culture and those who believe freedom of speech protects their right to joke about whatever they want.

Iran Elections 2013: Rigged Elections Will Blow Up in the Regime's Face

Iran's supreme leader plans to "engineer" the presidential elections, calculating all steps to get his own man elected. This could very well below up in his face.

NSA PRISM Program: Turns Out You Have Even Less Digital Privacy Than You Thought

The Guardian reveals more NSA documents showing not only are they following who you call, but also most of your online activity.

Taksim Square Protest: After Four Years Away, I'm Coming Back to the Best and Worst Of My Country

I left Turkey to attend college in the U.S. because I was afraid of what an Islamist government might do. Upon returning home, it seems my worst fears have been realized.

'Princesses Long Island' Review: A Reminder Bravo is Kind Of Bad For Women

Obsessed with Bravo? Me too. But maybe our little guilty pleasure is hurting us more than we think.

Angelina Jolie Masectomy: What Are BRCA Mutations?

What are the nefarious mutations that led to Angelina Jolie's masectomy?

Taksim Square Protest: Woman in Red Becomes Rallying Cry For Turkish Protesters, Especially Women

The now-iconic photo symbolizes the ongoing clash between a "traditional" government and women's personal lives.

Immigration Reform 2013: Conservatives Have Every Reason to Support It

There's a strong, conservative rationale for comprehensive immigration reform that focuses on economic growth and dynamism that should attract more members of the right.

Texas Escort Murdered: Killer Ezekiel Gilbert Set Free After Murdering Escort Who Refused Him Sex

Ezekiel Gilbert, who murdered an escort for refusing him sex, has been released by a Texas jury because his $150 was worth more than her life. Go Texas!

Immigration Reform 2013: Will the GOP Derail It Because Of "Amnesty"?

70% of voters think that the 13-year pathway to citizenship offered in the Gang of Eight's immigration reform bill is too long. But even that might not satisfy the GOP.

PRISM Obama Scandal: How Many Things Does the Government Watch?

Director of National Intelligence speaks out regarding continued leaks about two widespread government surveillance programs.

Brittney Griner: Black Lesbian Basketball Player Will Model Men's Clothing For Nike

She's already a significant presence on the court, but her newfound self-confidence won't let her stop there.

New Mexico Gay Marriage: The Next State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage?

New Mexico is the only state that does not have laws explicitly recognizing or prohibiting the recognition of same-sex marriage.

PRISM Scandal: Same Republicans Who Blamed Obama For Benghazi, IRS, AP, Are Silent On PRISM — Why?

Many of the same Republicans who could not resist labelling every government controversy an Obama scandal are now silent on the issue of truly heinous NSA data mining. Hmmm.

Jon Stewart Leaving: Is It at the Worst Possible Time?

As the Obama administration struggles to defend itself in the coming months, the usual voice of the progressive conscience will be nowhere to be found.

LGBT Activist Hudson Taylor: "If A Player Comes Out In the NFL, the Response Will Be Positive"

LGBT advocate Hudson Taylor started Athlete Ally, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people around the world about LGBT issues as they appear in athletics.

New Unemployment Rate: Millennial Joblessness Jumps to 11.6%, and That's Bad News If You're Looking For Work

In May, the economy added 175,000 jobs while millennials saw their unemployment rate rise form 11.1% to 11.6%.

Mars One: Travelers to Mars Are At Risk Of Severe Radiation Exposure

Astronauts travelling to Mars will receive massive doses of radiation, above the safe standard set by NASA. What does this mean for Mars One's efforts to colonize Mars?

This Woman is Going On a No Food, No Water Diet — Because That's a Thing

Seattle resident and "Breatharian" Navenna Shine is attempting to livestream her six-month fast to prove that people can survive on an internal life source.

Meet Mayura Iyer: Advocate, Nap Lover, and Pundit Of the Week

As part of our pundit of the week blog, we spotlight one awesome PolicyMic-er to share their story with the community.

Governor's Ball 2013: Listen to the Best Songs From This Year's Performers

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

'The Purge' Movie: Horror Film Satisfies Our Desire For Chaos and Insanity

The film follows a society in which all crime is legal for half a day each year. It's a home invasion flick, and thus is essentially an all-too-serious-looking "Home Alone."

Whole Foods English Only: Policy is Not Xenophobic

It's about safety and it's about politeness, two virtues that we expect from our customer service representatives.

Turkey Taksim Protests: The Protesters Have Issued Their Demands, and They Won't Be Met

The protesters in Turkey have issued their demands to the government. What will Erdogan do next?

When Will Comedy Be Fair to Women?

Women are making leaps and bounds in comedy, but we still have a very long way to go.

Santos Ramos: Bolivian Mob Buries Suspected Rapist Alive

Bolivia's rural areas lack judicial or police resources. Communities are forced to take justice into their own hands, but the resulting vigilantism is hardly ever a good thing.

4 Netflix Picks to Watch If You Want to Be Lazy This Summer

Summer is here! If you don't feel like going out and enjoying the sun this weekend, kick back and enjoy some Netflix. Here are four shows and movies that you should check out.

Tax Free NY: No State Taxes Isn't Upstate New York's Solution, Seceding From NYC is

Tax-free zones and other gimmicks aren't what upstate New York needs. Upstate New York can only recover and thrive if it gets independence.

Student Loan Interest Rates: Likely to Go Up With New Market-Based System

The House has approved legislation on student loan interest rates to switch to a more market-based system. But now, I must ask: does the rest of the world have the same problem?

Erika Harold: Miss America 2003 Running For Congress, But Can She Win?

Erika Harold, Miss America 2003, has tossed her crown aside to run for Congress. Will she have to rely on her pretty face and her title to get elected?

E.W. Jackson: Will Virginia's Extremist Republican Sink the Entire GOP Ticket?

The controversial GOP candidate for lieutenant governor in Virginia has many in the party worried that his extremist views will not only hurt his own race, but Ken Cuccinelli's as well.

The Raver's Cure – Soldiers' PTSD Could Be Treated With MDMA

A cultural shift is brewing in the world of recreational drugs, opening the door to treatments and cures that can be derived from these playful substances.

Immigration Reform 2013: Is the Gang Of Eight Offering Real Reform Or Empty Rhetoric?

Whether you agree or disagree with the Gang of Eight's immigration bill, you have to admit both sides of the aisle aren't serious about actual reform.

Ben Bernanke: Is the Fed Chair Getting Ready to Take His Foot Off the Gas?

Amid signs that the economy may be speeding up (or at least holding steady), some Federal Reserve members are talking about ending Quantitative Easing.

Israel Palestine Peace Talks: Let's Also Address Arab Treatment in Israel

Many Israeli Jewish citizens harbor exclusionary ideas about a “pure” Israel with no Arabs.

War With Iran: Full Diplomatic Relations Are the Best Option For the U.S. and Iran

If Obama wants to resolve the standoff over Iran's nuclear program, he should drop a bombshell of his own.

NSA Spying: Support For the PRISM Program Reveals Strange Bedfellows — and a Lot Of Ignorance About Terrorism

It's not enough for policymakers to claim that they're just acting to protect us, as demonstrated by revelations of the NSA's PRISM program. We need to ask tough questions.

Harry Reid: Is the Senate Leader Ready to Abolish the Filibuster?

If Republicans continue to block president nominees, Democrats may unite and launch the Nuclear Option. Find out Why.

Obama Foreign Policy: Can We Finally Point to An Obama Doctrine?

Through his recent counter-terror speech at the National Defense University, President Obama has finally revealed the final parts to his foreign policy doctrine.

Millennials Haven't Just Rejected the GOP — We've Embraced Big Government

Millennials have decided against the GOP, believing that big government is a better way to a prosperous future.

Can Avatars Make Us Immortal? This Multimillionaire Says It Could Happen

Dmitry Itskov has a dream of preserving himself forever in the form of a robot that features all of his thoughts and memories. He aims to have one finish by 2045.

NSA PRISM Program: Did the Government Use a Private Company to Set Up Its Spying Program?

A credible theory claims that the government has been using third-party contractors as a means for plausible deniability when acquiring information from Internet companies.

Eric Holder: Is the Attorney General Spying On Congress? Either He Doesn't Know, Or He's Not Telling

The attorney general was evasive when Senator Mark Kirk asked him the question. Holder had good reasons to be vague, but his answers won't satisfy many.

6 Times the Obama Administration Has Said "No" to "Allies"

The Obama administration, rightly or wrongly, has sought to distance itself from its allies. Here are six times Obama said "no."

Cameron D’Ambrosio: Grand Jury Refuses to Indict High-School Rapper

A high school aspiring rapper posts to Facebook and winds up with one month in jail, without bail.

PRISM Program: Welcome to America. You May Set Your Clocks Back to 1984

Obama is defending secretive, far-reaching government surveillance to a nation that has mostly lost faith. What happened to our president?

NSA Phone Records: A Look At the Courts That Let the Feds Tap Our Phones

FISA courts have only rejected 11 government warrant requests throughout their 34 years of existence. And we wonder how our politicians could possibly be getting away with all this spying.

Farm Bill 2013: Expect It to Cost A Lot More Than Advertised

Is it even government's proper role to support agriculture in the U.S.?

Weekly Culture Round Up: Summer's Must-Read Books and Kanye's Identity Crisis

This week the culture section touched on everything from the Kanye revolution, to the country-rap phenomenon, to the 'Game of Thrones' episode that destroyed your news feed.

Best Summer Albums: With 'Personal Record' Musician Eleanor Friedberger Breaks Her Personal Record

Eleanor Friedberger's 'Personal Record' is a fun, catchy, summer rock album for people who are too smart for fun, catchy, summer rock albums.

Baileys Women's Prize For Fiction: Feminist Or Sexist?

Are women’s-only prizes empowering or simply perpetuating the notion that women cannot compete with men?

Obama Scandal: IRS Scandal Reveals Horribly Broken Tax Code

The real scandal is an arbitrary, confusing set of tax laws that are practically unenforceable. Should we be surprised that the IRS stumbled?

5 Shock-Vertisements That Torture Random and Unsuspecting People

The next time you find yourself in a crazy situation, be on your best behavior. You might be being filmed for an advertisment.

Tony Award Nominations List 2013: Full List Of Nominees

Nominees for the 67th annual Tony Awards were announced Tuesday morning. Let the winner speculation begin.

Santa Monica College Shooting: At Least 3 Injured

Police are responding to reports of a shooter at Santa Monica College in California, 3 miles away from where President Obama is currently attending a fundraiser. 3 injuries reported.

America's Poor Need Attention, Not Government Handouts

Government handouts help a small group of people, but looking at various data points and surveys, there is a more which needs to be done to help lift people out of poverty.

When Are the Tony Awards 2013?

Your sparknotes for the 67th annual Tony Awards.