Taksim Square Protest: 11 Images From Turkey That Will Give You the Warm Fuzzies

For over a week, Turkish protesters have responded to every instance of police violence with acts of kindness and community.

'Doctor Who' TV Show: 5 Female Characters Who Will Make Feminist 'Doctor Who' Fans Cheer

With recent demands for Doctor Who to bring on a woman as the 12th Doctor, or to at least write more complex female characters, writers should consider the best qualities of the past companions.

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Finale: 8 Reasons This Season Was the Best Yet

Yes, the Red Wedding is definitely on this list, but I promise it's not the only thing.

Why Don't Millennials Vote Republican? Let Us Count the Ways...

Ideological extremism, uncompromising obstructionism, and the politics of exclusion have driven my generation away from the GOP.

Bird Mating Habits Prove It — Consent Is Sexy

When it comes to copulation, size doesn't seem to matter. In fact, most birds have entirely lost their penises to an evolutionary pressure driven by female consent to sex.

PRISM: The 8 Tech Companies Who Gave Your Data to the Government Have This to Say About the Scandal

As government officials approve the existence of the PRISM program, the tech companies implicated are scrambling to deny their involvement.

E3 2013: Beyond Xbox 1 and PS4, We'll See An Evolution In Gaming

E3 2013 will focus on next-gen consoles like the new Xbox and Playstation, but will also feature the evolution of gaming from rule-set games to character-immersed RPGs.

Why Civility Is Worth It — Even When Your Opponents Are Totally Wrong About Everything

Civility should be based on mutual respect and a mutual desire to seek the truth. There are good reasons to treat even our opponents fairly.

Another Bad Month For Millennials: We Now Face 16.1% Unemployment

Unemployment is still over 16% for 18-29 year olds. We need less government-driven approaches to job creation and more policies that free people to create their own businesses.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Republicans' "Slippery Slope" Arguments Show An Ignorance Of History

More regulations don't inevitably lead to a slide into tyranny. The history of the U.S. shows the country swinging back and forth between collective and individual control.

Sacramento Kings Moving: Team Owners and the NBA Will Keep Holding Cities Hostage to Get Their Way

With the struggle to keep the Kings in Sacramento over, what have we learned about the battle's participants?

Dove Real Beauty Campaign: How to End "Fat Talk" and Make Women Love Themselves

Ninety-three percent of women engage in "fat talk" with friends, evidence that our culture needs to teach body confidence that comes from within.

Fred Armisen Leaving SNL: What Happens When Our Favorite SNL Comedians Move On?

For more than 35 years, Saturday Night Live has brought entertainment to millions of people worldwide and it continues to do so today. But how do we cope when our favorite cast members leave?

Presidential Election 2012: Romney Is Still Talking About His Election Loss

More than six months afterwards, rehashing old events and making excuses for your loss is not a pretty look on anyone, Mr. Romney.

NSA PRISM Program: 3 More Issues Where the Liberal Media Should Put Pressure On Obama

The DOJ and NSA scandals have liberal media outlets taking a harsher tone with the Obama administration. They should now turn up the heat on these three issues as well.

Margaret Woodward Military: Air Force Finally Realizes the Obvious, and Picks a Woman to Head Sexual Assault Prevention

... after the previous head of the program was arrest for sexual battery himself.

London Attack: Police Investigate Fire At Mosque As Possible Hate Crime

The recent fire at an Islamic center in North London has raised concerns about hate crimes in retaliation for the murder of a British soldier.

Walmart Prices: The High Costs Of Walmart's Low Wages (and Why You're Paying Them)

Walmart keeps costs low by exploiting employees, but taxpayers pay for it in public assistance. Meanwhile, Costco pays a living wage, provides benefits, and does better financially. Hmm.

NSA PRISM Program: Obama Spying Scandal Elicits Bipartisan Voices, Pro and Con

It seems that it takes nothing less than a governmental monitoring scandal to make Republicans and Democrats work together.

NSA PRISM Program: Sorry, Americans — You Can't Vote Against National Security

How can you vote against NSA surveillance when it's been supported by both parties?

NSA PRISM Program: Amid the Tech Giants, Where's Twitter?

As many have noticed, one name is absent from the list of tech firms outlined in the leaked PRISM documents. No NSA love for Twitter?

Health Care Reform 2013: Equality Of Care Is Key to Reducing Infant Mortality

Advances in reducing infant-mortality rates worldwide this week served as a reminder of how far behind other industrialized nations the U.S. is in terms of maternal health.

Graduation 2013: Massive Student Loan Debt Stifles Innovation and Creativity

For many college grads and millennials, the American dream is becoming a dream deferred, and "following your passion" might lead you right off a cliff.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: Sweatshop Labor Can (and Does) Happen Here, Too

Garment factories have become common practice overseas, but what many people don't realize is that sweatshops aren't limited to land abroad.

Abortion Rights 2013: Women's Equality Act in New York Shakes Up the Abortion Debate Once Again

Governer Cuomo's new Women's Equality Act to push New York back into the lead of women's-rights legislation rattles debate over whether to include full abortion rights.

McDonald's Has a Craving For Millennial Customers, So Why Don't We Crave Them Back?

McDonald's is losing millennials and they want us back.

Elizbaeth Warren: Why the Freshman Senator Sets An Example For Her Colleagues

Amid the differing opinions regarding Elizabeth Warren’s new Student Loan Act, one thing is clear: Warren, unlike many senators, is at least trying to do her job.

5 Things the GOP Thinks Are Worse Than Al-Qaeda

The list includes Native Americans and the IRS. Naturally.

Apple (APPL) Stock: If Apple Were a Person, How Much Would It Pay in Taxes?

Without getting too technical, would you believe Apple would pay 60% of what they are estimating in their current SEC 10-K filing.

Vladimir Putin Divorce: Will We See a New Side to Russia's Steely Leader?

We're used to thinking of Putin as a bit of a despot, especially since the Kremlin does a good job of keeping its leaders' personal lives private. But things could change with this announcement.

NSA Surveillance Program: Is This Where the NSA Will Store All Your PRISM and Verizon Data?

NSA's new $2 billion data center in Utah, designed to store "all forms of communication" collected by the agency, is set to open later this year and is probably where all your data will end up.

The Number One Reason You Should Be Excited to Graduate

You may be nervous about entering the real world, but there's a silver lining: Very soon, Baby Boomers will no longer be at the helm. We will.

Santander Energy Efficiency: What a Small Spanish City Can Teach the U.S. About Conservation

New experiments in Europe are showing promising results for energy consumption. Will the U.S. be able to mirror these trends, or will it be stuck at the bottom of an oil barrel for years to come?

New York State GENDA: Gender Equality Bill Is Likely to Create More Discrimination

New York state wants to protect transgender people from discrimination. Like other similar laws elsewhere, it is likely to backfire

9 Ways to Save Money On Your Massive Medical Bills

The federal government released prices that hospitals charge for the 100 most common procedures. Data reveals big differences in the costs. So here's how to reduce your medical expenses.

Obama Xi Jinping Meeting: Informality Gives Leaders a Chance to Reset Their Relations

China's new leader seems more informal than his predecessor, which could give Obama a chance to reach out and re-establish a degree of trust between the two nations.

Apple Rumors: WWDC 2013 Will Be Short On New Hardware, Heavy On Software

Next week, Apple will hold its 24th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the company’s first event in more than seven months.