Edward Snowden Interview Transcript FULL TEXT: Read the Guardian's Entire Interview With the Man Who Leaked PRISM

The NSA whisteblower revealed himself to the world on Sunday. Read the transcript of his interview with journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Ever Seen a Bird With a Penis? No? Ever Wonder Why?

When it comes to copulation, size doesn't seem to matter. In fact, most birds have entirely lost their penises to an evolutionary pressure driven by female consent to sex.

'After Earth' Movie: Everything M. Night Shyamalan Touches is a Failure

Whatever he touches is ruined long before it hits the screens.

10 Reasons Why I Don't Listen to Your Podcast

In a sea of new content, here's how to make sure you never get your head above water.

Where to Watch the Tony Awards Online: Live Stream

Trying to watch the Tony Awards online? Here's your guide on how to make that happen.

"Game of Thrones" Season 3 Episode 10: Daenerys Will Be the Center Of Attention

The Mother of Dragon's moment to shine is now.

Bradley Manning Trial: Is Our Future an Orwellian Nightmare Or Information Anarchy?

We are rapidly approaching a time when we will be able to instantaneously discover the details of everything occurring in the world. But who will control this dangerous power?

'Game Of Thrones' Live Stream: Watch GoT Online

Catch "Game Of Thrones" Sunday night on HBO, but if you can't see it live, here's how to watch it via internet.

"Game Of Thrones" Season Finale: 7 Predictions For Tonight's Show

How will Westeros respond to Lord Frey's wedding gift? What will happen with Tyrion and Sansa? Will Dany finally get those freakin' ships?

Gun Control 2013: Yet Another Tragic Accident Involving Children and Guns, Who's to Blame?

Who do we hold accountable when children accidentally shoot others or themselves? Too often, it is nobody. But there was an adult who bought a gun and left it around, and they should be blamed.

Immigration Reform 2013: Another GOP Senator Jumps On Board With the "Gang Of Eight"

This time, it's Kelly Ayotte who is calling the bill a "thoughtful bipartisan solution." Her vote puts the bill that much closer to passing through the Senate, but it still needs more support.

Gay Marriage 2013: No Matter How SCOTUS Rules On DOMA and Prop 8, They've Made the Wrong Decision

The Supreme Court made the wrong decision on DOMA and Prop 8 before they even made a decision.

Edward Snowden: Former CIA Employee Revealed as PRISM Whistleblower

The NSA whistleblower who leaked the NSA documents reveals himself from his hotel in Hong Kong, where he fled two weeks ago before releasing the documents on the U.S.'s PRISM program.

PRISM Scandal: President Obama is George W. Bush, His Administration is Downloading Your Homemade Porn, and Other Tall Tales

Rushing to judgment on PRISM is just as dangerous as ignoring it.

"The Challenge: Rivals 2" Trailer Video: It's Going to Get Real Ugly

Fresh on the heels of the explosive recent episode of Real World: Portland, MTV gives us a look at the next season of The Challenge, featuring some of its biggest stars.

3 Worst Corporations Abusing Their Employees and You

Why stop at condemning sweatshops and other abuses aimed at workers when there are plenty of corporate super-powers abusing society as a whole?

What Channel Are the Tony Awards On?

The big show will be on CBS!

10 Things You Didn't Know About North Korea

You might not know much about North Korea except that it's an isolationist mystery. A peek past the veil reveals some startling tidbits, however.

"The Interview" Movie: Seth Rogen and James Franco Are Trying to Assassinate Kim Jong-Un in Their Next Movie

The leader of North Korea is in the crosshairs, and Hollywood is itching to pull the trigger.

Edward Snowden NSA: What Price Will He Pay For Revealing PRISM?

Edward Snowden is hiding in a room in Hong Kong after revealing the U.S. government's PRISM surveillance program. He can never go back home.

PRISM Scandal: Officials Joke About "Disappearing" the Leaker

After stepping on our Fourth Amendment rights, now they want to step on our First Amendment ones, too.

Apple WWDC 2013: Apple is Working to Stay On Top and Doing it Well

The gap is closing between Apple and its competition, but don't expect the tech giant to stumble anytime soon. Apple remains the leader in the industry and will continue to be.

Santa Monica Shootings: It's Time to Talk About Mental Health

4 are dead after a shootout in Santa Monica, California. The root cause of mass shootings is America's refusal to have a conversation on mental health.

French Open Flare Protest Video: What Were These Homophobic Protesters Even Thinking?

A bunch of anti-gay-marriage protesters crashed the French Open Men's Finals ... shirtless and waving fire. What message were they trying to convey, exactly?

"The Internship" Movie Review: It's Kinda Ehhh

Heralded as a sequel to 2005's comedic gold "The Wedding Crashers," this film doesn't delight as heartily as I hoped it would.

Military Sexual Assault: Does John McCain Really Think Women Should Stay Out Of the Military? No.

Media outlets are reporting that McCain is telling women to stay out of the armed forces until the problem of sexual assault is solved. But I think that they're misrepresenting his words.

E3 2013 Games: 4 Original Ones You Can Actually Get Excited About At This Year's E3

This much-hyped games are the first of their kind, and much different than the pointless shooters we've become used to over the years.

#IStandWithEdwardSnowden: 8 Tweets Showing Support For the Man Who Leaked PRISM

Twitter lights up in support of Edward Snowden, who revealed himself today as the source of the NSA documents that leaked late last week.

Why You Should Eat Insects and How You Can Start

Would you eat a cricket if it was cooked into an energy bar and tasted like coconut? Entrepreneur Pat Crowley thinks you would.

WWDC 2013: 6 Things To Look For At Apple's Annual Showcase

A few of the key features the tech giant might have planned for next week's announcement.

PRISM Scandal: It's Too Late For the Obama Administration to Claim It's Being "Transparent"

The coming-out of a massive, secret government surveillance program run by the NSA has proved less-than-fruitful for the Obama administration.

Winter(sleep) is Coming! The Canadian Indie Band Talks Future and New Releases

Paul Murphy of the Nova Scotian band, Wintersleep, sat down to talk about the band, their success, and their future.

Cory Booker Senate 2013: Yep, It's Official

Surprising absolutely nobody, Booker throws his hat in the ring, and he's likely to come out swinging.

What Time Are the Tony Awards?

Tune in Sunday night for the 67th annual Tony Awards.

Two Women Take Home Directing Prizes at the Tony Awards

Diane Paulus and Pam MacKinnon win Tony Awards for Best Direction in a musical and play, respectively.

Cyndi Lauper Tony Awards: Lauper Wins For Kinky Boots

Cynci Lauper wins Tony for 'Kinky Boots.'

Andrea Martin Tony Awards: Martin Wins Tony For Pippin

Andrea Martin wins Tony Award for 'Pippin.'

Best Play Tony Winner 2013: Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

'Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike' wins Best Play at the 67th annual Tony Awards.

Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolfe Wins Tony For Best Revival

Mayor Bloomberg presents award to 'Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolfe.'

Tony Winners 2013: Tracy Letts and Billy Porter

Billy Porter and Tracy Letts win the biggest acting honors of the night.

Cyndi Lauper Tony Acceptance Speech: Watch Here

Watch Cyndi Lauper's Tony Awards acceptance speech.

Cicely Tyson Tony Win at 79 Years Old

Cicely Tyson takes hoe the Tony Award for her role in 'The Trip to Bountiful.'

Tony Musical Winners 2013: Kinky Boots and Pippin

Pippin and Kinky Boots take home musical awards at the Tony Awards.

Matilda Performance Tony Awards 2013

Check out this montage of 'Matilda' performances.

Matilda Tony Awards: George Ebert Wins

George Ebert takes home the Tony for Best Featured Actor in a Musical.

Playsicals: Neil Patrick Harris' Tony Awards Playsical List

Nail Patrick Harris has a genius idea, and it's called playsicals.

Tony Awards 2013 Nominations List: Full List Of Tony Nominees

Full list of 2013 Tony Award nominees.

What Time Are the Tony Awards On?

Be at your TV set at 8 p.m sharp to catch everything.

Tony Awards 2013 Nominations: Full List Of Nominees

Here are the projects and people up for Tony Awards this year.

Tony Award Performances 2013: Full List Of Performers

Who is performing at tonight's Tony Awards? Check out all the performers here.

Tony Award Winners 2013 Best Featured Actor In a Play: Courtney B. Vance

Courtney B. Vance wins the first Tony of the night for his performance in 'Lucky Guy.'

Neil Patrick Harris Shia LaBeouf Jab at Tony Awards

Neil Patrick Harris' opening number had one joke people are already talking.

Tony Award Winners 2013: Best Featured Actress in a Play Judith Light

Judith Light wins her second Tony Award in a row.

Courtney B. Vance Tweets Support For 'Lucky Guy'

Courtney B. Vance sweets support for 'Lucky Guy'

Courtney B. Vance Tweets Support For 'Lucky Guy'

Courtney B. Vance Tweets Support For 'Lucky Guy'

Tony Awards Winners 2013: Complete List Of Winners

All the winners at the 67th annual Tony Awards.