Most Americans Commit Three Felonies a Day — and Here's What Happens If They Get Caught

The United States prison system is a blight for the country. This article examines the causes and implications of America's stunningly high incarceration rate.

F-35 Stealth Fighter is Now "Too Big to Fail" — $400 Billion Later

The eventual cost of the new F-35 fighter aircraft is expected to total close to 400 billion dollars. Despite problems, the project seems to be "too big to fail."

Kate Middleton Baby Bump: How the Media Will Cover the Royal Birth

The press will flock to London a la the beginning of the Lion King with Elton John performing Circle of Life.

Jay-Z 'BBC' Lyrics: Can the Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Nas Collaboration Live Up to the Hype?

Song collaborators Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Nas, and Swizz Beatz have the power to create a masterpiece with Jay-Z's "BBC." They also have the potential to flop hard.

Death Penalty Repeal: It's Necessary to Use Capital Punishment In a Free World

As the leader of the free world, the U.S. must retain and exercise its right to the death penalty.

Blackberry (BBRY) Stock Woes: Things Are Getting Critical For BlackBerry

"We're only five months in," said president and CEO Thorsten Heins, who asked investors for a little more time to introduce the public to the company's newest offerings.

9 Things You Won't Believe Just Happened In Ohio

Warning, reading this article might induce outrage and rage against Republican politicians who think they are medical professionals.

Devious Maids Review: A Brilliant and Delicious Deviousness

The new Eva Longoria-produced Lifetime series is the antithesis to American comedy. And here's why you'll love it.

Meet Anna Clark, Your New Criminal Justice Role Model

Journalist Anna Clark uses writing to engage inmates in prison and detention centers. PolicyMic chatted with Clark about her amazing justice work, and here's what she had to say.

Vladmir Putin Just Said Something Politically Brilliant In the Edward Snowden Case

Putin told a reporters at a Moscow news conference that “If [Snowden] wants to remain here there is one condition — he should stop his work aimed at inflicting damage on our American partners.”

Bradley Manning Gay Pride: Supporters Show Love For WikiLeaks Whistleblower

Thousands of Bradley Manning supported marched in San Francisco Pride's 2013 on Sunday, forming the largest non-corporate contingent.

Student Loans Increase 2013: Congress's Passive-Aggressive Middle Finger to Millennials

As usual, our elected officials could not reach a bipartisan solution on our behalf. And as usual, citizens will pay a heavy price for political incompetence.

Ultra-Rich Socialites Get Conned Into Paying $50,000 For a Kindergarten Finger Painting

Manhattan residents Michelle and Jon Heinemann are suing their child's private school for $415,000 ... for tricking them into paying $50,000 for a finger painting made by 5-year-olds.

2013 Confederation Cup: LIVE Updates, Predictions, Winners and Commentary

The 2013 installment of the FIFA Confederations Cup has kicked off in Brazil. Stay up-to-date with schedules, updates, and breaking news.

You Won’t Believe Which American City is Fighting For the 2024 Olympics

Tulsa, Oklahoma is making a bid for the 2024 games. But can they convince the world that they're the next big thing?

Gay Marriage Will Not Lead to Anything But Gay Marriage

Opponents of gay marriage like to conjure up nightmares about what might happen next. But logic (and the law) are not on their side.

Bashar Al-Assad: Syria's Dictator Plays Religious Hatred and Fear Like a Fiddle

Sectarianism, perceived as a consequence of the Syrian Civil War, is a geo-strategic tool used by the Assad regime against the rebels that could seriously backfire against him.

Wendy Davis is Probably Running For Governor Of Texas

After her impressive 13 hour filibuster last week, it looks like the state Senator may be inching towards a more formal position, the one of Texas governor.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Homosexuality In Some Parts Of Africa

President Obama's heading to three African countries, and is being asked about DOMA. Relatedly, here are a few things to know about homosexuality in (certain parts of) Africa.

White House Down Review: What Happens When You Pack An Action Movie With Too Much Action

As Hollywood's action movies up the stakes to extreme, practically nonsensical levels, something becomes lost in translation: entertainment.

Immigration Reform 2013: House Republicans Are Holding Up Immigration Reform Because — Well, Nobody Knows

No plan for immigration reform is perfect, but having the House Republicans approach the issue without trying to compromise will almost guarantee nothing will get done

17 Historic Gay Pride Photos From This Weekend

These 17 images demonstrate love is love and freedom is freedom.

Canada Day 2013: 15 Things to Thank Canada For On Canada Day

O Canada! July 1 is Canada Day, and we want to honor our neighbor. Here are fifteen great reasons to say thank you to Canada.

Has DreamWorks Found the Heir to the 'Hunger Games' Throne?

DreamWorks has acquired the early film rights to "The Fire Sermon," a new "Hunger Games"-esque dystopian world series by Francesca Haig.

Congress Has Failed You — And They'll Pay Dearly For It

From abortion to immigration reform, Congress has failed to address the interests of the millennial generation. The last time this happened in U.S. history, the youngest generation won out.

'True Blood' Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: One Giant Red Flag

You know when you’re dating someone and realize you've been ignoring red flags for weeks? That’s what the third episode of "True Blood" season six felt like.

No One Will Hire Me, But I'm More Optimistic Than Ever

Rejection is tough, but good things are ahead for me. Millennials make the world a better place by using what we have to create jobs, write books, and force the jaws of fortune to open for us.

Wendy Davis' Filibuster Won't Make Texas a Blue State

Wendy Davis did galvanize pro-choice Texans with her filibuster, but in a majority pro-life state like Texas, that's a political blunder.

5 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be the Worst. President. Ever.

Rick Perry, known locally as Texas' Gov. Goodhair, is said to be considering a second run at the White House. Find out why he should stay away from your uterus, your education, and your ballot.

Tamarod Protests: Is Egypt Ready For Its Second Revolution In 2 Years?

Millions of people have signed onto the Tamarod campaign to force Mohammed Morsi from office. But if Egypt just replaces its leader without making systemic changes, it will be back to square one.

This Is the Future Young Afghans Want For Their Country

Ariana Delawari is an Afghan-American artist who is willing and hoping for a prosperous, secure and peaceful Afghanistan where its new generation works for the development of the country.

Meet Medha Chandorkar: Bollywood Advocate, Dessert Lover, and Pundit Of the Week

Medha is our standout pundit of the week. As part of a weekly column, we spotlight one member of the PolicyMic community to share their story.

There is No One Path to Life After College

You graduate, head into the real world, and have no idea what to do next. "Now What" is a new book that compiles stories and advice from people who have been in your shoes and survived.

Dear Congress, Whatever Happened to Children Are Our Future?

Congress has failed to keep student loan interest rates from doubling, possibly causing further strain on an already burdened millennial.

Voting Rights Act Supreme Court: To See Why We Still Need the Law, Take This Test

If you think we no longer need the Voting Rights Act, you might want to see some of the questions that Louisiana asked blacks in the mid-1960s.

SCOTUS Voting Rights Ruling: Back to the 1950s We Go!

Twice in one day, the Supreme Court acknowledged that discrimination exists and chose to not only ignore it, but also to create ways for it to continue.

Social Security Bankrupt: Why Our Favorite Welfare Program Is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the Rich

The most dangerous moment in any government program is the one in which someone suggests that it will work if we just make it bigger.

Watch Jennifer Lopez Sing "Happy Birthday" to a Brutal Dictator

The former president of Turkmenistan banned the opera and built a giant gold statue of himself that revolved to face the sun. The current one hired J-Lo for his birthday party.

Bert Stern Dies: Marilyn Monroe Photographer Dies At 83

Bert Stern, an advertising and fashion photographer of the "Mad Men" era, revolutionized concert films with his 1959 classic "Jazz on a Summer's Day."

Obama Africa Trip: 4 Photos From Obama's Trip to Senegal That Show What It Was Really Like

If the president of the world's most powerful country visits you, there's bound to be some logistical tie-ups. From an American in Dakar, here are four photos that show what it was like

Supreme Court Gay Marriage Rulings: Conservatives Have Learned to Love Marriage Equality

Young Republicans are part of a larger movement of conservatives embracing marriage equality. It is because, not in spite, of traditional values, that these voters are supporting gay marriage.

Obama Keystone Pipeline: The Game Is Rigged In Keystone XL's Favor, and Obama Is Responsible

In his climate speech on Tuesday, President Obama said he would block the Keystone XL pipeline if it would do harm to the environment. Don't count on it happening.

Egypt Protests: Anti-Morsi Protests Are Part Of the Rocky Path Toward Democracy

And this will strengthen democracy in the birthplace of the Arab Spring.

4 Types of Presidents Who Could Take Mohammed Morsi's Place

It is still unclear whether or not Mohamed Morsi will fall, but if he does, who could replace him?

NSA Spying On the EU is Completely OK

The NSA has been implicated in espionage on EU officials and offices. But the intelligence they gathered was of crucial importance.

Obama Africa Trip 2013: What It's Like Being in Senegal When the President Visits

The president's visit to Africa has generated plenty of excitement, but if President Obama ventured further into the country, he'd find a continent in need of much more than just democracy.

Brazil Wins Confederations Cup 2013

Brazil won its third straight Confeds Cup with a 3-0 win over Spain Sunday.

6 Songs to Play On Repeat All Summer Long

Is your playlist in desperate need of some fresh new songs? These six may be exactly what you're looking for to set the tone for the rest of your summer.

Immigration Reform 2013: Republican "Obstructionism" in the House Makes Sense

Pundits, the media, and GOP leadership itself have been quick to criticize many House Republicans for their unwavering obstructionism on immigration reform. But their reluctance makes sense.

3 Wildly Awful Instances Of Racism in June Alone

It's been hard to process the racism scandals of the past month. How do we move forward from here?

You Missed An Amazing Gay Pride Parade in Istanbul

This last weekend was the NYC pride parade, a few days for revelry and celebration. I was lucky enough to see what it was like in Istanbul and brought back photos to share.

Republicans Need a New Game Plan On Climate Change

The data is conclusive: younger people, even younger Republicans, believe that climate change matters.

Student Loan Rate Increase: Congress Fails to Make Compromise On Loan Reform

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Hassan Rouhani 2013: Rouhani Is Not a Moderate, and Iran Is Still a Theocracy

The new president in Iran may have created hopes but that may not last for long. The real decision-maker Ayatollah Khamenei has decided to go hardline.

5 Places You Can Learn Ridiculously Cool Stuff For Free

You don't need a formal lesson plan or the promise of a degree to learn exciting and useful things ... or even advance your career. Here are my favorite five places to learn stuff.

2014 World Cup: 5 Teams That Stand in the Way Of a Brazil-Spain Final

Sunday's Confeds Cup final could be a preview of the 2014 World Cup title match. Are there any teams that threaten a Brazil-Spain rematch next summer?

5 Books That Would Make Perfect Movies

These five books that would make awesome movies — if only production companies would get the memo!

What Is Sallie Mae? And Why Should We Be Worried About It?

There is striking dysfunctional present day status of many government-sponsored organizations, like Sallie Mae, that were originally created to extend equality of opportunity to Americans.

Paul Ryan Tweeted Himself Locking Lips With a Fish For Some Reason

Republican Paul Ryan showed the world how much he loves fish by posting a tweet of him kissing one. Is this an act of mockery towards gay marriage? Or is this a attempt at comedy? No one knows.

Sabine Lisicki: Serena Williams Out, the Upsets Keep On Coming

Before Serena Williams was eliminated in the fourth round Monday morning, Nadal, Federer, and Sharapova couldn't even make the third round of play.

Tahrir Protests: Egypt's Crisis Won't End, No Matter What Happens to Morsi

Two years after Hosni Mubarak was outed following violent protests against his decades-long rule, Mohamed Morsi also seems destined for the chopping block. But ousting him won't heal Egypt.

Stop and Frisk About to Become Angry Centerpiece Of NYC City Council Races

Stop-and-frisk arguments have once again surfaced to the top of New York policy debate as Mayor Michael Bloomberg backs more city council candidates who support the contentious policy.

You Might Want to Think Twice Before Buying That Locally Made Honey

"Locavorism" taken literally is a bad strategy for our environment and growing population, but buying local is important, and so is knowing what's in your food.

Who's Stealing Our Military Equipment — and Can We Even Stop Them?

Regardless of where you stand on U.S. foreign policy, we can probably all agree that we don't want our aircraft to get stolen. The first in a series of articles about military technology.

How Joe Biden's Charm Kept Edward Snowden Stuck in Russia

Ecuador may have no love towards the United States, but that doesn’t mean Edward Snowden is necessarily welcome ... thanks to none other than Vice President Biden.

7 *Amazing* NYC Summer Concerts For $70 Or Less. You're Welcome.

From Brazilian Girls to John Grant to a Daft Punk acoustic tribute, here are seven of the best and most affordable live musical options for the upcoming week.

James Cartwright: Why He's Under Federal Investigation

Former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff James Cartwright is the latest victim of the Obama administration's crackdown on security leaks, accused of leaking data about Stuxnet.

Cairo Protests: It Can Take Out Morsi, But the Military is a Dangerous Savior For Egypt

The Egyptian military has given a shocking ultimatum: resolve the protests rocking the country within 48 hours, or resign. Egyptians are celebrating, but is this really good for their future?

Shana Katz Ross: Unstoppable Female Entrepreneur Thinks Everyone Should Take Acting Classes

Shana Katz Ross owns her own strategy consulting business, which takes a new approach to leadership. She shares the insight she's learned, free of charge, with PolicyMic readers.

New EU President: Find Out What Lithuania Will Bring to the Table

The Baltic states have been some of Europe's most prosperous without resorting to austerity-based policies. Could this bode well for Lithuania's turn atop the EU?

Morsi Protests: Millions Demand Morsi's Resignation, But That's Not the Solution Egypt Needs

Although Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi's actions are often undemocratic, authoritarian, and unjustified, his ouster is not the solution.

Boys With Sisters Are More Likely to Be Republicans, And It's Probably the Parents' Fault

This study says that boys are predisposed to identify as a Republicans if they grow up with sisters as opposed to just brothers, but where is there the case for parenting made in this theory?

"Can One Man Really Damage the Country?" Actually, One Man Already Did

In the wake of Edward Snowden's actions, one reporter asked former President Bush, "Can one man really damage the country?" The irony was not lost on everybody.

Doctor Says Full Human Head Transplants May Become Reality

Building off experiments with face transplants, and partially-successful head transplants on monkeys, a doctor says we are nearing an age of full human head transplants.

Wendy Davis: Texas Should Gear Up For Another Social-Media Battle

Social media helped Wendy Davis kill the Texas abortion bill last week. This week the fight is back. Are social media-users ready for battle?

Aaron Hernandez Jerseys Are the Hottest New Creepy Souvenir

People have begun paying big money for the discontinued jerseys of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez, who was charged last week with murder and dropped from the team.

How Do You Smuggle Heat-Seeking Missiles Into Syria? Try a Classic Car Auction

With the U.S. unwilling to be seen directly providing Syrian rebels with heavy weaponry, the task has fallen to Kuwait to shoulder the burden. How are they raising the money? Classic cars.

Student Loan Rates Double 2013: A Sign That Congress Needs to Get It Together

Virtually no one in Congress is opposed to letting student-loan rates double. But they're doubling Monday anyway. USA! USA!

These Bankers Know the Dangers Of Debt, But the Ivory Tower Won't Listen

As it turns out, not all international bankers are complete psychopathic loons. The BIS has come forward with a report that is critical of current monetary policy, causing an academic uproar.