8 Shocking Facts About Sterilization in U.S. History

The recent discovery of decades of female sterilization in California prisons unearths the troubling history of the practice in the United States.

National Ice Cream Month: 10 Weird Facts You Never Knew About the Best Summer Treat

Before you indulge your favorite cold dessert for the summer, educate yourself on the treat's origin.

Running Of the Bulls: 8 Interesting Facts About the Pamplona Tradition

From July 7-14 the basque city of Pamplona hosts the annual Running of the Bulls festival, drawing in tourists from near and far. Here are eight interesting facts about the event.

The Biggest Lie You've Been Told About the Oppression Of Muslim Women

This past weekend, Joyce Carol Oates sent a series of Islamophobic tweets that reflect a much larger Western trend of judging, stereotyping, and discriminating against Islam.

5 Podcasts Every Millennial Should Listen To

Podcasts are the way we listen to radio now. Get into them. Change your life.

NSA Surveillance Scandal: The Polls Are In, and NSA Spying is Really, Really Unpopular

Major polls all confirm one thing: Americans are strongly opposed to being spied on by their own government.

NATO Would Go Into Syria If It Could – Here's Why It Can't

NATO would consider intervention in Syria if it weren't for Russia, China, Iran, Hezbollah, Afghanistan, Iraq, and, ultimately, the United States.

What Do Vaginas Have to Do With Motorcycles? Ask North Carolina Republicans

Thought the Republican party was out of ideas when it comes to abortion restrictions? Think again.

Stop Shaming Natural Redheads For Wanting a Different Hair Color

Redheads are told to embrace their unusual hair color simply because many others have trouble pulling it off, and this needs to end.

25 Most Disturbing Ingredients You Eat Everyday

Who knew these were in your food?

Meet The Three Women On the Supreme Court Who Are Making History

The women of SCOTUS are not only role models because of their current positions; each is a role model because of the totality of their accomplishments.

It Took This Citizen Less Than 2 Minutes to Take Down the Entire GOP's Anti-Choice Argument

Watch this outraged citizen give anti-choice Republicans the lesson they deserve.

One Disturbing Chart That Explains Violence Against Women

Almost 40% of the world's female homicides are committed by romantic partners, and 30% of the world's women have been victims of domestic violence. When will this stop?

7 Reasons Christianity and Evolution Just Can't Get Along

More and more Christians are including evolution as a means to keep millennials in church. In reality, it destroys every meaningful tenet of Christianity. Here are the top 7 reasons why.

Steve Grand YouTube: 'All-American' Boy Video Is Not Just About Being Gay

Country singer Steve Grand is going viral with a gay-themed video. But here's why 'All-American Boy' is much more than that.

4 Biggest Résumé Mistakes Made By Millennials

Crafting a great résumé isn't rocket science. Here are four common mistakes you should be on the lookout for — and make sure you don't repeat in yours.

What the Science Of Happiness Can Tell Us About Taxes

The findings of a new field that mixes economics and psychology tell us that we ought to enact more liberal monetary policies.

Tropical Storm Chantal Tracker LIVE: Updates On Storm Path and Hurricane Status

Chantal is expected to be over the southeastern and central Bahamas on Thursday.

Asiana Flight 214: We Can't Seriously Blame Korean Culture For the Crash

It will take months, even years to fully understand what went wrong on Asiana 214. But is it ever acceptable to blame a tragedy on a particular culture?

"This Guy Makes Paula Deen Look Like the Chair Of the NAACP"

Democrats dug up dirt on Rand Paul's new media director. And it could seriously hurt Paul's 2016 presidential ambitions.

Read Target's Totally Not-Racist Employee Guide Explaining How Not All Mexicans Like Tacos

Target's attempt to explain to managers at once of its branches how to deal with Hispanics was sad in more ways than one — like saying Mexicans have a "lower education level" than Cubans.

This is What a Thought Looks Like at a Molecular Level

Just what is a thought, anyway? The thought that it may just be a couple of chemical reactions may be depressing to some people — but not to me.

Hurricane Chantal? More Like Tropical Wave Chantal

The storm is weakening but the precipitation is still coming.

Immigration Reform 2013: 3 Reasons House GOPers Feel No Pressure to Act

Immigration is a pressing issue that deserves attention. So why are House Republicans dragging their feet?

Star Scientific Likely Bribed Gov. Bob McDonnell

Having received over $145,000 from a powerful business donor and reporting none of it, Gov. Robert F. McDonnell of Virginia might have to say goodbye to his position while he still can.

Adam Kokesh Arrested in Virginia For Mushrooms, Shotgun

Adam Kokesh's history of flamboyant and provocative political protest seem to have caught up with him. On Tuesday night, he was arrested for possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms and a gun.

3 Concepts That Have Lost All Meaning in the Texas Abortion Debate

Here are three concepts related to the state's anti-abortion legislation that just don't make sense anymore, thanks to their repeated misuse by Texas GOP legislators.

Cheers to Craft Beer For Reviving the Economy One Brewery At a Time

Craft breweries have been emerging in abandoned neighborhoods across the U.S. and new businesses are following suit. These small entrepreneurs hold the keys to a revived economy.

George Zimmerman Prosecutor Straddles a Life-Size Dummy

On Wednesday, Florida prosecutor John Guy brought a whole new meaning to the term "ground and pound."

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike Comes Into Conflict With Ramadan Daylight Fast

When Guantanamo Bay prisoners refused to eat, they surrendered their right to choose when to eat, Ramadan or not.

'The Challenge Rivals II' Premiere: Which Teams Could Win?

The newest season of "The Challenge" premieres Wednesday night. Which teams have the best chance at surviving the drama and claiming the $350,000 prize?

This Organization Could Help End Sexual Violence Against Black Women

In the Black Women Truth and Reconciliation Commission, black women who have experienced sexual violence are encouraged to speak out and actively use their voice as a measure of truth.

Ciara "Body Party": Does the Forgotten Pop Singer Still Have Star Power?

Since her smash hit "Goodies" in 2004, Ciara has been stumbling through CDs trying to find her next big chart-topper. Can her latest record deliver the goods?

Ron Paul's New Media Channel Will Do Nothing to Fix Media Bias

Ron Paul wants to create a new, independent media channel, but it’s unclear how a station called “Ron Paul Channel” is going to be completely devoid of politics and focused on “the truth.”

Rambo Carbon Copies Intimidate Lake Superior Mining Site Protesters

Lake Superior's mining sites have been targeted by peaceful protesters who worry about excessive pollution. The mining company's response? Hire a legion of masked gunmen to scare them off.

Lance Armstrong Tour De France: Does Anyone Care Now That He’s Banned for Life?

Lance Armstrong was a hero for a long time. After his doping confessions, Armstrong became a villain. Now, it seems that most of the public no longer pays attention to him.

3 Reasons Sanctions Are Having No Effect on Iran

In a recent report by the National Iranian-American Council, top Iranian experts explained why sanctions on Iran aren’t working.

Tandem Urinal: A Fantastic Idea — Until You're Drunk

It's a urinal. It's a sink. It's efficient. And it may encourage men to wash their hands.

Immigration Reform 2013: Is Electoral Politics Trumping Good Policy?

Is it unrealistic to think endeavors aimed at fixing a dilapidated system should be mutually exclusive with the political points that representatives can score with a new voting bloc?

H.R. 2617: Could the Next National Park Be On the Moon?

A resolution in Congress seeks to establish a national park on none other than the Moon. But is this for real, or a clever trick to re-fund NASA?

A Simple Intervention From the U.S. Secretary Of Education Could Help Millions Of Survivors Of Sexual Violence

Ending the epidemic of sexual assault on campus may all boil down to better enforcing Title IX.

Country's Newest Star is an 'All-American Boy' Who Also Happens to Be Gay

It's been a big summer for gay activism in mainstream music. A country single titled 'All-American Boy' is the latest to be picking up buzz.

O Globo Leaks: Latin America Now Has One More Reason to Be Pissed Off At America

A Brazilian paper wrote that Snowden's documents reveal the NSA collected security, military, and financial secrets on hostile nations like Venezuela — and even Latin American allies.

Dustin Hoffman Laments That He Has Been "Brainwashed" About Female Beauty

In an interview with the American Film Institute, Hoffman recounts the lessons he learned from playing a female role in "Tootsie."

Zimmerman Trial Animation: Jury Can See It

On Wednesday morning, the judge for the George Zimmerman trial ruled that the jury can see a computer animation of the events that proceeded the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Mohamed Morsi is Gone — But Can a Coup Ever Be Good News?

While the violence and commentary on Egypt's recent power transition rages, it is important to take a closer look at what makes a military coup positive.

Bitcoin Stock: A Simple Explanation of the Winklevoss' Plan

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the world's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Senate Bill 5: Texas Rep Resorts to Coat Hanger to Make Her Point

Wendy Davis she isn't. During renewed debates on Texas's Senate Bill 5, widely seen as a ban on most abortions in the state, state Rep. Senfronia Thompson resorted to some disgusting imagery.

Pennsylvania Gay Marriage: Could This State Be the Next to Legalize?

The ACLU recently filed a lawsuit against the state of Pennsylvania to overturn their ban on same-sex marriage — although it won't be an easy battle.

The Crimson Tide Rolls — Right Over Pro-Choice Students' Rights

At the University of Alabama, the expression of a pro-choice student group was unjustly censored by police. A questionable grounds use policy is to blame.

Brazil's 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games Might Be Complete Disasters

Protests reveal instability and uncertainty around the money pouring into infrastructure in the country before the World Cup next year and the Olympic Games in 2016.

Kate Middleton Baby: Introducing Britain's Next King Or Queen

A change in British succession law has secured the Royal Baby's slot as the third heir to the throne regardless of the child's sex.

Massive Quebec Train Crash Shows Horrific Flaw in Tanker Design

Records reveal a shocking oil tanker hazard that was ignored for decades, depsite its frightening consequences.

Tom Corbett: Running For Worst Governor in America

Apparently Corbett dislikes free federal money that would provide health care for 700,000 Pennsylvanians. Oh, and sidewalk chalk, too.

Mark Dice Shows That Obama Supporters Are Willing to Literally Sign Away Their Rights

Although U.S. History is taught almost everywhere, civics is not high on the priority list. Watch these Americans sign a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights—it should make you very scared.

The Guardian Has Been Blacklisted By the U.S. Military, and Rightfully So

Censorship is at the core of the military; what did the soldiers expect?

Ashley Dupré Will Unfairly Suffer For the Sake Of Eliot Spitzer's Comeback

Eliot Spitzer and a host of other prominent male politicians caught in sex scandals (like Anthony Weiner or Mark Sanford) are making comebacks. The women involved won't be so lucky.

European Debt Crisis: Stop Pretending It's Capitalism's Fault

Monday's meeting of euro zone finance ministers agreed on another bailout round for Greece, which raises the question: Why will it be any different this time?

Zimmerman Trial Lawyers Get Down and Dirty On the Courtroom Floor

On Wednesday, Florida prosecutor John Guy brought a whole new meaning to the term "ground and pound."

Fisher v University of Texas: Affirmative Action Will Be Gone Soon — Good Riddance

When the Supreme Court ruled on affirmative action, it marked another step toward the end of a policy that has proved ineffective.

The Egyptian Military is the Problem, Not the Solution

Egypt's military has had an outsize role in politics for 60 years. A new constitution must put an end to its reign, and in the process, eliminate political violence once and for all.

5 Hidden NYC Comedy Club Gems

You may not laugh much while reading this list, but any one of these joints is sure to produce a hilarious night out.

Guillermo Gonzalez Should Be Welcomed At Ball State University

The pro-intelligent design professor recently hired at Ball State University has stirred controversy because of his views. But Professor Gonzalez was a prudent choice.

Your Overpriced Apartment May Be Costing You Your Future

Unless you live in Marshall County, Mississippi, you can pretty much wave goodbye to your dreams of financial stability.

'Freaks and Geeks' Would Have Been a 2013 Phenomenon

The television line-up would be better off with "Freaks and Geeks" on it today. Here's why.

Hamid Karzai Might Actually Anger Obama Into Using "Zero Man" Option

As tension rises between President Obama and President Karzai of Afghanistan, the U.S. is strongly considering pulling all troops out of Afghanistan. Is Karzai taking him seriously?

The Worst and Funniest Breakup Story You'll Ever Hear

Julia Merfeld asked a professional assassin to kill her husband because "it's easier than divorcing him." But the hitman wasn't a hitman.

Jay-Z's "Open Letter": Magna Carta's Bonus Track Is a Hipster Hat Tip

Jay-Z is not done; is he ever? Hov is collaborating with Jack White and Third Man Records to release a unique vinyl edition of an unreleased track from Magna Carta Holy Grail.

A Bunch Of Adorable Kids Just Took Over The White House

At the second Kids State Dinner, the FLOTUS hosted 54 children and served the guests' own healthy recipes to promote sound nutrition.

Egypt Military Coup: If This Is A Coup, U.S. Aid Is To Blame

America has been funneling billions of dollars into the Egyptian Army for years. So why are we surprised they seized power the first chance they could?

Millennials Support Gay Rights, But Still Split Hard on Abortion

Fifteen years ago, gay marriage and abortion seemed like similar kinds of hot-button, culture-war issues. But millennial attitudes on the two have diverged sharply.

Oil Prices Hit 14-Month High As Violence in Egypt Peaks

The world is beginning to feel Egypt once more.

The Two Videos That Every Woman In America Needs To See

In one video, Dustin Hoffman breaks into tears. In another video, Amy Schumer will make you bust out laughing, and both of them deal with women's self-esteem.

Keystone XL Could Cause Severe Environmental and Health Damage

Obama's recent speech indicated he may ultimately approve the Keystone XL pipeline. But is he weighing the possible effects this could have on multiple species?

Church Of England Votes to Allow Female Bishops, But Will It Actually Ordain Any?

The Church's decision to allow female bishops is a major step forward for gender equality. But the road to real progress is slow and rocky.

Elect Eliot Spitzer As the Comptroller Of New York City

Eliot Spitzer may be "Client Nine," but he's also a competent and tenacious politician who deserves to return to office.

Libertarians' Silly New Enemy: DUI Checkpoints

Libertarians who argue against DUI checkpoints are picking the wrong fight.

Watch Eliot Spitzer Sputter About His "Motivations" For Hiring Prostitutes

Watch the interview and see for yourself. Spitzer might not be ready to publicly confront his scandal.

Will 16-Year-Olds Be the Next Group to Get the Right to Vote?

Ireland is considering lowering its voting age, an event that should make us consider the same in America — and more generally why it's so important that we grant people the franchise.

Andy Kessler: I Have A Challenge For You

Millennials are involved in charitable causes not because we are guilty, but because striving to better our society is a responsibility and joy. Kessler's latest op/ed saying otherwise is wrong.

Ending Force-Feeding is Just Another Gitmo Promise Obama Can't Keep

Gitmo is still, in fact, pretty much awful in every way. Can Obama keep even one of his promises and shut it down?

George Zimmerman Trial: The Defense Rests

Defense attorneys in the trial of George Zimmerman, the man accused of shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in a Florida community, rested their case on Wednesday.

Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Arrested As Support Grows For Interim Government

On Wednesday, Egyptian attorney's arrested top officials of the Muslim Brotherhood. Meanwhile Egypt's interim government is gaining more and more support.

Tropical Storm Chantal Gets Flights Canceled and Changes Cruise Itineries

So you can't fligh out to the Carribean right now but if you are on a cruise ship, have fun escaping the storm.

Tropical Storm Chantal Makes Its Way Toward Haiti and Dominican Republic

Chantal brings heavy rainfall to the Carribbean.