The One Thing All Men Feel, But Never Admit

This video could change the way we view masculinity in America forever.

The 32 Best Photos Ever From ESPN's The Body Issue

A gallery of all the great athletic physiques that have graced the cover of ESPN The Magazine's annual "The Body Issue."

10 Albums That Will Restore Your Faith in Jazz

Young musicians are challenging assumptions about what jazz can be, and bringing in stylistic influences from hip-hop, soul, even EDM. These semi-recent jazz albums will change your life.

Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" vs. Kanye West's "Yeezus"

Critics and the public are slamming Jay-Z's latest opulent album, while bowing down at the altar of Yeezus. Just why is that?

Can You Guess Which Demographic is Most Commonly Victimized By TV?

A Parents Television Council report concluded and females, and teenage females in particular, are the most commonly targeted subjects of sexually exploitative jokes.

7 Incredible Images Of New York City Subways in the 70s and 80s

Before there was Twitter and Tumblr, NYC graffiti artists of the 70s vied for fame with artwork that influenced the genre of street-art into a legitimate art form, but also shaped hip-hop.

12 Most-Underrated Things About Being a Woman

From the irreverent to the intelligent, a dozen reasons why being a lady is pretty choice

Most Millennials Think America Isn't the Greatest Country In the World — And They Have a Point

Millennials are patriotic, yet don't think the United States is the greatest country in the world. Why?

Want to Keep School Funding Alive? Put An End to DonorsChoose

As a teacher in a resource-strapped, inner-city high school, was my lifeline to the tools my students needed to pursue a quality education. That's exactly why it needs to go.

'Lone Ranger' Movie: Is Armie Hammer America's Least Legitimate Movie Star?

In wake of "The Lone Ranger" tanking at the box office, a serious Hollywood question arises: Is Armie Hammer a legitimate movie star capable of carrying a blockbuster film?

Thailand Taught Me How Biased Against Gay Rights I Really Was

If you think that the DOMA decision is progressive, you haven't been to Thailand. Here's what that country taught one man about sex, sexuality, and gender.

Immigration Reform 2013: The GOP is Shooting Itself in the Foot

If Republicans in the House of Representatives fail to address immigration, it's not just immigrants who will suffer.

Edward Snowden Movie: The First One is Here, and It's Awful

It may not win awards, but Edwin Lee and Shawn Tse's short film will help us pass the time while we await a full-length Snowden movie.

Why Fox News is Absolutely Destroying All the Cable Networks in the Ratings

The Fox News Channel continues to be the dominant cable news network. Does this mean Americans think that Fox is a more “fair and balanced” network?

Texas Abortion Ban: Women Already Resorting to Back-Alley Abortions

Texas's controversial abortion restrictions have already caused women to seek black-market abortion pills. You have the Texas GOP to thank.

Why Can't Spider-Man Be Gay?

If we can re-cast traditional characters as racial minorities, why not gay minorities as well?

If Rick Perry is So Pro-Life, Why is He Ignoring Texas' High Maternal Death Rate?

Texas has a maternal mortality rate equal to that of Saudi Arabia, but Gov. Perry has failed to take action to reduce it despite his "pro-life" stance.

10 Things Millennials Don't Miss From Childhood

Millennials can appreciate, but don't miss, these items from their youth.

George Zimmerman Trial Updates: Follow Here For LIVE Coverage

The prosecution is presenting its closing arguments today in the George Zimmerman trial. Follow along here for live coverage.

Malala Yousefzai: Pakistan's Young Hero Will Take the UN By Storm

The youngest Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Malala Yousefzai, will take the UN by storm on her 16th birthday. This Friday, she will give a speech and present a petition about children's education.

George Zimmerman Trial: What is Third-Degree Felony Murder?

Under Florida law, George Zimmerman's actions could constitute a felony of the third-degree, punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

Immigration Reform Letter Drafted By House Republicans Gets Destroyed By Rep. Mark Takano

Several House Republicans found at today that even after you leave your days at high school, your papers still have to have an evident thesis with supporting evidence.

The One Thing We Learned From Jay-Z and Kanye's New Albums

Where Jay-Z shows creativity in finding new ways to release his music, Kanye shows creativity in his music, and neither endeavor is “more important” to rap.

Immigration Reform 2013: Americans Rapidly Becoming More Pro-Immigration

Americans are rapidly changing their attitudes on immigration, if the latest Gallup polling result is to be believed. Does this indicate increased support for reform?

Boston Marathon Bomber Trial LIVE Updates: Dzokhar Tsarnaev Faces 30 Felony Counts

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old accused of being a co-conspirator in the bombings at the Boston Marathon in April, was arraigned Wednesday and plead not guilty.

6 Awesome Responses to Anti-Choice Activists

Here are some of the most thoughtful, biting, and unexpected rebuttals to pro-life arguments.

Craft Whiskey Isn't Better Than the Original Thing — Yet

Established brands are still better than the many "craft" whiskeys popping up around the United States, but the little guys are catching up.

X-47B Drone: Welcome to the Age Of Unfeeling Killer Robots

The Navy landed a drone on a moving aircraft carrier Wednesday. It may have just changed warfare forever.

The North Carolina Legislature's Newest Trick is Suppressing the College Vote Through SB 667

By removing a tax deduction for families whose college-aged students register to vote in their college towns, North Carolina tries to stop students from getting involved locally.

This Innovative Product Will Change The Way You Do Everything

This impressive new product could make any type of stains a thing of the past. Now that's what I call a game-changer.

Tennessee DUI Checkpoint: Thank You For Not Cooperating With Illegal Searches

Think you know your rights? See what happens when you assert them at a DUI checkpoint. When police overstep their constitutional bounds, civil disobedience is not just a right, it is a duty.

George Zimmerman Trial: Did the DOJ Hold Anti-Zimmerman Rallies?

Recent documents reveal that a unit of the Department of Justice paid thousands of dollars to host multiple anti-Zimmerman rallies in Sanford, Florida.

George Zimmerman Trial Verdict: What Are the Possibilities?

With the members of the jury set to deliberate soon, let's take a look at the potential ways they could rule on the George Zimmerman case.

Belen: Why Won't Chile Let an 11-year-old Rape Victim Get an Abortion?

11 year old girl made pregnant by mother's abusive boyfriend and the government wont allow her to get an abortion.

In Defense of Jack Hunter

Rand Paul staffer Jack Hunter has found himself on trial in a court of public opinion for writing he’s authored in the past. However, he should not be marginalized for his past.

10 Sleaziest Apple Business Practices

Apple has built its success around a sterling reputation for style, innovation, customer service and corporate responsibility. Is it possible that this reputation is beginning to unravel?

Decorated Wounded Marine Humiliated at Airport By the TSA

When American security personnel fail to treat with respect a Purple Heart veteran, the unjustifiable paranoia that has taken over U.S. national security strategy becomes obvious.

Gay Marriage 2013: Blogosphere Gets Huge Fact Wrong

Bloggers all over the nation misinterpreted the legal ramifications of changes to Indiana's marriage codes. But did they garner awareness for gay rights.

George Zimmerman Trial: Accusations Of DOJ Meddling Can't Stand Their Ground

Documents released by Judicial Watch reveal DOJ involvement in Sanford, Fla. relating to protests against Zimmerman. But a closer look suggets the involvement was benign.

Jodie Laubenberg Hypocritically Pushed Anti-Life Amendments in 2007

Jodie Laubenberg was satisfyingly out-debated in the Texas House when pushing both pro-life and pro-choice policies. Apparently arguing one side isn't nearly as fun as arguing for both.

North Carolina Abortion Bill Accidently Gives Birth to #motorcylevagina

Without informing the public, the GOP attached abortion restrictions to a bill. That bill? Motorcyle Safety, inspiring Twitter users to start the #motorcyclevagina joke hashtag.

What Men Can Learn From Dustin Hoffman's 'Tootsie' Breakthrough

In a recently uncovered interview, Dustin Hoffman discussed how his experience making "Tootsie" forced him to reevaluate his perceptions on gender roles. It did the same thing for me.

You Probably Won't Guess Who Just Defended Gay Rights

The Fox News anchor figured out when homophobic language becomes hate speech punishable by law, and came to the right conclusions.

The Unethical Thing the Justice Department Did to Its Youngest Lawyers

The DoJ hires unpaid attorneys to make up for a budget gap, but this is not an ethical solution.

You Won't Believe What This Woman Said About Her 11-Year-Old Daughter After She Was Raped

A mother claims the relationship between her boyfriend and her child is consensual.

4 States Ready to Pass Abortion Bills Even Worse Than the One in Texas

Numerous states are gearing up to pass abortion bills even more restrictive than the one Wendy Davis is fighting.

Fox News Pundit Shows Astounding Hatred Of First Amendment

Radical jihadists are a significant threat to our national security, but this doesn't mean we should listen to Fox News pundit Bob Beckel's suggestion to ban mosques and Muslim students.

The Biggest Problem In Egypt Nobody is Talking About

Egypt's stability won't just be determined by the struggle between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood. A functional judicial system is essential to reestablishing the rule of law.

Immigration Reform 2013: John Boehner is Damned If He Does, Damned If He Doesn't

When it comes to immigration, House Speaker John Boehner may have to choose between his political career and pressing the issue of border security.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Faces the Court For Boston Marathon Bombings

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber, faces the court for the first time this week. Whether he'll get the death penalty is still up for debate, and even the victims' families are torn.

Walmart Threatens Nuclear Option Over Minimum Wage Increase

WalMart threatens to cancel three stores in D.C. if the Large Retailer Accountability Act (LRAA) comes to pass, a move that would only hurt itself and consumers.

The Worst Thing the West Could Do is to Cut Relations With Egypt

Coup or not, the United States should provide aid to Egypt's interim government, which represents Egypt's best chance for true democracy.

In Graphic Video, Morsi Backers Throw Two Men to Their Deaths

New videos show Egyptian teenagers being tossed off a roof and beaten to death. As violence in Egypt escalates, the United States must evaluate its relationship with the country.

Feminist Weekly: Before You Go to Feminist Summer Camp, Catch Up On Your Reading!

This week, PolicyMic writers weighed in Target's totally-not-racist internal memo, the DoJ's unfair internship, a campaign which would force colleges to address sexual assault, and much more!

Debt Limit: It's Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Around October or November, economists estimate the U.S. Treasury will have run out of accounting tricks to avoid hitting the debt ceiling. What comes next?

Rick Scott and Careless Lawmakers Accidentally Ban Computer Networks

Sweeping legislation in Florida technically prohibits the use of devices that can be connected to the Internet.

The One Thing America Has to Invest In Immediately: R&D

As the deficit comes under control, we need to stop stanching our losses and begin investing in research and development that will cause the economy to grow.

YRNF 2013 Convention: The Future Of the GOP is Stronger Than Ever

The elephant is getting tougher and stronger, and the GOP's future is not as bleak as some might have you thinking.

Stafford Loan Rate Hike Isn't the GOP's Fault

The Senate failed again on Wednesday to keep Stafford loan interest rates low, letting them double to 6.8%. But don't blame the Republicans.

Farm Bill 2013: Is This Big Agriculture's Last Gasp?

The original failure of this year's farm bill indicates the stunning level of congressional partisanship and the weakening of a once-great lobby.

Keystone XL Pipeline: Why Are Big Oil's Hired Guns Getting Paid by the Government?

The organization that received a State Department contract to write an Environmental Impact Statement on Keystone XL has deep ties to the oil and gas industries — ties they lied about.

What is Manslaughter? George Zimmerman Would Face Up to 30 Years

The jury for the George Zimmerman trial will consider the lesser charge of manslaughter. But what would it take for Zimmerman to be convicted?

Sorry, Atheists — Morality Doesn't Come From Nowhere

Morality cannot come from the purely rational thought of atheists. All of us, whether through reason or religion, must decide why we value the things we do.

Meet Eike Batista, Who Can Tell You What It's Like to Lose $15 Billion

Once the richest man in Brazil, Eike Batista has lost more than half his fortune. Amid Brazil's financial troubles, it may soon get even worse.

New Delhi Rape Case: First Verdict to Come Down July 11

On July 11, a New Delhi court will rule on the gang-rape case that rocked India in December 2012.

Sarah Palin Senate: Will She Run in 2014?

Sarah Palin has a history of making spurious claims about her political intentions. Is she serious this time — and can she win against Senator Mark Begich?

Just Wait For the Conservative Reaction to Same-Sex Divorce

Many effects of the DOMA ruling, like what will become of divorced same-sex couples, remain unclear.

Meet the New Union Members: Fast Food Workers and Car Washers

As fast food workers strike in at least six major cities, will they be able to successfully negotiate for a living wage? Precedent says no.

'The Butler' Title Fight Turns the Spotlight On Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein is notorious for his ability to use the press and provoke controversy to get his way. Now, he is fighting for the title "The Butler," previously registered by Warner Bros.

There's Always Money in the Lemonade Stand

It's summer, so on every street corner you can find a child selling "homemade" lemonade, hoping to save money for a candy bar or a toy. But there is so much more to the classic enterprise.

Farm Bill 2013: A Preemptive Bailout For Agribusiness

House Republicans have just tried to get a bill passed that would boost the taxpayer-subsidized crop insurance program, but with one huge drawback: the omission of food stamps for the poor.

Your Daily News: Presented to You By White Men

White men still dominate the news industry, and this means women and non-whites are not being represented by the media.

What is Faster At Breaking News: Twitter Or Journalism?

Twitter is a great resource for sports news and up-to-the-minute disaster information, but when it comes to being first, news agencies still have an edge.

WWJD On These 3 Major Policy Issues?

Jesus realized he entered a fallen world. Thus, his message focused on love and the gospel with the hope that others would accept him. But what if he were one of today's politicians?

Sanford, Weiner, Spitzer: Our New Emperors With No Clothes

Why is it that are dignitaries are so frequently without dignity?

Harry Reid is About to Go Nuclear, And It's About Time Too

It looks as if Harry Reid is finally going to do away with the filibuster, at least for executive branch nominees. Here's why that's a good thing.

Bitcoin ETF: An Inside Look at the Proposal to Make Bitcoin Mainstream

The online currency is being accepted in increasingly more places. Is an ETF soon to follow?

The F in FBI Stands For Fraud

Is the FBI manipulating Americans' fears over terrorism into justifying their swollen budget? Probably.

Apple Ebook Lawsuit Just Another Vicious Government Power-Grab

Recently, it seems that the United States government has fallen into a coma of sorts through which it has lost all discretion to distinguish good business behavior from bad business behavior.

Group Chanting 'Free Jahar' Shows Up Outside The Courthouse

Demonstrators appear to claim Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's innocence.