Texas Legislature Bans Tampons But Allows Guns

This is not a hyperbole. Unfortunately.

9 Best Quotes From Malala's United Nations Speech

Missed her speech? Don't worry, we got you covered!

Graphic Leaked Image of Trayvon Martin's Body Shocks Viewers

Internet commenters are up in arms after a courtroom photo of Trayvon Martin's body slipped past MSNBC censors and surfaced on Gawker.

'Grown Ups 2': 11 Movie Sequels Main Characters Didn't Come Back For

We don't have to sit through another Rob Schneider movie but we have to sit through another "Grown Ups."

Why the Anti-Choice Movement Sees Pregnancy as Women's Punishment

If the 'Right to Life' movement really does value life, why does it keep framing pregnancy as a form of punishment?

Immigration Reform 2013: It's Not Dead Yet

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R- Ohio) has made it official. Immigration reform in the 113th Congress is dead … or is it?

5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Started My First Professional Job

Your education isn't over with graduation, millenials. There is so much more to learn!

5 Ways to Celebrate Bastille Day in NYC

You don't have to go to Europe to celebrate French Independence Day. Here are five ways to enjoy it here in NYC.

Will the Next Swing State be in the Heart Of the South?

Pollsters Zac McCrary and Brian Stryker explains why the Peach State might be THE battleground state for 2016.

'Lovelace' Trailer: How Will Amanda Seyfried Flick Tackle Porn?

Will the Linda Lovelace biopic be just another porn-bashing Hollywood enterprise?

Zimmerman Trial Verdict: Murder or Manslaughter?

With the six jury members for the George Zimmerman trial set to begin deliberations soon, let's take a look at the possible ways they could rule.

Leah Remini Quits Scientology After Years Of "Thought Modification"

Actress Leah Remini has left the church she accused of being "corrupt," and said she endured years of "thought modification." but this still doesn't make it a cult.

Can You Guess Which Industry is Now Experiencing a Gender Gap?

The fiction literature industry is heavily dominated by males due to individual readers' preferences that make people more likely to buy a book written by a male writer.

Why Hollywood Still Thinks It's OK to Make Fun Of Asians

The media continues to promote the "otherness" of Asian Americans, which regulates them to perpetual foreigners and facilitates the disturbing trend known in Hollywood as whitewashing.

12 Underrated Things About Being a Male … in No Particular Order

Because there's a ton to celebrate about being a dude (as well as being a lady, of course!).

3 Films From Argentina You've Never Heard Of That Will Change Your Life

Don't let Hollywood blind you to enormous cinematic talent in the rest of the world. Argentina, the only Latin American Oscar-winner, is home to a group of increasingly impressive filmmakers.

The Truth About Immigration Reform, Border Security, and Where the GOP Stands On It All

Several polls prove the clear majority of Republicans support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants but also show most Americans believe Washington should fully secure the border first.

This Woman Thinks You Should Stop Fighting For Gay Marriage, But Her Reason Will Surprise You

If Fran Lebowitz is for equality, why is she against marriage?

George Zimmerman Trial: Zimmerman's Other Enemy is President Obama

As the country faces potential threats of race riots pending Zimmerman's fate, many can’t help but stop and wonder if Zimmerman even had a chance at a fair trial from the beginning.

14 Hilarious Deleted Tweets From Politicians

Ever wonder what embarrassing things your politicians accidentally let slip on Twitter? Politwoops, a website from the Sunlight Foundation, can tell you.

3 Ways to Celebrate the Greatest '90210' Reunion Ever

An exciting "Beverly Hills, 90210" reunion just took place in Vegas. In honor of the nostalgic meetup, here are some ways to go down memory lane and show appreciation for the amazing program.

5 Amazing Books Set in the Great State Of California

Have you always wanted to visit California? Here are five books that will make you feel like you're there!

Fun.'s Jack Antonoff Is More Than an Amazing Musician - He's a Hero For LGBTQ Youth

PolicyMic chatted with Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff about the band's LGBTQ rights organization The Ally Coalition, and the role that each and every one of us has in the fight for gay rights.

George Zimmerman Manslaughter Charge Wouldn't Bring Justice

Prosecutors floated the idea of convicting Georger Zimmerman with manslaughter rather than second-degree murder at the close of arguments. But such a charge wouldn't bring justice.

Malala Yousafzai UN Speech Live Stream: Taliban Cannot Keep Her Down

Watch Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize nominee, speak at the UN Friday morning. She is a 16-year-old activist for children's literacy, shot by the Taliban for her work.

George Zimmerman Verdict: No Matter What It Is, It's Time to Talk Privilege

As the George Zimmerman trial concludes and jury deliberation begins, it is time to examine the role of power and race in this case and in the United States.

Justin Carter Put in Solitary For Facebook Jokes, While Cop Who Did Same Thing Gets Suspension

A Texas teenager made an off-color Facebook joke and was thrown in jail with a $500,000 bond. When a D.C. cop did the same thing, he got a one-month suspension.

Dear TIME Magazine: Thanks For Nothing. Love, Egypt

Here's why the most recent TIME magazine cover is not only offensive and generalized, but also inaccurate.

Farm Bill Brings Out the Worst in House Republicans

When Democrats stood up to voice their opposition of the farm bill, several Republican representatives did not respond well.

Bill Lee: Sanford Police Chief Actually Helped Trayvon Martin

But the politics of the situation led to an early end of Lee's career. As Zimmerman's trial comes to an end, Lee should be thanked for helping secure justice for Trayvon and his family.

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival: 5 Rappers to Watch For

The BK Hip-Hop Fest hosts legends and newcomers alike. Who should you keep an eye out for on Saturday?

Immigration Reform 2013: To End Illegal Immigration, End the War On Drugs

The economic havoc caused by Mexico's drug war is causing people to flee to the U.S. If we reduce the power of Mexican drug cartels, more people will be able to stay in Mexico.

Koch Brothers Want to Help the Poor By Making Them Work For Less

The Koch Foundation has just rolled out a new ad campaign aimed at uplifting the most disadvantaged by reminding them of their economic freedom. The only obstacle? The minimum wage.

Bashar Al-Assad Tricking Syrian Rebels Into Massacring Each Other

Bashar al-Assad's long-term strategy of playing various segments of Syrian society against each other may be paying off. Islamic and secular rebels may soon be at war with each other.

Meet Iran's Secular Opposition — and the American Trying to Take It Down

In a diatribe against Iran's main secular opposition party, Commentary Magazine writer Michael Rubin shows how far he's willing to go to ignore the voice of Iranians.

How Iran Could Make Our Afghanistan Pullout a Living Hell

As United States prepares to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, Iran is seeking new ways to engage with both countries. Forecasts range from belligerency to partial cooperation.

Obamacare Delay: Millennials Can — and Will — Kill the Law

Without millennials, ObamaCare will never have the funding to get off the ground, and that's okay by me.

Washington D.C. Walmart: Will D.C.'s Walmart Hate Help Anybody?

Washington, D.C. is attempting to force Walmart to pay its employees a higher minimum wage. It's hard to say whether this will be successful — or whether it will even make any difference at all.

33% Of Native-Born Americans Would Fail the Citizenship Test

Half of Americans scored 60% or lower on the USCIS naturalization test. If you were an immigrant, would you know enough about this country to become a citizen?

'The Bridge' Series Premiere Recap: Dead Bodies, More Questions Than Answers

FX's new series shows that things happening on one side of the border don't necessarily stay there, but do make for excellent television.

An Open Letter to the Baby Boomers, the Dumb Luck Generation

Did the Baby Boomers take their advantages for granted? Definitely. Did they mean well and attempt to give us the best future they could? Without a doubt.

The Philippines Are Booming, But Can They Stay On Steady Ground?

The Philippine economy is booming, but is it sustainable? It must look into urgent problems it currently faces, such as unemployment and infrastructure development, to maintain this growth.

The Canyons Trailer: Can the Controversial Movie Save Lindsay Lohan?

Finally out of rehab, hopefully for good this time, LiLo will play an aspiring actress in "The Canyons." Can the film redeem the struggling star and keep her out of trouble for good?

Google Glass: Democratic Technology That Breaks Privacy Rights

Should society fear release of technological products like Google Glass or work to find a balance between social transformation and privacy rights?

Republicans Love the Rule Of Law — Unless the Law is Obamacare

With every passing attempt to gut, defund, or outright repeal the Affordable Care Act, Republican attempts to uphold the rule of law seem more and more disingenuous.

Glass-Steagall Act: Nostalgia For An Old Law Won't Help the Economy

Elizabeth Warren's newest proposal would make American banks less competitive abroad, and wouldn't solve the risk management problems it claims to address.

2014 India Elections: Are Indians Ready For a Secular Government?

Democratic governance depends on secularism. Can BJP and Congress move past vote-bank politics for the sake of India as a whole?

Food Stamps Latest Victim Of Out-Of-Control House GOP

The latest version of the 2013 Farm Bill cleared the House on Thursday, but not without some clear battle scars. Food stamps are no longer part of the deal.

Bob McDonnell Got Away with Corruption By Legalizing It

The Virginia governor failed to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in "gifts" from a local CEO. The funny thing is, he didn't really have to.

'The Newsroom' Season 2: Make It Or Break It For Sorkin?

After the first season of "The Newsroom," which was met with mixed reviews, Aaron Sorkin has the chance to either sink or float with the second season, which premieres Sunday.

The Cost of Democrats' Political Inaction Will Be More Debt For Our College Students

Republicans have fought to prevent student loan rates from doubling. Now it's time for Democrats to do the same thing.

Can Your Essay About #YOLO Win You a Spot At This Prestigious University?

Tufts University shook things up in the application process this year, asking applicants to tell them what the popular phrase #YOLO means to them.

Meet Stephen Roper: Netflix Addict, Basketball Lover, and Pundit Of the Week

Stephen is a culture enthusiast and our awesome pundit of the week. As part of a weekly column, we spotlight one member of the PolicyMic community to share their story.

Lando Calrissian Strikes Back With the Greatest Karaoke Session Ever

Billy Dee Williams, Jason Schwartzman, Patton Oswalt, and Chris Hardwick collaborate to create a "Star Wars" karaoke short of Coconut Records's soothing tune "West Coast."

The Price Of Justin Carter's Unfunny Facebook Joke? $500,000 Bail

An anonymous donation has bailed Justin Carter from jail for making an inappropriate comment on Facebook, but he still faces up to eight years in prison

5 Reasons Only Children Don't Deserve Their Bad Rap

With the American Dream being 2.5 kids, a dog, and a white picket fence, it's no wonder there's still a debate surrounding only children. But what happened to freedom of choice?

The Third-World Country Within Our Borders

Native Americans only make the news amidst scandal. But their culture is vital towards understanding our own and merits a push to the front pages without help from the latest blockbuster.

Detroit is Trashing Black History — Literally

Protests have erupted over the dumping of a massive collection of black history books near Detroit. Here's why it affects us all.

Edward Snowden is Out Of Options and Time is Running Out

Snowden has entered his third week of international isolation at the Moscow airport. The only countries willing to take him require crossing U.S. airspace to do so.

Can LA's Embarrassing Public Transit System Be Saved?

Los Angeles is an embarrassment to public transit. Lyft has emerged as an outlet to change this inefficiency, and it’s certainly ruffling lots of feathers.

Are Unmanned "Stealth" Drones the Future Of Modern Warfare?

The groundbreaking advances in drone warfare this week may not threaten "robot warfare" just yet, and deserve more serious, careful, and realistic scrutiny than is being afforded.

More Women in the U.S. Die By Overdose Than From Cervical Cancer

Doctor's drugs might be the most dangerous part of your mom's life and here's what you can do to change that.

Edward Snowden Asylum Only Possible in Venezuela

With time marching on and choices dwindling, Edward Snowden's best option is to move on to Venezuela.

Pay It Forward Plan: Oregon's Student Debt Solution is Creative, But Is it Feasible?

Ultimately, tuition-free college still doesn't solve student debt. But it does help.

Don't Judge a Person By Their Favorite Book

A recent BuzzFeed article titled "28 Favorite Books That Are Huge Red Flags" is more infuriating and unfair than funny and entertaining.

Guantanamo Bay: Most Invasive Search Method Yet is Ruled Illegal

A federal judge ordered the halt of a new security procedure in which guards grope prisoners' genitals in order to discourage them from meeting with their lawyers.

Is a Saudi Princess Going to Buy Her Way Out Of U.S. Law?

When it comes to financial privileges, how far will the Saudis' wealth take them on American soil? A human-trafficking case in California could be the ultimate test of their power.

What is 'Sharknado'? A Talk With the Director Of the SyFy Sensation

The awesomely-bad made-for-tv movie 'Sharknado' has become an overnight sensation. Find out what the director has to say about his film's success, and catch up on today's top news.

Apple Antitrust Trial: Judge Finds Apple Guilty Of Anti-Trust Violations

U.S. District Judge Denise Cote ruled that Apple Inc. conspired with five major publishers to raise the price of ebooks. Cote deserves respect for confronting the technological superpower.

As Student Interest Rates Double, Young People Must Double Our Efforts

We need a movement of young Americans, focused on advancing a platform of issues that will improve our future prospects.

Rohit Chopra: Refinancing Loans May Be the Way to Save the Economy

Government loan refinancing for students needs to be a priority for the nation, or we may face problems a hundred times worse come the next generation.

ENDA is Up For Review and Could Expand LGBT Rights

Senate Committee members approve the anti-LGBT discrimination bill, which will now be sent to the Senate floor.

Pro-Morsi Protesters Launch A Million-Man March As Tensions Rise

This Friday, pro-Morsi protesters are demonstrating in Cairo and asking one million Egyptians to join them.