Texas Abortion Bill: Tweet Mocks Women Who Die From Unsafe Abortions

Conservative troll Erick Erickson sent a cruel and heartless tweet, but he reveals what many already knew: anti-choicers do not care about women's lives.

Asiana Airlines Crash: There is Sum Ting Wong With These People

The Asiana Airlines flight 214 tragedy met ignorance and racism when KTVU-TV was fed incorrect information from a summer intern.

The World's Most Popular Cruise Destinations

Cruises are more popular than ever these day. This infographic breaks down some of the most popular cruise destinations.

The Kremlin is Going Back to Typewriters, and You Should Too

Even former KGB spies are spooked by the NSA's PRISM program.

Diet Drinks Are Actually Making America Fatter

A recent study revealed that diet drinks are not only unhealthy, but will also make you gain weight.

Dwight Howard Jumps to Houston, Leaving the Lakers in Ruins

Dwight Howard signed with the Houston Rockets over the Los Angeles Lakers, which will lead the former to glory, and leave the latter to flounder.

HB2: Don't Expect Texas Democrats to Win the Abortion Bill Fight

Texas Democrats vow to fight the new anti-abortion regulations in court and at the polls, but it will be an uphill battle.

Injustice in Florida: The War on Black and Brown

2.2 million Floridians are being marginalized and criminalized.

Latin America's Offer to Edward Snowden is Revolutionary — Here's Why

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro committed a revolutionary act when he offered the whistleblower asylum. Here's why that's a good thing.

Libertarianism vs. Conservatism: Which Way Will Millennials Push the GOP?

Young libertarians and conservatives argued through a variety of issues at a Wednesday debate at the Cato Institute.

21 Incendiary Tweets That Capture the Texas Abortion Debate

As pro-choice protesters demonstrated outside the Texas legislature, a war of words was raging on Twitter.

Texas State Legislature: Apparently Teens Can't Handle Sex Ed

Texas Republican Representative Steve Toth argues that sex education in schools should be stopped because it causes teens to get "hot and bothered".

Millennials Can Re-Create the Tax System in Their Image

Will millennials settle for a tax system invented before the automobile, or demand it be replaced with a modern, efficient, and fair method for funding government?

Egypt Protests: Could Turkey Be Next?

Turkey encounters civil unrest as Turkish authorities assaults Gezi Park demonstrators with tear gas and water cannons. Will Turkey become another Egypt?

If Ben Bernanke Gets His Way, the Recession is Just Beginning

What goes up must come down, and every bubble must burst. Why does anyone really think the U.S. and EU economies will be any different?

The UN is Playing Dangerous War Games in the Congo

In the jungles of East Congo the United Nations is establishing an uncomfortable precedent.

A Monetary Policy 101 Lesson For the Can Kicks Back

The Can Kicks Back campaign posts an embarrassing article on the Federal Reserve. Here is how monetary policy actually works.

Al-Qaeda Sees Its Chance in West Africa, and Takes It

Niger is the next domino to fall within the regional crisis that is encompassing West Africa.

Janet Napolitano Replacement: Ray Kelly is the Perfect Choice

New York City's police commissioner is the most deserving and qualified person to take over for Janet Napolitano.

Why It Doesn't Matter If You're "Born This Way"

We shouldn't care about the biological basis of homosexuality. The fact that consensual homosexual behavior does not harm society at large is a much better reason to support gay rights.

These Three Young People Are the RNC's Biggest Gamble Yet

The RNC has gambled on three African-American millennials to run its black community outreach program.

3 Reasons Why Everyone Road Tripping is the Right Way to See America

Nothing screams "America!" like experiencing our great country one shabby motel at a time. Summer is the perfect time to pack a bag, pile in the ol' family Sedan, and hit the road.

U.S. Embassy is Trying to Rip London Off in the Name Of Diplomatic Immunity

The U.S. Embassy in London doesn't want to pay its driving fees, in light of the city's insistence, and is hiding behind diplomatic immunity to stave off the costs.

Quebec Train Explosion: Who Profits By Delaying Oil Pipelines?

Transporting oil by pipeline is much safer than by train. However, some self-interests hate it and do everything they can to stop their construction.