5 Top Law Schools Just As Great As Harvard, Yale, and Stanford

Those students who only consider the Ivy League miss a number of fantastic, often over-looked, law schools. Alabama and Fordham are just two of them.

'The Crash Reel' Review: HBO's Kevin Pearce Documentary Is More Than a Comeback Story

Pearce and director Lucy Walker answered questions at a Manhattan premiere of "The Crash Reel" Thursday.

Panel Shows Are the U.K. Rage But Here's Why They'd Never Work in the U.S.

There's more to the difference between British humour and American humor than just spelling, and it's causing panel shows to drown in the pond.

Why I Will Never Be Trayvon Martin

I will never know, understand, or feel what it is like to be a black person in America.

31 Inspiring Images From The Trayvon Martin Protest In New York

What started out as a simple rally on Sunday turned into a massive protest against the acquittal of George Zimmerman. Thousands took to the streets of New York. This is what democracy looks like.

There's a Way To Discuss Hook-Up Culture and This Wasn't It

Hook-up culture coverage is back and it's still just as annoying.

George Zimmerman Gun Will Be Returned, and Rightfully So

Zimmerman's gun will likely be legally returned to him. Despite his acquittal, public opinion has convicted him. His safety may be at risk and his firearm will help protect him from vigilantes.

George Zimmerman Jury to Black Men in America: You're Second-Class Citizens

The acquittal of George Zimmerman reminds black men that we are still America's problem.

'Drunk History' Recap: Comedy Central Is Saving Reality Television, One Drink at a Time

"All of the stories depicted in the following program are based on real events. It should be noted, however, that every storyteller you are about to see is completely drunk."

George Zimmerman Civil Lawsuit: What That Means In Plain English

The trial may be over, but George Zimmerman may still be brought to justice through civil suits. Here's what Zimmerman's legal future might look like.

This is How Young Jeezy, Lupe Fiasco and the Rap Community Reacted to the Zimmerman Verdict

Jeezy released a tribute song to honor Trayvon Martin, while Lupe was vocal about the big-picture ramifications of the case.

The One Graph That Proves Stand Your Ground Laws Help Jurors Let White Defendants Go Free

A "justifiable homicide" finding is much more likely in states like Florida, and in the case of white-on-black killings.

'Pacific Rim' Movie Review: It Absolutely Lives Up to the Hype

Guillermo Del Toro's "Pacific Rim" is a big-budget blockbuster than absolutely delivers on it's promise of jaw-dropping visuals and high-octane action.

Stand Your Ground Laws Apparently Don't Apply to Everyone

Florida's contentious Stand Your Ground law takes more heat as Marissa Alexander is overlooked in her case for self defense against her abusive husband. Instead she faces 20 years in prison.

Immigration Reform 2013: Path to Citizenship Will Kill the Bill

The main problem with the so-called "path to citizenship" is that there is no way to successfully sell it to many conservative voters.

Trayvon Martin Protests in D.C. Are a Call For Political Action

"And he's only six," said one of the mothers protesting the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial in Washington D.C.

Here's the True Story Of What Food Stamps Do For America

It's about so much more than splitting a bill.

Generation Y's Literary World Has Found Its Leader

What does the evolving media landscape mean for the future of true literature and criticism? The staff at the literary magazine 'The American Reader' shares what they see on the horizon.

No Offense, But I Really Value Your Friendship

Students in Washington, D.C. get a fascinating education outside of the classroom: they get used to how this strange town operates.

The Hamiltonian Perspective: Why We Need It More Than Ever

The first in a series of PolicyMic articles arguing for Hamiltonian solutions to American political problems, present and future.

Temar Boggs Rescue Of Joycelyn Rojas is About Valor, Not Race

Two African-American teenagers rescue an abducted 5-year-old girl in Pennsylvania on the heels of the George Zimmerman verdict. What does this say about race relations in America?

Immigration Facts: More Americans Side With Democrats

A full 48% of Americans sided with the Democratic Party on immigration reform in a recent poll. What's the GOP to do?

Harry Reid's Nuclear Option is His Last Shot At Credibility

If Harry Reid doesn't go forward on the nuclear option, he will lose his credibility as a leader.

What the the Black Community Must Do After the George Zimmerman Verdict

In the wake of the George Zimmerman trial, the black community must seize the opportunity to recapture its zeal for political activism.

America Is in Dire Need of White, Liberal Guilt

It's time we start recognizing our own privilege and stop feeling guilty about the guilt.

Why the George Zimmerman Jury Found Him Not Guilty Of Murdering Trayvon Martin

An analysis of the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin confrontation underlines why Zimmerman was found not guilty.

Farm Bill 2013: A Republican Bill That Makes Conservatives Cringe

The House's version of the Farm Bill will not pass the Senate. But when the drama subsides, a similarly egregious bill will be pushed through.

Joycelyn Rojas's Rescue By Temar Boggs Shows Not Everything is About Race

African American teen finds missing white girl in Lancaster, Penn. With outrage over Zimmerman's acquittal and Alexander's self-defense case, will this subvert legal discrimination in the future?

In the Court Of Public Opinion, It's Black Until Proven Innocent

What sits at the heart of Trayvon Martin's killing and countless others is the seemingly intractable notion that there is a strong association between black behavior and criminality.

'Orange is the New Black' is Totally Worth a Netflix Subscription

If you don't have Netflix, you need to sign up now to watch this riveting series about a female prison.

All-Star Game 2013: Why Baseball's All-Star Game Is the Best Of the Four Major Sports

The MLB All-Star game is unique from the other three major All-Star competitions given its huge fan following and the reward of home field advantage for the World Series.

J.K. Rowling 'The Cuckoo's Calling': 'Harry Potter' Writer Pens Secret Mystery

The mind behind "Harry Potter" wrote "The Cuckoo's Calling" under a male alias this spring.

Zimmerman Verdict Backlash Proves There's No Such Thing As a Post-Racial America

The moment the jury read the "not guilty" verdict, Americans took to the streets in protest while others rejoiced. The outcome has sparked a resurgence in racially-charged sentiments.

Israel Now Bombing Syria Like It's No Big Deal

On Sunday, U.S. officials confirmed that Israeli air forces bombed a Syrian military target in the port city of Latakia in June. Israeli involvement is only making things worse.

Enraged Woman Attacks Soul Rock Legend After He Dedicates Song to Trayvon Martin

Need any other hints racial tension in America is out of control? On Saturday, a white woman hospitalized a 73-year-old soul rock singer for dedicating a song to Trayvon Martin.

Could Al Jazeera America Be the Next CNN?

A new cable network that promises to deliver news with a global perspective to its U.S. viewers launches next month, amid uncertainty about its intention to report objective and original content.

'Crystal Fairy' Movie Review: A Drug Infused Romp Through the Chilean Desert

Two tourists clash in Michael Cera's new drug comedy 'Crystal Fairy.'

North Korea News: North Korea is Willing to Talk, So Why is Japan So Worried?

While North Korea might be willing to talk again, its behavior has implications for neighboring countries, including Japan.

What Is a Filibuster and What is the Senate "Nuclear Option?"

What is the nuclear option? The answer is complicated, procedural, theoretical and generally confusing. But it will dramatically affect how the Senate does business.

Meet Brenda Davis, Director Of a Gut-Wrenching Film On Maternal Mortality

Davis' documentary "Sister" gives a breathtaking look into the complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Here's what she told PolicyMic about it.

This Instagram Photo Got the Pouncey Twins in Loads Of Trouble

The centers were spotted with "Free Hernandez" hats in an Instagram photo that began circulating Monday.

George Zimmerman is Free: DOJ Civil Rights Case is Useless

The DoJ is looking to prosecute Zimmerman under civil rights statutes but, despite the rampant racism that characterized the case, will unlikely be able to charge him with anything.

Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Mark Sanford, and the Politics Of Second Chances

Three men who have endured high-profile scandals are finding their way back into politics. But why are we allowing them back in?

Trayvon Martin Protests Go Viral Online — Here's How You Can Join

I'm dismayed by the Zimmerman verdict but always excited about the positive potential that tech holds, in helping us create a more just society.

Snowden Asylum: It's Game Over For South American Demagogues

Venezuela is challenging the U.S. by offering the NSA leaker asylum, but the country (and its neighbors) have bigger problems to worry about.

America Will Never Be a Post-Racial Society

But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Zimmerman Protests LIVE: Trayvon Martin Supporters Take to the Streets As Emotions Run High

As the public has demonstrated, the jury will not have the last word.

Want to End Student Debt? Make College 3 Years

Congress and institutions of higher learning have failed their students when it comes to loans and debt, even though the solution is obvious.

Jenny McCarthy: Sure, Let's Listen to 'The View' Of a Hack

ABC just announced that it will be hiring actress Jenny McCarthy to be a co-host for "The View." But giving any credibility her dangerous psuedoscience might do viewers more harm than good.

3 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Lessen Your Carbon Footprint

I've only recently joined the carbon-footprint-reducing bandwagon, so here are a few easy tips for those looking to do the same.

July 15: On This Day In History

July 14 may be the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, but the day after is no slouch either. Here are just a few examples.

New York Mayor Race: Will Quinn Regret Helping Bloomberg?

After sticking by her man into his third term, Christine Quinn is now running for mayor herself. What will Bloomberg give to Quinn in her run for mayor? What will he take away?

17 Powerful Signs Held to Demand #JusticeForTrayvon

After George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the killing of Trayvon Martin, supporters of the slain Florida teen took to the streets from coast to coast. Here's what they had to say.

'The Cuckoo's Calling': J.K. Rowling Outed As Novel Writer

Despite Rowling's attempt to write an adult novel free from hype and expectations, a UK publishing company revealed that the creator of "Harry Potter" recently authored "The Cuckoo's Calling."

Does Democracy Have a Role to Play in Development?

The UN Millennium Goals, while they may be well-intentioned, don't take into account the realities of life in developing nations.

Texas Transparency Bill: How the Lone Star State Is Leading the Way

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs continues her efforts to promote government transparency in the Lone Star State. Despite some roadblocks, she is still forging ahead.

Kirovles Case in Russia Will Test the Country's Judiciary and Democracy

In the Kirovles case, Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny faces trial for alleged embezzlement, but the charges are believed to have been fabricated to keep him off the political stage.

Should You Be A "Risky Investor?"

Is being a risk-taker the right choice when it comes to investing? Is the risk of losing it all worth the promise of huge profits?

Mic Check: Check Out Your Favorite Movies, Turned Into Treasure Maps

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

George Zimmerman Civil Case: Holder Suggests DOJ Will Investigate Rights Violations

The possibility for Zimmerman to fall once more in the hands of the legal system may be more likely than skeptics expect.

More Zimmerman Protests Will Happen On July 15

NYC, LA and other cities began their march Sunday and on Monday, July 15, protests will continue across the nation.

NAACP Petition: Obama Should Bring a Civil Rights Case Against Zimmerman

The trial is really not over yet in the eyes of most Americans and perhaps looking at other avenues for justice would be appropriate.

Zimmerman Protests: Protesters Demand Justice in NYC For Trayvon Martin

On Sunday afternoon, NYC marched in solidarity to honor the memory of Trayvon Martin and to push for the justice many feel was not served with Saturday's verdict.