3 Countries With Booming Movie Industries, That Are Not the U.S.

It's not just the United States cashing in on the entertainment industry. These three movie-making machines might surprise you.

Trayvoning: The Sickening New Social Media Trend You Shouldn't Attempt

Lying face down, with skittles and an iced tea in hand, the resurgence of Trayvoning is the latest nauseating social media trend.

Lady Gaga 'ARTPOP': How the Female Pop Scene Has Changed Since Gaga's Last Album

The female pop scene is now ruled by young, fresher singers like Miley Cyrus. Will Lady Gaga remain sucessful after two years without releasing any new music?

The Zimmerman Trial is Over — Let's Talk About Darryl Green Instead

There is a reason that #JusticeforDarryl won't be as popular as #JusticeforTrayvon, but it would be great if that wasn't the case.

4 Worst Pieces Of Advice For Young Writers

Young writers are faced with an endless sea of advice, but not all of it is particularly helpful.

5 Ways to Survive Prison According to 'Orange is the New Black'

Wonder how life in an all women's prison is like? Here's a survival guide based on the experiences of Piper in Netflix series "Orange is the New Black.'

Meet the Journalist Who Connects the Dots Between Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, and the NSA

Ongoing releases about PRISM and related programs make it clear: the government has a database about Americans and it has ways to use it.

B37 George Zimmerman Juror Book Deal is Now Dead

One of the six anonymous female jurors responsible for the acquittal of George Zimmerman had signed a book deal with Martin Literary Management.

11 Things to Do On Your Last Truly Lazy Summer Before College

You have just under two months to savor in your hometown. Here's how to enjoy the shortest summer of your life.

North Colorado and 10 Other Proposed States That Didn't and Won't Happen

Counties in Colorado are now organizing plans to secede and form the 51st state of the U.S. Take a look back in history at wacky state proposals that were voted down or ignored.

How the Liberal Media Wrote Its Own Doom in the Zimmerman Trial

Conservative media focused on the facts. Liberal media focused on emotion and civil rights. Is it any surprise who predicted the eventual outcome correctly?

'True Blood' Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: Welcome to Vamp Camp

This week, some characters return to normal (Jason’s having sex! Pam is witty!), some fly off the deep end (I’m looking at you, Alcide and Jessica), and one continues to surprise us (Ben).

George Zimmerman Civil Suit: Martin Family Shouldn't Sue Him in Civil Court

As the Martin family deals with Zimmerman's not guilty verdict, they are considering options. A civil trial should not be one of them.

Aaron Hernandez Didn't Kill As Many People As Tommy Vercetti, So Why Was He Erased From Video Games?

The former Patriots tight end is proof that sports fans have unrealistic moral expectations and gamers have weird double standards.

Immigration Reform 2013: Fence Or No Fence, Reform Won't Work

In order to tackle immigration reform, the United States must change its perception of Mexico, and acknowledge its history of intermingling with its Latin American neighbors.

Watch This White Woman Attack A Black Singer For Dedicating Song to Trayvon Martin

It's one thing to believe George Zimmerman is innocent. It's another thing to physically attack someone who dedicates a song to Trayvon Martin.

This PolicyMic Pundit is Taking Comedy Festival Stages By Storm

Matt Nagin is more than a writer. This summer, he will showcase his knack for comedy at two festivals: the East to Edinburgh Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Why Amy Schumer is a Total Feminist

If she manages to get a single dudebro to question everyday sexism or a whole gaggle of them to notice it, then perhaps it will work to our benefit to have her on our side.

Are Pussy Riot Heroic Feminists? Just Ask a Russian

Russian Pussy Riot group released a another controversial video, provoking new discussions between their supporters and opponents inside the country.

It's 2013, Guys — Stop Catcalling Women Like Animals

We pat ourselves on the back for the professional climb of women like Sheryl "Lean In" Sandberg, yet we still can't get the male population to stop objectifying us in public.

Why the Like Button Is One Of the Biggest Icons Of Our Generation

While Facebook's "like" button has some high-profile haters, from Jonathan Franzen to Zadie Smith, I have to admit: I like it.

Should Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Face the Death Penalty?

Despite the hideous crime he has committed, the state should not attempt to put Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death.

The One Chart That Shows Why Even Unions Are Abandoning Obamacare

Labor unions — a core constituency of the Democratic Party — are yet another group on a long list of interests who are now panicking over the consequences of the Affordable Care Act.

Hollywood Still Hasn't Figured Out How to Depict Muslims

Despite claims of progressiveness, Hollywood revels in stereotypes, and few groups get it worse than Muslims. It's time for Hollywood to move beyond 9/11 and into the present.

Malala Yousafzai Is Praised By the World, But Faces Backlash Back Home

Malala Yousafzai's UN speech was met with admiration and acclaim worldwide. However, adoration for the young activist is not to be found at her home in Pakistan.

Stevie Wonder is Boycotting Florida and Any State Supporting Stand Your Ground

After learning of the Zimmerman verdict, the renowned singer vowed to not perform in any state where the Stand Your Ground law is in effect.

Why Do Americans Blame 48 Million People For Things That Aren’t Their Fault?

“Why should I pay higher taxes so that some lazy poor person can pick up another unemployment check and then go back to sitting on the couch?” This is poor-shaming, and it's wrong.

6 Awesome Love Lessons From Woody Allen Movies

What film's most neurotic icon can teach us about relationships.

How Austin Became the Best Millennial City in the U.S.

Austin is the city of the moment for millennials, consistently touted for its fruitful job market, affordable housing, vibrant music scene, and special culinary culture.

YouTube Anderson Cooper Video: Key Clips From Juror B37 Interview

A review of the most important clips from George Zimmerman juror B37's interview on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360.

How to Survive and Thrive in Your 20s

Because when else in life are you going to party all night long and still be able to power through work the next day with a hangover?

Twitter Takes Down Juror B37's Controversial Book Deal

A Twitter campaign demanded justice for Trayvon Martin and asked book publisher Sharlene Martin not to let Juror B37 profit from the court decision.

Here's Why Women Don't Trust Journalists Anymore

Journalists are more hated than ever, according to the Pew Research Center, but the decline in trust is most marked among women. What might be causing the drop-off?

The Worst Thing About the George Zimmerman Trial

Isn't there something wrong with the fact that so many Americans had decided whether Zimmerman was either guilty or innocent before the trial had even occurred?

Bashar Al-Assad's Newest Enemy? The Pakistani Taliban

The Pakistani Taliban just joined the Syrian opposition which is already plagued with Al-Qaeda affiliates. There seem to be no "good guys" or any desirable outcome at all in Syria.

Stop Telling People They Shouldn't Be Protesting the Zimmerman Verdict

The outcry surrounding Martin’s death and the subsequent verdict is very much warranted. People who posit that it’s “only” about Trayvon and Zimmerman miss the point entirely.

Mohamed Morsi Coup: Ditching Morsi Was a Choice, Not a Coup

Mohamed Morsi may have been elected, but he showed all the signs of a petty tyrant. Egypt — and the world — are better off without him.

Wendy Davis and Her Shoes Rock the Cover Of 'Texas Monthly'

Wendy Davis' filibuster may be over, but her fight for justice isn't.

Juror B37 CNN Interview Video: Be the Judge Of These 6 Quotes

The anonymous B37 juror in the George Zimmerman case spoke with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Monday. Judge for yourself.

When a Book Becomes a Movie, Fans Are Never Satisfied

Bestselling books don’t necessarily make hit movies. What will happen when Gillian Flynn’s bestselling thriller, "Gone Girl" makes it to the big screen?

George Zimmerman Lawsuit: Shooter Goes After Cash Cow NBC

George Zimmerman is suing NBC, alleging that the network manipulated the 911 phone call that painted him as a racist. Yet again, he might emerge victorious.

A Conservative’s Defense of Feminism

A Fox News article entitled "Men — the New Second Class Citizens" utilizes a poor strategy to combat gender problems. Both the left and right need to quit it with the mantras.

Could Edward Snowden Get a Nobel Peace Prize?

Edward Snowden has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by a Swedish sociologist. What are the criteria for nomination and selection of candidates? And does Snowden have a winning chance?

Stand Your Ground: Half Of Our States Would Have Acquitted Zimmerman

The argument that Stand Your Ground played no role in George Zimmerman's acquittal is a myth. Here are the 24 other states that would have allowed him to walk free as well.

Trayvon Martin's Hoodie Didn't Make Him a Thug

Geraldo Rivera doubled down on his criticism of hoodies in the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case. Hoodies aren't the root cause of what happened that night.

Oday Aboushi: This "Radical Muslim" New York Jets Rookie is Battling Anti-Semitic Charges

Oday Aboushi faces serious allegations concerning his Muslim faith. How do you digest politics in football?

'Only God Forgives': Ryan Gosling Not in a Romantic Comedy Anymore

"Only God Forgives" is a far cry from his "Notebook" and "Crazy Stupid Love" days.

Immigration Reform 2013: Open Immigration Will Bring America Wealth in All Sorts Of Ways

Open immigration will enrich the United States culturally, politically, socially, and economically.

8 Reasons Vladimir Putin is Going to Take Over the World

The Russian president simply can't help being a badass.

We Needed to Be Saved From Juror B37 — and Cocky McSwagsalot Saved the Day

One Twitter user is credited with stopping Juror B37's book deal -- and I think she's awesome for it.

George Zimmerman is Free, So Let's Talk About Gun Violence

George Zimmerman's acquittal has sparked quiet reflection and loud debate, especially over race relations. But gun violence is the real issue.

Don't Be a Hater Of Two Master Innovators

Jay-Z recently put on a performance with the noted performance artist Marina Abramovic. Does this mean that hip hop's most famous MC has finally won the hearts of the establishment?

Kirstie Alley Lashes Out At Leah Remini For Doubting Scientology

The Church of Scientology is known for its bizarre rituals and its harassment of its opponents. Kristie Alley's out lash at Leah Remini has displayed this perfectly.

Immigration, Filibuster Reform: John McCain is the Unlikely Champion of Compromise

The Senate managed to avoid the "nuclear option" and reached an agreement on executive nominees, thanks in large part to the surprising efforts of one Republican senator.

Asiana Airlines is Suing Oakland’s Racist TV Station

Asiana Airlines is hitting back in the aftermath of KTVU's erroneous broadcast, but why is the NTSB not meeting the same treatment?

Trevino Morales Arrest Won't End the Mexican Drug War

Mexican authorities have captured notorious kingpin Miguel Angel Trevino Morales but will it have any tangible effect on the war on drugs?

Guess How Many of the World’s Youngest Billionaires Are Women

The answer may or may not surprise you.

Proposition 8: In California, the Haters Are Still Hatin'

Prop 8 supporters continue to push for enforcement in court, but issues with legal standing and jurisdiction make it unlikely they'll succeed.

A Citizen's Guide to Debating a 99-Percenter

The Occupy movement and the 99% all make grand claims calling for government intervention everywhere. Are these calls based on reason or emotion?

NDAA: It Still Makes a Mockery Of American Values

The U.S. government has a long history of violating civil liberties, but the NDAA essentially codified the elimination of one of the most important and necessary restrictions on state power.

John Boehner Gives Dems a "Menu" Of Options For Cutting Spending

With another battle over the debt limit looming, the Republicans have presented a number of options for cutting spending. One thing is for sure — a clean increase in the limit is off the table.

Good News for Obamacare: Pilot Programs Improve Care and Reduce Costs

One of the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act improved patient care and reduced costs. Whether you support it or not, that's good news.

A Grown Man Watches 'The Sound Of Music' For the First Time

A journey through all of the Best Picture Academy Award winners to see if the best films of yore still hold up in 2013.

NYC Summer Concerts: 5 Best Shows Happening This Week

In addition to the Jay-Z/JT show, which is sure to be the concert of the summer, we've got a nice blend of jazz, hip-hop, afrobeat, and more to look forward to this week.

Warren Hill Death Penalty Delayed

Warren Lee Hill, a Georgia inmate on death row, had his sentence delayed due to a suit which argues that the use of anonymously-made lethal chemicals constitutes a violation of his rights.

Bud Selig Has Been a Lackluster MLB Commissioner

On Monday, Bud Selig discussed his experiences and his accomplishments as commissioner at a gathering hosted by Politico, but his record leaves something to be desired.

New NSA Blueprints Raise the Stakes On Snowden and Asylum in Russia

As Snowden's fate in Russia nears, increased NSA knowledge may play a bigger role.

British Open Championship Preview: Tiger Woods Back in the Hunt

The British Open starts Thursday and odds put Tiger on top with Rose and Mickelson right behind him.

Cory Monteith Autospy Results: Heroin, Alcohol Found in Actor's System

A lethal combination of heroin and alcohol was found in the autopsy investigating the death of 31-year old "Glee" star, Cory Monteith.

Yoko Ono: 80, a New Book, and Unearned Relevance

Does Yoko Ono's persistence depict a kind of independent, artistic feminism or the throes of someone begging for relevance outside of a marriage?

Will Abortion Be the End of Rubio's Shot At 2016?

Marco Rubio is no stranger to controversial legislation. But as he contemplates proposing a bill that would restrict abortion after 20 weeks, he's better off ignoring the right-wing base.

John Kerry Middle East Trip Won't Achieve Anything — Again

John Kerry's sixth trip to the Middle East will prove just as fruitless as the previous five, as neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians are willing to compromise.

6 Bills That Would Be Laws — If There Were No Filibuster

Everyone complains about the filibuster, but it's not just an annoying stalling tactic — it's actually prevented really important things from getting done. Here are a few.

5 NYC Democratic Mayoral Candidates Blast George Zimmerman Verdict

Several candidates vying for the Democratic nomination in the NYC mayoral race harshly criticized the Zimmerman verdict. Their Republican opponents responded differently.

2013 MLB All-Star Game: 5 Players That Don't Deserve to Be There

Tuesday night's All-Star Game includes a few snubs and some questionable calls. Where do the lineups go wrong?

Boris Johnson: Introducing Britain's Next Conservative Prime Minister

Despite his gaffes, the mayor of London is a political force who should not be underestimated: he is a canny political operator who has used his bumbling persona to build a huge public profile.

Bob McDonnell is Corrupt and Should Resign

Not using political office for personal financial gain is a pretty low bar to miss ... and McDonnell flew under it.

Stevie Wonder Florida Boycott: Stevie Has Spoken — What About You, Hip-Hop?

Stevie Wonder announces he is boycotting Florida. His commitment to social justice is missing among a newer generation of black musicians.

Mic Check: This Florida Woman Got 20 Years For Firing a Warning Shot

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the world's top news and our favorite links from around the web.

Tackling Student Loans Must Be Congress' First Priority

Congress must lower student loan rates to reinvigorate the economy, invest in America’s future, and foster the American dream.

Stevie Wonder Stands Strong Against Stand Your Ground

Stevie Wonder won't perform in Florida or in states with "Stand Your Ground Laws."

Kirsten Gillibrand And the Tea Party Have Joined Forces For This One Issue

Senator Kristen Gillibrand’s bill to stamp out sexual assault in the military faces an uphill battle, but has slowly garnered a handful of unexpected but essential supporters.

France Accidentally Puts FEMEN Leader On New Stamps

France's new stamp was modeled after Inna Shevchenko, the Ukrainian feminist and leader of France's FEMEN branch.

Keystone XL Pipeline: Who's Fighting For It Behind the Scenes?

If an oil pipeline that will wreak havoc on the environment isn't an imminent danger, what is?

5 Films That Prove Teens Have Always Ruled Summer Comedies

Summer comedies often target teenagers, so here are some of the biggest and most memorable hits over the past few years.

What is ENDA, and Why Does It Matter?

The fight over employment non-discrimination for LGBT employees would be no small victory for the movement, and something both Republicans and Democrats could get behind.

UK On the Verge Of Same-Sex Marriage Rights

Only facing the lower House of Commons, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill in the UK is expected to pass and become law within the week.

The Mushroom Cloud Over the Senate Has Passed – Nuclear Option Avoided At the Last Minute

In Congress, last minute deals have become the rule rather than the exception. But there is no reason for that to be the case.

Egyptian Protests: America Bankrolled Morsi's Opponents and Is Way Too Involved

The US Embassy in Cairo reopens Monday, marking the visit of a senior White House official. Obama seems to have relinquished all support for Morsi, and some say he even bankrolled the revolution.