The 7 Most Common Bad Habits and Why They're So Hard to Break

Most people are plagued by bad habits that wish they could stop, but ending a habit is easier said than done. Here are seven habits that are easy to make and often almost impossible to break.

Playstation 4 and Xbox One Will Finish Off Struggling Wii U

Nintendo is struggling in the console market, and has very little third-party support. How should it cope in an industry in transition?

What Juror B37's Comments Reveal About White Womanhood

During her interview with Anderson Cooper, Juror B37 made it all too clear that George Zimmerman was never really on trial; black masculinity was.

Rolling Stone's Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Cover Portrays a Terrorist As a Glamorous Icon

Whether intentionally or not, Rolling Stone has chosen to glamorize the suspected enabler of one of the most atrocious acts in recent American history.

8 Social Media Users Arrested For What They Said Online

After threatening to commit "mass homicide" if Zimmerman was acquitted, a teenager now finds himself in jail. He joins others who have been put behind bars for things they have said online.

Have We Finally Had Enough Of Deadmau5?

Is Deadmau5 still relevant in a rapidly evolving EDM culture?

While Zimmerman Walks, CeCe McDonald Is Still In Jail For Self-Defense

CeCe McDonald defended herself with a pair of scissors after she was harassed and attacked. When it comes to claims of self-defense, not everyone is created equal.

Rape is a People's Issue, Not a Men's Or Women's Issue

The anti-rape campaign "Don’t Be That Guy" did the right thing in sending a message that it is the not responsibility of young women to prevent being raped. It did not need a revenge campaign.

Emmys Nominees 2013: So Many Geniuses Never Get Awarded For Their TV Brilliance

With a laundry list of deserving shows, will the Emmys fall into their normal "Modern Family" rut?

I Am Not Trayvon Martin, and You Aren't Either

This video went viral for all the right reasons. What do you think?

Are You Gluten-Free? These U.S. Cities Have You Covered.

Gluten-free individuals were once forced to limit their diets and refrain from eating in restaurants; today, however, cities are catering to gluten-free options.

Watch These Kids Give Adults a Lesson About Racism They Won't Forget

What happens when you show adults and children the exact same advertisement? They have VERY different reactions to it.

These Photographs Capture What It Means to Be a Young Woman in Today's America

Photographer Ilona Szwarc's most recent series, American Girls and Rodeo Girls, are both fascinating explorations of the contemporary American female's coming-of-age journey.

Westboro Baptist Church's Plans to Picket Cory Monteith's Funeral Foiled By Canada?

The Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket Cory Monteith's funeral procession because the show had homosexual-friendly themes. Can they be rebuffed by the location of the funeral?

4 Demos From Famous Musicians That Will Absolutely Shock You

Singing sensations have to start somewhere, and their demos and early work can be much different than their work after achieving fame and fortune.

6 Reasons Justin Amash is the Best Congressman in Washington

Justin Amash has not received the credit that he deserves for being an exceptional Congressman. Here are 6 reasons why Amash deserves some serious recognition.

Why This California College's Loss Of Accreditation Should Scare You

The future of higher education should be shaped by public debate and the input of faculty and students, not business interests and unelected bureaucrats.

81% Of Egyptian Muslims Think Stoning Should Be the Punishment For Adultery

Survey results suggest political Islam is far from dead in Egypt.

Malala Yousefzai Got a Letter From the Taliban, and It's Crazy

On Monday, July 15, that Taliban wrote letter to teen activist Malala Yousefzai. They explained why they shot her, sent remorse, and begged Malala to return to home to Pakistan.

The Dismal State Of the Global Middle Class, In One Chart

Well, it's actually not just one chart. All sorts of shiny graphics and videos can help us understand just how screwed the middle class is.

Don't Run the Barkley Marathons — Because You Will Fail

The Barkley Marathons in Tennessee is a endangered species of events designed for humans to fail. No prizes, no glory, no directions; it's what an ultra-marathon should be.

Ford and Savior: Pope Francis Switches Cars

Pope Francis wins massive PR points by practicing what he preaches. He leads his own call for austerity within the church by removing some of the extravagant practices of past leaders.

MTV's Hidden Camera Show 'Money From Strangers' is About to Get a Whole Lot Bigger

PolicyMic talked with the host of MTV's hidden camera prank show, 'Money From Strangers,' in anticipation of Thursday's season premiere.

Elon Musk Claims Tesla Can Get You From NYC to LA in 45 Minutes

His proposed Hyperloop has been called a cross between a Concorde, a railgun, and an air hockey table ... and that’s about accurate.

ESPY Winners 2013: Why Brittney Griner Deserves Female Athlete Of the Year

Olympians tend to win the popular vote, but what Brittney Griner did in women's basketball is nothing short of exceptional.

Will Australia Finally Put an End to Japanese Whaling?

The Australian government took Japan to court to hopefully put a stop to Japan's whaling by the year's end. They stand a good chance of succeeding.

Rolling Stone Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: The 10 Best Twitter and Facebook Reactions

On Tuesday, Rolling Stone magazine revealed the cover of its August issue featuring Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Here's how our social community reacted.

If Jenny McCarthy Talks About Vaccines On "The View," Children Will Be Hurt

The View has every right to hire McCarthy as a co-host. But does it really want to take on the responsibility of spreading dangerous misinformation and fueling a disproved public health scare?

Juror B37 Thinks She's Helping Ease Racial Tension, But She's Making White Noise

Juror B37 in the George Zimmerman trial is apparently under the impression that she's going to help ease racial tensions by writing a book. She needs to stop talking.

George Zimmerman Civil Suit: A Civil Rights Case Won't Work

The supporters of the Martin family should file a civil suit against Zimmerman — it just has to be the right kind.

Trayvon Martin's Legacy Has Nothing to Do With Stand Your Ground

The Stand Your Ground law has been the source of great controversy, but the George Zimmerman case had nothing to do with it.

In Syria's Civil War, Are the CIA and Hezbollah Working Together In An Unholy Alliance?

Lebanese officials have confirmed that they were tipped-off about a possible bomb attack in Beirut by the CIA. Is this U.S. organization working with a known terrorist group?

Why Joe Biden Should Run For President in 2016

Politico recently reported that Joe Biden isn't doing much to advance his presidential candidacy in 2016. Here's hoping he gets on that.

Why Putin's Military is Gearing Up For Action in Russia

Russian military forces have begun their largest combat readiness drills since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Taking place in the Far East, the drills have motives beyond preparedness.

Malala UN Speech: She's Talking, But Are Rich Nations Listening?

Malala Yousefzai's speech brought tears to many as she advocated education for all children. However current trends show she will face an uphill task to achieve her goals.

Dear Obamacare Haters, Eat My Lower Rates

New York Governor Andrew Cumo just announced New Yorkers' health care costs are going to drop by 50%, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. At this point, the haters are just plain wrong.

George Zimmerman Verdict Hinged On Definition Of 2 Words

Jury instructions are highly critical to courtroom proceedings and the jury's ability to render a verdict. But what happens if they're incomplete?

George Zimmerman Protests Have Now Spilled Into the Florida Governor's Office

Protesters marched outside Florida Governor Rick Scott's office in honor of Trayvon Martin. They want to see more action in changing the Stand Your Ground law.

Can We Please Publish Hook-up Articles That Aren't Based On Privilege?

The NYT just ran a story on college girls indulging hookups, and this depiction of women's choices as a buffet of endless possibilities erases the voices of those who struggle economically.

What George Zimmerman's Trial Smile Really Meant

Zimmerman’s smile for his legal absolution will set the tenor of our political climate. A smile that suggests that we are all equal — but some will always be more equal than others.

'The Newsroom' Season 2: Charlie Skinner the Heart and Soul Of Series

With this drunken and quixotic character, Aaron Sorkin has the chance to tell it like it really is.

Why Do We Rely On 2-Dimensional Stereotypes For Native American Characters?

Many are outraged by Johnny Depp's portrayal of Tonto in "The Lone Ranger." We asked "Native Trailblazers" radio host Vincent Schilling what he thinks about the big controversy.

Bob Filner Sexual Harassment: Filner Stays as the Media Overlooks Women's Suffering

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is fighting sexual harassment allegations, and even his own supporters are calling for him to resign. Yet, the mainstream media refuses to cover this important story.

Technology Can Be Disruptive, So Why Can't Cities?

Innovation in governance is just like innovating anywhere else. These two new models show how it can be done.

Glass-Steagall Act: It's Needed Now More Than Ever

Its naive to think the free market can guard against deceptive financiers and their profit-maximizing behavior at the expense of others.

United States Murder Capital Is a Case Study in Bad Public Policy

The country's murder capital is also the city with the highest unemployment rate of any American major city. City leaders don't seem to have noticed the connections.

Has China's Foreign Policy Finally Become Westernized?

China has sent combat troops to Africa to aid in peacekeeping efforts in Mali. The move suggests that the Asian power may be positioned to play a more cooperative role in UN efforts.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Sharpton Sets Up Shop in Chicago

Civil Rights Activist Rev. Al Sharpton announced that he is moving to Chicago to assist local ministers and activists in the fight to reduce gun violence in the community.

Republicans Are About to Take Over the Senate

A Republican majority in the Senate is becoming less of a possibility and more of a likelihood, as Democrats have been unable to convince ideal candidates to run.

Women in Tunisia Are Fighting For Their Rights — And Winning

Tunisian women are fighting tooth and nail for their rights, and they will continue to be a loud and important voice in the global fight for women’s rights.

"FrontPage" Labels New York Jet Oday Aboushi a Muslim Extremist

This week, one New York Jet has been forced to defend himself amongst slanderous claims that he is a radical Islamic terrorist.

Uncle Jesse is Making a Totally Awesome Comeback On Jimmy Fallon's Show

On Friday, Jimmy Fallon will welcome John Stamos and his fictional band, "Jesse & The Rippers" from "Full House." If you're wanting a good kick of nostalgia, look no further.

California is Still Broken, From Its Prisons to Its Schools

The hunger strike by thousands of California inmates is the end result of decades of poor governance and throwing money at problems without considering outcomes.

You'll Never Guess What This Radio Host Offered Rachel Jeantel

Radio personality,Tom Joyner just offered Rachel Jeantel something that's increasingly hard to come by in today's day and age.

Rhode Island Governor Makes Sure License Plates Don't Become Religious Propaganda

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee vetoed a bill that would have allowed a pro-life group to design state-issued license plates. Obviously, the group freaked out. Here's why they shouldn't.

Why Just 44% Of Teachers Are Satisfied With Their Jobs

If teacher leadership is a key to educational excellence, why don't districts and schools offer teachers meaningful and impactful leadership opportunities in return for excellence?

Thom Yorke's Crusade Against Spotify is More Important Than You Think

The Radiohead frontman has pulled some of his music from streaming services. Will his gesture spur a needed discussion about the fairness of Spotify?

One Millenial's Views on the NSA Scandal

What Edward Snowden did wasn't right, but neither are the potential consequences of the NSA's data collection.

Mayor Bob Filner Needs to Resign Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

Mayor Bob Filner stands accused of sexual harassment. After suffering unwanted sexual advances and comments, his female staffers are finally speaking up. But Filner sees no reason to resign.

Female Force Makes Real-Life Women the New Superheroes, But It Doesn't Quite Work

Bluewater Productions' Female Force is a series of biographical comics on the most successful ladies of our time. Yes, this is much better than Spider-Woman.

6 Things the Free Market Doesn't Get Enough Credit For

It isn't perfect, but the free market does the world good. Here are 6 examples.

5 Things That Go Through Your Mind When You’re On Lockdown At the Texas State Capitol

God bless the Texas Department of Public Safety and the inventor of Candy Crush.

CEO Pay Continues Its Crazy Upward Spiral

The trend is clear: CEO pay has continued to climb. Despite the slow economic recovery in the U.S., CEOs and senior executives are raking in millions in compensation. And for what?

Lester Chambers Attack: Singing Legend Attacked Over Trayvon Dedication

Legendary member of the Chambers Brothers singing group, Lester Chambers, 73, was attacked onstage by a 43-year-old white woman angry that Chambers had dedicated a song to Trayvon Martin.

'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Proves Jay-Z Has Grown Up

I could break down every facet of "Magna Carta Holy Grail" and still not be satisfied because I would be searching for something that no longer exists; Jay-Z has grown up.

Google Has Lost Its Clout In China By Not Being Evil

Don't expect Google's market share in China to rise any time soon — not until they play by China's strict censorship rules.

How Police Are Tracking Every Place You Drive

Police are now watching you via a myriad of camera programs instead of from behind their windowshield. Is one inherently worse than the other?

Blessed Are Those Who Follow Pope Francis On Twitter

The Catholic Church is becoming more technology-friendly for millenials.

"The Fifth Estate" Movie Trailer: Is the Film An Attack On Wikileaks?

The first trailer has been released for the Wikileaks film, The Fifth Estate.

3 Musical Artists On the Brink Of Mega Success

These groups may be the next "big thing" to invade our radio stations, as they've entranced their fans abroad. Are we next?

Can This Country Do What America Did in 1787?

Tanzania is in the process of writing a new constitution. Will it help to raise the standard of living?

Liz Cheney For Senate Will Deal Another Blow to Fractured GOP

Liz Cheney, the eldest daughter of former V.P. Dick Cheney, is running for the Wyoming seat in US Senate. Her opponent? A very popular three-term Republican Senator.

Mic Check: How Famous Musicians Responded to the George Zimmerman Verdict

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Engaged, Happy Employees Need to be Trained

It is time to rethink the way we mentor and develop employees so that they are engaged, inspired, productive, and happy.

The Biggest Emmy Winners Of 2012

As we wait for this year's nominees to be announced, let's take a look back at the biggest winners from last year.