This is How Much Marijuana Prohibition Costs You, the Taxpayer

Like it or not, your tax dollars support marijuana prohibition and massive incarceration. But, just how much is it?

You'll Never Guess Who The Media Decided Is Fat Now

Breaking news: Kate Moss is fat. I wish this was satire.

Detroit Bankrupt: To See Detroit's Decline, Look at 40 Years Of Federal Policy

In 1960, the richest per capita city in America was Detroit. But 50 years of federal regulation changed Detroit from the richest city in America to a bankrupt ghost town.

A Letter to White People: I Know You're Not Racist, But ...

Dear White People of America. I know you weren't taught to be racists. But if fear of black men leads you to defend killers, I'm not sure that matters much.

Why Did J.K. Rowling Use a Male Pen Name For Her Crime Novel?

Now that we all know J.K. Rowling has written her latest under a nom de plume, the attention turns to why she chose a male name under which to do so.

5 Shocking Photos Of China's Not-So-Green Three Gorges Dam

It was China's biggest and most controversial "green" project. Now, they're facing the consequences.

More Women Are Keeping Their Own Names After Marriage, Says Facebook

With more women having established careers by the time they marry, it makes sense that they'd want to keep their last names.

Lewis Black Gives Hilarious 'Daily Show' Response to Rick Perry's Anti-New York Ad

Rick Perry messed with the wrong city....and the wrong comedian.

Why I Am Majoring in Journalism Despite Everyone Telling Me Not to

Everyone is telling me to get out of this "dying" industry, but as a naïve 19-year-old, I feel some sort of collegiate-aged burden to pursue what I really love.

This is What 160,000 Syrian Refugees Looks Like

This jaw-dropping picture shows another side of the two-year long Syrian civil war: the staggering amount of refugees.

Genetic Treatment For Down Syndrome Discovered!

And the same "chromosome treatment" technology can be used to cure other genetic disorders as well. Go science!

5 Innovative Ideas For Tackling World Poverty

Do you know exactly how to reduce extreme poverty worldwide? I don't either — but here are five places to start.

Two People Steal The Same Bike, What Happens Next Is Something Black People Know All Too Well

What's race got to do with it? Everything. Especially if you're stealing a bike.

Millennials Aren't Millionaires, But We're Great Philanthropists

Lazy? Entitled? Narcissistic? Not really. Millennials have our own way of doing philanthropy, and you don't need to be rich to join the party.

4 Movies So Awful, They're Actually Hilarious

As the multiplexes bombard us with such irredeemably awful fare as "Grown Ups 2" and "The Lone Ranger," let's take a look at four awful movies that are so bad, they're actually pretty wonderful.

Prosecution Of Justin Carter For Facebook Post is a Texas-Sized Legal Blunder

Justin Carter's attorney calls his client's prosecution for a Facebook comment "outrageous" and a violation of his First Amendment rights. He's absolutely right.

Willow Smith Summer Fling Video: Should 12-Year-Olds Be Singing About Casual Romance?

Everyone wants to be older than they are at 12, so cut the girl a little slack.

Watch Matt Lauer Interview Trayvon Martin's Parents and Brother On the "Today Show"

Martin's family joined Matt Lauer on the "Today Show" this morning to discuss their reactions to George Zimmerman's aquittal. The emotional discussion focused on race and justice.

11 Photos That Show Why Detroit Just Filed For Bankruptcy

Detroit just filed for bankruptcy, reaffirming the detrimental state the city is in financially and socially. Theese pictures prove it.

Why is Ariel Castro Pleading Not Guilty?

Ariel Castro kidnapped three women, and tortured and raped them for over a decade. Castro has no hope of denying his crimes. So why is he pleading not guilty?

Senate Filibuster Reform: The Real Nuclear Crisis Isn't Averted

The potential for future nuclear disaster still looms large over the Senate. Here's my 2000-word filibuster about the filibuster.

6 States Where Gay Marriage Could Be Legal by 2016

A look at the legal landscape of states that may be considering marriage equality.

'Catfish' — How a Campy MTV Show Became a Cultural Phenomenon

Before the MTV series, "catfishing" stories rarely left the confines of internet dating sites and chatrooms.

Caleb Bonham's "Bro-Choice" Video Is Male Chauvinism in Action

Bonham's video illustrates a lack of understanding of a movement advocating for women's reproductive rights.

Fascism is Exploding in Greece, Raising Fears About Neo-Nazi Rule

The global recession has made Golden Dawn, a far-right party with neo-Nazi leanings, increasingly popular in Greece, but that's not as worrying as you think.

The 25 Worst Costumes You Could Wear to the Biggest Nerd Event Of the Year

Because these costumes say less about what they are and more about what you are.

Is the EU Losing Turkey?

Turkey's ongoing identity crisis may impact its future in the EU, as a recent poll shows that two-thirds of Turks no longer favor EU membership.

Rachel Jeantel is Wrong — The N-Word Can Never Be Reclaimed

Someone needs to explain to Rachel Jeantel that it is never OK to say "n*gger." No matter how you spell it, or who you say it to.

Meet the High Schooler That Jay Carney Called "Ridiculous" During a White House Briefing

TheDC has come under fire for sending a 16-year-old intern to a White House briefing, where the high school junior was scolded by Jay Carney. Should the White House be less open to the press?

Rolling Stone Wasn't Trying to Glorify Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, But It Did Something Worse

When Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother killed four people and injured hundreds more, Bostonians responded with bravery and compassion. That is what the cover should have shown.

The 6 Zimmerman Jurors Spent $33,000 Of Tax Money On Parties and Pedicures

The all-female jury responsible for acquitting George Zimmerman was treated to 22 girls' nights out, totalling $33,000 in taxpayer money.

Miley Cyrus is Ethanol — The Simplest Explanation Of Clean Energy You'll Ever See

Since we can’t stop using energy, it’s necessary to use as clean a form of energy as possible. There are a bevy of alternatives to hydrocarbons with pros and cons.

News Agencies Begin Ignoring Climate Change, Because America Doesn't Care

Reuters and others are decreasing their coverage of climate change, as polls show the issue growing increasingly unimportant to Americans.

Chile Elections 2013: Gay Marriage Could Be a Big Issue

Personal views on the legality of gay marriages in Chile might serve as crucial determinants in the selection of a new president for the country's upcoming November 17 elections.

Cyber Terror is a New Language Of War We Barely Understand

But if we understand the threat and work hard with the best and brightest in the public and private sectors, we can successfully defend America and its citizens against this new weapon.

Watch This 12-Year-Old School Everyone On What's Happening in Egypt

In under three minutes, 12-year-old Ali Ahmed concisely summarizes the principles of the Egyptian revolution and renews our faith in humanity. Sometimes the wisest among us are the youngest.

In Defense Of the Rolling Stone Cover Of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Three good reasons for printing the controversial cover.

Compliance Or Exploitation? Guantanamo Bay Force-Feeds Muslim Inmates

Guantanamo Bay is continuing force-feedings of Muslim inmates even as they participate in Ramadan, claiming they respect Islam. Who do they think they're fooling?

Canada Deliberately Starved Children During WWII

A recent report details how aboriginal children were used as test subjects without their consent.

Syrian Civil War Threatens to Drag Lebanon Down With It Too

Syria's civil war has irreovicably damaged the country, ruining thousands of innocent lives, and it's threatening to bring Lebanon down with it.

Our Old Allies Are Starting to Change Their Minds About America

Europeans once viewed America as a beacon of freedom and opportunity, and a model for success. However, that perception has — perhaps irrevocably — changed.

Meet the Greatest Young Leader in the Middle East

Farea al-Muslimi is a Yemeni youth activist who embodies the change today's Middle Eastern youth desire for their future.

Emmy Nominations LIVE Stream: Watch Announcement Live Here

The nominees for the 65th annual Emmy Awards will be announced Thursday morning. Watch here or stay tuned for live updates.

Emmy Nomination Snubs 2013: Breaking Down the Best Choices and Biggest Upsets

Emmy nominations were released Thursday morning. Which actors and shows were left out, and which stand the best chance of taking home hardware?

Emmys 2013: 5 Inexplicable Snubs in This Year's Nominees

Keri Russell, Timothy Olyphant, and" New Girl" deserved more from this year's Emmys nominations.

Why You Should Stop Calling Powerful Women "Working Mothers"

Mothers work, fathers work. People work. It's time to stop generalizing the genders and start exploring why specific workplace issues are more common than others.

If You Like Having Your Mind Blown, See the James Turrell Exhibit At the Guggenheim

James Turrell makes some changes to iconic architecture, challenges your perception with intangible forms, and will make your brain explode at the Guggenheim.

Turkey, Brazil, Egypt: Protesters Don't Speak For "the People"

Protesters, in Egypt, Brazil, and Turkey, aren't always speaking for the People. Interpreting public opinion is harder than it might seem.

How Massachusetts Turned the Tables On Domestic Abusers

It's ground-breaking and yet it's so simple. What took so long?

Furious Europeans Want Snowden and NSA Head to Testify — Yeah Right

The European Parliament is investigating the NSA's surveillance programs, and they want Edward Snowden and General Keith Alexander to testify. Well, I want a pony.

Most of the World's Penguins Face an Uncertain Future — Thanks Russia

On Tuesday, Russia prevented the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources from protecting the Ross Sea, the last untouched marine ecosystem on our planet.

Liz Cheney's Age Shouldn't Be a Factor in Her Race Against Mike Enzi

69-year old Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi has come under fire from those saying that Liz Cheney might be more suitable because of her youth and vigor. Should age even be a factor?

Lindsey Graham's Ridiculous Plan to Boycott the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Won't Bring Snowden Back

American politicians need to stop grandstanding about Edward Snowden's extradition from Russia, and begin addressing the infringements that he revealed.

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham Backtracks on Call to Boycott 2014 Olympics

Graham (R-S.C.) called on the U.S. to boycott Summer 2014 games if Russia grants asylum to Snowden but retracted his comments following minimal support.

6 Places You Could Find the Zimmerman Jury Outside the Courtroom

They had to keep themselves entertained somehow, right?

Texas Unwittingly Targets Latinas With Crazy Abortion Restrictions

Texas is in the spotlight with its new anti-abortion legislation, and it will, without a doubt, target the Latina community viciously.

Weiner For Mayor: Can Politicians Who Cheat On Their Wives Still Be Feminists?

Sure, you can simultaneously be a feminist politician and simultaneously cheat on your wife. But that doesn't mean you're not revealing something very bad about yourself as a person.

Watch How Long It Takes 275,000 Dominoes to Fall

"Enjoy Your Life" is a 10-minute video of how 275,000 dominoes breaks a Guinness World Record. An amazing visual display that will make you wonder why you ever stopped playing with dominoes.

2013 ESPY Winners: 3 Picks the Popular Vote Got Wrong

ESPN's ESPYs were held in Los Angeles Wednesday night. While there were plenty of praiseworthy moments, a couple awards were botched.

The Simple Reason Trust in Government is Falling Worldwide – And in the U.S.

Faith in institutions is falling worldwide because increasingly people believe the institutions are no longer beholden to the people, but to special interests looking out only for themselves.

This White Washington Post Columnist Claims Fear Of Black People is Understandable

The Washington Post's Richard Cohen wrote yet another racist op-ed, arguing that Trayvon Martin was "understandably suspected because he was black."

When It Comes to Abortion and Women's Rights, This Judge is Fighting the Man

Judge Wickham Corwin of Fargo, North Dakota, has ruled that a law banning abortion drugs is unconstitutional, which favors the will of the people over the decisions of the state legislature.

Alexei Navalny Prison: Putin Tightens His Grip On Power

Vladimir Putin's number one rival was eliminated from Russia's political scene on Thursday morning.

Witnesses Vanish in Congo Leader's Human-Rights Trial

The many trials of going to trial — especially when you're far from home and your witnesses are mysteriously disappearing.

Homemade Bombs: 'The Anarchist Cookbook' Should Be Protected Speech

As Dzhokhar Tsarnaev goes to trial for the Boston Marathon Bombing, some may question if bomb-making instructions should be protected speech. They should.

David Petraeus' New University Syllabus Focuses On the Fracking "Revolution"

David Petraeus is set to teach a seminar this coming fall and a records request reveals that his syllabus features two of the most well-known "frackademia" studies.

Rolling Stone's Dzhokhar Cover is Desperate — Just Like Rolling Stone

As a rock music fan who grew very disenchanted with Rolling Stone, their decision to invite negative publicity with their August cover reeks of desperation to stay relevant.

Why Middle Eastern Leaders Love to Hate On the U.S.

Blaming the West is a common strategy among some leaders in the Middle East. But dismissing this as absurd may have negative consequences for U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives.

You're Being Spied On When You Shop, But What Did You Expect?

Brick-and-mortar stores like Nordstrom are using online-style data analysis to infer into consumer demographics. It was bound to happen, so why worry?

Keith Olbermann: Why His New ESPN2 Show Will Fail

With a history of departures largely due to political outbursts, it is very likely this ESPN stint will turn out no different than every other in Olbermann’s career.

Mandela May Celebrate His 95th Birthday From Home Thursday

South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela, may be leaving the hospital and celebrating his 95th birthday from home on Thursday.

Mic Check: 5 Magazine Covers So Controversial They Required Apologies

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring my take on five top news stories and some of the best links from around the web.

Stephen Rakes Murdered? Key Witness Against Whitey Bulger Found Dead

A witness who had waited decades to testify against mobster Whitey Bulger was found dead Wednesday. Can Bulger still make things happen in Boston?

Emmy Nominations 2013: Full List Of Nominees

Full list of the 2013 Emmy nominees.

Where is Kate Mara? Mara Misses Emmy Nomination Announcement

'House of Cards' Kate Mara was not able to make the Thursday morning Emmy nominations announcement.