Salinas v. Texas: The Biggest Change to Miranda Rights That Slipped Under Everyone's Radar

The Supreme Court's latest ruling in a long line of Miranda rights cases means you should be extremely careful of anything you say — or don't say — when talking to the police.

What Would Barbie Look Like If She Had An Average Body?

Will Mattel love or hate this?

'The Lone Ranger' Movie: Why Are Native Americans Angry At Johnny Depp?

The actor's portrayal of Tonto in Disney's "The Lone Ranger" has been deemed racist and culturally insensitive by some, and it really is.

5 Simple Reasons We Should Not Intervene in Syria

Arming the rebels or enforcing a no-fly zone will end in disaster for the U.S. in a conflict we have no interest in.

7 Brooklyn Rappers and Hip-Hop Groups That Are About to Blow Up

The borough that produced Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z is still churning out some of the best new hip-hop in the city. Get acquainted with a few Brooklyn emcees who are on the verge of making it big.

'Ray Donovan' Season Premiere Recap: For a Fixer, Ray Donovan Has Many Problems

In Showtime's new series, "Ray Donovan," Liev Schreiber plays a fixer in Hollywood dealing with his own family issues while Jon Voight portrays a fearsome murderer.

Why I Am Leaving the Democratic Party

Sorry Dems, it's not me. It's totally you.

4 Dark Horse Democrats Who Could Run For President in 2016

Much of the 2016 speculation on the Democratic side centers on Hillary Clinton, but there are plenty of rising stars who are lesser-known but could mount a presidential bid.

World UFO Day: 9 Most Infamous Sightings

July 2 is World UFO Day. Whether you're a proud proponent or slandering skeptic, we've gathered nine of the most famous and controversial UFO and alien-related sightings in modern history.

Adopting a Black Baby is Cheaper Than Adopting a White Baby

Some states and adoption agencies charge prospective parents more or less for adoption depending on the race of the child they pick.

5 New York City Spots Made Famous by Holden Caulfield

J.D. Salinger's protagonist wandered through NYC, and the classic story has spawned obsessions over various locations in Manhattan.

6 Biggest Food Fads Of the Last 5 Years

Some foods come and go, but great ones last forever.

3 Myths About Failing Schools — Debunked

Everything you think you know about the failure of public education in the United States is wrong.

11 Albums That Shaped My Perspective On the Emo, Metal, and Post-hardcore Scene

Had enough of Bieber and Gaga? If you like rock at all, perhaps some of these albums are for you.

Paula Deen and Rachel Jeantel Woke America Up to Something Black People Have Known All Along

At the intersection of Paula Deen's racist scandal and the mocking of Rachel Jeantel, a lesson exists in what white privilege is and how it works.

4 Dark Horse Republicans Who Could Run For President in 2016

Beyond Chris Christie and Marco Rubio, there are a handful of esteemed Republicans who could run for president in 2016. Here is a list of the lesser-known potential GOP candidates.

11 Powerful Images From the Largest Protest In Egypt's History

The Egyptian protesters are back. This time around, they come in greater numbers, armed with experience.

Marijuana Legalization 2013: Hemp Flag to Fly High Over Capitol On July 4

Marijuana activists have managed to get a flag made of hemp to fly over the Capitol building this Fourth of July.

25 Things I Know Now That I'm Turning 25

A lot of pressure comes with this milestone, but I'm happy with the way I've carried myself post-college. Here's what I've learned so far.

The Question Libertarians Supposedly Can’t Answer, Answered

“If your approach is so great, why hasn’t any country anywhere in the world ever tried it?”

How Do You Make a Good Old Fashioned? You'll Need These 2 Ingredients

Nobody knows where the word "cocktail" comes from, but if you drink two or three Old Fashioneds on a summer day, your guess will be as good as anybody else's.

5 Millennial Artists You Should Know About

Is Bieber the voice you really want to represent the next great generation? Try tuning your ears, or eyes, to these young artists who are sharing the American millennial perspective.

Edward Snowden Might Be Traded For Arms Dealer Viktor Bout — Why the U.S.-Russia Trade Makes Sense

Russia is in a high-stakes diplomatic game versus the U.S., and may be considering exchanging Edward Snowden for arms dealer Viktor Bout.

The Battle For Affordable College Has Reached the USA's Most Expensive City

All across the U.S. students are paying more and getting less, and at the City University of New York, students have finally started to demand a better deal.

9 Worst Things About Being 20 in a World Of 21-Year-Olds

Most of us have experienced the gnawing agony of being 20-years-old and surrounded by 21-year-old friends. Here are nine sad situations that come up far too often.

What Makes a Darn Good Summer Movie?

Summer is all about indulgence — in vacations, ice cream, and terrible off-season reality shows — and the film industry preys on this trend.

5 New Albums That'll Be the Soundtrack Of Your Summer

Summer is in full swing, and what would go better with that cold brew than a nice new album blasting your soon-to-be new favorite tunes?

5 Winning Strategies Feminists Can Learn From the Gay Rights Movement

What can feminism learn from the LGBT rights movement? A lot, but here are five key aspects.

2 Pakistani Sisters Killed For Dancing in the Rain

They were also killed for being women in a country that insists on stripping them of their rights for the sake of tradition.

Immigration Reform 2013: Jeb Bush Tries to Talk Some Sense Into the GOP

Jeb Bush is fighting hard for immigration reform, which he sees as the only way the GOP can climb out of its current hole. He's correct to do so.

NSA PRISM Program: Big Brother is Watching, and That's a Good Thing

Technological advances have provided law abiding citizens, as well as criminals and terrorists, with instantaneous data transfer. If Big Brother is watching that is a good thing.

Marijuana Legalization: "Pot Mom" is Just One More Casualty in the War On Drugs

Andrea Sanderlin of New York, better known as "Pot Mom," faces 10 years in prison and $10 million in fines for running a multimillion dollar marijuana operation.

14 Twitter Photos That'll Make You Laugh, Awe, and Wish Egypt Well

This 14 Twitter photos are the moments from the Tahrir protests that won't be shown on your television screen.

This John Lennon Quote Explains Politics Better Than Anything Ever

With all that goes on in politics these days, calling our politicians "insane" may not be too far off.

Ridiculous California Lawsuit Alleges Yoga is Indoctrination Into "Strange Religion"

A San Diego judge allowed schools to continue incorporating yoga into public school gym classes, rejecting the claim that teaching yoga is a form of religious indoctrination.

Taksim Square Protest: These Crazy Conspiracy Theories Show the Turkish Government Has Lost It

The government's photo-shopping skills are questioned and the mayor of Ankara accuses a BBC reporter of espionage. Another day in Absurdistan.

Stafford Loans: Congress Lets Interest Rates Double to Unacceptable 6.8%

The interest rate payable on the federal Stafford loan for higher education just doubled. And the current student debt already stands at over $1 trillion.

Wendy Davis Filibuster: Texas Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Suggests Imprisoning Journalists For "People's Filibuster"

Acting on information that journalists were riling up the pro-choice activists, Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst threatened to imprison journalists encouraging the protest.

Immigration Reform 2013: Undocumented Students Fight For the Trust Act in California

Undocumented youth, part of a caravan organized by the National Day Labor Organizing Network, are holding a sit-in inside Gov. Brown's office, demanding he sign the Trust Act.

What If the Greatest Millennials Were the Faces Of Mount Rushmore?

As we celebrate July 4, let's carve the most influential young adults into the famous mountain.

Mohammed Morsi is Awful — But If You Like Democracy, You Must Stand With Him

Liberals might hate the Brotherhood but you can't be a democrat and support a military coup. It just doesn't work that way. Replacing Morsi is great in the short term but it sets a bad precedent.

Robin Thicke "Give It 2 U": Did Kendrick Lamar Sellout With This Collaboration? (Video)

Kendrick Lamar just collaborated with Robin Thicke for the song "Give It 2 U," and everything about this move screams sellout. See for yourself by listening to the track here.

Tamarod Protests: Watch As the Muslim Brotherhood Shoots Into a Crowd Of Anti-Morsi Protesters

The death toll in Egypt is rising. The Muslim Brotherhood may be willingly murdering its opponents.

From Ankara to Brasilia: How Similar Are the Turkey and Brazil Protests?

Inspired by a Turkish newspaper's article that claimed Brazil and Turkey protests were a "copy and paste," here are some similarities and differences between the two movements.

Can Alison Lundergan Grimes Beat Mitch McConnell In 2014?

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes has committed to a race with Mitch McConnell for a seat in the U.S. Senate for 2014. It's going to be a wild race.

NSA PRISM Program: Can the Restore the Fourth Movement Put the NSA Back in Its Place?

The Restore the Fourth Movement will be a fight to end PRISM and strengthen our right to privacy, but will it be successful?

78% Of New Yorkers Support a Bill to Protect Trans People — It's Time For the State to Pass It

New York stands for equality for the gay community and needs to the do the same for the transgender community.

Immigration Reform 2013: O'Reilly Factor Segment Mocks Immigrant Cab Drivers

Jesse Watters, a correspondent and producer of The O'Reilly Factor, spent 4 minutes of the show blatantly making fun of cab drivers. Is this even considered journalism anymore?

Immigration Reform 2013: Are 40K New Soldiers and 700 Miles Of Fence Worth a Path to Citizenship?

The Border Security Amendment in Senate Bill 744, known as the "Border Surge," erodes our civil liberties.

Gay Marriage 2013: Opponents Of Same-Sex Marriage Begin Stumbling Out Of the Closet

With the rulings on DOMA and Proposition 8 being favorable to LGBTQ folks, many opponents are unsuccessfully mobilizing. What does this mean for supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage?

The DOMA Ruling Benefits Straight Women, Too

The ruling challenges "marriage as we know it" in terms of traditional gender roles, because of the presence of masculinity or femininity, or lack thereof.

Zimmerman Trial: Medical Examiner Calls Zimmerman's Injuries "Insignificant"

Dr. Valerie Rao, a Florida medical examiner, testified on Tuesday that the injuries George Zimmerman suffered on the night that he fatally shot Trayvon Martin were "insignificant."

Guess Which Cereal Icon From Your Childhood Is Now Accused Of Being Part Of The Gay Agenda

Oh noes! "The" gay agenda has now infiltrated our breakfast cereal! Or: How right-wing Christians are desperately seeking attention.

Here’s the Worst Health Advice a Woman Could Ever Get

Crisis pregnancy centers dispense dangerous, false information about sex, abortion, and pregnancy, but that's not all they're doing wrong.

Pitbull Has a New Pet Cause: Charter Schools

Armando Christian Perez, better known to music lovers and clubgoers as Pitbull, proclaimed his support for charter schools at the National Charter Schools Conference on Monday.

Anwar Al-Awlaki Loved Pizza and Prostitutes, According to FBI Docs

U.S. citizen and radical jihadi Anwar al-Awlaki was followed by the FBI 10 years before being killed by a drone in Yemen. Could further surveillance have prevented anything?

Bitcoin IPO: Winklevoss Twins Dangerously Bet Bitcoin is the Next Big Thing

Except ... it's almost certainly not. The Bitcoin investment even comes with a big Surgeon-General-type risk warning.

A German Politician Tells Us Why NSA Snooping Reminds Him of a Dark Time in Germany's Past

German politician Malte Spitz knows something about being spied upon. Just six months of metadata collection revealed an intricate six-month map of his movements and behavior.

Washington Post Calls Edward Snowden a Hypocrite — Well, They Are Too

The Washington Post's editorial board is clamoring for Edward Snowden to stop blowing national secrets and turn himself in. So why do they keep publishing them?

4 Ways the Media Got the Wendy Davis Story Wrong

The mainstream media mischaracterized several details surrounding the Wendy Davis filibuster, with consequences for how activism is framed going forward.

3 Reasons We Are Not the Loneliest Generation

Between social media, the economy, and our delayed approach to "growing up," millennials are thought by some to be "lonely." This notion is false.

"Popped a Molly" Shirts Prove EDM Culture Has Gone Too Far

EDM culture has transformed into a perpetual status update and it must stop. You popped a Molly. I wrote this article. She read it. Let's make statements about everything we do. Dance.

My Last PM Article: The Pursuit of Happiness is An American Ideal Worth the Ultimate Sacrifice

Few ideals are more truly American than, "the pursuit of happiness," nor more worthy of our ultimate sacrifice. On this July 4 we should remember to celebrate this freedom always.

Morsi Protests: Military Rule in Egypt is the Best Option

Military rule is setting itself up as the best option for a transition to democracy.

July Unemployment Rate: Manufacturing Means Nothing Without Job Growth

The June ISM index increased to 50.9 but that won't mean much compared to the unemployment numbers released on Friday.

Rohingya Muslims: Myanmar Must Make Decision On State Of Rohingyas

The targeting of the Rohingya Muslim population in Myanmar by other ethnic groups is a strain on the country and is starting to cause ruptures within Southeast Asia.

Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill: Ireland Now Allows Life-Saving Abortions, But Will the Catholic Church?

The Protection of Life During Pregnancy bill, which received a backing of 138-24, would allow abortions to be performed in life-threatening circumstances of the mother.

Mosler Plan: This Brilliant Plan Forces Mega-Donors to Give Money to Candidates They Hate

Economist Warren Mosler introduces a new way to remove special interest money in politics, leaving the politicians more beholden to the public. Is it a viable option?

Edward Snowden: Will Europe Grant Him Asylum to Get Back at the U.S.?

Probably not. But it does strain U.S.-EU relations considerably amidst important trade talks between the economic powerhouses.

George Zimmerman: "I Didn't Want to Confront Him and It Wasn't My Job"

On Monday, the jury of the George Zimmerman case saw a recording of an interview between police investigators and Zimmerman taken after the shooting.

Health Care is the Fastest-Growing Sector Of the Economy — But That's a Very Bad Thing

Health care is the fastest-growing sector in the U.S. But does this silver cloud have a dark lining?

Obamacare: State Exchanges Will Have a Drastic Effect on Healthcare October 1

With less than 100 days for the state exchanges to take effect as a key provision of Obamacare, the ride may not be as smooth as some are expecting or even hoping it will go.

David Petraeus Makes $150k to Teach Once a Week, While You Drown in Student Debt

CUNY is going to pay David Petraeus $150k to teach once a week. Is this why college is so expensive? Is it worth it?

Climate Change: Newest EPA Rules Are An Attack On the Coal Industry, and That's a Good Thing

The new EPA rules putting large-scale new restrictions on the coal industry might be politically toxic for the White House, but they're worth the costs.

5 Best Places in New York to Catch Outdoor Summer Movies

Catch a drive-in movie, NYC style!

Text Of Bill Of Rights Reminds Us We Still Have Them

As the Fourth of July approaches, let's step back from all of the constitutional controversy of 2013 and take a look at the document that started it all in the first place.

GMO Crops Might Actually Grow Less Food, Says Shocking New Study

A new study reveals that plant breeding, not genetic modification, is the reason behind U.S. crop yield advantages, calling into question whether Monsanto's "high-yield" GMO crops are superior.

Keystone XL Pipeline: Think Coal is Bad? Wait Until You Meet Petcoke

With many eyes honed in on the coal export battle in the Northwest, another coal export boom is unfolding on the U.S. Gulf Coast. Meet petroleum coke, or "the coal hiding in the tar sands."

NSA PRISM Leaks: Turns Out the EU Doesn't Like When We Spy On Them

The U.S. and EU were on track to sign a historic trade pact. Then Germany found out that we've been spying on them. Oops.

Bitcoin IPO: Winklevoss Twins File For $20 Million IPO

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4 Ways Organizations Can Restore Their Trust Among Americans After Countless Scandals

There is bipartisan agreement that changes need to be made to restore trust in our institutions. It will take action and not rhetoric to make real changes that will restore our faith and trust.