8 Songs For Everyone Who Cares About Equal Rights

Feeling a little down in the dumps from your struggles as an activist? Let these tunes lift your spirits!

Rape Case in Dubai Gives a Whole New Meaning to "Victim-Blaming"

A 25-year-old Norwegian was in Dubai on a business trip when she was raped in March. But when she reported the assault to the local police, they prosecuted her instead.

More Proof That Comprehensive Sex Education is the Only Kind That Works

Teen pregnancies are down in California, even as the rate of sexually active teenagers remains the same. There's only one logical explanation: comprehensive sex education works

You'll Never Believe What These Satanists Did to Protest the Westboro Baptist Church

The Satanic Temple just turned the WBC's founder's dead mom into a lesbian.

Profiling Happens to All Black People — Not Just Liberals

Ever wonder if black conservatives and libertarians were profiled the way Obama, Eric Holder, and Trayvon Martin were? Me too. Let's ask them.

New Godzilla Movie Is a Big Highlight Of Comic Con 2013

Legendary Pictures is set to make a monstrous splash at Comic-Con.

4 Simple Steps to Train Teachers For the 21st Century

Without a successful mechanism of teacher training, America cannot and will not prepare its youth for the vast challenges that lie ahead.

The Complicated Legacy Of Helen Thomas

In light of Helen Thomas's recent death, decent people everywhere are being forced to confront the decisively mixed nature of the legacy she leaves behind her.

Detroit Bankrupt: Obama Needs to Let It Happen — For All Of Our Sake

It would be a colossal mistake for the federal government to bail out Detroit, both in the practical repercussions for the city and in the precedent it would establish.

Teach For America is Finally Getting the Scrutiny It Deserves

With a surplus of highly qualified, well-educated teachers seeking employment, Teach For America needs to refine its vision and find new ways to reshape public education in the 21st century.

Helen Thomas, Dogged White House Journalist, Dies At 92

Helen Thomas, the journalist who covered the White House for nearly half a century, died on Saturday.

Glamorizing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? We've Been Doing It Since April

Don't blame Rolling Stone for succumbing to a media frenzy that's way, way older than the magazine's controversial cover.

Jenny McCarthy is Wrong On Vaccines — So Let Her Join 'The View' and Grab the Popcorn

If anything this will be an excellent opportunity for McCarthy's views to be questioned on national television, and shouldn't be a cause for public outrage.

President Obama's Speech on Trayvon Martin Can Begin a National Discussion

Friday's speech was about race in America. It was about a challenging journey and it was about continuing the discussion on this pressing issue.

Pennsylvania GOP Owns Up to Its Malicious Voter ID Law

It's becoming increasingly clear that last year's Republican-backed voter identification measure in Pennsylvania disenfranchised minorities and undermined the Democratic vote.

In the Gay Marriage Debate, Words Still Matter

Marriage, for many, now means financial stability rather than a spiritual bond between husband and wife. But if the word has strayed so far from its original meaning, does it mean anything?

Ken Cuccinelli Fights to Keep Anti-Gay Law, Says It's For the Children

When you're behind in the polls, what's the best thing to do? Gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli portrays himself as a child protector by upholding an unconstitutional anti-sodomy law.

Are the Mavericks Really Better Off Without Dwight Howard?

Mavs owner Mark Cuban thinks his team will be fine without D12. An ESPN poll shows that the state of Texas agrees. Does anybody else?

George Zimmerman Civil Lawsuit: Hate-Crime Charges? Don't Count On It

Protests across the nations demand that George Zimmerman be brought to trial for hate crimes against Trayvon Martin. Unfortunately for the nation, it's unlikely.

The EU Tells Israel, "End the Settlements — Or Else"

This week the European Union stopped offering aid to any part of Israel that exists outside the 1967 borders. This is a huge leap toward Palestinian peace in the region.

The Gas is Too Damn High — Here's Why

Gas prices are a function of supply and demand set on a world market, with many different factors that influence it.

Court Rules Journalists Must Disclose Sources, Missing the Point Of Journalism

The Fourth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that journalists are legally compelled to share their sources. This decision is an affront to the First Amendment and our democratic system.

Emmy Awards 2013: Is Modern Television Really Better Than It's Ever Been?

From instant streaming to DVRs, TV shows that never would have cracked the market a decade ago are now the nation's most popular. Even the movie industry is looking sluggish by comparison.

Victoria Brink Was Not Rep. Steve Cohen's Daughter After All

A DNA test has disproved Rep. Cohen's paternity of a young woman he covertly tweeted at during the State of the Union. Is his "I love you" now sweet or creepy?

Detroit Bankrupt: This Small City Could Teach Detroit How to Deal

If Detroit starts looking to other cities that have dealt with bankruptcy, they'll see that a rejection of federal aid might not be the worst thing.

Can Journalism Really Be Saved?

Modern journalism needs a serious ethical and professional overhaul. How can the public reestablish its faith when journalists face corporate media, censorship, and bias?

For $85, This TSA Program Will Make Flying Suck Just a Little Bit Less

The TSA is extending a program to the general public, for only $85, that will expedite the security process. Less procedure and shorter lines await those who agree to background checks.

MSNBC Hosts Try, and Fail, to Make Racial Hay Out of Issa's Remarks

Congressman Darrell Issa landed in hot water on Thursday on MSNBC when during a congressional hearing Issa referred to colleague Elijah Cummings as "a little boy with his hand in the cookie jar."

President Carter, American Democracy is Still Alive and Well

President Carter, in the wake of the NSA scandal, has said we no longer have a functioning democracy. But the reaction to the scandal shows that our democracy is actually more alive than ever.

Who is Richard Cordray? A Look at the CFPB's "New" Director

More than 700 days after Obama's initial nomination, the Senate finally confirmed Richard Cordray as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Board. So who is he and was it worth the wait?

Court Forces Journalist to Reveal Sources — Is It Game Over For Sensitive Reporting?

An appeals court ruled yesterday that NYT journalist James Risen must testify in the trial of a man accused of leaking US secrets. Why is this important? It means he has to give up his sources.

Art Attack! The Committee Makes High Culture Accessible in Manhattan

The Committee, a new type of agency, has an ambitious agenda to turn New York City into an art studio and change the way New Yorkers interact with art and each other.