ACLU Tells Obama Administration to Leave George Zimmerman Alone

The ACLU sent a letter to the Department of Justice and the nation that captures a sentiment that should be accepted throughout the nation: we need to move on and move forward.

Why I Majored in Philosophy Despite Everyone Telling Me Not to

God is dead, but that doesn't mean the humanities will fave to follow suit. I study philosophy not to become a marketable job-candidate, but to become a more whole human being.

5 Myths About Sharia Law

There are more myths about Sharia in the U.S than factual information. It is about time people sought out more credible sources to educate themselves.

Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis: Why Do We Care About One and Not the Other?

Mainstream journalists and social media users have dedicated more time and energy to covering Martin’s case because of the way it showcases America’s fear of young black men.

Gay Satanists Troll Westboro Baptist Church By Marrying On Founder's Mother's Grave

How do you get back at the Westboro Baptist Church in the most petty way possible? Try getting married on Fred Phelps's mother's grave.

How CIA Black Ops Teams Are Hacking Into Computers Worldwide

The CIA, in tandem with the NSA, have revitalized Cold War-era "black bag" operations by manually hacking computers and other electronic equipment in order for the NSA to listen and collect data.

18 Beautiful Photos That Shine a Light On Women's Rights

Moving, powerful, serious, or funny - photos that shine a light on women's rights.

Is the World Getting Tired Of Turkey's Protests Against Recep Tayyip Erdogan?

The world has grown weary. Have we?

Elizabeth Warren Schools CNBC On Banking, CNBC Tries to Cover It Up

After CNBC Anchors are smacked down by Senator Elizabeth Warren on banking regulation history, CNBC pulls the video. This will only making the internet more interested in what Warren had to say.

Education Reform: House GOP Takes First Step to Improving Schools

House Republicans passed a bill Friday that transfers ultimate responsibility for educational achievement from the federal government to the states, a step that is necessary to initiate progress.

9 States Where the ACLU is Championing Gay Marriage

13 states won, three more battlegrounds mounted (fed. Marriage cases launched) in Penn., NC, and Virginia. 2016 goal: 20 states with equal freedom to marry.

China's Economy Could Implode — Here's How to Fix It

China's economy is slowing down. Unless it starts buying its own goods, it might not speed back up.

Unions to Obamacare: We Don't Want You

Three years later, many of the unions that supported the healthcare bill are realizing their mistake.

Republicans and Unions: Unlikely Allies Against Obamacare

Republicans and labor unions rarely agree, but neither of them is content with Obamacare. Perhaps they will join forces to defeat the law that makes both of their constituents nervous.

Rolling Stone Wasn't Glamorizing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, It Was Humanizing Him

The controversial Rolling Stone cover that hit newstands this week features Boston bomber Jahar Tsarnaev. Saying the magazine glamorized him would be to stop reading at the cover itself.

A Firsthand Look At the Amy Winehouse Exhibition at the Jewish Museum in London

A year after her death, the Jewish Museum in London has decided to host an exhibition on the life of Amy Winehouse, painting a vivid portrait of a young girl from a humble Jewish home.

It's Time for Women to Have Their Own Tour de France

Female cyclists have petitioned to join the Tour de France next year. It's long past due.

You'll Never Believe What the U.S. Military Just Did to the Great Barrier Reef

Four bombs were dispensed in Australian waters after a training exercise went wrong Saturday.

2013 National Senior Games: These Athletes Aren't What You're Expecting

Ever picture yourself training to break world records at 79 years old? At the Senior Olympics, 13,000 athletes forgo afternoon naps and Bingo for a chance to do just that.

Supreme Court Approval Ratings Plummet, But It's Not Their Job to Please People

The Supreme Court is seeing its lowest approval ratings in years, proving that it is not immune to the tide of public opinion. But managing public opinion isn't the court's priority.

5 Steps You Can Take to Start Talking Effectively About Race

Everybody keeps saying we need a 'national dialogue' about race, but what does that mean and how do we get there?

2013 Open Championship: Tiger Woods Just Might Be Back

He's won 14 majors before. If he wins on Sunday, it could be the biggest one yet.

7 Indispensable Office Skills I Learned From Growing Up With Siblings

It's much easier to navigate the modern, cubiclized office structures of today with a bit of foundation. The best foundation begins when you're in diapers, fighting and crying for your mama.