10 Ways Malala Yousafzai Has Changed the World

How a young girl armed with pens and books moved thousands of people on her 16th birthday.

I Went to a Crisis Pregnancy Center and What I Saw Will Shock You

For nearly 30 years, EMC FrontLine has claimed to defend life- but an inside look into the crisis pregnancy center reveals a more sinister operation.

If You're Not Convinced Blurred Lines Is Creepy, Bill Clinton's Rendition Will Convince You

This will make you laugh and feel very weird. You've been warned.

3 Myths About Native Americans That Need to Be Put to Rest

Most people know that the caricatures they see of American Indians are a far cry from reality, but that doesn't mean that pervasive stereotypes continue to live on.

David Cameron Wants to Ban Porn For All the Wrong Reasons

British Prime Minister David Cameron intends to regulate internet service providers, banning online pornography and instituting a built-in-firewall as a form of censorship.

The U.S. is the Land of Opportunity, But Not So Much For International Students

While the U.S. can offer exceptional educational and professional opportunities for international students, visa and work restrictions can make the promise of going abroad much less appealing.

I Am White, I Have Privilege, and I Can Acknowledge It

In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict, Americans are grappling with charges of racism throughout the case. White Americans can better understand this by acknowledging our own white privilege.

All the Questions You Have About Fracking, Answered

What the frack is the deal with this controversial method for extracting natural gas and oil?

The One Shocking Graph Everyone Under 28 Needs to See

Most millennials have never lived through a month of below-average global temperatures.

The Royal Baby Girl Who Could Have Made History

While some are ridiculously praising Kate Middleton for giving birth to a boy, a girl would have made history as the first female to automatically inherit the crown.

5 Cartoon Characters You Didn't Know Were Feminists

Why have we overlooked these animated role models?

This Senator Wants You to Know You're Eating GMO Food

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) is challenging the secret addition of the Monsanto Protection Act to the spending bill passed in March.

The Real Reason Americans Are So Crazy About the Royal Baby

The American fascination with the Royal Baby is only one indication of a deeply rooted obsession with the royal crown and all things related to British culture.

Only 3 Out Of 39 Countries Approve Of U.S. Drone Strikes

But that doesn't mean we should end drone strikes.

'The Newsroom' Season 2 Episode 2: The Show Wades Into Occupy Wall Street Territory

The cast and crew of News Night are in for some serious trouble as season two gets going, but "The Newsroom" has finally found its feet.

What's So Great About Humans Of New York?

There are over eight million people in New York City, and nearly as many dabblers in street photography. So why is the blog Humans of New York approaching one million likes on Faceboook?

Why Detroit is Going Bust

Detroit's downfall has been staggering. Here's what went wrong.

Anonymous Attempts to Spark African Spring and Bring Down the Dictators

Will Anonymous bring down the African dictators?

"Pacific Rim" Box Office: Can Guillermo del Toro Thrive in Today’s Hollywood?

Guillermo del Toro isn't your typical Hollywood blockbuster director. Can an auteur flourish in today's film industry?

5 Things You Forgot You Hate About Summer

Ready for winter yet?

Watch What Happens When Genders Are Flipped in the 'Blurred Lines' Video

Many have criticized Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video for being sexist and even "rapey," but few have taken action. This parody video reverses Thicke's gender roles and turns talk to action.

On the Rodeo Circuit, July is Cowboy Christmas

Professional rodeo cowboys are able to promote a uniquely American Western way of living, but only if they adopt incongruously modern strategies.

How Selena Gomez Redefined What It Means To Be a Disney Star

Gomez stands out as a Disney star with her head on straight, managing to grow up gracefully in the spotlight and maintain a solid career.

Quaint New England Towns Are Now Havens For Heroin Users

Following the death of Cory Monteith, new light is being shed on the changing profile of heroin users, and the bucolic New England towns that are home to surging addiction figures.

The Sad Reason Hollywood Royalty Isn't Capable Of a Summer 2013 Blockbuster

America may be a democracy, but Hollywood has always been a meritocracy. This summer, one dependable movie star after another has seen his or her movie bomb. Is Hollywood's 1% suffering, too?

"Best Song Ever" YouTube: One Direction's New Video Sets Views Record

One Direction has broken the record for the most watched video in 24 hours with "Best Song Ever."

Cosmos Trailer: Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson Be a Total Badass

The re-up of a popular Carl Sagan program garnered all the buzz at this year's Comic-Con. It has a lot to do with its star: Neil deGrasse Tyson.

'Fruitvale Station' Review: Ryan Coogler's Film Humanizes Oscar Grant

Passionately acted, "Fruitvale Station" is an urban drama that traces the last 24 hours in the life of Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old unarmed black man gunned down by a white transit police officer.

Should We Care About Another Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal?

Hopeful mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner made headlines for cybersex, again. Should that damper his political ambition?

Justin Amash: Meet the Congressman Trying to Cut the NSA's Funding

On Wednesday, the House will consider Rep. Justin Amash's proposal to cut funding for the NSA's surveillance programs.

MSNBC Anchor Protests Texas Abortion Bill By Sporting Tampon Earrings

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry sported some homemade tampon earrings to show her support for the Texas Department of Public Safety's ban on tampons in the state legislature. Ridiculous.

Royal Baby Aside, the British Monarchy is Worth Celebrating

The British monarchy is not worthy of Americans' loyalty, but it is worthy of their respect.

MOOCs Are Going to Ruin Your College Education

Education-focused tech startups are profiting from lucrative partnerships with public universities, while underserved students suffer.

8 Cities That Global Warming Will Turn Into Great SCUBA Diving Spots

Better learn how to swim now! In the coming century, sea levels are expected to rise over 7 feet and the affects could be devastating.

Want More Renewable Energy? Store It

A solution to climate change must involve investments in energy storage.

We Can't Wait For the President To Save Us

If millennials want to get serious on creating a feasible climate plan, we have to work from the grassroots up.

These Heroic Students Are Standing Up to Rick Scott Against Stand Your Ground Laws

The tragedy of Trayvon Martin won't end with the absurd proclamation that George Zimmerman was right to kill an unarmed teenager. The Dream Defenders are fighting to end 'Stand Your Ground.'

Did Panama Just Narrowly Keep North Korea From Finalizing Nuclear Artillery?

Panama seized mysterious armaments from the North Korean freighter Chong Chon Gang. Why was the freighter transporting this contraband?

Instead Of Fighting "Patent Trolls," Congress Should Fight Patents

The patent system drives a further gap between rich and poor by allowing the rich to monopolize on our shared knowledge and, it will hamper innovation.

You'll Never Guess Who Just Schooled Congress On Climate Change Denial

If you think that religion abhors science, the answer may surprise you.

Advice on Your Student Debt That You've Never Heard Before

The truth is that the "American Dream" we've been sold on is a sham. The cultural milestones that worked for our parents aren't possible anymore. Here's how to plan more realistically.

Turkey is the World's 4th Biggest Donor Of Aid — So Why Can't it Save Itself?

Turkey is championing humanitarian causes around the world, and was recently ranked fourth in terms of international aid donations, but it continues to treat its own citizens inhumanely.

Banker Tries to Kill Himself After Dispute Involving Poodles

Solar Investments President Adam Silberman jumped off his 5th avenue apartment because of a dispute with his co-op board over his three noisy dogs. Or did he really?

Thousands Of SWAT Teams Aren't Going to Keep America Safe

SWAT teams are needed to handle violent criminals, terrorists, and drug lords. They are not needed to break up underage drinking at a bar.

How John McCain Became Washington's Most Indispensable Senator

In the face of a gridlocked House of Representatives, public disillusionment with Congress as a whole, and a host of pressing policy issues, John McCain has become the indispensable senator.

It's Not Just a Major — It's a Personal Brand

Intrinsically and arguably out on the job market, a degree is still a wonderful thing. But choosing a major seems to be less about supplying skills and more about producing an expensive brand.

A Strategist's Guide to Dealing With a PR Nightmare

If you ever find yourself in a situation like Rolling Stone did this week, don't panic — and don't be snarky! Here's how to protect your business' reputation and come through unscathed.

NYC Summer Concerts: 5 Best Shows Happening This Week

Here are five of the best options this week with a couple extra.

Meet the Mujahedeen-e Khalq, America's Favorite New Iranian Ally

This Iranian opposition group only recently was removed from the State Department's list of foreign terrorist organizations, but their history of spreading false intelligence goes way back.

House Approves Obama's Awful Plan to Send More Guns to Syria

The House Intelligence Committee has just given the Obama administration and the CIA the go ahead to arm the FSA, which will prolong the war and allow Islamists to take advantage of the weapons.

While Gays in America Were Fighting For Marriage, Gays in 38 African Countries Were Fighting For Their Lives

38 African nations criminalize homosexuality, and a majority of Africans believe that homosexuality is wrong. How did the continent come to be so homophobic?

Does Hollywood Objectify Men?

It is not just women who suffer from pressure to appear a certain way; many people overlook the fact that men, too, face societal pressures to appear objectively attractive.

NYC Boutiques Are Cooling the Sidewalk While the Planet Burns

Stores that throw their doors open and crank up the AC are shamelessly wasting energy.

5 Boston Photos Rollling Stone Should Have Used Instead

Because terrorism is really not glamorous.

The NSA is Fighting to Keep Its Funding and It Shouldn't Have To

Rep. Justin Amash has proposed an amendment that threatens to cut funding for NSA data collection programs. Some call such programs un-American, ignoring the fact that they keep us safe.

Ohio Same-Sex Couple Granted Right to Be Buried Together

Husbands James Obergefell and John Arthur will now be able to rest in perpetuity together after a recent Ohio hearing, as they rightfully should have been able to do all along.

From the South to South Africa, This Preacher Brings Disaster Everywhere He Goes

Todd Bentley, the controversial evangelist known for spearheading the Lakeland Outpouring, is back in action, leading a revival dubbed by GodTV as the Healing Awakening to the Nations.

Congress Has a Chance to Reengage on Guantanamo Bay and Make Real Progress

Congress is holding its first hearing on Guantanamo since 2009. They should take this opportunity to follow advice from leaders in both parties, and close the prison.

Young Women Have Shattered the Glass Ceiling in This One Industry

Forbes recently announced that eight of the top 10 earning celebs under 30 are women.

GOP Caught Telling Members to Plant 3-4 Friends At Their Public Events

The House GOP came under fire today as internal Republican documents revealed the the Conference advised staffers to use planted audience members for conversational purposes.

It's Not Too Early For Millennials to Save For Retirement

Retirement savings aren't just a matter of when you invest, but how you invest. 401Ks have serious drawbacks for younger workers.

The 3D World is Beautiful, If You Put Your Phone Down Long Enough to See It

Smartphones, tablets, mobile apps, and social media keep us connected, but also distract us from the life taking place around us.

6 Actors Who Had Successful Careers as Something Else

There is more than meets the eye to some of your favorite Hollywood stars. Here are 6 actors who have enjoyed flourishing careers in addition to their roles behind the camera.

Anthony Weiner Press Conference LIVE

Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is set to address the press after more scandalous online messages with another woman were disclosed today.

Don't Vote For Rep. Peter King in 2016

New York Representative Peter King has made it abundantly clear time and time again: he does not like Muslims. Please don't vote for him for president.

Will These 9 Bills Actually Help Make Government Work Again?

Can 81 members of Congress spur a return to action and an end to gridlock? These nine bills may provide the answer.

Detroit Bankruptcy: 4 Ways Artists Have Captured the Real Detroit

The financial news about Detroit paints a grim picture, but artists have captured a broader, more beautiful view of the city.

The 5 Most Important LGBT Films Of the Last 5 Years

Outfest, an LGBT-themed film festival held every year in LA, wrapped up earlier this week. Let's take a look at some of the most significant movies featured there over the last few years.

Oil Refinery Made Air Cleaner, According to Company Hired by Obama's Administration

ERM Group, the contractor hired by the State Department to conduct the environmental review for the Keystone XL pipeline, has made suspicious claims in environmental reviews in the past.

Miranda July Has Managed to Turn Celebrity E-Mails Into Fascinating Art

Artist, writer, and filmmaker Miranda July launched an email-based art piece this month. Along with Kirsten Dunst, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Lena Dunham she is testing the limits of voyeurism.

How Homemakers' Clubs Could Help Women Save the Planet

Women make 70% of the world's 1.3 billion people living in poverty, those expected to be hit hardest by climate change. Luckily, your grandparents' generation may have the solution.

Need a Soundtrack For Summer? Terraplane Sun Has Got You Covered

This artist goes well with rooftop parties and the beach.

Thom Yorke is Boycotting Spotify, and He'll Regret It

Radiohead's lead singer and producer have boycotted Spotify, but while this is a well-intentioned move to help smaller labels and artists, it's likely to backfire.

Mic Check: Will the Royal Baby Bring $380 Million to the U.K.?

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Royal Baby Live Stream: Video Of Kate and Royal Baby Leaving the Hospital

Live updates on the royal baby. Duchess Kate is in labor and the heir to the British throne could be here any minute.