A Feminist Takedown of Robin Thicke, And Anyone Who Thinks There's Something "Blurry" About Sexism

Why are we still arguing about whether the most misogynistic song of the summer is sexist or not?

Facts of Obamacare: Inside Look at the Pros and Cons of the New Health Law

Seventy-seven days remain until those looking to buy individual health insurance can enroll in subsidized plans offered through state-based exchanges. Is Obamacare right for America?

10 Best Political Comedians Of All Time

Did the Zimmerman acquittal leave you fuming? Are you mad about the SCOTUS ruling on the Voting Rights Act? There's no therapy like laughter. Blow off some steam with these political comedians.

America's 10 Deadliest Cities 2013

Looking at the 10 most dangerous cities in the country, several patterns begin to emerge.

The NSA is Building a New 100,000 Square Foot Super Computer to Better Spy On You

And the 600,000 square feet Maryland building is just the tip of the iceberg in the agency's quest to keep up with its insatiable appetite for big data.

Sex in the Nursing Home? The Surprising Facts About Senior Sexuality

Just because someone is older doesn't mean they forfeit their sexual rights. As baby boomers age, we need to begin addressing the questions surrounding elderly sex.

The Science Behind Why Rejection Hurts So Damn Much

If you've ever felt physical pain after being rejected, you aren't alone. Science shows that the emotional pain of rejection and physical pain are more interconnected than you might imagine.

Carbon Tax: The Most Controversial Environmental Law, Explained

It seems everyone loves to hate on carbon tax. Why?

One of the Most Powerful Protests in the History of Immigration Reform

Nine undocumented activists were detained after they entered a border crossing to protest President Obama's deportation machine. Here's how you can help the Dream 9 and #BringThemHome.

Immigration Reform 2013: Steve King Shows Why the GOP is Losing This Battle

Inflammatory comments by Representative Steve King aren't merely offensive, they're representative of a larger and troubling narrative of GOP immigration debate.

Gathering of the Vibes 2013: 5 Best Acts This Year

Whether you’re a deadhead or just a good vibes enthusiast, here are the top artists to catch while you’re vibin’ out at this year's festival.

How Vancouver Became a Safe Haven For Heroin Addicts Like Cory Monteith

The death of the beloved "Glee" star is irrevocably linked to the current drug culture in Vancouver, Canada.

Republicans Insanely Try to End Obamacare For a 40th Time

And if they don't get what they want, they'll shut down the whole government.

Going to College in a City Isn't Worth It

There's plenty to like about urban schools, but the lack of a campus should be a deal breaker.

Drake and J. Cole's Autism Lyric Apology Holds All Rappers More Accountable

Drake and J. Cole received flack for a lyric in their collaboration that takes a jab at autism. In a really unprecedented move for rappers, the two apologized, and self censored.

After DOMA, 36 States Will Have Little Choice On Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court's decision puts pressure on states that don’t allow same-sex marriage, which must now defend the state versions of a federal law the court found unconstitutional.

Why Every College Student Should Take Econ 101

Economics may be called the "dismal science," but your career will be far less dismal if you learn the basics of how business and the economy work.

Bradley Manning Trial: "Aiding the Enemy" Charge Is a Travesty

The charge threatens freedom of the press by virtually turning all leaks and whisteblowing into a form of treason.

Senator Lindsey Graham Wants Congress to Authorize War With Iran

Senator Lindsey Graham's (R-SC) plans to introduce a resolution threatening war with Iran if they fail to abandon their nuclear program is a terrible idea.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Planet

Just trying to change our own carbon footprint is a waste of effort. We can't shop our way out of this one. When it comes to climate change, there is much more important work to be done.

5 Best Summer Movies Of the Last 5 Years

The 2013 blockbuster season has no 'Dark Knight' or 'Hurt Locker' to lean on.

This is What Happens All Too Often to Black Men in America

Overt, legal racism may have been supplanted by a more subtle form of prejudice, but its effects remain just as damaging.

This Facebook Post About George Zimmerman Got a 20-Year-Old Arrested By the NYPD

In the latest case of Big Brother, Remel Newson was arrested for his allegedly ‘terroristic’ Facebook post in response to the George Zimmerman verdict.

What Will Be the Name Of the Royal Prince?

Live updates on the royal baby. Duchess Kate is in labor and the heir to the British throne could be here any minute.

Why Anthony Weiner's Scandal Doesn't Matter But Republican Ones Do

As a socially liberal politician, Anthony Weiner is not being a hypocrite when he sexts. When conservative Republicans engage in behavior they try to legislate, they are.

UAV Global Hawk: the $223 Million Drone That No One Wants, But We Keep Buying

The Global Hawk is costly and largely unpopular but some have succeeded in keeping it around — and you can bet that money is involved.

What is the "T" in LGBT? BuzzFeed Answers the Question In the Most Amazing Way

While the BuzzFeed's articles are often hit or miss, the site's guide to transgender issues is a great way to begin a discussion with the people in your life and in your community.

You'll Never Believe What Congressman Steve King Said About Immigrants in America

Iowa Republican Steve King recently got into hot water with controversial comments surrounding the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

George Zimmerman Couldn't Change the Conversation — But Can 'The Newsroom'?

I can only hope that if such an ideal format for news exists in fiction, it won’t be long before broadcasting the actual news won’t be considered attacking the GOP — it will just be the news.

D.C. Walmart Wages: What Political Courage Looks Like in 2013

How D.C.'s Walmart wage battle provides a window into the willingness of politicians to stand up for the little guy.

Why the George Zimmerman Trial Made Me Quit Facebook

And why I've decided to stick to PolicyMic instead.

Pew Survey Proves Congress Can't Keep Delaying Immigration Reform

A new study conducted by Pew Research showed that Hispanic citizens are becoming more proficient in English. Maybe it's time to stop acting like they can't understand us.

Marte Dalelv: Dubai Pardons Norwegian Woman Imprisoned for Reporting Rape

Norwegian national Marte Dalselv faced 16 months in prison after she was violently raped by a coworker in Dubai. Thanks to international pressures, her sentence has now been pardoned.

Egypt Military Leader Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi: Protesters Should Support Me

Egypt's secularists and leftists shouldn't be fooled. The army claims to be the protector of Egypt's revolution, but it is behaving as repressively as it did the last time it ruled the country.

Glenn Beck Wears a Condom Glove to Mock MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry's Tampon Earrings

This sounds too ridiculous to be true but thank god our media scene is ridiculous enough. I guess Beck really wanted to prove a point, but a point that is not really relevant.

The Royal Baby's Birth Cost $15,000 — Your Child's Birth Will Cost Twice As Much

The royal birth cost $15,000. In contrast, the average American birth costs $30,000. What can we do to reduce America's exorbitant health care costs?

How to Invest: 5 Tips For Millennials to Dominate the Stock Market

You've heard time and again that the sooner you begin to invest your money – for your retirement, a future home mortgage, or your kids' college tuition – the better. Here's how.

Stop Promoting False Solutions For Climate Change

Carbon markets and offsets and technofixes won't solve our problems.

Yet Another Missouri Republican Just Said Something Stupid About Abortion

State Republican Senator Brian Nieves said abortion to save a mother's life is "just a matter of convenience." See the full Facebook controversy.

Why Didn't Bill Clinton Go After Osama Bin Laden?

Osama Bin Laden is dead. But what if his treacherous doings could've been avoided before the World Trade Centers were attacked?

INFORM Act is One Reform to the Budget Process Every Millennial Should Support

Two new ways of looking at the budget — the fiscal gap and generational accounting — could point the way to a brighter, more sustainable future for the millennial generation.

Meet the Man Who is Literally Running to the End Of the World

Joseph Michael Kai-tsu Liu Roqueni is running from Canada to the tip of Argentina, and here's why.

Big Companies Do More Damage to the Free Market Than Government Intervention

Proponents of free market capitalism oftentimes have an idealized view of economics and society that many times clashes with the reality of international trade and human nature.

Democrats Claire McCaskill and Kirstin Gillibrand Clash Over Sexual Assault in the Military

What happens when two female Democratic senators, both darlings of the women's movement, find themselves on opposite sides of sexual assault in the military?

Obama's Economy Speech Lays the Smackdown On Austerity

In a speech at Knox College, President Obama laid out his policy proposals for creating jobs and improving the American economy.

Tax Reform Bills Could Save Taxpayers $168 Billion

The Senate Finance Committee's chairman and ranking member take first steps towards an overhaul of the U.S. tax code.

Ryan Braun's Suspension Hits Harder than Anything Else in the Steroid Era

A former MVP and one of the perceived "good guys" of the post-Mitchell Report era is done for the year.

4 Ways to Transform Your Summer Internship Into a Job

You've invested time and energy, now make sure you reap the $.

How We Stop Business As Usual From Destroying Our Planet

When it comes to destructive industries, coal is the new tobacco.

Mic Check: Is Congress About to Stand Up to the NSA?

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring a fresh take on the world's top news and interesting links from around the web.

Goldman Sachs is Controlling the Price of Your Favorite Beer

Goldman Sachs and other big name firms are controlling the aluminum market, which has resulted in a sharp rise in the price of beer cans and more expensive prices for consumers.

Earth's New Temperatures Make Everything Harder For Conservationists and Farmers

The world will have to rethink conservation and agriculture for this century. Here's why.

6 Reasons Why We Should Pay More Attention to County Government

Take a quick break from talking about the foibles of Washington and consider following local government a little more closely. It's where the real differences are made.

National Junk Food Day: Celebrate With the 7 Best Childhood After School Snacks

Sunday was National Junk Food Day. Let your taste buds get nostalgic with these throwback treats.

You Won't Believe the Reason Lance Armstrong Wants the Lawsuit Against Him Dismissed

Lance Armstrong's lawyers are arguing that he shouldn't be sued for lying about using drugs, because the United States Postal Service should have known better than to believe him.

What Will Get the U.S. to Act On Climate Change?

According to a new report, climate change could cost us more than rising temperatures. But is Washington ready and willing to take it on?

Justin Amash vs. the NSA: Does National Security Really Trump Constitutional Rights?

The director of national intelligence said he'd be "very concerned" if a bill pushed by Rep. Justin Amash passed and limited the NSA's surveillance ability.

Bob McDonnell Admits Perhaps He Shouldn't Have Taken Gifts From a Rich CEO

While willing to apologize for his actions, McDonnell has not pushed the legislature to strengthen Virginia's weak ethics laws.

Obama Knox College Speech LIVE: Economy Speech Tour Kicks Off

At Knox College, President Obama will deliver a speech on the economy Wednesday, outlining proposals he hopes to implement in the coming months.

Henry Winkler is Coming to 'Parks and Recreation,' and It's Going to Be Amazing

Henry Winkler is set to play Jean-Ralphio's father on the NBC comedy. Here's why this could change everything...

Royal Baby Named Prince George Of Cambridge

Live updates on the royal baby. Duchess Kate is in labor and the heir to the British throne could be here any minute.