Why Does Kate Middleton Still Have Her Baby Bump?

Kate's post-baby bump is actually very normal, and for many women the post-baby bump can last up to a few weeks.

How to Be Pretentious: 7 Easy-to-Read Classics That Will Make You Look Better Than Your Friends

To put a little smug in your step, here are seven classic novels that will just make you look better than everyone else.

The Feminist Takedown of the Economics of Slut-Shaming

Women are often judged for their decisions about sex and health care while men evade such backlash. This is a man's world, but it doesn't have to be.

This Transgender Couple Fell In Love While Transitioning Together

Arin Andrews and Katie Hill's truly amazing story is a testament to the fact that love takes many forms.

The Surprising Data About Porn That Should Shock Britain Into Ending Its XXX Crusade

British Prime Minister David Cameron's plan to ban porn could set a dangerous precedent of censorship and surveillance in his country, and may even increase the percent of rape crimes.

10 Reasons Wolverine Is the Best Hero of the Summer, And the Worst

There can only be one winner and one loser in the world of comics, and Wolverine is both.

10 Lessons We Could All Learn From Leslie Knope

This Pawnee, Indiana Parks and Recreation Department employee and City Councilwoman has a lot to teach us about governing, and about living.

Rare Stomach Bug Has Already Infected 11 States in America

Scientists at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are searching for answers as more than 200 people in the United States have become sick with a rare stomach bug.

Eric Schmidt Has $15 Million Extramarital Sex Pad — And His Wife Is OK With It

You thought politicians paid a lot for sex? Eric Schmidt has certainly outdone them all.

Spain Train Crash YouTube Video: Derailment Leaves Dozens Dead

The final moments before the crash of a Spanish passenger train have been caught on camera. This is the deadliest crash in Spain since 1972.

Only in Florida: Teacher Gets Fired For Saving Her Kids From a Burning Building

After a day care teacher found a fire in the school building, extinguished it, and saved the building and potential lives, her school thanked her by immediately firing her.

Immigration Reform 2013: This Marijuana Comment Is Why Latinos Think the GOP Is Racist

In the same way that Todd Akin’s statement on abortion cemented Republicans as anti-women, these outbursts on immigration only further paint the GOP as close-minded and racist.

Fair and Balanced and White? Why Fox News Needs Black Conservatives

If Bill O'Reilly and Fox News want to have an honest conversation about race, let's start by asking how come Fox doesn't hire black anchors and show hosts.

America's Next Top Model Guys and Girls: ANTM Could Be a Man

"The winners of America's Next Top Model will face their biggest challenge ever ... men."

The Movie That Could Finally Bring Pro-Choice and Pro-Life People Together

Could this movie finally put a close to the abortion debate?

Watch Amy Schumer Hilariously Expose The Problem With Female Characters in Action Movies

Think action movies suck? This parody surely doesn't.

EXCLUSIVE: In Ironic Twist, ACLU Workers Accuse Management of Violating Their Rights

ACLU workers protested outside the national headquarters on Wednesday, accusing the American Civil Liberties Union of violating their rights in contract talks.

The Star Spangled Banner: Who Has the Right to Sing It?

When it comes to singing the National Anthem or God Bless America there is no Constitutional law that says only a certain race can sing National American songs.

The Dirty Secrets Behind Solar Power

Solar cells are the shining star of renewable energy, but are they really as brilliant an idea as they seem?

It's Bizarre and Ridiculous How Racist Republicans Are

In a recent interview, Republican Steve King stunningly called 99% of Latinos drug dealers, with "calves the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.

This Woman Was Fired For Being Too Attractive

And the all-male Iowa Supreme Court is totally OK with it.

This Racist Rant By Bill O'Reilly Is White Supremacy In Action

O'Reilly views liberals as wrongfully race-obsessed which demonstrates his lack of understanding and acknowledgement of racial prejudice in America.

Black Girls CODE is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Black Girls CODE needs continued public support to ensure that young women across America have access to computer programming and engineering courses.

You'll Never Guess Why These People Are Paying $20 For a Bottle Of Water

A heightened thirst for gourmet water has caused a demand for water sommeliers across the country.

For Cause Of Detroit Bankruptcy, Look to Citizens

The city has too many problems to count, and most of them started with the city's citizens and leaders.

California Cut Teenage Pregnancy in Half — It's Not Hard to Guess How

California has seen a 60% decrease in teen pregnancies over the past two decades, but other U.S. states don't seem to be paying attention to how they did it.

The Secret and Nasty African War Obama Doesn't Want You to Know About

Since the September 11 attacks, the United States has maintained a military presence within Somalia aiming to capture any members of Al-Qaeda who may have been responsible for the attacks.

These Mind-Blowing Images Show What the Weapons Of the Future Will Really Look Like

A Japanese firm has turned science fiction into reality, by creating a $1.3 million four-ton wheeled robot that we're likely to see on the battlefield soon.

Even Democrats Now Think Obamacare is a "Trainwreck"

And Republicans have a proposed alternative bill to fix the whole mess.

Google Chromecast Price: At Just $35, Google Threatens Roku and Apple TV

Wednesday Google announced Chromecast, an HDMI port connected streaming device that allows you to watch movies and computer content on your TV.

Meet the Mass Movement That Will Finally Take Down the Fossil Fuel Industry

How the student led fossil fuel divestment movement will change the way we power our world, and why President Obama endorsed it.

Lindsey Graham Can't Wait For War With Iran

Before a gathering of evangelicals, Senator Graham declared he would introduce a war resolution in either September or October unless U.S.-Iran relations improve.

It's Time For Fox News to Make Some Black Friends

Conservative talk show pundits like Bill O'Reilly need to stop talking about the negative aspects of black America and start promoting the positive elements of black culture.

Australia: New Asylum-Seeker Policy Makes U.S. Approach to Immigration Look Merciful

Sending asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea is a draconian approach that may provide inspiration to conservatives worldwide.

A Millennial Takedown Of Victor Davis Hanson's 'Facts About Race'

This controversial conservative article should not have been published, because its racist nature reflects poorly on the publication and the author's character.

Voting Rights Act: Holder Goes Back On Offense Against Texas

Local governments with discrimanotry histores no longer have to go to the federal government for approval to their election laws, so the feds are going to them.

Is Religion Making a Rebound On College Campuses?

College kids have generally been less involved with their faith since 1960. New research suggests that some students are actually more religious than they were growing up.

Anthony Weiner Poll: New Scandal Puts Him 9 Points Behind Christine Quinn

According to a new poll taken immediately after revelations of a new online scandal, former Congressman Anthony Weiner trails Christine Quinn 16% to 25%.

The White House Photographer's Instagram is Absolutely Awesome

The official photographer of the presidency is taking his snapshots to social media.

Putin’s Presidency May Not Survive the Next Five Years

The trial and imprisonment of Alexei Navalny has shown just how much of a farce Putin's administration is, and Russians have had enough.

Boehner Won't Discipline Steve King Over Racist Remark

The House speaker called King's statement "hateful" and "ignorant" but stopped short of disciplining the member of the House Judiciary Committee.

Amash Amendment: House PRISM Vote Shows GOP Hypocrisy in Action

The House votes against defunding PRISM and scaling back the PATRIOT Act. Republicans in particular prevented the measure, despite their obsession with "small government."

Face the King is An Indie Band With An Arena Ready Sound

An exciting new four-track EP from the Long Island band has its flaws but ultimately shows a whole lot of promise.

8 Emails You Never Want to See from Your Boss

One look at any of these subject lines will make you shudder in fear.

Fruitvale Station Sparks A Crucial Conversation About Race

The movie Fruitvale Station raises questions of race that we, as a nation, need to answer, in the wake of the killings of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, and Darius Simmons

Congress Student Loan Deal is a Slap in Millennials' Faces

This theater in Washington represents the latest manufactured crisis that yields finger-pointing rather than good policy.

Here's What Obama Can Expect If He Fails Us On Keystone XL

Across the country, concerned citizens are preparing to hold President Obama accountable for his decision on Keystone XL, a project which will inevitably have negative impacts on our climate.

Facebook (FB) Stock Rises to $33 After Epic Q2 Mobile Growth

Facebook's Q2 mobile revenue increased by 76%, to $656 million, which represents 41% of the company's total earnings.

Chile's Hydropower Dilemma, and Why You Need to Know About It

Hydropower is a renewable energy source, meaning it can't harm the environment, right? Wrong.

This Heroic Picture Of George H. W. Bush Went Absolutely Viral

To show his support for a 2-year-old boy undergoing Leukemia treatment, causing his to lose his hair, former President George H. W. Bush shaved his head.

Meet Billy Buntin: Tech Nerd, Football Enthusiast, & Pundit Of the Week

Billy Buntin is an animator, politics pundit, and crazy football fan. As part of a weekly column, we spotlight one member of the PolicyMic community to share their story.

Alison Lundergan Grimes Could Be the One to Finally Unseat Mitch McConnell

Twitter soundbytes and attacks won't work against Alison Grimes. Watch video kicking off Alison Lundergan Grimes campaign to replace Mitch McConnell in the Senate.

5 Best U.S. Destinations for Book Lovers

Need some help developing your literary vacations list? Here are five suggestions!

The Next Economic Catastrophe is Here, Thanks Argentina

One of the largest transnational lending agencies in the world is treading carefully in a court case that could voluminously determine its future relations with developing countries.

1st Rule: You Do Not Talk About Fight Club, Unless You're Chuck Palahniuk

A sequel to the popular book and movie could be coming soon, in the form of a graphic novel.

FVRx Program: Can a "Prescription" Of Fruits and Veggies Stop the Obesity Crisis?

New York City doctors are now prescribing fruits and vegetables to obese or overweight patients. Should other doctors follow suit?

Feminist Weekly: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Climate Change

You don't have to be afraid to ask.

This Watch Will Change How You Tell Time

Telling time has always been a challenge for the blind, but a new timepiece created by Eone can help everyone, sighted or not.

One Simple Way to Revolutionize Policymaking in America

Rather than empowering local communities, participatory budgeting will further enrich established political organizations.

Bo Xilai Scandal: Former Communist Party Official Claims Innocence

Chinese President Xi Jinping is right to tackle corruption, but by doing so through a compromised court system, he is participating in the very problem he intends to solve.

This Gay Couples' State Wouldn't Marry Them — So Their County Did

In Montgomery County, Pa. yesterday, four lesbian couples and one gay couple received licenses to marry in Norristown, the county seat. This follows a lawsuit challenging the state marriage ban.

Ray Kelly at Homeland Security Would Be the Height of Hypocrisy

Why Ray Kelly’s potential Department of Homeland Security appointment speaks volumes about our country.

Planned Parenthood Settles, Will Pay Texas $1.4 Million

Planned Parenthood settled a lawsuit brought against it by the state of Texas, agreeing to pay the state $1.4 million dollars in order to avoid a lengthy legal battle over allegations of fraud.

Washington Nationals' Mascot Teddy Roosevelt Stars in Video Promoting Obamacare at Baseball Game

Do baseball games and political promotions mix? With Obamacare right around the corner, is it acceptable for sport events to promote its political messages? HHS group and the Nationals think so.

Mic Check: Are We Finally Going to Shut Down Gitmo?

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