The Scariest Quote You'll Read From the Trial Nobody Is Talking About

A chilling quote in the Bradley Manning case equates media outlets to the "enemy." Could this case set a dark precedent for journalism in the United States?

13% Of Americans Still Do Not Approve Of Interracial Marriage

There's more going on here than just sheer racism.

What the New York Times Will Never Understand About Millennials and Sex

The millennials' relationship to sexuality isn't that different from the relationship other generations have had with it — there are lots of us, and lots of different preferred lifestyles.

Are Mainstream Environmental Groups Keeping Racism Alive?

Non-governmental organizations are usually praised as the key players in the American environmental movement. But whose interests do they serve?

A Brief History Of Women's Sexuality In Hollywood

'The To Do List' is a rare female-oriented sex comedy. But the history of sex on film - especially for women - is fraught, and the situation remains dire.

10 Things Every 20-Something Should Know

If you don't know these things, you're stupid!

Immigration Reform 2013: Why It Won't Be Obama's Legacy

Past experience suggests that changes in immigration laws are unlikely to become something a president is remembered for.

Elon Musk and Google Should Purchase and Transform a Bankrupt Detroit

After bankruptcy, Detroit is looking to slash spending and raze buildings. But there’s an alternative possibility Detroit could consider which might transform the city to its former glory.

Jordan Davis Is Trayvon Martin, But That Isn't Enough to Get Him Media Attention

The reason the media chose to overshadow Jordan Davis' untimely death could be because we haven't spoken up yet.

Can Amanda Berry Recover? Ask the Media

As Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro accepts a plea deal that'll send him to jail for life, what's next for victims Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight?

This Week's Really Bizarre Battle Over Your Privacy Rights Ended In the Worst Way Possible

Democrats joined libertarians. Republicans supported Obama. A fight over the defense appropriations bill saw Congress once more curtail the rights of Americans in the name of security.

10 Simple Steps to Understanding Why Liberals and Conservatives Disagree So Much

Just how different are the philosophies, ideas, and values of the two parties that dominate America's political landscape? Here is a detailed look into why they can't get along.

Greek Life Receives Government Subsidies, Because YOLO

FratPAC, the political action committee for fraternities and sororities across the U.S., is calling for a multi-million dollar tax break from the government, but do they really deserve it?

Why An Ender's Game Boycott is Not the Right Answer to Orson Scott Card's Homophobia

With the Ender's Game film set to debut in the fall, author Orson Scott Card is facing renewed criticism for his anti-LGBT views. Here's why one die-hard fan will not be boycotting the movie.

If You Thought Advertising Was Sexist, Watch What Outrageous Trick This Male CEO is Pulling

After running out of billboard space, Tokyo is using women's bodies as prime real estate for ads. Yes, this is actually happening.

'The To Do List' Will Change Everything Movies Have Taught You About Women's Sexuality

'The To Do List' is a film about a high schooler on a sexual quest. For men in film, that plotline is par for the course; but for a female lead the story is shockingly subversive.

Chinese Doctors Take Bribes All the Time, But Only Because They Have to

Officials have begun investigation rampant bribery in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, and the source of the corruption may surprise you.

Ariel Castro: "I Was Also a Victim, Will Miss My Daughter"

Amanda Berry's kidnapper accepted a plea deal that will avoid the death penalty as well as the need for his alleged victims to testify.

Tamarod Protests LIVE: Egypt Splinters After Second Revolution

The first democratically elected leader in Egypt, President Mohamed Morsi, was removed by the nation's military and a transitional government has taken over.

Here's How Urban Squalor Will Save the Environment

Attention, all you well-meaning millennial environmentalists: It's time. We have to talk about cities.

Marijuana Legalization: The Bizarre Thing That Happens When State and Federal Laws Clash

Washington state legalized pot, but marijuana is still illegal under federal law. When the DEA decides to raid small businesses, which law counts?

Stop Feeling Sorry For Huma Abedin Already

Huma Abedin took a page from boss Hillary Clinton's book and spoke up in defense of her man. Huma has forgiven him once again, but should New York City voters?

The Environmental Fight That is More Important Than Keystone XL That Nobody is Talking About

The good news: America burns less coal every year. The bad news: We might soon be shipping massive quantities of the black rock overseas.

The One Easy Way You Can Protest The Anti-Gay Bill In Russia

People are getting together to speak out against the draconian anti-gay bill in Russia. Hint: it involves a very special drink.

Portugal. The Man: These Indie Rockers Are Preserving Alaskan Culture, One Tweet at a Time

PolicyMic chatted with Portugal. The Man about growing up in Alaska, the importance of supporting Alaska Natives, and the role that musicians can play in advocacy.

Glass Steagall Wouldn't Have Saved Us In 2008, and Won't Now

Elizabeth Warren and John McCain should give it up. The truth is that Glass-Steagall did not cause the 2008 crisis, and often helps the very banks it's meant to regulate.

5 Life Skills I Learned While Living As An Expat

Living and working in Korea has been a much more lucrative and educational alternative to going back to school.

Madison Square Garden to Move In 10 Years — So Where Will The Knicks and Rangers Continue To Lose?

Penn Station is in desperate need of renovation, and Madison Square Garden will fall victim to this fact. It will have to find a new home. Will our teams continue to lose?

The 4 Stages Of Student Loan Grief

The battle around student loan interest rates has been anything but simple. Although the Senate came together and agreed on something, it came at the long-term expense of students.

Before You Troll This Climate Change Article

Take a second to read a few things you should know about how science actually works.

Alabama Commission Meeting Begins With a Prayer and Ends With Crazy

A recent prayer before an Alabama Public Service Commission meeting took a decidedly political turn. Was this blurring the lines between church and state?

400,000 Syrian Refugees in Turkey Cannot Be Ignored by the U.S.

Although under fire for many reasons these days, the Turkish government is doing what it can for Syrian refugees. It's time for the West to put its money where its mouth is and help.

Steve King Gets Scolded By His Own Party For "Calves Like Cantaloupes"

A few days ago, Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) made a very insulting comment about illegal immigrants. Here is what John Boehner had to say.

Rand Paul Is Iowa's Top Choice For 2016

A new PPP poll found the libertarian senator leading New Jersey Governor Chris Christie 16% to 13%.

13 Reasons to Thank a Baby Boomer

Millennials love to complain that they got a raw deal — but my generation has contributed more than its share to society.

America Beware: Chris Christie Loves Politics As Usual

If you want change in 2016, Chris Christie is not your candidate. Just ask him.

The Brits Now Have Jane Austen On Their Money

Jane Austen will replace Charles Darwin on British legal tender, revealing that each nation tells a story of its history and identity with the figures it chooses to depict on its currency.

How You (and You, and You, and You) Can Stop Climate Change This Summer

In the middle of what is shaping up to be another season of climate-fueled unnatural disasters, everyone in power is waiting to see what you will do.

The Surprising Financial Case For Divesting From Fossil Fuels

Pulling money out of fossil fuel investments can push our country towards action on climate change without costing investors money.

Obama Administration Clears Military Aid For Egypt, a Nation Under Coup

Four F-16s cleared for Egypt as military aid continues flowing.

David Petraeus' CUNY Course Features Big Oil Talking Points

A DeSmogBlog investigation showed that David Petraeus' proposed syllabus at CUNY includes talking points provided by Big Oil, the natural gas industry, and the Obama administration.

How You Can Use Business Strategies to Save Our Planet

As one student activist group in Georgia has found, taking a business approach to clean energy may be the smartest strategy.

New York to the Nation: Here's How to Create Green Jobs

In 2009, the New York City Green-Collar Jobs Roadmap laid out a plan for creating an inclusive and thriving green economy. What lessons can the five boroughs teach the rest of the U.S.?

Small Town Cop Will Keep Job Despite Libertarian YouTube Rant

A Pennsylvania town chief of police made an off-the-clock video where he pretends to shoot political figures and rants about "libtards." Unfortunately, his job isn't going anywhere.

One Thing Everyone is Getting Wrong About Egypt

The ongoing political crisis in Egypt is not exclusively, or even primarily, a battle between Islamist and secular visions of governance, and to reduce it to such a dichotomy is misguided.

Pope Francis In Brazil Calls Out Drug Liberalization Policies — And He Has a Point

During his visit to a clinic in Brazil, Pope Francis condemned legalization and liberalization as approaches to Latin America's drug problem. There is, in fact, a better way.

Mic Check: The Scariest Quote From the Bradley Manning Trial Nobody is Talking About

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring my take on the five top world news stories and some of the best links from around the web.

Biden Goes to India: A Defining Partnership, Or Squabbling Cousins?

In addition to kind words, the United States and India will have to make tough decisions to cement their tentative relationship into a durable partnership.

Robert DeLong is the One EDM Musician Everyone Should Pay Attention To

DeLong's lyrical depth and cross-genre hooks make him different from your usual deejay.

With Assassination Of Mohammed Brahmi, the Arab Spring Has Finally Come Full Circle

Tunisia has been thrown back into turmoil with the second assassination this year of a prominent political figure.

Gender Wage Gap: A Tool to Show You That Every Cent Counts

The wage gap is more than just a statistic — it affects our lives. A new tool can show you exactly how

Charges Against Mohamed Morsi Launch New Wave Of Protests in Egypt

Egyptian protesters have taken to the streets in response to the recent charges agaisnt former President Mohamed Morsi. At this point, Egypt's future is uncertain.

Weekly Culture Round Up: Black Cinema, Banned Books, and All the Week's Must Reads

Cowboy Christmas, female sex comedies, and all the top stories you missed from PolicyMic's past week.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn To Be Tried For Pimping

Step aside Anthony Weiner and R.I.P. Silvio Berlusconi’s “bunga bunga” debacle. Dominique Strauss-Kahn is the latest leader to joinin the political sex scandal parade.

Halliburton Admits It Broke the Law, Pays the Cost Of a Nice Car in Fines

Corporations are people. Unless criminal acts are involved. Halliburton has admitted to destroying evidence in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster and will plead guilty, but won't pay much.

Egypt Protests: Revenge Against Morsi is Not the Way Forward

Egypt is in dire need of justice. But General Sisi's call to support an action against the Muslim Brotherhood will only create more violence through discrimination.

Egypt Protests Live: Mohammad Morsi Charged With Espionage

According to state media, ousted leader Mohammad Morsi has been charged with espionage, and now formally faces 15 days of detainment for questioning.