Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" Gets the Feminist Response It Deserves

Robin Thicke’s recent song "Blurred Lines" has generated controversy due to its rape-y lyrics and demeaning music video. Watch this woman's response!

How Black Families Are Destroyed, In Two Simple Charts

Racism in the criminal justice system leads to devastating results in the black family structure.

Why Kate Middleton's Post-Birth Dress Was a Feminist Choice

How can a blue, polka-dotted dress possibly contribute to women's empowerment?

Russia Gay Ban: Boycotting Stoli For Gay Rights Won't Make a Difference

In response to a rash of anti-gay laws in Russia, Western pro-gay groups are calling for a boycott of Stoli. There are just two problems: It won't work, and Stoli is Latvian.

Detroit is Bankrupt, But Building a $444 Million Stadium

Amidst bankruptcy and a state seizure of their city's finances, Detroit is still moving forward with plans to finance a $444 million hockey arena.

Why the Middle East is Beating Out the World in Female Tech Entrepreneurs

Thirty-five percent of tech entrepreneurs in the Middle East are women, as opposed to 10% internationally. Here are a few reasons why.

Bahrain: The Arab Spring Protests You Don't Know About

For two years and four months, Bahrain has been going through its own Arab Spring. The continuing protests could destabilize the entire Persian Gulf.

You Won't Believe What the NSA is Asking Internet Companies For Now

New reports claim the NSA has asked internet providers for their subscribers' passwords and encryption keys.

What's the Difference Between a Texas Fetus and a Royal Baby?

When it's a question of whether that clump of cells is a baby or a fetus, the answer is often up to the media — and depends on what's most likely to get you to read the article.

Ohio Attorney General Tries to Spite Dying Gay Man

Mike DeWine challenges U.S. v. Windsor to deny a dying man's final wish: to have his spouse recognized after his death so they can be buried alongside each other.

Why Gay Marriage Isn't Good Enough

When people say, “legalize love,” they really mean “legalize heteronormative, binary couples’ love.” The marriage-equality fight must take trans and polyamorous people into account too.

3 Reasons To See 'Girl Most Likely' This Weekend

Kristen Wiig's new film "Girl Most Likely" had a lukewarm critical reception to its limited release last weekend. Here's why you should ignore the critics and see it anyway.

Brazilian SlutWalk Movement Shows Pope Francis Who's Boss

SlutWalk takes to the beaches of Copacabana during Pope Francis' visit to protest the stigmatization of sexual assault victims in cultures that place a taboo on sexuality.

What Do Women Want? I Don't Know — Maybe You Should Ask Them

The recent uproar surrounding the "hookup culture" has led to a lot of speculation about the nature of female sexuality, but maybe we're looking for answers in the wrong place.

Our Public Schools Are in Crisis — and Pensions Are the Problem

Chicago Public Schools has unveiled a new $5.6 billion budget that raises taxes and commits drastic financial cuts. How we got here and why our politicians need to start making changes.

Both Parties Threaten Government Shutdown, Because It Worked Great Last Time

Both parties in Congress have regressed to the mental level of a five-year-old: Threatening to take your toys and go home if you don't get what you want.

Affirmative Action is Popular With Colleges — and Unpopular With Americans

A new Gallup poll reports that 67% of Americans think race shouldn't be considered in college admissions, and they're absolutely right.

North Carolina Voter ID Bill is a Necessary Evil

Although it might pose in an inconvenience and a $10 expense, the North Carolina voter ID bill is necessary to ensuring the integrity of American elections.

All You Need to Know About the New Literary Genre For Young People

Twenty-somethings are in a new category between adolescence and adulthood, and now the publishing world has responded with a new category of fiction called New Adult that speaks to these themes.

Who's Lining Their Pockets in Washington This Week?

In Washington, it's all about the Benjamins. This week we look at two members of Congress who are on the payroll of the for-profit college industry.

Ken Cuccinnelli's Brave Stand Against Sex He Thinks is Weird

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli wants to reinstate a law that would make sodomy illegal once again.

7 Revolutions Just As Bloody As the Arab Spring

The revolutions making up the Arab Spring are violent, drawn-out, and sometimes self-defeating. But can you name a revolution that wasn't?

The Postal Service May End Door-to-Door Delivery By 2022

The familiar scene of a postal worker walking up to someone's door and handing them a letter may go the way of the milkman, under a new proposal being considered in Congress.

200000 Dollars Is Not Enough For Destroying the Environment

Or for destroying evidence during the 2010 investigation into the BP Gulf oil spill for that matter.

Plan C: Why We Need a New Way to Talk About Birth Control

The mainstream media's coverage of emergency contraception is obscuring the importance of reproductive rights by casting a subtle moral judgment on the sexuality of young women.

The Week in Film: Efron Talks Star Wars, 'Wolverine' Opens

Zac Efron is rumored to be in talks for Star Wars, Topher Grace signs onto Christopher Nolan's latest project, and China censors Despicable Me 2.

Dear New Yorkers: No Naked Photos Online? Please Run For Mayor

With over 8 million people calling New York City home, at least one of them must not have their junk available via Google search.

Morsi Charged With Murder in Egypt's Newest Plot Twist

On Friday, Egyptian prosecutors opened a murder investigation on Mohamed Morsi. If he is charged, the Muslim Brotherhood will soon be wiped out from Egypt.

Integration is Just As Important As Immigration

With immigration reform, we have a chance to discuss not only who can and should be admitted here, but how all Americans can be integrated successfully into our culture.

Will 2013 Be the Year Of the Woman Mayor?

Is 2013 really "The Year of The Woman"? Local races from around the country are showing positive signs that female candidates are poised to pick up important positions.