Reza Aslan Fox Video: The Most Embarrassing Interview You've Seen On Fox News

Contributing to the trend of today's slumping journalism, a Fox News anchor conducted an ignorant and offensive interview.

Russia is Violently Attacking Gay People, But Watch How Gay Bars Across the World Are Fighting Back

Russian President Vladimir Putin refuses to back down on a harsh anti-gay bill, so gay bars all over the world are taking matters into their own hands.

"Hysterical Literature" — Videos Of Women Having An Orgasm While Reading Literature

NYC-based filmmaker Clayton Cubitt's video art project explores the culture of sex without being traditionally "sexy" — but what makes it so effective?

How I Respond to the Conservatives Who Tell Black People to "Stop Crying Over White Racism"

The idea that black leaders are only concerned with crying "racism!" is a conservative myth that ignores the structural realities of the work they're doing for the black community.

You'll Never Believe What Jay-Z Said About Giving Back to Poor People

"This is going to sound arrogant, but my presence is charity. Just who I am. Just like Obama’s is."

These Survivor Stories Will Wake You Up to the Shocking Amount of Violence Against Women Worldwide

Violence against women is an ugly reality throughout the world. Yet, it often takes a groudbreaking headline for the issue to gain international attention. Something needs to change.

7 Big Things Every American Should Know About the 2014 NDAA Bill

The National Defense Authorization Act for the 2014 Fiscal Year, passed by the House and debated in Senate committee, has a few key provisions that, for better or worse, we should be aware of.

The One Simple Graph That Tells You Who Really Holds the Power in Washington

What do the "nay" voters to Justin Amash's NSA amendment all have in common? The answer may surprise you, until you realize it makes perfect sense.

Afghanistan is a Full-Blown Mess, But Here's Why America Should Not Pull Out

President Obama is now threatening to pull out all troops from Afghanistan to spite President Karzai, but doing so could unravel the security of the entire country.

Mia Macy Won a Battle For Transgender Rights, But It Will Be a Long War Against Discrimination

While transgender rights felt a major victory in Macy's lawsuit win, securing them in the workplace will take much more aggressive policy.

9 Horrific Photos Show Just How Bad the Protests In Egypt Have Become

New protests in Egypt tragically culminating in 72 deaths over the weekend, as Egyptian military cracked down on mostly pro-Morsi protesters. These are the images.

The Most Dishonest State in America is Exactly What You Think

An Honest Tea experiment reveals a fact that many in the nation already accepted: Washington D.C. is the least honest place in the nation.

NASCAR Pulls Pro-Marijuana Legalization Ads From Race

NASCAR became the first sport to include a weed-friendly ad, but the video has been yanked from jumbotrons after complaints surfaced at the Brickyard 400.

This Video Will Make You Rethink What Schools Really Are

Prepare for four minutes of symbolism from this dark, yet thought-provoking Japanese clip that reveals some uncomfortable truths about America's education system.

Let's Make Movies Like It's 1999 Again

From 'Fight Club' to 'The Iron Giant', 1999 saw Hollywood finding a balance between quality, quantity, and versatility in its releases. 2013, and beyond, could learn a few things.

This is Scott Walker’s Wisconsin – Protesters Arrested For Singing and Clapping at Capitol

Dozens of Wisconsinites protesting Governor Walker's anti-collective bargaining rights law have flooded the Capitol, and 22 of whom have been arrested.

Sam Simon, "The Simpsons" Co-Creator, is Wrong to Donate His Fortune to Animal Rights

It costs $20,000 to $40,000 to train a service dog. Is that really the best way for Sam Simon to give away his fortune?

The Democratic Fairy Tale About Detroit That the Media is Feeding You

There's no question Detroit is an American fairytale that turned into a nightmare; but it isn't Republicans' fault in a city with Democratic leaderships since 1962. The problem is big government.

Bradley Manning Protests Go Global As His Trial Verdict Nears

Protests for Manning were held in London, Frankfurt, and across the U.S.

New Jersey Judge Makes it Legal for You to Be Fired For Being Too Fat

A New Jersey court ruled that 22 women working at an Atlantic City casino can legally be fired for gaining too much weight on the job.

Bob Filner is the Latest Democrat Hypocrite

Lifelong politician San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has been publically accused by seven accomplished women of sexual harassment. He's referring himself for "treatment" and hasn't agreed to step down.

This is the Perfect Law That Will Probably Never Pass

The OPEN Act boosts transparency in campaign finance by requiring corporations and unions to disclose their political donations. Don't expect it to make headway in the deadlocked House

Baz Luhrman and The Met Erased the True Feminist Histories of Flappers and Punks

Why do feminist histories get omitted from revival movements?

Will the End Of Muslim Brotherhood Lead to Civil War in Egypt?

Egypt is in chaos. The Muslim Brotherhood was recently ousted in a coup d'etat. The country has a rift between seculars aligned with the military and Islamists. What is Egypt's path?

Keystone XL Pipeline: How Montana Sold This Environmental Disaster to Its People

The former Montana governor used some clever marketing and a feel-good story to get his state to rally behind the pipeline and ignore its environmental costs.

Plan 2020: How Alabama is Setting Its Children Up For Failure

Alabama's Plan 2020 sets low standards for children of color.

How the Egyptian Media is Failing Egypt By Trashing Mohamed Morsi

The task of the Egyptian media is to monitor the centers of power – not to the repeat their empty slogans of fear and hate.

Ben Jealous and Marc Morial: Two Black Community Leaders Who Aren't the Reverends

Ben Jealous and Marc Morial are leading a new age of civil rights leadership in the black community.

9 Reasons Why Tablets Will Overtake PCs in the UK

Nearly half of UK consumers will outright replace their laptop or desktop computer with a tablet in the near future.