Lorde: Meet the 16-Year-Old Pop Prodigy Who's Sick of Rappers Talking About Money

If you haven't heard of Lorde, or her singles "Royals" and "Tennis Court," you're about to meet your new idol.

First Trayvon Martin, Then Jordan Davis, Now Roy Middleton

Still think nothing smells rotten in the state of Florida? Try Roy Middleton, who was was almost killed in a hail of bullets by Florida cops for the crime of being in his own driveway.

Amelia Earhart Forever Changed Our View of Women

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, but she also revolutionized her field and her entire time period, and remains a role model for women today.

Read This Poem and You'll Never Laugh At Rape Jokes Again

It's not very often that something so emotionally naked, devastatingly honest and skillfully crafted gets our attention, and starts to change minds.

Obama Removes Promise to Protect Whistleblowers From Old Campaign Website

It is possible that the easy availability of such contradictory information, not to mention the reputability of the source, has proven to be too detrimental to President Obama's reputation.

True Blood Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: Let's Just Be Frenemies

On Sunday night's episode allegiances were tested, shifted, or just plain obliterated.

A Millennial Takedown Of Fox News' Blatant Islamophobia

Is journalistic integrity dead? Fox News' Anti-Muslim Reza Alsan interview may just be the last straw for millenials.

If Every Male Troll Took a Walk in Women’s Shoes, Would He Finally Feel Our Outrage?

It's time to admit that the internet is a very different place for women, and it needs to change.

Immigration Reform 2013: NYC's Awesome Plan That the Rest Of the Nation Should Copy

New York City is committed to helping its undocumented immigrants gain legal status. The rest of the country could stand to learn from its example.

Watch David Ortiz Explode At Umpire After Bad Call

The Red Sox slugger lost it after being ejected from a game in Baltimore Saturday.

How Would Our Founding Fathers Have Dealt With Immigration Reform and Chinese Spying?

Both have important implications for America’s position in the world, and both were discussed by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton more than 200 years ago.

The Inspiring Story Of the Terminally-Ill 'Simpsons' Co-Creator, Who Wants to Donate His Fortune to Charity

Recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, "Simpsons" creator Sam Simon, lifelong philanthropist and animal rights activist, has announced that he will donate his fortune to charity.

Parasite Capitalism: The Economic Model of the 21st Century

Goldman Sachs's aluminum hoarding is a harmful scam that extracts money from the rest of society while the banking giant benefits. But it's only the latest example of a deeper social arrangement.

Wake Up! Democrats and Republicans Are Totally the Same

It's not Democrats versus the GOP anymore: Donkeys and elephants have merged into the Statist Party, that liberty-minded millennials have now to confront.

Gun Violence in the Black Community is a National Public Health Emergency

Gun violence in the African American community is a national public health and safety problem that isn't being treated like one.

32 Ways Beyonce is Showing Us She Rules the World

Beyonce Knowles is the real power behind the throne. Here are 32 reasons why.

When Will Gay Athletes Stop Being So Taboo?

If pro sports stand behind gay athletes, why is Jason Collins is the only openly gay, active pro athlete? The answer has to do with our cultural notions of masculinity and false stereotypes.

7 Awesome Xbox Live Games to Play Before the Xbox One Release

These seven games from the Xbox Arcade are must-haves in your digital library. If you missed them, make sure to catch up before the next generation!

Yarnell Hill Fire Might Be the Government's Fault

The uptick in wildfires corresponds to some major policy shifts in Washington, in particular, a decline in the once prominent role of the commercial timber industry.

Hillary Clinton 2016? Why Media Coverage is An Absolute Joke

There's nothing to say about a campaign that's three years away, and focusing on it only takes Americans' attention away from real issues.

Why Do So Many Politicians Try to "Mansplain" Women's Issues?

Watch this couple's amazing PSA mock the prolific Todd Akin-esque rhetoric of late that has been the foundation of a growing movement against reproductive rights.

The Economic Reality That Barack Obama Clearly Doesn't Understand

President Obama is wrong about our economy — it's not income inequality that matters, but upward mobility, and we've got plenty of that.

Being Gay is Still Illegal in This Louisiana Sheriff's Town

Louisiana is one of the most violent states in the nation. But East Baton Rouge's sheriff has another priority: luring gay men to their arrests under archaic sodomy laws.

The Rand Paul vs. Chris Christie Spat Uncovers Deep Cracks in the GOP

Governor Christie and Senator Paul's recent rhetorical volleys have drawn attention to ideological weaknesses plaguing both the libertarian and establishment wings of the Republican Party.

Christian School Thinks Students Should Stop Having Sex and Have Burping Contests Instead

The media should keep its noses out of Australian children's decision to keep it in their pants.

4 Movies With Plot Twists That Enraged Everyone

Some plot twists make a good movie better. Other plot twists make a bad movie badder. This is about the latter.

Brazil Protests: FIFA is the Ugly Side Of the Beautiful Game

Brazil's protests over next year's FIFA World Cup have mirrored those of previous hosts. With the same pattern occurring for so many tournaments, it's fair to wonder if FIFA had it coming.

Is Elizabeth Warren a Champion Of the Millennial Generation?

The Massachusetts senator stood up to her own party on the recent bipartisan compromise on student loans.

Tim Allen Wants to Fix Race Relations — By Saying the N-Word

According to Tim Allen, our society is regressing in terms of race relations because it's taboo for white comics to use the n-word. Here's why it is he, in fact, who is taking a step backward.

Why Social Security is Falling Apart, Explained in Language You Can Understand

The debate about Social Security has its own language that obstructs the debate about reform and even the nature of the problem.

Hawaii Votes Homeless People Off the Island

Hawaii is extremely expensive to live in. It also has the county's highest homeless rate. Their solution? Send homeless people back to the mainland.

Egypt Protests: The Military Takeover Of Egypt Has Begun

On Saturday, at least 70 supporters of deposed Egyptian president Morsi were killed in a fresh round of attacks by the military.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity Getting Dropped From Second Biggest Radio Operator

Cumulus Media is abandoning Limbaugh and Hannity's shows, citing poor advertising sales. It seems both advertisers and radio distributors are tired of being associated with bigots.

Stick a Fork in This Weiner — It's Done

A new poll shows that "Carlos Danger" has dropped to dead last among the likely Democratic nominees for NYC mayor. Looks like Weiner's cooked.

Study: Athletic Girls Grow Into Competitive Businesswomen

Being aggressive on the sports field turns out to be one of the key experiences that can develop assertive women in the boardroom.

Why Don Lemon Doesn't Understand Young Black America

Don Lemon's pep talk to young black America just perpetuated the racism that inspired it.

Myanmar News: Abuse of Rohingya Muslims is a Red Flag That's Reminiscent of Rwanda

Myanmar has received international praise for freeing political prisoners and opening itself to the outside world. But that shouldn't excuse its treatment of Rohingya Muslims.

The Rock Star Pope Is Also the Millennial Pope

Regardless of our religious affiliation or lack thereof.

Millions Of Bees Are Dying — and Our Crops Could Be Doomed

A new scientific study confirms what many have long speculated: That our pesticides are wreaking havoc on pollinating bees. Here's something we can do to fix it.

Will Abortion Be the Death Of Ken Cuccinelli's Virginia Gubernatorial Campaign?

In the battle between Rep. VA Gov. Ken Cuccinelli and Dem. candidate Terry McAuliffe, abortion may be the deciding issue that sends female voters running for the blue.

The One Solution to Unemployment That Our Leaders Clearly Haven't Thought Of

The pending U.S.-EU trade agreement will be economically and socially beneficial. However, in the long run both sides of the Atlantic must address a more fundamental issue: education.

NYC Summer Concerts: 5 Best Shows Happening This Week (7/29-8/4)

Here are five of the best options this week including the return of D'Angelo to New York City, the end of Maxwell's, Beck and a few extra.

Is Obama Deliberately Covering Up the Harmful Effects Of Fracking?

An LA Times investigation reveals the Obama administration put the kibosh on a key Environmental Protection Agency study on fracking groundwater contamination, this time in Dimock, Pennsylvania.

Israel is to Blame If Peace Talks With Palestine Become a Farce

Peace talks have begun again. But even with the West Bank settlements as the hot topic, Israel refuses to cease construction. It seems like they don't want peace.

The Least Likely Sports Star With a Clothing Line? John Calipari

The Kentucky hoops coach has launched his own style, with part of the proceeds going to charity.

US Foreign Aid: There's Been NO Accountability in How It's Spent

The problems with U.S. foreign aid go far beyond transparency and accountability. U.S. aid, has historically been given to countries ruled by dictators with questionable human rights records.

New York City Top Cop Ray Kelly Isn't the Right Choice for DHS Chief

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has been a champion of security and counterterrorism, especially since 9/11. But is he the best candidate for Secretary of Homeland Security?

Peg Brunda is Just One Reason Anthony Weiner Had a Rough Weekend

Former Staten Island teacher Peg Brunda recently has a conversation with New York Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner about her perception of a double standard for politicians and civil servants.

The Muslim Brotherhood is Going Underground — But Will It Come Back Stronger?

With Muslim Brotherhood's senior leaders being under military custody, Egypt's acting President Adly Mansour, who seeks to eliminate the organization, risks working in its favor.

Watch These Hackers Invent the Future Of Assassination

Two hackers decided to show how they could cause a car to brake suddenly at 80mph, disable the brakes, control the steering wheel, and alter the dashboard readout. All from a computer.

The Stress Molecule: Is CFR1 the Source Of All Anxiety?

The discovery of the the corticotropin-release factor 1 receptor will allow scientists to create an innovative class of drugs designed to treat anxiety by "switching" the molecule off.

Mic Check: 9 Horrific Photos That Show How Bad Egypt's Protests Have Become

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