Rachel Jeantel's Language is English — It's Just Not Your English

Ask any linguist, and they'll tell you that Rachel Jeantel's problem wasn't that she spoke poorly — it's that she spoke well and no one noticed.

Can You Guess Where in the World People Read the Most?

One hint: It's not the U.S.

4th Of July Events: 9 Small Towns That Really Know How to Celebrate

We hear about the popular Independence Day festivals in big cities like NYC, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, but here are nine small towns across the country with unique July 4 traditions.

In 30 Seconds, This Man Sums Up Hundreds Of Years Of Black Oppression in America

Watch this white man close the "cracker" debate once and for all.

The 9 Most Patriotic Works Of American Art

Artists often use their work as a canvas to pay homage to America's history and represent the nation's glory. In honor of July 4, here are nine of the most patriotic works of art.

Liberals Can No Longer Claim the Supreme Court Has a Conservative Bias

Given its recent rulings, critics can no longer claim the SCOTUS has a conservative bias. Chief Justice Roberts unconstitutionally upheld Obamacare against his better judgment to prove otherwise.

One Chart Shows Just How Extreme America's Obesity Crisis Is

It's no secret that the United States is the most obese country in the world — but just how obese are we?

15 Breathtaking Images Of the Protest that Changed Egypt Forever

In breaking news, the Egyptian army has suspended the constitution and removed President Morsi. Here are some stunning pictures of the mass protest that made this happen.

10 Rock Songs That Will Make You Feel Like a Partying Teenager Again

Because Sum 41, NFG, and Blink-182 invented party rock long before LMFAO came along.

Apple Pie Recipes: 17 Takes On Your Traditional Apple Pie

What screams America more than homemade apple pie? Here are 17 ways to have your pie and eat it too.

North Carolina Abortion Bill: Just the Latest State to Shirk Democracy

On Tuesday, North Carolina GOP Senators snuck anti-abortion measures into a bill to outlaw Sharia Law, joining other states in shirking democracy to undermine abortion rights.

Thomas Sowell Reveals a Glaring Inconsistency in Right-Wing Thinking in Latest Op-Ed

Conservatives can’t have it both ways: people are either rational and should be left to their own devices or irrational and in need of external controls.

Police Shoot a Rottweiler to Death — and His Owner is to Blame

A police officer shot a dog to death following an arrest in Hawthorne, CA, but his owner couldn't follow the law or common pet care protocol. Now everyone is outraged for the wrong reasons.

Francois Murad: Murders Of Christians in Syria Prove Shipping Arms There is a Bad Idea

In the midst of Syrian turmoil, it was reported over the weekend that Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Al-Nusra murdered another Christian in the country. So why are we going to arm them?

Ex-Gay Pride Month: No One's Discriminating Against Ex-Gays, Or the Family Research Council

The Family Research Council announced the creation of an "Ex-Gay Pride Month". I guess some people are still a bit bitter.

NC Abortion Bill: Outdoing Texas, North Carolina Tries to Ban Abortion and Islamic Law in One Bill

How to outdo Texas's draconian restrictions on abortion? North Carolina found out how, doing away with all but one of their abortion clinics and Islamic law in the same illogical bill.

5 Songs You Need On Your July 4 Barbecue Playlist

How do you accompany your day-long tribute to America? With only the best patriotic tunes. And no, the Star-Spangled Banner doesn't quite cut it.

A Look at Lebanon's Polished Version Of Modern Slavery

What are the essential steps to finding a "maid" in Lebanon?

4th Of July NYC: How to Make the Most Of July Fourth On a Budget

Not everyone can go home to a family BBQ for Independence Day. If you're working in New York this summer, there's still plenty of cost-effective ways to toast to 'Murica.

The One Chart That Explains Everything You Need to Know About the Egypt Crisis

The term "military coup," in the crudest vernacular, means some heavy sh*t is about to happen to a government. This chart explains how a military coup is about to transform Egypt.

Hey White Feminists: Don't Forget About Women Of Color

The exclusion of women of color in feminism isn't new or perpetrated by any one person in particular. We all need to lift up the platform for women of color.

Edward Snowden Extradition Battle Puts Spotlight On U.S. Tyranny Around the World

The fact that much of the world are ignoring U.S. demands to extradite Snowden reveal that America's hegemonic power may be waning, and this should be celebrated.

Is Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" Really the Anthem Of Summer 2013?

"Call Me Maybe." "California Gurls." "I Gotta Feeling." No summer is complete without that one song that plays everywhere. Where is this summer's ubiquitous pop hit?

North Carolina Abortion: Three Millennials Speak Out On North Carolina's Insane Abortion/Sharia Mashup Bill

In a surprise move Tuesday night, NC Senate Republicans overhauled HB695 to include extensive abortion restrictions for women. Here are reactions from three Millennial males in the state.

Women Are Cheating More, Too — But is That So Bad?

Women have upped their extramarital affairs, almost matching men. But maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Francois Murad Execution: A Reminder On How Little We Can Trust the Syrian Rebels

Al-Qaeda linked rebels executed a Catholic priest, Francois Murad, in Syria. Which means it might be a good time to ask who, exactly, the Syrian rebels are.

Fourth Of July Desserts: 11 Tastiest Red, White, and Blue Treats

Independence Day is coming up, and we have some awesome red, white, and blue recipes to add some American pride to your BBQ and leave your guests begging for more.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act 2013: Woman Sues Albertsons Supermarket For Her Stillborn Baby

An Albertsons employee is suing the supermarket chain for refusing to accommodate her pregnancy needs, leading to the death of her baby.

Getting Millennials to Love Their Jobs Isn't About Pool Tables and Beer

Leadership, and the lack thereof, explains whether employees love or hate their jobs, not the perks of "cool culture" companies.

Do You Know These 2 Men Who Attacked LGBT Youth On the NYC Subway?

After a week of exciting events for the LGBT community, hate crimes are still rampant just a few short hours after the Pride Parade.

Watch the Zimmerman Trial Get Skype-Bombed By Internet Trolls

Skype users interrupted the Zimmerman trial by flooding the prosecution's account with multiple calls. It all could have been avoided with privacy settings.

PolicyMic Summer Reading List: Before 'The Hunger Games' There Was 'Ender's Game'

Next up on PolicyMic's summer reading list: 'Ender's Game.' I bet this book did not get the respect it deserves when you read it in sixth grade. Give it try now, you won't regret it.

July 4th Fireworks: 4 Unexpected Origins Of an American Tradition

I hate to break it to you, America, but while we consider fireworks as American as apple pie, they're actually not.

Meet the Sheriffs Who Have Sworn Not to Uphold Federal Laws

Are these sheriffs really heroes against tyranny, as they declare?

Declaration Of Independence Full Text: How Far Have We Come Since 1776?

The most fascinating part of the Declaration of Independence isn't its opening — it's the list of colonists' grievances against George III. How many of them are still relevant today?

Evo Morales Gets Tangled In Edward Snowden's Spy Scandal — And the Plot Thickens

Both France and Portugal refused to let Bolivian President Evo Morales's plane pass through their airspace due to a rumor that Edward Snowden was aboard, putting Bolivia on the defensive.

Obama Climate Change Speech: Obama Uses the "D Word" For the First Time

President Obama has used pretty strong activist language in recent remarks. He’s the first president to endorse the practice of divesture.

Edward Snowden: Not the Hero We Wanted, But One We Needed Anyway

Edward Snowden is no hero, as his willingness to throw himself in with China and Russia reveal. However, by revealing the PRISM program he has done the world a favor.

Alison Lundergan Grimes: McConnell's New Attack Ad is Straight Out Of Bizarro World

Think of the worst possible rhyme you can come up with for "Alison Lundergan Grimes." We guarantee Mitch McConnell outdid you in this bizarre new ad ... but probably unintentionally.

Meet the Only 2 Americans Who Want Shadowy, Cold War Foreign Policy Back

Why covert operations against unfriendly Middle Eastern regimes won't solve the problems the U.S. faces, and leave it with an even bigger mess on its hands.

Immigration Reform 2013: Senate Bill is in For a Bumpy Ride in the House

The Senate passed its version of comprehensive immigration reform. What will the House's next move be?

The Number of Habitable Planets in the Universe Just Doubled

Could we expect to find extraterrestrial beings soon? Scientists suggest the odds are that they're out there somewhere.

July 4 is So Much More Than Simply a Date On the Calendar — Here's Why

This one day of the year embodies everything I fight for on a daily basis as a 17-year-old — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

July 4, 2013: This Millennial Company Employs Vets and Represents the Best Of the U.S.

Sword & Plough employs vets and makes something beautiful out of material used for war. A reminder of all we have the capacity to be as a nation, especially when our millennial get support.

Egypt Protest Live Stream: Thousands Gathering in Tahrir Square

Watch the Tahrir Sqaure protests here live.

Fallon Fox: This Transgender Fighter's Fellow Athletes Have Her Back — Do You?

Mixed-martial-arts fighter Fallon Fox underwent gender-reassignment surgery and faces everything from legal discrimination to people who refuse to refer to her by the correct pronoun.

Egypt Coup: The Price Of American Silence On Morsi's Misdeeds May Be Civil War

America has remained silent as Mohamed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood-backed government ran roughshod over Egypt's fledgling democracy. Now, it's all falling apart.

Local Control Funding Formula: Law Gives California's Students the Money They Need

Three short weeks after Students For Education Reform stormed the California State Capitol to support Gov. Brown's Local Control Funding Formula, they stand beside him as he signs it into law.

What Does $630,000 In Tax Money Spent On Facebook Do For You?

Furlough Friday: Totally worth it if the State Department can get a few hundred extra "likes" on Facebook.

4 Laws That Threaten Our Freedom On July Fourth

On the day we celebrate America's independence, it's important to assert our civic duty and fix the least free laws in the home of the brave.

Can This Health Startup Save Thousands of American Lives?

Whether this simple system can help reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections or not is literally the billion-dollar question, to say nothing of tens of thousands of American lives that may be saved.

Mayflower Oil Spill: 2 Major Lawsuits Filed Against ExxonMobil

Two major lawsuits were recently filed against Exxon, the private empire behind the March 2013 Pegasus tar sands pipeline spill in Mayflower, the second biggest on-land spill in U.S. history.

Morsi Deadline: Could Today Be Mohamed Morsi's Last Day in Office?

Large protests in Cairo threaten the Morsi regime. But this isn't a second Egyptian Revolution — it's a continuation of the first.

Supreme Court 2013: Will Voting Rights and Gay Marriage Ever Be Back at the Court?

Panelists at the Center for American Progress discuss the 2012-2013 Supreme Court term and what its decisions mean for the progressive community and all Americans.

NSA Surveillance: Federal Employees Are Next Up On Obama's Spy List

Unless you are willing to be a snitch, the federal government is not the place to look for work.

Now That DOMA is Dead, Being Different is Totally Acceptable — Right?

America is fine with you being gay or lesbian. As long as you still look “manly” or “girly,” that is.

Student Loan Interest Rate Doubled, and the Media Didn't Care

Student loans do not get coverage by traditional cable and network news because their demographic skews older.

Delaware's First Same-Sex Marriage Happened to This Courageous Senator

Sen. Karen Peterson and her long-time partner become the first same-sex couple to legally marry in Delaware.

James Clapper: His "Least Most Untruthful" Answers On NSA Spying Are Still Lying

James Clapper lied to Congress last March when he said that the NSA was not collecting any data on Americans. He justified it with a metaphor about the Dewey Decimal System.

War in Afghanistan: Are the Taliban's Peace Overtures For Real?

On the heels of NATO's official turnover of security leadership to Afghan forces, a new push for peace finds Washington and Kabul with eyes on Qatar.

Tahrir Square Protests: Who Will Win, Weakened Morsi Or the Egyptian Military?

President Mohamed Morsi is refusing the ultimatum of the Egyptian military. Thus, Egypt plunges into its second revolution as the military and populace demand Morsi's resignation from office.

Yelp Wordmap Edition Will Help You Avoid New York Hipsters

The newest Yelp creation is Wordmap, which displays maps where search terms are highlighted by radius. In simpler terms: type in hipsters, see where hipsters are, avoid hipsters.

SCAF Stages Military Coup: Kicks Out Mohammad Morsi

SCAF is taking over cities with barricades and tanks. Morsi's time as Egypt's president may be done.

You'll Never Guess How Much the State Department Spent On Facebook "Likes"

The State Department wasted $630,000 on a failed social media campaign that accomplished nothing and wasted opportunity.

The UN's Millennium Development Goals Leave Disabled People Behind

More than 10% of people worldwide are disabled, however the UN failed to address their interests in the Millenium Development Goals. Why is it important that they mend their mistake?

Is Morsi Still President? Commander Al-Sissi Says No

The Egyptian military ousted Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday. They dissolved the constitution and plan to establish a transitional government.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why John Boehner Should Support Reform

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the world's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Morsi House Arrest: Rumors Start to Circulate on Social Media

Mohammad Morsi may be under house arrest, social media claims.

Egypt Military Coup: Will The Army Take Down Morsi and Then Take Egypt For Itself?

The Army's deadline has passed. How much longer can Morsi last in office?