The Tampon Commercial You Wish You'd Seen as a Kid

It's not often that a tampon commercial goes viral, but this one definitely nailed it.

Can You Guess Where In The World People Are Binge Drinking The Most?

While Europeans drink alcohol the most frequently than people in other nations, Americans tend to drink more excessively. Take a look at the countries where binge drinking is most prevalent.

North Korea Claims to Have Nuclear Suicide Bombers

Troops at a North Korean millitary parade were seen wearing backpacks with fallout symbols on them. Has the North managed to minitiarize their nuclear weapons?

Russian Neo-Nazis Are Torturing Gays On YouTube

A new group is targeting gay Russian teens — bullying and torturing them for the crime of their sexual orientation. And it's being tacitly endorsed by the Kremlin.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why It Died and When It's Coming Back

The Senate's historic immigration reform bill hit a wall in the House. With the August recess fast approaching, the chances of comprehensive reform occurring in 2013 are looking dim.

The Act Of Killing Movie Review: The Most Disturbing, Gripping Documentary Of the Year

Joshua Oppenheimer's film about Indonesian death squads is an enthralling fever dream that's unlike anything else in theaters.

More Than Half Of Americans Have Cheated, So Why Aren't We Talking About Open Marriages?

The Boston Globe's Cathy Young thinks open marriage will be the demise of marriage and those in them belong in the closet ... or worse. But Americans are already happily destroying marriage.

Obama's Economic Policies Are Hurting the Middle Class More Than Anyone Else

As Obama pivots toward economic recovery for a 19th time, the result will be the same until he drops his extremist ideological devotion to Keynesian economic theory and tries something different.

This Man Tried to Defraud the Government — What Happened Next is All Too Rare

Braulio Castillo attempted to get veterans' benefits based on a bogus disability claim. Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, an actual war veteran, would have none of it.

If This 14-Year Old Boy Can't Convince You to Intervene in Syria, Not Much Will

Watch this amazing video and meet the Syrian boy doing what most Syrian doctors were afraid to do.

This Dutch Activist Was Arrested For Even Talking About Gay Rights in Russia

In a special interview with PolicyMic, Dutch LGBT rights activist Kris van der Veen recounts his frightening detention, interrogation, and prosecution by Russian authorities.

For Immigrants, the U.S. is Still the Best Destination — Despite Our Government

Will the U.S. government squander the durable appeal of America for immigrants?

Watch This Kid Solve a Rubik's Cube in Less Time Than It Took to Read This Headline

No, seriously. He's already done. Yeah, we feel inadequate too.

The Fastest Growing Crime That No One Is Talking About, and the Shocking Stats Behind It

A recent sweep by the FBI freed over 100 children forced into prostitution. The U.S. is taking action on child sex slavery, but how many people are aware of how massive a problem it really is?

Zimbabwe Elections 2013: A Loss For Mugabe May Not Be A Win for Zimbabwe, After All

As Zimbabwe heads to the polls on Wednesday, many in the international community are hoping for an opposition win. This may not necessarily be a good thing for Zimbabwe. Here's why.

Sorry Feminists, I'm Too Oppressed to Hook Up

Everyone's talking about the so-called hook up culture on college campuses these days. But not everyone is able to take advantage of this new age of sexual liberation equally.

A Year After the Aurora Shooting Massacre, Absolutely Nothing Has Changed

The one-year anniversary of the Aurora, Colo., shooting came and went with little media attention. What has happened since?

If Bradley Manning Is a Traitor, Then So is George W. Bush

A stubborn "aiding the enemy" charge directed at Bradley Manning reveals that critics of war are subject to rougher hurdles than are the jingoistic proponents of empire.

These Vigilante Women Are Taking the Fight to Rapists in India

A woman is raped every 20 minutes in India. Some women, in response, are taking the law into their own hands.

Why Some Jerk Hacking Free Internet Chess is Actually a Big Deal

The brief disabling of the Free Internet Chess Server shows that while governments aggressively fight hackers who attack them, average people are completely on their own.

Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' Brings Mother Monster Back With a Whole New Look

After months out of the spotlight, Lady Gaga has revealed the artwork for her upcoming single, "Applause," and unveiled a new look that echoes the energy and color of her new album.

The 3 Most Rule-Bending Works Of Art This Year

Jay-Z, Wangechi Mutu, and Basil Twist are breaking rules and remaking the game.

How the U.S.'s GDP is Going to Grow By 3% in One Week

A change in the way America calculates GDP will add the equivalent of a Belgium-sized economy to America's output. But is it a fraud?

The 17% Employment Rate No One is Talking About

Among a population the size of Texas, more than two-thirds of the population is unemployed. Who lives there — and why haven't you heard of it before?

'First Comes Love' Documents What Happens When a Single Woman Has a Baby

In her documentary, "First Comes Love," Nina Davenport proves that the traditional road to parenting -- falling in love, getting married and beginning a family -- is no longer the only option.

Pay 68 Cents More for a Big Mac and Golden Arches Can Double Their Wages

A new report shows that increasing prices 17 cents per dollar on all items at McDonald's could give each employee a doubled salary, but should we limit this exclusively to McDonald's?

Pope Francis' Views On Gays Aren't News to Anyone Who Follows Jesus

"If they accept the Lord and have good will, who am I to judge them?" What is Pope Francis really saying about homosexuality?

FEMEN Leaders Brutally Beaten in Soviet-Style Crackdown

If Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to slow down or stop human rights groups, he will have to abandon his violent tactics, and take the fight to social media.

'The Wolverine' is the Latest Blockbuster to Flop This Summer

Hollywood has had a rough month, and the newest installment of 'X-Men' continued a trend of underperformance at the box office.

Rand Paul Is Absolutely Right to Keep Foreign Aid From Egypt, and Here's Why

Senator Rand Paul plans to propose an amendment to a transportation and housing spending bill that would use $1.5 billion in foreign aid to Egypt for domestic infrastructure projects.

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin Are Nothing Like Bill and Hillary Clinton

Comparisons between the two are unfair, because Anthony Weiner is no Bill Clinton.

Two Simple Things Every American Should Know About the Smart Grid

With the growth of new energy technologies and the current, out of date power grid, implementing the smart grid is the logical next step to remain commensurate with technological change.

Guess Which Boy Band is Making a Comeback and Fighting Bullying At the Same Time

The Backstreet Boys are releasing their new album, In A World Like This, today. The band hopes to use their international platform to spread a positive and essential message.

Stand Your Ground Laws Are American Values in Action

The Second Amendment sets us apart from much of the developed world and is a perfect example of American principles. Stand Your Ground laws are here to stay, as they should be.

North Carolina's SB 353 All But Bans Abortion

North Carolina lawmakers passed a sweeping deceptive anti-abortion measure that could close all 16 abortion clinics in the state under the guise of making women safe.

Obamacare Delayed: Inside the GOP's Dumb Plan to Kill the Law

Republicans don't really care about repealing Obamacare, they're just trolling for midterm votes.

This Police Chief Would Rather Defend Guns Than Liberals

Gilberton, Pa. police chief Mark Kessler creates a series of profanity-laced videos attacking individuals who propose and support gun regulations, as the public demands his removal.

14 Members of Congress Schedule Mysterious "Distant Future Event"

Multiple members of Congress have an event scheduled for the distant future. But what the heck is it?

The Egyptian Coup, Brought to You By Saudi Arabia

A popular Saudi political activist and blogger published information that makes it clear who paid for the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi (and why they did it).

Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli: Two Colorful Candidates, If Not Exactly Likeable

The Virginia race for governor is heating up. Both candidates have very deep flaws, guaranteeing a close and polarized race.

Wolverine Movie Trailer: Why Animal Insticts Make For More Compelling Human Heros

The best character, with the most consistently excellent use of the world "flamin'" is back in a new movie that will be completely worth it.

Sorry, Obama — Class Warfare is Still a Bad Idea

Income inequality in America is a problem, but not for the reasons the president believes. Increased employment, not forced redistribution, is the way to fix the problem.

Bradley Manning Verdict Shows the New Normal For Whistleblowers

Pfc. Bradley Manning was convicted of 19 of 22 offenses by a military judge. But many other sources who leak info are not prosecuted. Why?

Bananas Thrown At Italy's First Black Minister

Cécile Kyenge, Italy's minister for integration, happens to also be the first black member of the Italian cabinet. For her efforts, she was rewarded with a nasty assault during a recent rally.

The One Chart That Completely Sums Up the Bradley Manning Trial

This one chart shows that Bradley Manning could be in prison for 136 years, even without "aiding the enemy."

Detroit's Bankruptcy Could Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened There

Perhaps this will be the wake-up call that its leaders needed to realize the error of their ways in allowing such fiscal insanity to ensue under their supervision.

Snowden Sacrifices His Future, But We're Busy Making Weiner Puns

Because there's nothing like a good joke to take our minds off the systematic violation of our civil liberties.

Ben Bernanke AIG Testimony: The Shroud of Secrecy May Finally Be Lifted Off the Financial Crisis

We may be getting awfully close to understanding more about the bailout packages that were delivered through the TARP by the secretive Federal Reserve by Chairman Ben Bernanke.

An Inside Look At How Companies Are Profiting Off the Suffering Of Prisoners

As information becomes more readily available about the current situation in America's private prisons, prison tales may soon be on par with America's many health care horror stories.

Are the Israelis and Palestinians Really Ready to Negotiate?

Secretary of State John Kerry says they are. But several circumstances on the ground for the Palestinians may prove otherwise.

Rand Paul vs. Chris Christie Pits the Constitution vs. Fear

Rand Paul rebuts Chris Christie's attacks, which malign Paul's defense of the fourth amendment as dangerous and esoteric, even as he uses 9/11 to exaggerate the odds of a terrorist attack.

Diddy's REVOLT Will Be the Perfect Music Channel For Millennials

Puffy is starting his own TV station, and compared it to ESPN, CNN and FOX at a recent press conference.

How Can Baseball Boost Viewership? Give Video Games a Shot

MLB fan support is waning, and the sport would benefit from a popular electronic title.

Can Martin Indyk Bring Peace to the Middle East?

After two sets of failed peace accords, and a lifelong commitment to achieving peace in the Middle East, perhaps for Martin Indyk, the third time's a charm.

Why 4 in 5 Americans Will Face Horrible Financial Problems in Their Lifetime

Poverty in the U.S. has grown dramatically in the past several decades. It's become more than a simple issue of race and class, so what exactly has caused this massive downward spiral?

Israeli-Palestinian Talks May Be Different This Time — But Probably Not

Israeli and Palestinian officials resumed face-to-face talks on Monday for the first time in five years. It remains unlikely this peace process will yield results.

Should Scientific Information Be Free to Everyone? The Biggest Name in Science Weighs In

The AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition meeting in July sets the stage for international cooperation in assuring that benefits from science are universal. Too bad Congress is in the way.

Why Americans are Losing Wealth — And What to Do About It

Much of the lost income from the Great Recession was due to risky investments and overextended credit. Here's how you can get your financial situation back on track.

Mic Check: 9 Progressive Quotes You Wouldn’t Expect From the Pope

Today's PoilcyMic newsletter, featuring my take on the world's top news and some of the best links from around the web.

Will the Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Be a Success?

Representatives of both sides flew to Washington, D.C., where they will discuss the framework for full-fledged peace talks next year.

Former Pink Floyd Frontman Protests Israel in Shockingly Anti-Semitic Way

Roger Waters probably thinks he's being profound, too.

Bradley Manning Live Stream: Coverage Of the WikiLeaks Verdict

Live stream alleged WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning's sentencing as it happens.

Bradley Manning Prison Time: Possibly Over 100 Years

Bradley Manning may have been acquitted of "aiding the enemy," but his guilty charges could send him to jail for over 100 years.

Bradley Manning Gay: LGBT Groups Remain Mum

Manning, who is openly gay, was initially proposed as San Francisco Gay Pride Parade Marshall, just before being dropped by the organization.

Julian Assange: Manning Verdict Could End 'National Security Journalism'

Julian Assange, Wikileaks Founder, believes a Bradley Manning guilty verdict could end journalism as we know it.

Bradley Manning WikiLeaks Verdict: Supporters Show Love [PHOTOS]

As Bradley Manning arrives to Ft. Meade, supporters gather to show their love.

What Is 'Aiding The Enemy'?

Bradley Manning is being charged with "aiding the enemy" but what does that really mean?

Sec. of State John Kerry Defended US Mistreatment of Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning was abused while in US custody, and Secretary of State John Kerry doesn't think anything is wrong with that.

Bradley Manning WikiLeaks Charges: What Are They?

The most serious (and controversial) charge Manning faces is "aiding the enemy," for which he could face life in prison and the possibility of the death penalty.

Bradley Manning Found Not Guilty of Aiding the Enemy, a Small Win For Whistleblowers

Private First Class Bradley Manning was found not guilty of "aiding the enemy" Tuesday after a several months long trial.