These Men Shatter Gender Stereotypes, to the Tune of Your Favorite Spice Girls Songs

This is flawless, fabulous and forever going to change the way you listen to the Spice Girls.

This is the Shocking North Pole Photo Everyone is Freaking Out About

Last week, a small lake appeared at the North Pole. This is been happening for over a decade. Is it too late to start freaking out about it?

This is What Happens When a Man and a Woman Ask Strangers to Have Sex

A funny social experiment highlights how each gender reacts to overt sexuality.

Why Whites Commit Crimes, But Blacks Are Criminals

Most crimes committed against whites are perpetrated by other whites. Yet, most white Americans believe that they are far more likely to fall victims to black violence.

The Biggest Myths About Porn Finally Exposed

Don't feel like your life even starts to compare to porn? Chances are, you're not alone.

10 Things Only Someone Who’s Taken the Bar Exam Would Know

How I got through the worst four months of my life, prepping for the bar exam.

Is George R.R. Martin Ever Going to Finish 'Game Of Thrones'?

As HBO plans season four of its hit 'Game of Thrones' series, George R.R. Martin is still working on the sixth book and has yet to wrap up the saga with book seven. The clock is ticking.

Why 'Welcome To Night Vale' is America's Most Popular Podcast

How to write a LGBTQ romance featuring a POC character. Now that's what I call incredible.

5 Ways Medical Marijuana is Changing the Economy

Medical marijuana (and recreational marijuana in two states) isn't just a cultural sea change — it's had a huge effect on the economies of the states where it's been legalized.

USC Rape Case: Why Do Victims Have to Prove They Resisted Assault?

Universities must improve definitions of consent in their sexual assault policies. Allowing consent to be made verbally "or otherwise" creates an unnecessarily gray area.

Why Julia Child Would Never Have Made it to the Finale Of Hell's Kitchen

Julia Child was a master chef who demystified the kitchen, but she wouldn't stand a chance on the thrill-a-minute reality cooking competitions that we watch today.

Homophobia Finally is Being Pushed Into the Closet

This summer has been tremendous for supporters of gay rights and marriage. On Monday, the pope's comments and the release of a Gallup poll have continued to fuel the progress.

8 Things Every 20-Something Will Tell Their Kids One Day

A recent article labels millennials the "unluckiest generation." That means plenty of life lessons for our children.

The 6 Most Successful Woody Allen Movies

Blue Jasmine, which premiered this weekend, gave director Woody Allen his biggest opening average to date. But could the new drama overtake Allen's previous top six grossing films?

Why I Would Not Major in Philosophy Again

If you're smart enough to be successful with a humanities degree, you're probably smart enough to get along without one.

How One Journalist Sent the NSA's House Of Cards Tumbling

Thanks to the brave voices of those willing to speak out against abuses despite the odds and consequences, the status quo that dominates debate in this country may be quickly changing.

Incompetent, Brutal DEA Pays $4.1 Million to Daniel Chong For Nearly Murdering Him

Daniel Chong just settled his lawsuit with the DEA after having been left in a holding cell for four days. But the DEA has a pattern of scandal and bad behavior.

Anthony Weiner Spokeswoman Calls Intern Olivia Nuzzi a "Slutbag"

Disaster strikes the Weiner campaign again! Spokeswoman calls former intern a "f*cking sl*tbag", a "tw*t," and a "c*nt". When will this madness end?

What Is Quantitative Easing? 4 Things You Need to Know About QE

The Fed is set to make a huge announcement about quantitative easing, which could change the direction of the economy. So what is quantitative easing, anyway?

8 Things Americans Believe, But Aren't Actually True

We all make mistakes, but it could be worse. We could be the KTVU producers who believed the fake (and offensive) names of the Asiana airline pilots, courtesy of an insolent intern.

Boycotting the Sochi Olympics and Vodka Won't Save Russian Gays

Perhaps we should focus our energies on where it may actually have an impact: pressuring our own political representatives who engage with Russia, and American companies who invest there.

Sydney Leathers Stops Sexting, Starts Modeling

Sydney Leathers is painfully embarking upon a foray into adult entertainment. She should instead use her situation to build upon a more respectable career.

5 Reasons Millennials Should Play Go

Go deserves a bigger audience in the West. It's more than just another board game. Here's why.

Human Trafficking is Right in Front of Our Eyes, But We Refuse to See It

Operation Cross Country, the FBI sweep across 76 American cities last weekend, calls our attention to the importance of recognizing and acting against human trafficking in our country.

10 Outstanding PolicyMic Pundits Making Waves Across the Media

PolicyMic pundits are all over the web. See where they've been featured, mentioned, and retweeted by media outlets and organizations in the past few weeks.

Catholic Church of Ireland Loses Major Abortion Law Battle

Irish President Michael D. Higgins signed the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act into law Tuesday, making abortion legal in cases where the mother’s life is at stake.

The End Of BuzzFeed? Why Lists Might Not Be Able to Go On Forever

Does BuzzFeed have an expiration date?

Warren Buffett's Son Just Denounced Philanthropy

Peter Buffett thinks donating to charity is just "conscience laundering" — feeling better about hoarding wealth by sprinkling a little around. Here's why he's wrong.

Watch These Cops Respectfully Handle An Attention-Seeking Gun Rights Advocate

A gun rights advocate spends his free time carrying around his AR-15 and ammo in pubic in order to provoke police into confronting him, filming the encounters and posting them on YouTube.

Pa. Governor Tom Corbett Swears the Bribes He Took Were Legal

Initially promising to restore Pennsylvania's accountability, Corbett has accepted upwards of $11,000 in gifts from lobbyists in the past two years. He doesn't deserve his position.

Your Period Should Never Involve Running Through Fields in White Yoga Pants

HelloFlo's recent advertisement and Bodyform's viral video both provide a comedic and honest way to talk about menstruation – finally.

Glenn Greenwald's Testimony to Congress Killed By Obama

It was a minor event and the White House may have just made it a major one. And it revealed its obstinacy and fearfulness in the process.

What if Slacktivism Actually Could Feed a Hungry Child?

Cynics say that online slacktivism doesn’t help anything. But what if your Facebook “like” fed a hungry child?

Michael Hastings Death Prompts Lawsuit Against FBI

Since Hastings's death, the FBI has neglected to release public information under the Freedom of Information Act. Now they're facing a lawsuit by his colleagues Jason Leopold and Ryan Shapiro.

Weiner May Be a Creep, But What About the Women Who Wrote Back?

Anthony Weiner acted in poor taste, but it takes two to tango on the internet. What about the women who responded to his lewd communications?

Glenn Greenwald Gives Civil Libertarians Momentum Despite Canceled Hearing

Journalist Glenn Greenwald was set to testify at an informal congressional hearing this week on the National Security Agency's mass surveillance program. That hearing has since been canceled.

Think the Syrian Civil War is Bad? Wait Until Iraq Falls Totally Apart Too

The Syrian civil war and the crumbling security situation in Iraq risk becoming two parts of one huge mess, unless regional politicians take swift action to restrain sectarian tension.

Ben Stiller’s New Trailer Already Has Oscar Buzz

A preview of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty has the internet fired up.

Discussing Art and Aliens with Synaptic Stimuli's Michael Chichi

The popular art blog Synaptic Stimuli is known for spotlighting conceptual art. We spoke to the blog's founder, Michael Chichi, about his interests and inspirations.

86 Senators Just Voted to Break the Law

Sen. Rand Paul attempted to lead the Senate into cutting off aid that had been directed to Egypt.

Claiming America is Post-Racial is Willful Ignorance

Holding factually incorrect opinions is not a criminal offense. However, Americans who claim that we live in a colorblind society are guilty of a moral offense.

Want Food Stamps? You Should Have to Look For Work

The first step to a stronger SNAP program and a promising Farm Bill can be fulfilled by making the work requirements of the SNAP Employment and Training program a requirement.

Thanks to XKeyscore and PRISM, Big Brother Has Nothing On the U.S. Government

Think twice about sending that last tweet - the NSA might read it.

5 Things New York Can Learn From London

From the town where you don't need a paper bag to cover alcohol in the street, some suggestions for improvement.

Bloomberg's NYC Soda Ban Struck Down By the Courts, But Was It the Right Decision?

A law banning the sale of sodas and sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces in New York City was rejected in a state’s appeal court on Tuesday.

The Unbearable Suckage Of Summer Movies

Box office film quality has diminished in the last decade, caused by an earlier summer blockbuster season and the rise of quality television shows.

The DSCC is Obsessed With Mitch McConnell

The DSCC is focusing the overwhelming majority of its efforts on an unattainable Senate seat. Is a schoolboy crush on Senator McConnell the cause?

Boston Mayor Election: Pundits Claim Minority Candidates Will Confuse Minority Voters

Boston's mayoral race has unprecedented diversity, but some pundits predict nonwhite candidates will cancel each other out.

Ford to Produce First Natural Gas-Fueled F150

The famed F-150 pickup truck is getting an eco-friendly boost in 2014. Businesses are excited but will the individual consumer benefit?

"American Dream" Remains Elusive For 4 Out Of 5 Americans

According to data compiled by Associated Press, as the economic gap becomes more about class systems rather than racial inequalities, Obama plans to restructure the economic agenda.

TSA Misconduct Just Jumped 26% From 2010

A damning new report on the TSA shows misconduct has jumped 26%. The controversial agency desperately needs reform.

Bradley Manning Convicted Under Espionage Act, Intimidating Whistleblowers Everywhere

Bradley Manning was convicted on Tuesdayunder the Espionage Act for releasing classified documents to Wikileaks in 2010. Is the Act strangling civil liberties?

Denzel Washington Makes Guarantees, Lots and Lots Of Guarantees

A super-cut for the ages. An actor for the pantheon. Ladies and gentlemen, Denzel Washington makes you a boat-load of guarantees.

Mike Bost is the Angriest Congressional Candidate You've Ever Seen

Amusing? Yes! Effective? No. Illinois State Rep. Mike Bost is famous for his outbursts but it won't help him win the Congressional seat he is seeking.

Guantanamo Detainees Choose Fifty Shades of Grey Over the Quran

While Guantanamo Bay librarians screen reading material for sexual content, this explicit novel managed to slip through.

Moscow Mayor's Candidate Wants to Give Ladies Off That Time Of the Month

This Russian deputy genuinely believes that "the pain for the fair sex is so intense that they are forced to call an ambulance" and that menstruating women pose "a societal problem."

NSA's XKeyscore Program Can Track Virtually Everything On the Internet

In another shocking unveiling of the extent of the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs, apparently the security agency can sift through almost all U.S. internet traffic.

JPMorgan Pays Huge Fine After Manipulating Electricity Prices

Amid a summer of banking scandals, the latest to emerge implicates JPMorgan Chase in manipulating the California energy markets, and robbing consumers of $125 million.

New NSA Documents Will Show Why the Government Needs Access to Your Email

More documents about the NSA's surveillance programs are being declassified, giving us greater insight into what the government has been up to, and why.

Egyptians Have Chosen Rebuilding the Economy Over Rebuilding Democracy

An interim administration now governs Egypt, attempting to restore harmony to the North African country. Islamists weren't invited to the table.

Mic Check: How Bradley Manning Became the Most Unusual Revolutionary in American History

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring my take on the world's top news and some of the best links from around the web.

The Dinner Party: Judy Chicago and Jane Gerhard at the Brooklyn Museum

Second-wave feminism and feminist art still have much to say — and many questions to raise — about the history they created.

Bob Filner Needs to Go

Bob Filner has been mayor of San Diego for eight months, and he's already asking the city to pay his sexual harassment lawsuit costs and undergoing "intensive therapy." He needs to make an exit.

John Kerry's Middle East Trip Won't Bring Peace, But It's a Good Start

Secretary of State John Kerry has helped restart negotiations between Israel and Palestine over a two-state solution as he arrives Pakistan to discuss security issues with their new president.

How the Locker Room is Exactly Like the Boardroom

Effective leadership is a necessary for success both on the playing field and in corporate America.