5 Ways Your Constitutional Rights Are Being Violated

The NSA has put the spotlight on our Fourth Amendment right, but this is not the only constitutional amendment currently being leaned on by the government.

Turkish Protests 2013: Gay Pride in Turkey Finally Has Its Moment

As Turkey, a notoriously macho and homophobic society, has begun to demand its rights, members of its LGBT community are feeling freer to be who they are.

Who is Mohamed Morsi and Why Does Egypt Hate Him So Much?

This is why many Egyptians blame Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood for the chaos, violence, and corruption of the past year.

6 Most Extreme Places on Earth, Where Only Bacteria Can Live

Bacteria and other microbes have us beat in terms of living in the extreme.

Chris Christie 2016: For GOP Elites, the Next Election is Christie Or Bust

After revealing that Republican elites begged Christie to take Romney's place in 2011, Christie looks strongest among Republican potentials in a likely 2016 face-off against Hillary Clinton.

July 4th 2013: What It Means To Be Patriotic in 21st Century America

Are you living life by the true values of patriotism?

Listen to 'Magna Carta Holy Grail': First Track 'Holy Grail'

Jay-Z released 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' to 1 million Samsung Galaxy users overnight. Listen to his collaboration with Justin Timberlake 'Holy Grail.'

Hawthorne Police Dog Shooting is Proof That America Needs to Chill Out

The fatal shooting of a dog by police officers in California, is the latest meme to feed our national outrage. It's time this country took a step back to figure out what we're really angry about.

Sofia Coppola and the Unbearable Whiteness of 'The Bling Ring'

The real-life Bling Ring was a diverse group of young people whose run-ins with the law posed different implications for each on account of race. So why did Sofia Coppola choose to whitewash it?

The Dark Side Of The Egyptian Revolution That No One Wants To Talk About

The Egyptian Revolution has a dark side. One that very few are willing to explore.

This 19-Year-Old Could Spend 8 Years in Prison For an Online Joke

Sign the petition here, if you feel that Justin Carter has been unjustly imprisoned.

5 Of the World's Most Successful Pot Smokers

The results from the newest study are in, and it's true...pot turns people into slackers. But don't tell that to these five absurdly successful people.

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest 2013 Live Stream: Watch Here

Nathan's brings the annual eat-off back to Coney Island. Here's where you can watch all the action.

91 Women Were Sexually Assaulted in Tahrir Square Before Morsi Could Be Ousted

Amid military uprisings and subsequent celebrations, we forget the mothers and daughters that were abused during the latest revolution.

10 Things That Also Happened On July 4th

This 4th of July we won't only be celebrating our independence.

7 Cringe-Inducing Moments From the George Zimmerman Trial

The American public has embraced the trial of George Zimmerman as the latest form of episodic entertainment. Like a train wreck, it's hard not to peek even as you try to cover your eyes.

Happy 4th Of July: America Ain't Perfect, But Nothing Is

“America wasn't founded so that we could all be better. America was founded so we could all be anything we damned well pleased.”

Immigration Reform 2013: What is the Hastert Rule, and Why Will It Sink Immigration Reform?

He's violated his Republican predecessor's rule once already. Will John Boehner do it again to pass Marco Rubio's immigration reform?

Edward Snowden Asylum: For Ecuadorians, Snowden Just Reveals Their Own Government's Incompetence

As the Snowden Saga unfolds, in Ecuador we are wondering: What is going on with our country's diplomacy?

Abdul Fattah el Sisi: Egypt's Military Chief and Opposition Aren't Heroes

Egypt's democracy has taken a hit after President Morsi was removed from power by the armed forces in Egypt. Those in the opposition have played a vital role that could be disastrous.

Transgender Students Now Allowed on the Team (and in the Locker Room)

California took a huge step toward equality by allowing transgender students to join the sport teams, and use the facilities, consistent with their gender identity.

It's Not Just 'Big Daddy' Anymore, Single Dads Are On the Rise in America

The amount of single fathers in America has increased ninefold since the 1960s.

July 4th Protest: NSA Scandal Prompts 4J Demonstration

For the folks of 'Restore the Fourth,' fed up with the NSA surveillance, this 4th of July won't be for barbecues and fireworks.

July 4 2013: America is Not a Democracy — It's Something Even Better

The United States has lost its republican tradition and must get it back. Note the lower-case "r" - we're not talking Mitt Romney or Ronald Reagan here.

Independence Day 2013: Today, Celebrate Our History by Fighting Historical Ignorance

Today is the day we celebrate our Declaration of Independence, but the biggest threat to our democracy is historical illiteracy — and it's attacking us from within.

Mitch McConnell Campaign Video: WATCH: Did the GOP Really Just Dish Out the Gangsta?

The GOP is scrambling to attract younger voters. But can someone please explain what this...thing is?

7 Women Who Fought To Keep America Free

This 4th of July, let's acknowledge the work of seven women who dedicated their lives to the cause of freedom for all.

A 4th of July Drinking Game For All Liberal-Minded Humans

As you don your red, white, and blue apparel and head to your nearst BBQ, take a few minutes to think about the stories that prove how much more progress America has yet to make.

Another Old Republican Dude Who Doesn't Understand Sexual Harrassment

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz) believes sexual harassment at schools has to get so bad that the person can't function, before it is considered a reportable offense.

24 Under 24: Meet These Amazing Millennials Who Are Keeping America Strong

On July 4, we recognize 24 young people who are working to protect our democracy and proving that when millennials are involved in government, we get a better result for everyone.

Mohamed Morsi Coup: How Badly Could Egypt's Coup Backfire? Just Look at Venezuela

The 2002 attempt to overthrow Chávez actually made him stronger. His followers were more convinced than ever of the legitimacy of his cause. This can also happen in Egypt.

Basell III: What's in the Fed's New Ruling On Global Banking?

On Tuesday, the Federal Reserve approved a stringent set of new global standards, known as Basel III, on capital and debt. Here's what they mean.

Morsi Coup: What the American Media Didn't Cover

The excessive coverage of the George Zimmerman trial by major news agencies eclipsed reporting of the historical events unfolding in Egypt.

July 4 2013: An Open Letter to the War That Took My Best Friends

As we celebrate July 4 at home, my two best friends are off fighting thousands of miles away. And for what?

July 4: Congratulations America, Look How Far You've Come

The following historical milestones demonstrate America has advanced to form a "more perfect union."

Dear CNN and FOX, the George Zimmerman Trial Is Not the Center Of the Universe

American news has become so U.S. focused that major international events have slipped through the cracks, while cable news focusing solely on George Zimmerman.

Flag Beer Cans Are Not the Mark Of True Patriotism

Consumer culture has made it far too easy to feel patriotic, but, ironically, that has made true acts of patriotism all the more powerful.

Egyptian Military Coup: Are Radical Islamists the Real Winners?

The military coup in Egypt may have actually strengthened radical Islamists rather than defeating them, and pushed the Muslim Brotherhood towards more extreme methods of grasping power.

Egypt Revolution: What Obama Can Learn From Clinton

It's time to bring back some 1990s foreig policy swag.

Student Loan Increase 2013: Right, Increasing Loan Rates Totally Sends a Great Message to Poor Students

President Obama and House Republican inability to agree on student loan interest rates will raise the cost of college for those who can afford it least as college costs continue to raise.

Banks Make $25 Billion On Overdraft Fees — Here's How to Beat Them

Huge banks have gotten remarkably creative about finding new ways to rip off consumers. Here's how they do it, and here's how you can fight back.

What's Wrong With the Middle East? And Other Questions Aaron David Miller Can't Answer

The former State Department official and Foreign Policy columnist is too eager to ignore the realities of foreign intervention from his analysis of the region.

5 Reasons Why the Numbers Don't Lie On Stop and Frisk

Because NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg just can't seem to get the math right, we've given him a little help.

Millennial Unemployment Reaches 20 Percent in France, Is There Hope For the Jobless Youth?

French labor protectionism makes it harder for the 20%+ millennial unemployed to find work.

Character Matters in Pro Athletes, But How Much and For How Long?

Patriots' tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested on murder charges begging the question, how much weight should we put on the personal lives of professional athletes?

How Much Do U.S. Businesses Pay in Taxes? Trick Question!

Simplifying the tax code would benefit small businesses and the American public in general, without raising or lowering the "real tax rate."

SCAF Ousts Morsi's Brotherhood in Egypt: Now What

The relationship between the Egyptian military and the public has a long and complicated history in the country.

Hassan Rouhani: Young Iranians Are Ready to Move Forward — Is Their New President?

Iranians supported a moderate for President in overwhelming numbers — someone who has a propensity to support greater social freedoms and improve Iran's failing economy.