You'll Never Guess What the Smartest City in America is

It rhymes with Shmithaca.

The Cronut Craze is Spiraling Out Of Control

Pastry chef Dominique Ansel's hybrid doughnut and croissant, the Cronut, is taking New York by storm. A black market has even emerged re-selling the treats. But is the Cronut worth the hype?

Why Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg Are Two Totally Different Actors

The two actors both rose to fame by playing sweetly awkward nerds. They’re also both writers. But their similitaries end there.

Suzy Favor Hamilton Shouldn't Be Shamed For Turning to Sex Work

Former University of Wisconsin middle distance runner Suzy Favor Hamilton went to the Olympics three times. But after it was revealed she became an escort, she quickly fell from grace.

Rio Olympics 2016: Proof That Investments in Infrastructure Can Be a Waste of Money

Brazil must revisit the way in which it is allocating money to the Olympics. As thousands protest investment in sporting events, lamenting social hardship, politicians should listen.

Girl Code MTV: What the New Show Really Understands About Women

Is MTV's "Girl Code" really a new insightful look into what makes girls tick? Or is it just the same nonsense we've been hearing from the media since the beginning? Let's find out.

Ungrateful Bride Throws a Fit Over $100 Cash Wedding Gift — and It Goes Viral

Wedding season is upon us. But despite the countless do's and don'ts of wedding gift etiquette, this bride wasn't too happy with the gift from one of her guests.

Justin Carter Jailed For Facebook Comment, But He's Just Unfunny, Not a Terrorist

An 18-year-old gamer was arrested for saying he'd shoot up a school on Facebook. But the threat wasn't serious.

If Aliens Did Attack, What's the Worst That Could Happen?

With the July 4 holiday weekend, now is the perfect time to think about what life would be like if "Independence Day" became a reality.

Thailand's "Hitler Fried Chicken" is a Little Out Of Mein Kampfort Zone

A store in Bangkok, Thailand that sells t-shirts poking fun at Hitler and Nazi imagery caused a stir – and exposes a larger trend in Asia. Westerners are baffled and angry, but should they be?

'Yeezus' Could Not Be Farther From 'Magna Carta Holy Grail'

And I think both artists want it that way.

'Pacific Rim' Movie: Why This Conflict Might Fail With Audiences

What does it say about the state of the film industry if a director of Guillermo Del Toro’s passion and talent can’t drum up audience interest?

Female Superheros Can't Kick Butt With a Body Like That

If the men cast to play heroes can look strong, why can't the women?

11 Words That Give Away Exactly Where You're From In The U.S

You may not even notice, but the words that you use in everyday language can reveal where in the U.S you've grown up. Here are 11 words that give away your home state or region.

Immigration Reform 2013: The Newest Way to Keep Immigrants Out? Drones Near the Border

US Customs and Border Patrol seeks to weaponize drones with 100-mile access into US territory. Everyone shudders with excitement and terror at the thought.

Is Modern Poetry Too Complicated For Modern Readers?

Modern poetry is difficult and complex. Does that mean it's beyond us? Or is there still hope?

10 Performers Overshadowed By Their Incredibly Famous Siblings

A little competition between brothers and sisters never hurt anybody. Except these guys.

Timothy Dolan Abuse: NYC Cardinal is Still Trying to Sweep Abuse Under the Rug

For an institution that prides itself on morality and religion, the Catholic Church seems to have an awful lot of pedophilia going around.

Feminist Summer Camp? Yes, Please!

Feeling a little isolated in your activism? Want to learn more about feminism in practice and meet more awesome fellow feminists? Sign up for Soapbox's Feminist Camp!

Why I Created An App To Help Workers Take Lunch Breaks At Age 13

Even though I plan to be a lawyer, not a computer scientists, there's a reason I spend my days taking online courses and reading books on programming.

Sorry, Female Pick-Up Artists — Your Version Isn't Feminist, Either

There’s been much ado about pick-up artistry on the internet following Kickstarter's decision to ban seduction manuals. But when they're written by women, they're no better.

Adam Kokesh Video: Libertarian's Gun-Toting D.C. Adventure Will Only Result in Prison and Outrage

Adam Kokesh has posted a video that shows him illegally loading a firearm in the middle of D.C. He's only hurting himself and his message.

'The Lone Ranger' Movie Review: Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer Can't Save This Snoozer

Made by the same team as the "Pirates of the Caribbean," "The Lone Ranger" is only partially redeemed by a solid performance from Johnny Depp.

Glenn Greenwald: The Made-Up Divide Between Journalists and Activists

Whether we like it or not, all journalism has an agenda. The trick is figuring out exactly what that agenda is — and encouraging writers to be open about it.

Abortion Rally Reels in Activists in Oak Park

An abortion rally in Oak Park, Ill., drew a crowd of people outside Dr. Cheryl Chastine's office to protest and protect what they believe are fundamental human rights.

Will Kevin Hart's New Movie Be All Hype?

He's very quotable, but he's a tad bit funnier when understated.

Royal Baby Name: The World's Obsession Has Only Just Begun

As Kate's due date gets closer, the obsession has only intensified; she is carrying the future of the Royal Family, and the world's attention is narrowing in.

National Gay Blood Drive: Why is the FDA Treating LGBT People Like Second-Class Citizens?

Declaration of Independence states all are created equal, and every citizen have the liberties and freedom to pursue happiness. Is this true when gay and bisexual men can't even donate blood?

DOMA Unconstitutional: Binational LGBT Couples Can Now Come Home, With a Purpose

When the Defense Of Marriage Act was ruled unconstitutional, exiled binational same-sex couples earned the right to come home to the U.S. They're returning, and with a mission.

Instagram Video vs. Vine: Why Vine Will Emerge On Top

Though Instagram has a larger user base, Vine has already created a culture of its own and can leverage its simple interface for success.

NSA Surveillance: Metadata Isn't What You Think It Is

Before hyperventilating, excoriating and otherwise panicking, understand what we're talking about.

What Happens When Churches Use Religion as An Anti-Israel Bludgeon?

Christ at the Checkpoint erodes support for Israel and hinders lasting peace through its distortion of evangelical theology and by lending credibility to extremists.

Is Nelson Mandela Dead? African Leader On Life Support

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the world's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Simi Valley Firework Explosion YouTube: Are Fireworks Worth the Trouble?

Even being reasonably safe can make you sorry come the 4th of July, but won't stop people from coming out to view the show.

Weekly Culture Round-Up: 'The Lone Ranger's' Epic Fail and Holden Caulfield's NYC

This week's selections for PolicyMic's top Culture reads. Check 'em out.

Ed O'Bannon Lawsuit: Could College Athletes Finally Start to Get Paid For Working?

A lawsuit being brought by former and current college athletes against the NCAA has the potential to fundamentally change the way college athletics operates going forward.

Sybrina and Jahvaris Fulton Testify They Heard Trayvon Martin's Screams On 911 Call

Sybrina and Jahvaris Fulton, Trayvon Martin's mother and brother, told the jury of the George Zimmerman trial that they heard Trayvon's screams on an audio recording of a 911 call.

Janelle Monae 'Dance Apocalyptic' Video: Watch the Newest Evolution in Music Videos

The singer's newly released video is another notch in an encouraging trend of long-form videos and short films in music.

Harry Jackson Smears Homosexual Marriages in Yet Another Baseless Attack

The bishop's attacks on homosexual marriages are not only baseless, they have come to represent attitudes that are slowly withering away.

Inside the Controversy That Has Ultimate Frisbee Players Up in Arms

Professional ultimate frisbee players find themselves torn between honoring tradition and pushing to expand their sport.

In 40 Years, the Most Visited City in the World Might Be Underwater

Bangkok is the most visited city in the world, and it has a serious sinking problem the Thai government is ignoring.

Ukraine Rape Case: You Can Get Away With Anything With Friends in the Right Places

Former Soviet states are widely perceived as corrupt and ineffectual. In cases like this it's not hard to see why

5 Must-Have Books For Your Summer Beach Reading

Sun, surf and sand are at hand. Here's some books to sink your teeth into while you're relaxing this summer at the beach.

9 Summer Moments That You Always Forget Totally Suck

Because what could be more sexy than having the back of your skirt stick to your sweaty legs?

Egypt Military Coup: This Isn't a Coup — It's Going Back to Square One

Running a country during revolutionary times is not always about democracy. The West may feel like democracy is the end-all, but such assumptions miss two key points in the Egyptian case.

Muslim Brotherhood Deserved to Be Ousted, But Not Like This

Egypt's President Morsi has been removed from office in a military coup. But Egyptians and the world should be very suspicious of the army's intentions.

7 Activities If You're Staying in NYC This Holiday Weekend

There are plenty of ways to stay entertained in New York City this weekend. It is, after all, the city that never sleeps. These seven activities will liven up your July 4 weekend.

Mohamed Morsi Coup: The Army vs. the Government Is Just the Way Things Go in Egypt

As the Egyptian military decided to remove Mohamed Morsi, it risked bringing more uncertainty and instability than effectively progressing towards democracy and freedom.

Egyptian Military Coup: Democracy is Not the Goal of Government — Human Rights Are

Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's first democratically elected president, was ousted by Army General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. He deserved to be kicked out of office, elected or not.

Canada Day Bomb Plot Not Actually "Inspired by Al-Qaeda"

Police attributed "Al-Qaeda" ideology to the incident, giving no clear reason why and changing the nature of the case altogether. This was a poor move.

8 Photos That Perfectly Depict Summer in the American Heartland

Summer in the United States feels powerful and legendary: here are eight pictures that embody everything that summer represents to Americans.

The Less We Fear Each Other, the Less We Need the Government

A society without rulers does not mean a society without rules.

Take An Obligatory Trip Down Memory Lane With 'Independence Day'

Celebrate your independence and your childhood with "Independence Day," a movie that, beyond all others, celebrates the unbridled optimism of the 90s.

4 Foolproof Steps To Mastering the Art Of Persuasion

Are you persuasive? Here are 4 steps for effective persuasion and scientific studies to prove them.

Marco Rubio: Senator's New Abortion Ban Proves GOP Hasn't Learned Much

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio announced his sponsorship of a Senate bill to ban abortion after an unborn child is 20 weeks old. Let's just all forget 2012 ever happened!

The One Place Where the Government's Not Nearly Big Enough

Vacancies are at record highs in appellate and district courts. It's easy to see the problem but harder to pinpoint the blame.