9 Issues That America Must Address Now

America's got plenty of smaller problems that will affect our country if we don't address them. But these 9 issues are the big ones. If we don't get them right, nothing else will matter.

The Death Penalty Has No Good Purpose — Practical Or Moral

The United States needs to abolish the death penalty. It’s archaic, costly, ineffective and, most importantly, unjust.

John Paul II Sainthood: 4 Steps to Becoming a Catholic Saint

Follow this methodical process and you, too, can become a saint!

George Zimmerman Trial: It's Only Halftime, But the Trial is Already Over

The prosecution has failed to meet its burden of proof, and here's why.

July 2013 Jobs Report: Only 47% Of Adults Have a Full-Time Job in Obama "Recovery"

The markets reacted positively to June's jobs report due to lowered expectations, but what does that mean for the job seeker? Nothing, as more are forced to switch to welfare and part time work.

Shocking Video Of Quebec Train Explosion: Is an American Firm to Blame?

Lac-Mégantic, Québec: Over 1,000 people are evacuated with several missing children after a train carrying over 2,000 tons of crude oil explodes. The train is owned by the U.S. firm Rail World.

Egypt Military Coup: This Was a Revolution, Not a Coup — Despite What the American Media Says

This is an Egyptian revolution, not a military takeover. Americans won't say so because they secretly wish they could do the same

Marijuana Legalization: How a Southerner Learned to Love Legalized Pot

After leaving the restrictive hills of Tennessee I couldn't help but indulge in all that California has to offer.

NSA Surveillance Scandal: Good For You, President Obama

The balance between privacy and safety is fragile. President Obama rose to his position with gravitas, and I respect his resolve, though unpopular in the case, to keeping the nation safe.

American Higher Education is Too Liberal — But Not in the Way You Think

"Liberal" isn't just a political belief — it's a way of deciding which courses students should have to take. American universities are too liberal, and the consequences can be troublesome.

Texas Abortion Ban: This Summer's Guerrilla War On Women

The GOP is chipping away at reproductive rights again, this time through bills on Sharia law and state budgets.

4 Facts About the Female Body For Ignorant Republican Lawmakers

A basic biology lesson for lawmakers too busy to see their female constituents as human.

Royal Baby 2013: £50,000 in Taxpayer Money is Being Spent On What?!

The UK is spending £50,000 ($74,522) of taxpayers' money to issue "lucky pennies" to those giving birth on the same day as William and Kate. Given the current economic climate, is it worth it?

Watch: Boeing 777 Crashes At San Francisco Airport

An Asiana Airlines flight crashed during landing at San Francisco airport on Saturday afternoon.

Justin Carter: There's a Little Troll In All Of Us

The recent news of Justin Carter is another example of the potential gravity of our online posts. As the internet evolves, so too should the way we choose to communicate on it.

Supreme Court Voting Rights Act: To See Where Voting Rights Are Going, Keep An Eye On Texas

In the wake of the SCOTUS Voting Rights Act ruling, Texas has initiated new voter laws. The success or failure of these initiatives will demonstrate how racism still functions today.

Obama's Africa Investment is Smart Strategy With a Side Of Sneaky Dealing

Like his two predecessors, Obama has proposed his own investment plan for Africa. But the countries it's targeting are a mixed bag — some are stable and prosperous, and others are a hot mess.

Edward Snowden Asylum: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is Trolling the U.S.

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro's decision to grant asylum to Edward Snowden has a much deeper political motivation than you might think.

Mohamed Morsi Coup: "Was That a Coup D'Etat" Is Obama's $1.5 Billion Question

The United States is prohibited from giving aid to countries being ruled by a coup d'etat. It's for the better, anyway — the U.S. should secure good ties with Egypt and then get out.

Julia Gillard: Australia's PM Isn't Blaming Her Loss On Her Gender, But Others Are

Julia Gillard lost the party leadership to Kevin Rudd last week in a do-or-die vote of confidence, but her supporters are claiming there was more to the story.

U.S. Sanctions Have Crippled the Iranian Economy — and Made Iranians Hate us More

Fifty percent of Iranians can't adequately feed or shelter their families and they blame the U.S. more than any other nation. Sanctions are hindering, not helping, our foreign policy.

Ireland Abortion Bill: Europe's Biggest Holdout On Abortion Might Be Ready to Give In

The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill is currently under debate in the Irish Parliament. Does it go too far or does it not go far enough?

California Jumps Ahead Of the Pack On LGBT Rights in Schools

California approved a bill requiring public K-12 schools to let transgender students choose which restrooms they use and which school teams they join based on their gender identity.

This Study On the Best States to Be a Kid is Missing One Crucial Ingredient

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has come out with its list of the best and worst states to be a kid. There's some truth to the numbers, but the most crucial component is missing.

8 Pictures That Show What Morsi's Ouster Meant to Egypt

Was it a coup? Was it a revolution? Either way, Egyptians celebrated throughout the night as Morsi was ousted by the military.

John Paul II Sainthood: Beloved Polish Pope is Cleared to Become a Saint

After much anticipation the Catholic Church may refer to one of its most beloved popes as a saint.

WATCH: Preacher Gets Confused About Who Christians Are Supposed to Worship

A Baptist preacher demands worship from his congregation, berating them and telling them they won't find a better pastor if they let him go.

5 Underrated Cities For Millennials to Make Their Summer

All the places where you wanted to travel, but no one told you to ask about.

"Restore The Fourth" Movement: Will It Get Any More Than 15 Minutes Of Fame?

Americans exercised their First Amendment rights to defend their Fourth Amendment rights, but this movement's momentum will fade once Edward Snowden ceases to dominate the headlines.

What's the One Area Where Bush Out-Performed Obama?

Obama's recent visit to sub-Saharan Africa illustrates how little he has really done for the continent — a record that contrasts unfavorably with that of his predecessor.

Celebrate Your July 4 Hangover — It Means You Actually Have An Independence Day

Count your lucky 50 stars that you live in a place with a long tradition of democratic discourse and governance.