8 Best Indie Movies to See This Summer

These small budget wonders deserve big audiences.

Google Science Fair 2013: Meet the 15 Amazing, World-Changing Finalists

The competition: cutting-edge software, disease cures, robot hands, and self-powering flashlights. It will definitely take more than a baking soda and vinegar volcano to win this competition.

Depression Physically Changes Your Brain, Scientists Discover

Researchers found an expected change and reaction in the brains of healthy people after electrical stimulation, but not in the depressed. Have they finally proved depression changes the brain?

The Biggest Risk to the Environment? China's Population

China's rapidly growing population, coupled with a reliance on dirty energy sources and a complete dearth of regulation, poses the greatest threat to the world's environment.

A Citizen's 6-Step Guide to Debating a One-Percenter

PolicyMic's guide to debunking a half-dozen absurdities and myths you may find thrown at you when discussing inequality with a libertarian.

Ouya Review: Meet the Little Video Game Console With (Unrealistic) Geopolitical Aspirations

Ouya came out of the gate recently with a lot of indie hype and high expectations. It fell flat, and for good reason.

"Magna Carta Holy Grail" Review: 3 Things Jay-Z Disappointed Us With

Jay-Z's new album is strong, but still leaves something to be desired after an online leak this weekend. It hits retailers everywhere Monday.

5 Unlikable and Flawed Heroines You Can't Help But Root For

Because being loved by everyone is overrated.

Mandela and Me: Living in the Shadow Of the Black Pimpernel

Throughout my frustrations with contemporary African leadership, I was looking for any sign of our ability to lead our people. I found Mandela — a leader I could reckon with.

Everything I Learned at College I Could Have Purchased At the iTunes Store For $9.99

Life hack: don't spend $200,000 on college when its most important lessons can be found at the iTunes store for a signficantly better price.

Department Of Defense Furloughs Are Kicking In, and Foreign Employees Get a Free Pass

The sequester's infamous Department of Defense furloughs will begin this week for 650,000 Americans, but international law will defend non-American employees.

Americans For Prosperity's Attack Ads Against Obamacare Aren't a Solution to Anything

Americans For Prosperity are on the attack against Obamacare. But without any new solutions, are they just impeding progress?

Jon Stewart "Crossfire": CNN’s Partisan Hacks Will Fail Us Again

Van Jones, Cutter, Gingrich, and Cupp, highlight the new Crossfire. Can we actually have some honest discussion or will they give Jon Stewart more material?

Obamacare Will Let People Work Part-Time For the Same Wage, Out Of Your Pocket

The Obamacare economy will allow people to work part-time, receive government healthcare subsidies, and make as much money as they would working full-time.

5 Things You Can Do to Help End Sexual Assault on Campus

College is a time for new experiences, both good and bad. As the new semester is just around the corner, it is imperative to keep student safety in mind.

How to Find An Apartment in New York City

Spoiler alert: it's really, really, really hard. But not impossible.

Chicago Activists Throw Block Party Against Austerity

Protesters march to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's house to speak out against budget cuts that detract from public services like education and health care.

Dwightmare: Should Laker Fans Really Be Mad At Dwight Howard?

D12 is on his way to Houston, and you can already find his purple and gold jersey burning throughout Los Angeles. Does Howard deserve to be reviled?

Wimbledon 2013: Is Andy Murray the World's Most Likable Tennis Player?

Murray's second Grand Slam win came Sunday at Wimbledon. The Brit is probably the most charismatic star in the sport.

Pope John Paul II to Become a Saint

Just eight years after his death, Pope John Paul II will be canonized by the Catholic Church.

Guantánamo Hunger Strike: It Doesn't Matter Whether Force-Feedings Comply With Ramadan

The force-feeding in Guantánamo will continue over Ramadan ... just not during the periods of traditional fast. But does anyone really think this will improve the U.S.'s image?

Shark Fin Ban: The Free Market Won't Protect Sharks, So California Has to

Everyone agrees we shouldn't be able to racially segregate private establishments, so why doesn't everyone agree we shouldn't be able to serve population-reducing meals?

As the Middle East is Wracked By Riots, is There Still Hope For Democracy?

In 2013 we have seen riots in Turkey, Tunisia, and Egypt. Why is it that democracy — a system that the West praises so highly — can make so many people in the East so unhappy?

Asiana Airlines Flight 214: Faccebook's Sheryl Sandberg Narrowly Avoids Plane Crash

A last-minute travel switch was all that was between Sheryl Sandberg and the Asiana Airlines flight that crashed on Saturday, which killed two and injured scores more.

The Real Reason Putin and Obama Are Duking It Out? Stubbornness

The real reason that the U.S. and Russia's relations have been trending downwards isn't irreconcilable differences. It's reluctance.

5 Biggest 90s TGIF Crushes

'TGIF' was an essential part of every kid's diet who grew up in the 90s. Hopefully TGIF will make a comeback. Until then, lets reminisce and marvel in our biggest TGIF crushes.

Jeffrey P. Walz: Remains of 9/11 Firefighter Found 12 Years Later

The remains of Jeffrey P. Walz, a first responder on the scene of the September 11 terrorist attacks, have recently been identified — over a decade after the original attacks.

Congress is Too Dysfunctional to Lower Student Loan Rates — Let's Not Give Them That Responsibility

If there is any argument to made for attaching student loan interest rates to the private sector, it's Congress' inability to responsibly set them themselves.

Solar-Powered Plane Lands At JFK in a Sweeping Victory For Renewable Energy

Two pilotes completed the final leg of a trans-contitental flight last night on the first plane operated solely by solar energy. It's a huge step forward for green energy.