7 Reasons Flying is Still the Safest Way to Travel

Air travel is the safest method of transportation, despite common fears that prevent passengers from flying. Here are seven reasons why you should not be afraid to take flight.

Asiana Flight 214: Flight Attendants Are Unsung Heroes in the San Francisco Crash

As news of the tragic San Francisco crash landing unfolds, it's important to acknowledge those who help ensure safe air travel for millions of people every day.

This is What Liberia Looks Like 10 Years After a Devastating Civil War

The Liberian Wars ended a decade ago. Today, the influences that such events continue to have on the population vary considerably, indicating the great complexities of civil conflict.

This Horrific Video Will Completely Change Your View of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Brazil's outburst of civil violence makes it hard to care about soccer next summer. Just this previous week, a soccer referee was decapitated and his head mounted on a spike.

'Magna Carta Holy Grail': A Track By Track Review Of Jay-Z's Album

Here's everything you need to know about the 16 songs on his latest album.

Social Media is Bringing An Unhealthy Amount Of FOMO Into Your Life

A reliance on social media is one characteristic of the millennial generation, but perhaps this networking tendency is doing more harm than good.

MTV Wild n' Out: 6 Reasons It's Going to Be the Best Thing On Air This Summer

Are we on da air?! Yes. Yes we are.

'True Blood' Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: Say Hello to Your Fairy-Vampire

In Sunday night's episode, we learn Ben isn't so boring after all.

41 Badass Female Athletes Who Prove Title IX Still Matters

Forty-one years of Title IX gives us 41 (thousand? million?) reasons to celebrate women in athletics.

Watch This 21-Year-Old Expose Shocking Police Abuse On Hidden Tape in Tennessee

The Fourth Amendment was flagrantly violated this Fourth of July in Tennessee. Fortunately, it was all caught on video.

How Nelson Mandela Walked Away From Violence and Hate

Mahatma Gandhi's teachings of pacifism helped reshape Mandela's initially violent political views.

"Pro-Life" and "Pro-Choice" Labels Make Abortion Debate Even Worse Than It Needs to Be

There's more agreement on abortion – and less need for animosity about it – than our labels suggest.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why More Border Security is Not the Answer

It's always smart to ask a professional in the field what they think of reform measures. I had the chance to talk to Akshat Tewary, an immigration and securities lawyer, about immigration reform.

8 Things We've Learned From Rick Perry

On Monday, Rick Perry announced he wouldn't run for reelection as Texas' governor. To celebrate, let's remember some of the things he's taught us over the years.

You Won't Believe How These Men Are Ending Gun Violence in Their Deadly Hometown

Featured in a forthcoming documentary, "A Confused War," a few dedicated community leaders in Richmond, Calif., are working tirelessly to change their city's deadly reputation.

This is What the School-to-Prison Pipeline Looks Like, In Two Charts

While the government closes dozens of schools in our biggest cities, it is somehow finding millions of dollars to build prisons.

Are You An "A"-Grade Employee — Or Are You a Drag On Your Boss?

What does it take to make an acceptable employee into an excellent one? And how should companies identify and deal with non-performers?

Want to Solve Youth Unemployment? Give Us the Skills to Pay the Bills

Despite more young Americans graduating from college, youth unemployment rates have failed to improve. A mixture of a loose labor market and poor skill training is to blame.

8 Fashion Trends That Need to Die

All of these trends should disappear for good.

Oregon Tuition Plan: New Plan Could Revolutionize Higher Education

With states like WA, VT, NY, PA, and WN considering the adoption of their own Pay It Forward model, the students of Oregon are uniquely poised to transform the future of American public colleges.

Mos Def Force Fed: Did He Just Become a Champion For Human Rights?

Bound to a chair and enduring agony, Mos Def took part in an exercise meant to display the inhuman nature of force-feeding performed on detainees at Guantanamo Bay. The impact was profound.

What Happens in Guantanamo, Even Badass Rapper Mos Def Can't Endure For 2 Minutes

This is the Brooklyn rapper's most explicit political message, and it certainly hits home.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Are We "Ready For Hillary"? History Says No

As we speculate over Hillary Clinton's possible 2016 run, it is important to recognize that the scales are tipped against any female candidate.

NYC Summer Concerts: 7 Best Shows Happening This Week

Every Monday from here on out, I shall be providing you with a rundown of what's going on in New York City (and occasionally around it) for your musical listening pleasure.

Lone Ranger Movie Review: The 6 Things You Need to Know About the Movie

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the world's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Civil Rights Acts Repeal: Why Titles II and IV Need to Go

Titles II and VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964, with the best of intentions, trampled on property rights in America.

The 10 Best Celebrity Video Game Voice Actors in History

Because when an actor is amazing, their voice alone is Oscar-worthy.

How Elite Universities Leave Their Students Unprepared For the Real World

Elite universities boast high starting salaries for their grads and rigorous curriculums. But would they be better off providing courses in personal finance and majors for specific professions?

Obamacare Delay: A Political Plot Toward the 2014 Midterms

Democrats are just trying to run away from the health care monster they have created

Egypt Riots: It's Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

If you needed evidence that the transition to democracy in Egypt won't be a quick one, take a look at today's riots.

The Berlusconi Sex Scandal Makes People Question, Should We Legalize Prostitution?

The only way to eventually put an end to prostitution is to educate people from an early age about sex.

To Celebrate Ramadan, U.S. Military Will Force-Feed Guatanamo Detainees Only at Night

Guantanamo's force-feeding procedures are not only disrespectful during Ramadan, but also inhumane and unjust.

Abortion Laws: Will We Ever Agree On the Moment of Conception?

Trick question. Agreeing on the moment of conception doesn't actually matter that much as long as the pro-life movement keeps up its double standards.

This Is Planned Parenthood's Plan to Fight Back Against States That Want to Shut Them Down

Planned Parenthood has a scheme to combat the Republican-led rollback of women's reproductive services in several states.

Edward Snowden Forces America's Biggest Security Agency to Reevaluate Its Security Situation

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos, NSA Director General Keith Alexander stated that there were no "alarm bells" that identified Snowden's illegal activities.

Without the Voting Rights Act, Will the South Welcome Back Jim Crow?

After the Supreme Court made their controversial decision about the Voting Rights Act, some of the previously covered states are moving quickly to implement new changes to their voting laws.

Egypt Coup Was Necessary to Preserve Democracy

States in turmoil often turn to stable institutions such as the military to safeguard the national interest in times of crisis.

Sanctioning Latin America For Sheltering Edward Snowden Would Be Ludicrous

The U.S. might be right to be angry about Latin American countries offering Edward Snowden asylum. But it would be quite unreasonable for it to sanction them.

There is Only One Thing That Will Stabilize Egypt — Economics

In Egypt, the army is the devil and the ultraconservatives are his associates. The leaders of the Tamarod movement partnered with them once, but should now focus on improving the economy instead.

Ft. Hood Trial: 5 Ways a Military Trial Is Different From a Civilian One

Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the man responsible for the mass shooting at Fort Hood in 2009, faces a court-martial for his crimes. How is this different from civilian court?

PolicyMic Summer Reading List: Growing Up and Growing Older With 'A Tree Grows in Brookyn'

As an adult, I've come to also gain sympathy for, and identify with, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" heroine Katie Nolan, a steely woman who is the backbone of her family.

8 Movies About Teens and Kids That 20-Somethings Love

Because we're all 10-years-old at heart.

Oregon Tuition Plan: The Beaver State Breaks the Dam Of Student Debt

Why try to deal with student loans when we can just eliminate them altogether?

The EU-U.S. Free Trade Deal, in Plain English

The U.S. and the EU are set to begin talks to create a major free trade agreement. What does it really mean?

26,000 Binational Same-Sex Couples to Benefit From DOMA Ruling

Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling, LGBT Americans now have the chance to sponsor their spouses for immigraton purposes.

Mohamed Morsi Was Deposed in a Popular Revolution, Not a "Coup"

Can we really call Morsi's ouster a military coup? Without the immense participation of protesters, this "coup" wouldn't have happened.

Tell Us What You Know About PolicyMic's Next Hot Topic: Climate Change

Feeling hot under the collar about Obama's recent speech on climate change? Join PolicyMic's special conversation for July!

Immigration Reform and Student Loans: Congress is Failing At What We Elected Them to Do

... but we elected it to be that way. Can Congress work hard and fast to be what we always imagined it'd be?

4 Things Congress Has Accomplished By Doing Nothing

Another two years, another "Do-Nothing Congress." This may not be as awful as you think, though. Here's why.

Workplace Bullying: Are You a Victim Or a Perpetrator?

Workplace bullying is no different than bullying in school.

Think Social Security is Unaffordable Now? Just You Wait

While Social Security does not count towards the budget deficit, it still contributes to it. My retirement — and the retirement of thousands like me — will make it even worse.

Eliot Spitzer Scandal Could Ruin His NY Political Comeback

While everyone focuses on Spitzer’s past sins, voters should keep in mind that there's more to his record than prostitutes. Spitzer was tough on fraud, and that's what matters as comptroller.

Edyz Duran: Is the State Dept. a Bigger Security Threat Than Snowden?

Misconduct amongst State Department employees is opening the door for foreign intelligence gathering. Our security problems are much larger than just Edward Snowden.

Rick Perry Announcement: Texas Governor Won't Seek Re-Election

At 1 p.m. on Monday, Texas Governor Rick Perry will be making a few announcements about his future in politics.

Clashes in Egypt: 50 Dead in Skirmish Between Army and Pro-Morsi Protesters

On Monday, 50 die in clash between the Egyptian Army and pro-Morsi protesters.