Antoinette Tuff: Meet the Woman Who Prevented a Mass School Shooting Yesterday

In Tuesday's terrifying incident in which a man carrying a rifle and other weapons entered an Atlanta elementary school, Antoinette Tuff helped convince the gunman to surrender.

A Homeless Man Enters the Subway – What Happens Next is Something Even New Yorkers Have Never Seen

The prank that is guaranteed to make every New Yorker laugh out loud.

12 Top Colleges Where Students Get the Best Bang For Their Buck

These 12 colleges are affordable, have high graduation rates, and have among the best starting salaries for graduates. Each is on track to benefit from Obama's new college ranking system.

Russia's Anti-Gay Law, Spelled Out in Plain English

A close look at what's actually written in President Vladimir Putin's draconian anti-gay law reveals just how heinous this law really is for Russia's LGBT community.

11 Best Quotes From 'Orange is the New Black'

If you're going through "Orange is the New Black" withdrawal, take a nostalgic walk down memory lane and look at these great quotes and GIFs from the show.

Delbert Belton and Christopher Lane Hate Crimes Show a Massive Racial Divide in America

Delbert Belton survived the battle of Okinawa to die at age 88 after being beaten outside the Eagles Lodge in Spokane, WA. African American teens identified in surveillance video are sought.

Obamacare Strikes, and Forever 21 Cuts Employees' Hours

Responding to regulations imposed by the Affordable Care Act, Forever 21 has demoted all of its non-management employees to part-time work.

5 Top Business Schools Just As Great As Harvard and Wharton

Although Ivy League business programs offer tremendous future rewards to those lucky enough to get accepted, there are many less touted programs that still offer great returns on investment.

Arkansas Passes a Bill That Cracks Down On People With Tattoos, Piercings, and Body Art

Clearly the Arkansas legislature doesn't care about individual freedom. The question, though, is this: Do you?
News Search Data Shows Us Just Who Likes What in Each Of the 50 States

A recent report reveals porn viewing habits across the U.S. are very, erm, different.

The Awkward Photo John Kerry Doesn't Want You to See

An awkward photo is going viral showing Kerry and his wife having a cozy dinner with the Assads in 2009.

The 9 Most Racist Miley Cyrus Moments

Miley Cyrus' VMAs performance was blatantly offensive and racist, but judging from what she's been saying in the past few months, we should have all seen it coming.

5 Famous Americans You Never Knew Were Atheists

A wizard, a soldier, a poet, an astronomer, and an author show why today's God skeptics are in good company.

Bastille Frontman Dan Smith on Success, Wild Hair, and Meeting David Lynch

Meet Dan Smith, the creative force behind the chart-topping UK band Bastille.

Facebook Knows How Often You Stalk Your Ex

When you creep on your friends on Facebook, Facebook creeps on you. You may want to read this before typing your ex’s name in the search box again.

8 Ways 'Orange is the New Black' is Breaking TV Barriers

The new Netflix original series sets a high standard for both stories told through streaming and on network TV.

If George Zimmerman’s Jury Had Seen This Chilling Video, Would They Still Have Let Him Go Free?

This chilling reenactment of Trayvon Martin's death cannot be unseen, nor can it be ignored.

Syria Facts: 11 Things to Know About the Country We're Going to Bomb

It's becoming increasingly clear that the United States is going to engage in military action against Syria. But how much do you know about the country and its brutal rulers?

I'm An Openly Gay Gold Medalist and I Reject the Sochi Olympics Boycott

Russia's anti-gay laws are heinous, but an Olympics boycott will do more to harm athletes than the country itself. I know from personal experience.

'Breaking Bad' Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: "Confessions" Blows Everything Up

'Breaking Bad' aired "Confessions," the third of its final eight episodes, Sunday night. Things got very, very heated. Thoughts (and spoilers) ahead.

5 New Countries That Might Exist By 2025

There's no shortage of secessionists conflict in the world today, but two high-profile referendums in 2014 means there could be some new kids on the international block in the near future.

Did Robin Thicke Steal "Blurred Lines" From Marvin Gaye?

The songs are a little too similar and now Thicke is suing Gaye's family. How can that be?

4 Huge Reasons Walmart's Still a Horrendous Company to Work For

WalMart is planning to extend its health care benefits to same-sex couples. While it is undoubtedly a good thing, let's not forget Walmart's unfortunate employment practices that do need work.

The Identity of This Sexy Bra Model Will Surprise You

Sometimes a simple ad for bras can make a not-so-simple statement.

13 Kickass Women's Movie Roles Originally Meant for Men

Jodie Foster's role in 'Elysium' was originally written for a man. Here are some other ways in which Hollywood's A-list women have taken over male roles.

25 Disney Characters Who Taught Us Life Lessons

There's more than just pretty princesses in Disney movies — there's wisdom for every walk of life.

Bluest Eye Banned: Why Parents Want Toni Morrison's Book Out Of Schools

Does literature that brings up issues of incest, rape, and pedophilia deserve a place for discussion in public education? As a matter of fact, it does.

Media Tells Us That Syria Used Chemical Weapons, But Look What the UN Says

It looks like Western media and governments don't need UN investigation to blame Assad in the use of chemical weapons, but have a look at an alternative point of view.

Lady Gaga's 'Burqa' is Supposed to Empower Muslim Women, But Does the Opposite

Sorry, Lady Gaga. You're doing it wrong.

Lobsters Feel Every Second Of You Boiling Them Alive

There is new scientific evidence that shows that lobsters and other crustaceans feel pain. It's time humans did something about it.

Each Dot On This Map Shows Something Very Wrong With America

This interactive demographics map based on 2010 Census data may not be shocking at first glance. Look closer.

These Real-Life Disney Princesses Will Disturb You

Ever wondered what happened to your favorite Disney leading lady? Apparently, she didn't end up as happy as you think, and if you aren't careful, neither will you.

Class Of 2017: 8 Classes Every College Freshman Should Take

Make freshman year fun. These are 8 classes worth taking before the year ends.

Antoinette Tuff 911 Call Reveals How She Prevented Gunman From Mass Killing

Antoinette Tuff helped calm down gunman Michael Brandon Hill at an Atlanta elementary school. Here's audio of her heroism caught on a 911 call.

Mackenzie Rosman Maxim: Why Is Stripping Down a Rite of Passage for Female Child Stars?

Why, for women, does feeling like a grown up so often mean feeling like a sex object?

5 Common Reasons Why People Hate Woody Allen, But Really Shouldn't

You thought everyone loved Woody Allen? Think again. There seems to be a festering population of Woody Allen haters out there, and to those people I say, here's why he deserves another chance.

The Verdict On Syria Has Already Been Decided — We're Going to War

A number of reports indicate that the Obama administration is close to launching some form of military operation against Syria.

Why Atheists Have a Serious Problem With Women

As a particularly unapologetic brand of “New Atheism” rises, women are entering into the discussion with their guns blazing, and not always finding a warm welcome.

The Economics Of Hookup Culture

Stories about sex-crazed millennials ruining the American dream ignore the fact that hookup culture is an adaption to the bad economy bequeathed to us by older generations.

Shark Week: 5 Species Of Shark it's Safe to Swim With

Out of all the over 470 species of shark only a handful attack humans with any kind of regularity, and here are five of the many hundreds that don't.

Avicii's New Album Mixes Country and Electronic Dance Music for First Time Ever

Avicii's debut studio album "True" hits shelves September 17. It incorporates country music into mainstream electronic dance music for the first time ever.

Watch a Man With OCD Flawlessly Perform a Beautiful Poem About His One True Love

As soon as he laid eyes on her, everything inside his head stopped, so once she left how could he ever let her go?

'Game of Thrones' Season 4: An Inside Look At the European Paradise That Looks Like King's Landing

Filming for Season Four of HBO's hit series 'Game of Thrones' just began in these cities in Croatia.

Hyon Song-Wol Sex Tape Execution Could Have Meant Many Things in Kim Jong-Un's Korea

Hyon Song-Wol was executed for participating in a sex tape. She was also a former lover of Kim Jong-Un, rumored to having an affair with him. Was this execution a means of saving Kim's image?

11 Awkward Photos That Prove What We All Knew About U.S. Foreign Policy

John McCain posing for a picture with a Syrian terrorist. Ronald Reagan meeting with Taliban leaders. Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein. Yeah, these are awkward.

"Blurred Lines" Isn't As Blurry As Everyone Is Making It

Until the feminist movement can find unity and temper the war calls accordingly, the message will always be distorted, and people will keep bouncing titties and blurring lines.

Syria Facts: The Complete Guide to All the Global Players Involved in the Syrian Conflict

This is not just a battle among Syrians. This is a battle between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Iran and the U.S., Turkey and Iran, and Russia and the U.S. with each player pursuing different interests.

Networks Don't Think There's An Audience For a Show About Black Teens. Do You?

Writer/producer Lena Waithe has just debuted her presentation for "Twenties", a show about three girls trying to get their lives together. Would you watch it?

Where is Syria? Map of Syria Shows Where the U.S. Might Attack

This map of Syria shows the areas in the Middle Eastern state that the U.S. may attack, as Secretary of State John Kerry reaffirmed on Friday America's intention to strike.

Bashar al-Assad's Son Hafez Assad Just Wrote This Facebook Post, and It's Insane

This Facebook post allegedly written by the oldest child of Bashar al-Assad provides a glimpse into a mindset of Syria's ruling elite on the eve of possible Western strikes.

Richard Dawkins and the "New Atheists" Represent the Dark Side of Atheism

Scientist Richard Dawkins' latest comments on Islam irked many who see problems with Dawkins' brand of atheism. Writer and commentator Murtaza Hussain speaks to PolicyMic on this latest issue.

One Stat About the U.S. Military That Will Surprise You

Many people believe that the U.S. military is made up mostly of poor, underprivileged Americans. They are wrong.

For the Simple Crime of Smoking Marijuana, the Government Ruined This Man’s Family Forever

This shocking video is definitive proof of government gone wrong.

Xbox One Or Playstation 4? Brand Loyalty Won't Save Microsoft's New Xbox

The Xbox One has one advantage going into the new generation of console video games: good use of switching costs and building brand loyalty. But will it be enough to save a badly managed launch?

The Hardest Thing About Being Beautiful in Asia

The features that women in the east change through plastic surgery are considered beautiful and exotic in the west.

An Open Letter to Robin Thicke From a Longtime Fan Who Wants Nothing to Do With Him Anymore

Robin Thicke thinks 'Blurred Lines' is "a feminist movement in itself." I think he's wrong.

Government Shutdown 2013: Still a Terrible Idea

Republican hardliners threaten to shut down the federal government to prevent implementation of Affordable Care Act. Such hostage-taking tactics would have great negative repercussions.

Meet the Judge Who Just Gave a 30-Day Sentence to a Teacher Who Repeatedly Raped His 14-Year-Old Student

The rape victim, who later committed suicide, was targeted by her teacher while she was still a freshman. Since Cherice Morales cannot speak for herself, who will speak for her?

This Fake Taxi is Just One Of the Many Tools the NYPD Uses to Spy On You

The NYPD uses this sophisticated surveillance toolset disguised as a taxi cab to illegally spy on New York's Muslims. But it's just the tip of the iceberg.

"Breaking Bad" Season 6 Premiere: Weird Al Yankovic Gets You Excited

"Weird" Al Yankovic injects some whimsy into the world of "Breaking Bad."

What Gun Control? Obama is the Biggest Arms Dealer in the World

Obama has made it very clear that he doesn't want guns to get into the hands of violent people at home. So why is he selling arms to them abroad?

On Miley Cyrus' X-Rated, Attention-Whoring Teenyboppery From Last Night

Miley Cyrus and the decline of Western civilization.

The Horrifying Reality Of What's Happening to Canada's First Nation Tribes

Women, teens, and children of the First Nation tribe in Canada are being sold into slavery on U.S. ships in some cases, for barely more than a place to live or alcohol.

10 Incredibly Terrifying Facts I Learned From Reddit

Some of the best and freaky statistical facts from democratized information source Reddit.

15-Year-Old Girl Held As Sex Slave On California Marijuana Farm

While marijuana is thoguht of as harmless, the trade surrounding it is often anything but. We need greater policing of marijuana growers in order to decrease violence.

"True Blood" Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: "Dead Meat"

Every character basically returns to form this episode: Alcide is good again. Eric is bad. Sam is back at Merlotte’s. Sookie is needy. All is right.

Why Are Chinese Workers At Apple Suppliers Foxconn and Pegatron Trying to Commit Suicide?

Apple tries to deflect the blame for worker's rights abuses onto its suppliers, but the rigid contracts that only allow manufacturers to turn a narrow project actively encourage worker abuse.

Feminism is For White Women

Women's rights should be available to all women, not just the privileged few.

Immigration Reform 2013: Marco Rubio's Last Ditch Effort to Save It

Rubio's empty threat hopes to save a weak immigration bill.

'Breaking Bad' Season 6: "Buried" Raises The Stakes

'Breaking Bad' aired "Buried," the second of its final eight episodes, Sunday night, and it was another master class in pure nerve-fraying tension. Thoughts (and spoilers) after the jump.

Why Libertarianism Will Crush Conservatism

While conservatism sinks into irrelevance, only libertarians can bring the GOP into the 21st century.

Watch Ron Paul Crush It On His New TV Channel — You'd Never Guess He's Almost 80

With a new TV channel, foreign policy institute, and homeschool curriculum, Paul will prove to have the real lasting impact on public debate and on spreading an intellectual revolution.

Women Without Children Aren't Selfish — They're Smart

The choice not to have children isn't "unnatural," and instead can have a positive impact on human life and the planet.

Smile Surgery Is the Cure For Bitchy Resting Face

This new procedure will give you a permanent "smiling impression." As with all plastic surgeries, internal happiness not guaranteed.

Orgasmic Meditation is the Latest Relaxation Trend

Here's how women can achieve orgasm through meditation, thought, and focus.

Shocking Videos Show Texas Cops Performing Illegal Body Cavity Searches On Women

As if Texas doesn't already have a bad rep for marginalizing women, illegal body cavity searches are performed on women for illegitimate reasons. These humiliating procedures must cease in Texas.

One Direction Fans Are Fuming Over This Harry Styles Cover — Here's Why

British GQ's headline about Harry Styles' sexuality has One Direction fans furious, and the magazine's outrageous response to their complaints has only made matters worse.

Chinese Public Execution Video Sparks International Outrage

A video showing Chinese police executing a man in public went viral. Just how extreme can human rights violations be in the name of justice?

When Lifelong Couples Die Together, It's Not Just Adorable — It's Science

When lifelong couples die within hours or days of each other, is it just a coincidence? Science may have some answers.

Putin's War On Gays: A Timeline of Homophobia

The chronology of the anti "homosexual propaganda" movement.

Oprah and Beyonce Are Wrong: Trayvon Martin is Not Emmett Till

Looking at the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till, it's clear that they are nowhere near the same.

4 Ways Your Boss Will Set You Up For Failure

It's easy to take advantage of interns who are new to the working world. Here are 4 things you should watch out for if you see them happening around you.

Breaking Bad Recap: "Blood Money" Is the Beginning Of the End

'Breaking Bad' is back, and every week we'll be taking stock of Walter White's lowest moment, as well as providing a few thoughts on the episode as a whole. Read on, spoilers ahead.

9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Voyager 1

It's been traveling in space for decades, and it may very well have just left the solar system entirely.

15 Cartoon Characters You Didn't Know Were Voiced by Famous Actors

Because when an actor is truly an actor, the voice is all you need.

6 Famous American Films That You Didn't Know Are Foreign Remakes

Pablo Picasso famously said that good artists copy, great artists steal. If this is true, then do these 6 remakes prove Hollywood is the greatest artist in history?

White America, It's Your Turn to Talk About Race, This Black Woman is Tired

Black-on-black crime is just as prevalent as white-on-white crime, so why is this myth prevalent? White people, it's your turn to contemplate race. I'm tired.

Joe Biden Wanted Bush Impeached For the Very Thing Obama is About to Do

Obama and Biden threatened to impeach Bush if he took action on Iran without congressional approval. Now they're hypocritically about to launch their second war without congressional approval.

Monsanto Spends Trillions to Control What You Eat, But This 14-Year Old Girl Will Take Them Down

Many have been speaking out against Monsanto, but very few do it while only being 14 years old. Meet Rachel Parent. If she gets her way, she'll change the world.

Slane Girl Controversy Goes Viral — Thanks to This Online Mega Site

Recent online coverage of the Slane Girl controversy points to the fact that internet bullying and online slut-shaming are major issues in our online generation.

Having a Baby Alone is the Bravest Choice a Woman Can Make

Having a baby can be daunting, but having a baby alone is one of the most courageous things a woman can do.

The 8 Funniest Peyton Manning Commercials. Ever.

Take a look back at the commercials that have made Peyton Manning one of the most notable professional athletes on commercial TV.

6 Amazing Things to Do and See in Iran

Iran and the West have a strained relationship. But visit, and you'll see it's an amazingly cultured and beautiful place.

3 Ways Drug Cartels Launder Their Money, Right In Front Of You

Drug cartels launder millions of dollars a year through legal institutions. Here's why they're always one step ahead of the law.

This is How LGBT People Are Dealt With in Putin's Russia

Over the weekend, a transgender woman was attacked in Russia by five men in a public park while bystanders watched. In Russia, violent intimidation of LGBT people is quickly becoming the norm.

'The Butler' Movie Review: Not All Black People Agreed on Civil Rights

'The Butler' shows some general dynamic tension among blacks during the civil rights movement.

Why Do Cosmopolitan White People Love Wishing Me Eid Mubarak?

Are people honoring a major religious holiday or merely bragging about their worldliness?