8 Ways 'Orange is the New Black' is Breaking TV Barriers

The new Netflix original series sets a high standard for both stories told through streaming and on network TV.

Mackenzie Rosman Maxim: Why Is Stripping Down a Rite of Passage for Female Child Stars?

Why, for women, does feeling like a grown up so often mean feeling like a sex object?

An Open Letter to Robin Thicke From a Longtime Fan Who Wants Nothing to Do With Him Anymore

Robin Thicke thinks 'Blurred Lines' is "a feminist movement in itself." I think he's wrong.

15-Year-Old Girl Held As Sex Slave On California Marijuana Farm

While marijuana is thoguht of as harmless, the trade surrounding it is often anything but. We need greater policing of marijuana growers in order to decrease violence.

White America, It's Your Turn to Talk About Race, This Black Woman is Tired

Black-on-black crime is just as prevalent as white-on-white crime, so why is this myth prevalent? White people, it's your turn to contemplate race. I'm tired.

Having a Baby Alone is the Bravest Choice a Woman Can Make

Having a baby can be daunting, but having a baby alone is one of the most courageous things a woman can do.

Why Did Russia Decide to Give Asylum to Edward Snowden?

Basic international relations principles show how it simply makes no diplomatic sense to give him up.

PETA Tells You to Stop Exploiting Animals, But Watch How They Exploit Women Instead

Are we even surprised by the stuff PETA is pulling anymore?

3 Leaders Who Will Change Your Perception Of Young Black Men

These 3 young African-American leaders in education, business, and religion are committed to being role models for the community and expanding the image of black male leadership.

101 Years Later, Milton Friedman is Still Wrong

How long can a society praise base immorality and still expect social cohesion?

Why Do We Boycott 'Ender's Game' But Give Roman Polanski An Oscar?

If Polanski's victim of rape can forgive him, why can't we see a movie based on the work of notorious homophobe Orson Scott Card?

'Asian Girlz' Video: You Will Never See A More Racist And Offensive Video Than This

The video for Day Above Ground's new single "Asian Girlz," will undoubtedly be the most offensive and distasteful music video you've ever seen. Ever.

Robin Thicke Album Review: Blurred and Boring

The “Blurred Lines” music video has been entertainment news’ favorite talking point for the last 6 weeks or so. Now the album is here and we have 11 vaguely rapey anthems instead of just 1.

5 Common Misconceptions About Counting Calories

For every valuable piece of advice on how to cut down on calories, there's another one that's only half-true (or not true at all). Here are a few.

Young Players Are the Silver Lining in Baseball's Steroid Cloud

Before millennials are through flipping baseball’s culture, the national pastime is likely to experience its second golden age, similar to the one the GI Generation brought to it 80 years ago.

10 Ways You Know You've Been on Birthright

Any Jew who's gone on Birthright Israel will know these things about Israel.

The FDNY is On Fire — Statistically Speaking

The FDNY has performed remarkably in recent years. Very few people die in fires, an amazing phenomenon considering the size of the service area and the population density.

Arkansas Arming Teachers is a Terrible Idea

Starting this fall teachers in an Arkansas school district will be able to carry concealed handguns to school every day, but it won't make students safer.

Watch Justin Bieber, Worst Role Model Ever, Shove a Fan's iPhone in His Junk

The famed pop star's actions do not set a good example for his fans. He continues to damage his image with childish shenanigans.

Is Madison Project Making Its Money By Hurting Conservatives?

The Madison Project attacks elected conservatives and encourages people to primary them. However, FEC filings show that there may be ulterior motives for these actions.

Zimbabwe Election Results: Don't Judge Mugabe Until You Read This Article

There's more to Zimbabwe than its most recent election. The country's history is tied to land reform — something Mugabe and most Zimbabweans support, and that the West must learn to live with.

Zynga Ludicrously Claims "Bang With Friends" Violates Its Copyrights

Zynga, maker of the Facebook Scrabble ripoff "Words With Friends," is now claiming another company's "Bang With Friends" app violates their copyright. This is not a successful business strategy.

You're Probably Disturbingly Unaware About How Much Obama Wants You to Pay For Health Care

Millennials are critical if Obama wants the Affordable Care Act to work: They're the ones paying for the whole darn thing.

The Absurd Ramadan Ban in China is Going to Seriously Backfire on Beijing

The Chinese government has banned Ramadan for the Muslim Uighurs of Xinjiang, China. It's going to seriously backfire.

What Happens to Women After Sex Scandals?

Women involved in political sex scandals are publicly shamed and degraded and unlike men, almost never bounce back in their careers.

Fox News Doubles Down On Crusade Against Reza Aslan

Fox News is under the delusion that asking an academic the same question over and over again is good journalism. In this case, they ask: why would a Muslim write a book about Jesus?

Glenn Greenwald CNN Interview: Is the Journalist Distancing Himself From Edward Snowden?

With public opinion turning on Snowden, is it possible that the Guardian's Glenn Greenwald was overcompensating for his role in the NSA leaks during his CNN appearance Tuesday night?

How We Should Treat the Football Star Who Just Called 67% Of the NFL the N-Word

The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver was caught using a racial slur at a concert. The league can't hold him accountable the way that fans can.

CIA Should Probably Stop Having Drones Fire Again On Whoever Shows Up After a Strike

Some have argued whether double tap strikes violate the Geneva Conventions. While the jury is still out on that, they are probably not a wise tactic regardless.

How Black America Can Fight Back Against Right-Wing Scorn Of the Black Community

The conservative movement has decided that this is their opportunity to have their “Willie Horton” moment. But black leadership in America has the power to fight back.

This is the Biggest Political Decision Of 2013 That Nobody is Talking About

Choosing a new Federal Reserve chairman to replace Ben Bernanke will be a major decision for Obama. The new chairman must navigate a sluggish economy and consider the history of the recession.

Sorry, Haters — Obamacare's Birth Control Mandate is Here

Commencing healthier society in 3...2...1....

Beef Recall 2013: What It Means For Your Burgers

For the second time this summer, almost 50,000 pounds of beef was recalled because it is thought to be contaminated with E. coli. This should not scare you. Your beef is safe! Seriously.

'Prince Avalanche' Movie Review: David Gordon Green's Striking Summer Hit

"Prince Avalanche" isn't a summer blockbuster — it doesn't have explosions, superheroes, or a steamy romance. And that's exactly why you should see it.

Alex Rodriguez Will Keep His Money, But Lose His Reputation

A comprehensive look at the Alex Rodriguez mess that has overtaken professional sports over the past few weeks. He's going to keep his money.

It's No Coincidence China's Huawei Corp is Taking Over Africa's Telecommunications

Many are becoming increasingly threatened in light of Huawei's influence in Africa. Is China using Huawei's technology for espionage? Should the U.S. be concerned?

Let's Not Talk About Hillary Clinton For President Just Yet

As hype for Hillary 2016 revs up, disillusionment sits on its brink.

A Shocking Look At Who is Really Getting Financial Aid At America’s Colleges

While the purpose of financial aid should be to assist those who otherwise could not afford college, a good chunk of it goes to rich families.

'The Smurfs 2' Review: One Of the Best Films I've Seen All Year

A star-filled cast lends their voices to what wasn't just a good kids movie but a good movie, period.

8 Photographs That Will Make You Wonder If Bashar Al-Assad is Living in a Fantasy World

Bashar Al-Assad just created an Instagram account. But two years into the civil war, none included anything about the war. Is he living in a fantasy?

Millennials Risk Being Ignored in Politics – And That Should Scare the Heck Out of You

Yet another debt ceiling fight looms and millennials have to get organized. It's our future they're talking about in Congress.

Why the Russian Vodka Boycott Matters

Critics say that boycotting Russian vodka won't make a difference. Here's why it will.

How Topless Women Protesters are Actually Helping Russia's Anti-Gay Campaign

The FEMEN protesters who scaled the walls of the Russian Embassy in Stockholm may have done it to protest Russia's homophobic laws. But they're hurting the cause, not helping it.

This is My Rifle: Clearing the Air Around the AR-15

The AR-15 rifle is misunderstood, vilified and reviled in the media for how it looks, how people imagine it operates, and a host of other misconceptions.

Imagine What Would Have Happened If John McCain Had Stayed For This Meeting ....

When John McCain accidentally walked in on a Capitol Hill meeting between President Obama and Senate Democrats, he opened the door to a wild "what if" scenario in American politics.

Rolling Stone's Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Cover Doubled Sales, and It's Our Fault

Rolling Stone was criticized for their August 2013 cover featuring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, but thanks to the Streisand effect, the issue sold twice as many copies as it would have otherwise.

Zimbabwe Election Results: Will Women's Voices Be Heard Too?

The latest election is an opportunity to look critically at the ability of women to participate politically in Zimbabwe's future.

Uruguay Weed Legalization Isn't Just a Toking Gesture

On Wednesday evening, Uruguay made the first step to legalize marijuana. And if they do, the rest of Latin America might follow suit.

No One Seems to Care About This Major Threat to National Security

Despite the Edward Snowden case, Washington does not seem concerned that the systems responsible for granting security clearance are ineffective and broken.

Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe Won't Grace Us On 'Parks and Recreation' Season 6

Not one, but two fantastic characters will leave the critically acclaimed NBC comedy 'Parks and Recreation' next season.

5 Things You Need To Know About the Student Loan Bill

With the passage of the Bipartisan Loan Certainty Act, here is a breakdown of the changes to the student loan program that borrowers need to know about.

Income Equality in New York City Now As Bad As Sierra Leone

New York renters are feeling the squeeze as the average New Yorker is paid less, while the rent, as Jimmy McMillin would put it, continues to be "too damn high."

Incans Gave Child Sacrifices Coca Leaves, Booze Before Their Icy Demise

Originally found in 1999, scientists now believe three mummies of Incan children were preserved some 500 years ago during the Inca empire — and fed drugs and alcohol before their death.

Meet Alex Cardinale: Media Buff, Globetrotter, & Pundit Of the Week

Alex Cardinale is an NYU student, digital talk show host, and pundit of the week. As part of a weekly column, we spotlight one member of the PolicyMic community to share their story.

Brazil Olympics Are An Excuse to Militarize the Police Force

When a country depends on the military to support police functions, everyone loses.

This Fast-Food Chain is Cutting Out Gross Chemicals — And Customers Love It

Chipotle voluntarily adds GMO labeling to their website, and starts making plans to remove GMOs from their products altogether. It's a free-market — and delicious — solution.

Quit Smoking, Make More Money

A new study by the Fed in Atlanta found what people have long suspected: smokers make a lot less money than non-smokers. And quitting helps.

House Approves Toughest Sanctions Yet On Iran

The House approved the toughest sanctions yet on Iran this Wednesday with overwhelming bipartisan support, but tighter sanctions could do more harm than good.

Mic Check: How One Journalist Toppled the NSA’s House Of Cards

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring my take on the world's top news and some of the best links from around the web.

Bomb Threats Against Female Journalists Draw Attention to Their Cause

UK-based journalists Hadley Freeman and Grace Dent were threatened on Twitter, inspiring people to stand up against online abuse.

Do We Work Just Because God Says So?

If we re-think our assumptions about why people work, we would be forced to rethink our policies surrounding labor and the workplace.