These Real-Life Disney Princesses Will Disturb You

Ever wondered what happened to your favorite Disney leading lady? Apparently, she didn't end up as happy as you think, and if you aren't careful, neither will you.

Out of 5,000 Bills in Every Congress, Guess How Many Become Law?

This will make you think twice before re-electing your current member of Congress.

Israel Hernández-Llach: Famous Miami Artist Killed By Police For Graffiti Art

In a tragedy that highlights the excessiveness of police hostility, Israel was tasered and killed by cops, simply for tagging a local McDonald's with graffiti art.

At Princeton's Frattiest Eating Club, It's Women Who Are Binge Drinking Men Under the Table

At the Tiger Inn, the hardest-drinking frat at Princeton, most of the rushees participating in projectile vomiting and "penis guitar" strumming are actually girls.

"Breaking Bad" Final Season: 10 Things to Watch For

Breaking Bad returns Sunday with the first of its final eight episodes. With so many storylines still up in the air, here are some of the show's most burning unanswered questions.

Bahrain Protests 2013: August 14 Will Be Biggest Protest This Year

Activists will take to the streets on August 14, a date that marks the country’s independence from Britain.

Who You Should Blame If Immigration Reform Fails

Comprehensive immigration reform is something a majority of the population supports. But House Republicans refuse to give Obama a political victory.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Trial: Friends Dias and Azamat Indicted, Face Prison and Deportation

Two 19-year-old friends of the Tsarnaev brothers are being charged with conspiracy and face prison and deportation, even though they are most likely innocent.

5 Cities That Will Make China the Largest Superpower By 2030

These five cities are the main contributors to China's economy, livelihood, and sustainability.

A Dictator’s Guide to Instagram: Using Social Media to Win Hearts and Minds

Here's how to step up your Instagram propaganda game.

Bayard Rustin, Hero of the Civil Rights Movement, Wins Presidential Medal of Freedom

Bayard Rustin, the unsung hero of the civil rights movement, has received the Presidential Medal of Freedom award this year.

Russia Anti-Gay Law: America Mistreats LGBT People Too

U.S. President Barack Obama said he has "no patience" for countries like Russia that try to mistreat LGBT folk. Is he unaware of the similar mistreatment happening in his own country?

"The Bachelor" Selects Juan Pablo Galavis, First Latino Ever

ABC's "The Bachelor" has ended the stereotype of Hispanic and minority men being "ineligible" bachelors of the network's popular dating reality show.

Edward Snowden is Settling Down in Russia, But Russians Are Fleeing in Droves

The number of Russian asylum cases to leave Snowden's current safe haven is rapidly on the rise.

Ireland Protests 2013: 10 Photos of Violent Violent Clashes Between Catholics and Protestants

At least 56 police officers and two civilians have been injured during protests staged by the Catholic nationalists in Northern Ireland.

Choosing Martin Indyk to Lead the Israel Palestine Peace Talks is a Disaster

With a robust resume of pro-Israel positions and failed attempts at Israel-Palestine negotiations during the Clinton administration, how can Martin Indyk successfully mediate new peace talks?

Jack Villamaino, Former GOP Candidate, Arrested for Felony Voter Fraud

Shocker: GOP candidate Jack Villamaino convicted of felony voter fraud, as republicans in 15 states pass "anti-voter fraud" legislation.

In Surprising Twist, Israeli Women Denied Prayer at Western Wall By Other Women

A group of women won the right to pray freely at the Western Wall in Court, but now another group of ultra-Orthodox women are fighting against this religious liberation.

Janet Yellen As Fed Chair Would Send a Powerful Message

Now that Janet Yellen is in serious contention to become Fed Chair, the conversation has been driven by gender, something which never comes up when a man is up for office.

Ken Cuccinelli's Sodomy Campaign is Really Just Homophobia in Disguise

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli is on a mission to bring back laws that he says will keep pedophiles in jail. But there's something else really behind his campaign.

NSA Surveillance: Obama is Using Loophole to Conduct Domestic Spying

President Obama told Americans that the NSA is not conducting domestic spying, but using a loophole in the 2011 Fisa Amendment, he's doing just that.

This New Bakery Aims to Cheer You Up With Every Cupcake

A pop up bakery that began in the UK is dishing out depressing treats and coming to a city near you.

These Two Tech Startups Prove Privacy is a Thing of the Past

Moto X is a phone that know what you're doing at all times. New recycling bins in London can track and remember the people who walk by. Forget about privacy in today's tech universe.

U.S. Consulate in Pakistan Shut Down After Lahore Terror Threat

The closing of the U.S. consulate in Lahore is a precautionary move in the wake of a particularly violent week in Pakistan, combined with the memories of the Benghazi attack.