"Breaking Bad" Season 6 Premiere: Weird Al Yankovic Gets You Excited

"Weird" Al Yankovic injects some whimsy into the world of "Breaking Bad."

Think America's Debt is Bad? Japan's is 1,000,000,000,000,000

Americans may think we have a debt crisis, but Japan's federal debt is 247% of their GDP and one quadrillion yen.

This Amazing Boy Will Give Hope to Anyone Who Thinks Islamophobia is Wrong

When Dominic Giamo came to the aid of a Muslim man, he shattered stereotypes and will restore your faith.

"Elysium" Movie Review: Big on Action, Small On Brains

Neill Blomkamp's second feature length film aspires to be a parable about class disparity set in space, but can't stop playing with guns long enough to say anything important.

Russian Anti-Gay Bill: A Short History

The guide to Russia's erratic history toward gay people.

6 Reasons Everyone Should Work At Least One Mindless Summer Job

Sometimes a mindless job is just what you need to relax or learn something unexpected.

Iran Cracks Down On Champion Swimmer Simply for Being a Woman – Watch How She’s Fighting Back

She broke the record for open water swimming in the Caspian Sea, but Iran says her costume did not meet the standards of Sharia law. She's on a mission to get the recognition she deserves.

Moto X Review: New Motorola Smartphone is Pioneering Device

Motorola Mobility unveils its newest addition to mobile technology: the Moto X. In addition to the usual feature of a smartphone, the Moto X has another quality, sentience.

The Truth About Sexual Assault On Campus is Not What You Hear in the Media

The survivors that are most often portrayed by media are white women at elite schools. But what about the stories of everyone else?

Stop Nigeria From Selling Off Teenage Girls Like Me Into Marriage

I'm 17 and not allowed to drive, drink, or vote in Nigeria, but the Senate recently passed a bill that allows me to get forced into marriage.

“Clear History” Review: Larry David's Latest is Pretty Good

While there may not be a new season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” yet on the horizon, fans of Larry David can get excited about one thing – Clear History, premiering this Saturday at 9 on HBO.

Anchor of Putin-Controlled Russian News Show Says Gay People's Hearts "Should Be Buried or Burned"

"They should be banned from donating blood, sperm. And their hearts, in case of the automobile accident, should be buried in the ground or burned as unsuitable for the continuation of life.”

Only in Florida: Birthers Greet Obama With "Kenyan Go Home" Signs

When the president travelled to Orlando, Florida on Friday, the birthers came out in full force.

Syria Civil War: Q&A With Expert on U.S. Intervention

Majid Rafizadeh weighs in on the Syrian refugee crisis, the state of the rebels, and the best role for America moving forward.

Here's Why Network TV Ratings Are Tanking With Millennials

Traditional TV networks have lost their way in trying to appeal to America’s largest and most diverse generation.

The Fate Of Our 4 Favorite Girl Bands From the '90s

Oh pop music. So cliche and so catchy. Find out where bands like TLC, Spice Girls, and Destiny's Child are today.

Public Libraries Are Under Threat – But Miami-Dade County is On a Mission to Save Them

Under budget constraints, local governments are challenged to save money and maintain services. Here's one example of how they're trying while Washington debates the deficit.

6 Hilarious Web Series You Should Be Watching

The summer lag in sitcoms is almost over! Until then, these side-splitting web series will keep you entertained.

7 Music Videos Directed by Hollywood A-Listers

Paul Thomas Anderson just directed the latest music video from Fiona Apple. Here are other examples of Hollywood heavyweights directing music videos.

Liz Cheney Aims to Follow in Dick's Footsteps in Wyoming

Dick Cheney's daughter runs for U.S. Senate, irritating everyone.

"Sesame Street" Takes On America's Prison Industrial Complex

Sesame Street tackles the tough issue of having a parent who is incarcerated in ways children can understand: muppets and animation.

Rafael Caro Quintero Released By Mexico, Lethal Drug Lord Returns to Streets

A Mexican court commuted the sentence of one of the nation's most prominent drug barons and a man who ordered the murder of a DEA agent.

A Herd of Goats is On the Loose At the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

Eco-friendly goats are being used to create a more sustainable environment by eating away plants at the Congressional Cemetery.

Egypt Constitution: What You Need to Know

While timing is definitely key, Egypt cannot afford another divisive constitution and a weak judiciary built on top of it.

Outside Lands 2013: The Festival for Classy Music Lovers

Music lover? Oenophile? Foodie? Get yourself to SF, stat.