5 Famous Americans You Never Knew Were Atheists

A wizard, a soldier, a poet, an astronomer, and an author show why today's God skeptics are in good company.

Facebook Knows How Often You Stalk Your Ex

When you creep on your friends on Facebook, Facebook creeps on you. You may want to read this before typing your ex’s name in the search box again.

Breaking Bad Recap: "Blood Money" Is the Beginning Of the End

'Breaking Bad' is back, and every week we'll be taking stock of Walter White's lowest moment, as well as providing a few thoughts on the episode as a whole. Read on, spoilers ahead.

You Won't Believe How Much Money the Mexican Cartels Make Every Year

No wonder the trade won't end.

August Meteor Shower 2013: Where to Watch Perseids Light Up the Sky in Rare Cosmic Event

The annual meteor spectacle known as Perseids is scheduled to appear in Chicago Monday morning. Here's how to maximize the viewing experience.

Inside China's Secret and Heinous "Cancer Villages"

This is a tragic manifestation of the long festering problems associated with China's rapid industrialization at all costs.

'Americans in Bed' Review: HBO Interviews People Between the Sheets

This HBO documentary is a quirky social experiment delving into and in between relationships.

8 Republicans Who Are Subtly Sexist

These didn't grab headlines like Todd Akin, or "binders full of women," but the ideas underpinning these soundbites are toxic to the GOP.

This Shameless Condom Ad is An Insult to Fatherhood

We need to come up with creative ways to promote safe sex, but it should be possible to do so without degrading fathers or men as a whole.

‘True Blood’ Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: R.I.P. to Vamp Camp

In the penultimate episode of the season, “Life Matters,” the vampires said goodbye to vamp camp in a dramatic fashion.

Meet Stephanie Banister, Australia's Ridiculous, Islamophobic Sarah Palin Knockoff

Missing Palin's embarrassing interviews and gaffes on Youtube, but also glad she's no longer associated so closely with American politics? Meet Stephanie Banister, Australia's Sarah Palin.

Eric Holder May Have Just Made One Of the Biggest Decisions in U.S. History

The Obama administration should be applauded for its actions today in offsetting the more egregious excesses of the Drug War ... but to what extent have they really achieved historical greatness?

This Chart Debunks the Myth That Republicans Create More Jobs Than Democrats

Republicans claim to be the party of entrepreneurship, but they don't understand how it works.

John McCain is Very Sad That Young People Admire Edward Snowden

As McCain has aptly pointed out, we have a young generation who views whistleblower Edward Snowden as some kind of hero. He's right, but doesn't seem to realize that's a good thing.

6 Teens Killed Themselves After Using This Website

Ask.FM provides users with new methods of cyberbullying leading to multiple suicides. Harsher punishments and stricter moderation methods need to be implemented to prevent these tragic deaths.

This Rodeo Clown Puts On An Obama Mask, and What Happens Next is Terrible

Some call it an expression of harmless political satire and others say it's KKK rally racism. The real disgrace is that taxpayers paid for it.

Fox News Blatantly Lies About Food Stamps in This Ridiculous Faux-Documentary

Meanwhile, one in every five kids is going hungry.

Check Out How Sweden is Protesting Russia's War On Gays

Something amazing just happened right in front of the Russian Embassy this weekend.

If Stop-and-Frisk is Illegal, NYC Will Become Dangerous Again

Monday's ruling making stop and frisk illegal in New York City risks turning the city back into its 1970s self, when crime was rampant.

PGA Tour: Jason Dufner Wins, Is Tiger Woods Still Relevant?

Jason Dufner won the 2013 PGA Golf Championship, and all I could think about was Tiger Woods' drought is now 18.

Eric Holder vs. MF Global is the Case Everyone Should Be Talking About

The federal government has show little willingness to hold Wall Street accountable. In the case of MF Global's 2011 bankruptcy, that "little" willingness has become no willingness at all.

When All Else Fails, Should You Date a Friend?

The blog, 40 Days of Dating, takes a new approach to dating your friend.

iPhone 5S Release Date: Likely September, But Don't Get Too Excited

Apple is set to release an updated and low-cost version of its' iPhone 5. The iPad is also expected to receive a major physical overhaul.

Stop and Frisk Is Not Only Racist — It Doesn't Work

When will Mayor Bloomberg finally accept the truth?

Africa's Oldest National Park is About to Become An Oil Field

Virunga National Park is home to a variety of ecosystems and a number of endangered animals. It's also where oil company Soco International plans to begin exploratory drilling.

Don't Be Afraid Of the China Who is Sending Its Armies Across the World

China is sending out an increasing amount of peacekeepers to foreign conflict zones. These peacekeepers positively impact its relations with the U.S., and its world image.

5 Economic Terms That Liberals Love to Misuse

Unemployment rate, median household income, gender pay gap, top 1%, and federal deficit. What do all these concepts have in common? Liberals don't understand any of them.

Why Women's Rights Activist Noor Zia Atmar is Fleeing Afghanistan

Afghanistan's leading women's rights activist is seeking to leave Afghanistan where she feels politically oppressed and physically endangered, indicating that women's progress is unraveling.

Your Contribution to Fund PBS Costs Less Than a Cup Of Coffee

The Protect My Public Media campaign may be the only thing between public media and disaster.

Kenya's Newest Law: Telling Women How to Sit On Motorcycles

Kenya's sexist new law would be laughable if it weren't so disgusting. It's up to us to speak out against discriminatory laws like this wherever they occur.

The Chris Christie vs. Rand Paul Civil War is the Best Thing the GOP Could Ask For

Conservatives — and America — have tons to gain from the ongoing feud between the center-right Chris Christie and the libertarian Rand Paul.

This Congressman Thinks Climate Change is a Liberal Plot to "Create Global Government"

And guess who he says is the mastermind behind it.

Obama NSA Speech: Spying is Out Of Control in the U.S.

Does the Obama administration have the right to look into our private communications without cause?

Sydney Leathers Gets Six-Figure Deal to Sext On IHookUp

Anthony Weiner's most recent sexting partner Sydney Leather is finding out that America is truly the land of opportunity.

CVS Nail Polish Policy: Are You Fixing Your Manicure or Planning to Cook Meth?

CVS wont sell you nail polish remover unless you're 18 because you might be cooking meth with it.

How to Stay Calm On the New York City Subway

The NYC subways are a rough place to be everyday; here's how you can change that.

U.S. Education System Is Not Getting Good Grades

Educational quality and outcomes vary widely across the nation. With many children still slipping through the cracks, it's time to rethink how we're teaching our children.

The Second Most Restricted Press in the World Might Soon be Freed

Iran is the second worst country in the world when it comes to press freedom. Hassan Rouhani could change that.

How Teen Stars Have Changed Since We Were Kids

In a world where Miley Cyrus twerks her way into the hearts of millions, it's hard to remember a time when teen stars were a little more innocent.

Laura Ingraham Bashes Impovershed Immigrants On Food Stamps

According to the conservative radio talk show host, illegal aliens are using "anchor babies" in order to sweep up food stamps in a way to cheat the system.

2016 Presidential Elections: It's Never Too Early to Go to Iowa

The leading candidates for the GOP nomination are all rushing to define themselves to the voters — close to 3 years before the caucuses actually begin.

Is Ban Ki-moon Doing More to Combat Terrorism In Pakistan Than Obama Is?

Is the U.S. not doing enough to combat terrorism in Pakistan? The strained relationship between the two countries may affect anti-terrorism strategies to foster peace in the troubled country.

Shuttered U.S. Consulate in Lahore is a Sign the War On Terror Has Gone Horribly Wrong

Embassy closures prove Al-Qaeda is back — and we have U.S. foreign policy to thank.

Whitey Bulger Guilty Of Murder and Racketeering, Sentenced to Life in Prison

After decades, the famed organized crime figure was found guilty on multiple charges of murder and racketeering.

Shark Week is Over — So Let's Focus On the Other Fish Who Need Our Help More

Saving the great white shark is important. But the more biologists learn about great whites, the more it seems sharks are doing okay. Other species need our help more.

Stop and Frisk Finally Ruled Unconstitutional

New York City's racist stop and frisk policy was finally ruled unconstitutional on Monday, putting an end to a widespread policy of unconstitutional stops of minorities.

Twiplomacy: How Twitter Might Reshape Global Politics

World leaders are using the popular social networking site to reach a record number of followers. But does "Twiplomacy" matter?

Now is the Time to Free American Kenneth Bae From North Korea

An American citizen sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in a North Korean labor camp has been moved to a hospital in light of his deteriorating health. The time is right now to seek his release.

If You Liked NSA Surveillance, You'll Love the FBI

The FBI is trying to get access to your internet data — and they're battling the telecom industry to do it.

GOP's Family Leadership Summit Ends Up Unexpectedly Praising Obama

The nightmare express for the GOP establishment rolled through Ames, Iowa this weekend.

Zimbabwe Banks Give a New Meaning to the Phrase "Cash Cow"

Could developed nations learn something from a new lending scheme started by Zimbabwe banks? An unusual method of collateral could inject $1 billion into the struggling nation. It moos.

8 Onscreen Sisters That Give Sisterhood a Bad Name

For all of those who have sisters, or who want sisters, or think it's fun to call everyone, "Sistah," look at these sisters and truly question if you'd be willing to risk your life.

India and Pakistan Resume Pointless Fighting Over Kashmir

The nuclear-armed neighbors are at each others throat again over the contentious Kashmir issue. Recent peace overtures have been derailed.

Unpaid Interns Left Unprotected from Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment laws don't extend to unpaid interns because they are not "employees." When will this unfairness be fixed?

Cyber-Safety Act Gives Nova Scotia Bullies The Ultimate Power

Forcing parents to pay for childrens' crimes is not a new idea, nor a good one. When these crimes are nasty comments, and liability is unlimited, the bullies can rule over their own parents.

Middle Managers Are America's Economic Bedrock

Sure, it's not a glamorous position. But they may have been one of the most secure ones during the recession.

Remember Iraq? It's Broiling in a Summer Wave Of Terror

The combination of the Abu Ghraib prison break and the intensifying violence of the Syrian civil war helped make Ramadan the bloodiest in Iraq for years as militant groups continue to strengthen.

Israeli-Palestinian Talks Just Began, and the Hardliners Are Already Pulling Out

Not all stakeholders on the ground are enamored of Kerry's efforts to bring a final settlement to Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and some powerful factions are refusing to join in

NBC and CNN Should Call Reince Preibus' Bluff

NBC and CNN should not cancel their upcoming documentaries.

Release of Palestinian Prisoners is Controversial But It's the Right Call

Israel’s expected release of Palestinian prisoners is causing controversy around the country, but it's the right decision for various reasons.

Eric Holder Wants Less "Tough" and More "Smart" on Drug Sentencing

Eschewing Reagan-era policies, Holder calls for a sane criminal justice system.

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