The Identity of This Sexy Bra Model Will Surprise You

Sometimes a simple ad for bras can make a not-so-simple statement.

13 Kickass Women's Movie Roles Originally Meant for Men

Jodie Foster's role in 'Elysium' was originally written for a man. Here are some other ways in which Hollywood's A-list women have taken over male roles.

Watch a Man With OCD Flawlessly Perform a Beautiful Poem About His One True Love

As soon as he laid eyes on her, everything inside his head stopped, so once she left how could he ever let her go?

The Libertarian Answer to the Minimum Wage Debate

Politicians and pundits need to ask why the cost of living is rising so dramatically that a minimum wage increase would be necessary.

Why Everyone Should Oppose North Carolina's New Voter ID Laws

Liberal, libertarian, or conservative, there's reason for everyone to oppose North Carolina's new voter ID law, which skews election results, wastes taxpayer money, and reduces transparency.

Olympic Boycotts Have a Long History — and They Almost Never Work

Olympic protests and boycotts have regularly taken place at the games since the early 1900s, but have rarely made a difference on policy. So why is the protest issue still making waves?

Is Elon Musk Today's Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison, the "Wizard of Menlo Park," revolutionized the human race. Today, Elon Musk is seeking to do the same through his inventions.

DrinkSavvy's Amazing New Anti-Date-Rape Cup Detects Roofies

Crowdfunded startup DrinkSavvy debuts cups designed to detect date-rape drugs. Substance detecting products could be the way of the future, and DrinkSavvy has shown us that it can work.

Does Feminism Have a Race Problem? Hum Yes

Twitter was taken over by a flood of tweets calling out feminists are their lack of intersectionality in the way they cover or talk about women's issues. Will feminists finally listen?

Silicon Valley's Solution to Ending World Poverty

Do-good startups to end global poverty are the latest fad in Silicon Valley. But can startups really change the world?

Immigration Reform 2013: How the GOP Really Feels

The ever-growing divide amongst Republicans on immigration reform widened a bit over the weekend when GOP Strategist Ana Navarro confronted Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) on his offensive views.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' is a Surprising Key Player in the Fight For LGBT Acceptance

RuPaul's clever reality show has upended the reality TV model, and subversively welcomed LGBT advocacy into the mainstream.

Medical Marijuana's Worst Side Effect? Government Hypocrisy

Medical marijuana legalization may not be the stepping stone to decriminalization and full legalization that some hoped for.

Meet the Princesses Who Didn’t Get a Happily Ever After

What happens when the Disney princess fairytale doesn't always get a happy ending? Dina Goldstein's gritty new photography series answers that question.

Why the U.S. Should Worry About Putin's Visit to Iran

Vladimir Putin's visit to Iran could make peaceful U.S.-Russian relations even more difficult to achieve.

Eliot Spitzer Responds to Tough Questions From the Internet's Smartest Millennials

Three PolicyMic pundits really let Eliot Spitzer have it, and he's come back with responses to their top questions.

Here's How California is a Model For the Country Again

California's transgender discrimination prevention bill is a small step towards acceptance of trans folk, but lack of federal law means many are left unprotected.

How to Destroy Bashar Al-Assad and End the Syrian Civil War

A new plan for unification amongst the Syrian opposition groups is the most effective way of overthrowing Assad and ending the bloody civil war.

Obama’s Government Lets Lazy Beach Bums Like This Steal Your Tax Dollars

Watch as this beach bum brags about his easy life "all paid for by the taxpayer."

Top 8 Marijuana Legislation Buzzkills

The Marijuana Policy Project compiled a list of the "Worst State Legislators of 2013" who still cling to marijuana prohibition and continue to generally stick their nose into everyone's stash.

Open Mic With Bill de Blasio, NYC Mayor Candidate

I'm running for mayor to bring opportunity to every New Yorker. Ask me your questions.

This Gay Sailor's Surprise Proposal at a Naval Base Will Give You the Warm Fuzzies

After spending almost a year apart, this man expected a big hug, but what he got instead was even better.

3 Thing That Get White People Really Riled Up

Buried within a satirical piece titles "14 Reasons White People Riot" were some socio-political issues that are impacting America's path to a post-racial society. Here are those 4 things.

8 Beloved Movies That Aren't As Clever As People Think They Are

Movies no one could stop talking about that didn't deserve the hype.

7 Millennial Entrepreneurs Who Would Make Steve Jobs Proud

These seven young entrepreneurs exemplify Steve Jobs' memorable philosophies, and are about to change the world.

CNN's Crush on Hillary Clinton Spells Trouble For 2016 Presidential Candidates

NBC and CNN are both intending to promote Hillary Clinton for 2016, which will ruin every other Democrat's chances of winning the nomination.

You'll Never Guess Who Vladimir Putin's Newest Fan Is

You guessed! It's former Nixon speechwriter, MSNBC analyst, Catholic extremist, and white supremacist sympathizer Pat Buchanan. Why am I not surprised?

U.S. Conservatives Are Insane to "Admire" What is Happening in Russia

It's a shame that American social conservatives agree with the Russian anti-gay law.

Ron Paul Channel Will Spread the Truth

Libertarian superhero Ron Paul has launched a news website, the What does it mean for a politician to control a news outlet?

Obama Shouldn't Boycott Russia Over Snowden, But Over Everything Else Russia Does

President Obama will not meet with Putin in protest over Russia's refusal to hand over Ed Snowden. Will the rift create political space for the US to oppose more of Putin's regime?

Katy Perry's "Roar": 5 Pop Women Who Took Charge Of Their Careers

To commemorate "Roar," the empowerment anthem that Katy Perry released today, here are five amazing women who rule today's music scene.

Texas Defends Its Voting Laws With the Weirdest Reason Ever

With Eric Holder trying to bring back preclearance in Texas, the state is arguing that its practices were meant to discriminate against Democrats in general, not racial minorities.

American Expats Are Giving up Citizenship to Avoid their Taxes

With the recently implemented Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, U.S. expatriates are renouncing their citizenship in droves. Is the government unfairly burdening Americans who live abroad?

Republicans' Ultimatum to CNN and NBC is Bad News — For Republicans

By limiting the coverage of GOP debates in 2016, Reince Priebus will be contributing to a Democratic victory and shooting himself and his party in the foot.

Why Some Prison Guards Let Inmates Get High

Guards in Switzerland and Denmark have been letting inmates smoke marijuana to calm them. To truly integrate prisoners back in to society, prisons must support rehabilitation programs.

Bob Filner is Apparently Cured — He Left Therapy a Week Early

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner left his intensive therapy program a week early and refuses to resign. A recall election must be held to expel him.

Wikipedia's Co-Founder is Ready to Call China's Bluff

After the Great Firewall of China blocked access to the encrypted version of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales has had enough.

The World's Biggest Polluter is About to Be Its Largest Green Energy Investor

China is the world's biggest polluter. But new investments will make the country the world's biggest investor in green energy in the next five years. Will this be too little, too late?

To Win Millennials' Vote, the GOP Needs to Make Politics Personal

If the GOP doesn't engage millennials now, there won't be a GOP in 40 years.

How This Millennial Used PolicyMic to Get Ahead

Want feedback on using PolicyMic to get ahead? Join us on Twitter every Wednesday for a community discussion.

The NSA Can Do Its Job Without Hacking Every One Of Your Emails

Given the technology available to us, it is possible to enact a regulation that allows the NSA to perform massive surveillance while also maintaining privacy.

Too Early to Think About 2016? Don't Tell Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum is hitting Iowa way, WAY before anyone else, and he's hoping Iowans notice.

Everything You Need to Know About Cory Booker, the Next New Jersey Senator

A quick and easy list of everything you need to know about the expected winner in today's New Jersey Democratic primary.

The Hilarious Thing Norway's Prime Minister Did Last Friday

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg pulled a good political move to show he was just a regular guy.

This Black Teenager is Dying Because the Hospital is Denying Him a Heart Transplant

Anthony doesn’t qualify for the transplant list due to his history of earning low grades and having some trouble with the law.

Congress Has Taken So Many Vacation Days, They May Have Actually Ruined the U.S. Economy

The Senate will be working 16 days in September while the House of Representatives will only be in session nine of those days. There is no desire to get anything done. And it will hurt America.

Those Who Reject the Art Of Television Are Doomed

Contemporary narrative television can now provide an equally edifying alternative to literature.

American Family Association's Bryan Fischer Flies Off the Hook On "Sodomy-Based Marriage"

Religious fundamentalist love free speech ... as long as no one contradicts them. The American Family Foundation gave another such example by bashing gays and whining about being called bigots.

This Congressman Says the House Could Impeach Obama Tomorrow, But Shouldn't

According to Rep. Farenthold (R-Texas), if the House voted tomorrow they could impeach President Obama. However, there are no legitimate grounds for impeachment.

Dick Durbin Lets His Inner Joe McCarthy Out

Senate Majority Whip Durbin (D-Ill.) is embarking on a campaign of intimidation and unconstitutional revenge in an effort to combat Stand Your Ground laws.

Should Women Write About Themselves?

With the advent of social media, first-person writing has surged in popularity, particularly among women. But is it good writing? Or does such writing hold women back?

Anthony Weiner Trashes Media During BuzzFeed Brews Interview

Arrogant + Disrespectful = Anthony Weiner.

Egypt's Political Chaos is Starting to Spill Into Israel

Today, Israeli armed forces announced that they intercepted a missile that came from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

The Little Mermaid's Ariel is Speaking Up About Equal Pay

In this lighthearted video from production company Texpats, a grown-up Ariel's workplace woes are set to the tune of "Part of Your World."

Watch These Women Tackle Immigration Reform Like You’ve Never Seen It Done Before

The Off/Page Project is giving a voice to the voiceless.

Condom Ad Generates Ridiculous Criticism

Sometimes a condom ad is just condom ad — and not a comprehensive social commentary.

Bradley Manning: Soldier, Leaker, Convicted Spy, Nobel Laureate?

Can awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Manning help restore some of the prize's cachet after Obama winning it back in 2009?

This Journalist Is Standing Up For Equal Pay For Her Work

Philadelphia journalist Tara Murtha files suit against her employer citing a sexually discriminatory work environment as her main complaint.

When White Film Characters Go to East Asia, This Happens

Too often, white film characters are portrayed as fantasy tourists or a society's salvation. But that's not the case when the setting is East Asia.

People Like Anthony Weiner Can Stay in Politics — They Just Shouldn't Campaign

Disgraced politicians have many worthwhile career options available to them. Why do they keep running for public office, when they can make a difference and get rich other ways?

Elon Musk's Hyperloop is the Solution to the Public Transportation Crisis

Elon Musk, a co-founder of PayPal, showcased a new mode of transportation that projects to be cheaper and faster than the projected U.S. bullet train.

After Roy Luiz Loredo Nearly Went Free, Norfolk PD Now Taking Rape Victims Seriously

After "the inappropriate treatment" of a sexual assault victim, Norfolk will change its policies on sexual assault investigations.

Mic Check: This One Graph Explains Why Stop and Frisk Was Struck Down

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring my take on the world's top news and some of the best links from around the web.

The Private Sector Can Help Solve Millennials' Biggest Issues

Success for all of us will depend on whether they are able to realize their potential to be positive drivers of change.

Israel's Release Of Palestinian Prisoners Means Nothing

Israel is releasing 26 Palestinian prisoners as part of the preconditions for a new round of peace talks. But they're not releasing anyone important.