5 Top Business Schools Just As Great As Harvard and Wharton

Although Ivy League business programs offer tremendous future rewards to those lucky enough to get accepted, there are many less touted programs that still offer great returns on investment.

Why Atheists Have a Serious Problem With Women

As a particularly unapologetic brand of “New Atheism” rises, women are entering into the discussion with their guns blazing, and not always finding a warm welcome.

'Elysium' Movie Review: Weird Immigration Sub-Plot Kill This Movie

Matt Damon's new film "Elysium" tries to provide some insight on immigration reform in the United States but gets distracted by a lazy plot and straw man villains.

Al-Qaeda is Taking the Lead in Fighting Bashar Al-Assad

With the Syrian opposition extremely divided, Al-Qaeda affiliated groups and Islamic extremist elements from within the opposition are taking the lead in Syria.

25 Is Not Too Young to Get Married

The average age for first marriages keeps going up, but for some couples, there's no point in waiting — even in places like New York City.

These Students Are Not Ashamed Of Pole Dancing Their Way Through College

Studies have found that more and more college students are turning to the sex industry to pay for school. We need to start supporting our students, but also accept sex work as a viable option.

Looser Concealed Carry Laws in North Carolina Are Just Common Sense

North Carolina has a new gun law which will prevent crime and allow law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and others.

Ecuador Introduces Draconian New Restrictions On NGOs

Ecuador's new decree could stifle NGO operations and even dissolve them if authorities choose to do so. But it's not the only country imposing that kind of power.

Crissy Brown Was Arrested, Felt Up, and Thrown in Jail — Thanks to a Late Payment

While America follows the saga of Edward Snowden and the NSA revelations, it's missing a more vital story: a young woman was thrown in jail for a late payment.

America Can Save Itself Through Spending Cuts, Here's the Proof

Greece's fiscal discipline is now paying off, as reports show a surplus in the first seven months of 2013. But while Greece's economic reckoning has come and gone, America's pain is yet to come.

4 Shocking Scenes From Egypt's Brutal Crackdown On Protesters

The newest images from Cairo show protesters pushing a fully armored police van off of a bridge, and indicate the situation is moving from bad to worse.

Birmingham Plane Crash: One Of the Riskiest Jobs In the World is Being a Cargo Plane Pilot

Two pilots were killed in a UPS cargo plane crash early Wednesday morning, shedding light on the particularly dangerous risks for cargo pilots.

Israel Says It Will Never Divide Jerusalem, But They Already Have

As peace talks resume in Jerusalem on Wednesday, negotiators must confront proposals to formally divide a city that is already divided.

Best-Paid Women Still Earn Less Than the Best-Paid Men

At the most lucrative companies, in the most commanding positions, women in top tier business still face the traditional gender pay gap they have always faced climbing up the financial ladder.

4 Classic Books That Offer Contemporary Wisdom

These essential tales have time-tested advice that's become even more relevant for the millennial generation.

It's Looking More and More Like the Benghazi Conspiracy Theories Were Actually the Truth

New information about circumstances surrounding the attack on the U.S. consulate on September 11, 2012 raises concern about the U.S's involvement in Libya and the fate of stolen U.S. missiles.

4 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask

With HBO releasing "Americans in Bed," it's important for us to examine our own questions about our sex lives.

Why I Can't Stop Talking About #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen

A huge debate within the feminist movement has been reignited on Twitter, centered around an age-old question: Who does feminism really represent? It's time to listen and find out.

A Letter to Black People: I Understand Why You're Mad About Racism, But ...

Though white people in this nation get a bad rap on race relations, the history of white involvement in civil rights has not been all bad.

Why America is Faced With a Tough Decision on Bahrain's Independence Day

Alex Cox, the son of a US Navy officer, watched Bahrain's revolution unfold in 2011. Bahrain's continued crackdown on human rights might be a reason to reevaluate US naval presence there

There's Someone Burning and Killing Women in Detroit, and the Media Doesn't Care

Detroit police believe there may be a possible serial attacker on the prowl who is beating, raping, and burning women, and the story has been getting little to no national press.

Parachute 'Overnight' Album Review: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

For their third album, 'Overnight,' Parachute has updated their sound to incorporate all the newest popular electronics. Hopefully, it will allow them to slip seamlessly into the mainstream.

Why Winco Will Eventually Destroy Walmart

Unlike state protected monopolies like USPS, free market monopolies or dominance never last forever. Walmart is yet another example of that.

This Recent Pipeline Explosion is a Sign Our Gas Lines — And Fracking — Are Unsafe

A gas pipeline explosion in Eire, Illinois showcased the problems with natural gas pipelines ... specifically safety regulation.

This Racist Store Refused to Let Even Oprah Shop There

A shop assistant in Zurich says Oprah can't afford a crocodile skin bag and refuses to show the media mogul the item. And, as expected, Oprah has the last word on this racist encounter.

Kerry Washington's Vanity Fair Cover is Smokin' — But White People Still Might Not Notice It

Kerry Washington's cover of Vanity Fair is a rare instance in which a black women is showcased in the mainstream fashion industry.

Bahrain Protests: How This Country is Becoming the New Egypt

As Bahrain clamps down on anti-government protests, will it be the next nation to experience a violent outbreak? And if it does, should the US do something about it?

Twitter Could Predict the Outcome Of the 2016 Election

Your tweets might be able to determine the winner of an election, and for a candidate, any tweet is a good tweet.

For These Police, Calling Rape Victims Liars is Just Part Of the Job

If you had reported a rape last week, Virginia police would have officially and automatically classified you as a liar.

Hurray! Tina Fey is Planning Her Television Comeback

Your prayers have finally been answered!

Which Innovation Will Millennials Be Remembered For?

Do we millennials want to be remembered as the generation which made making stuff easier, or one which built a shared and sustainable economy?

President Obama Isn't the Man We Voted For On NSA Surveillance

The Obama currently in office is not the one many of his supporters voted for, at least when it comes to transparency in government.

Bradley Manning Admits Going to Wikileaks Was Wrong

Bradley Manning's apology at the end of his Wikileaks trial takes down his own image as a whistleblower and reaffirms the views of his critics that his actions were reckless on a large scale.

The Middle Eastern Uprising Today That No One Heard About

August 14 was declared a day of rebellion in Bahrain, which made the United States shut down its embassy in expectation of a violent crackdown on the opposition.

If You Really Love Art, Don't Buy It From Amazon

Even if you have a gift card.

Why Do the Police Still Use Tasers on Unarmed Teenagers?

The death of an unarmed Florida teenager due to police Tasing raises questions about the use of this "nonlethal" weapon.

Solar Power: Get It While It's Hot

Solar makes sense both economically and from an environmental perspective. There's never been a better time to switch.

My Evening With Jesse Jackson Jr.

Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. was sentenced to 30 months in prison Wednesday. But what can he teach Congress about bi-polar and mental health?

An Inside Look At How Ben Bernanke Uses the Media to Control the Economy

The Federal Reserve uses the media to influence public opinion, but it's also forcing them to be more transparent.

Obama is Acting On His Own — and the Congressional GOP is to Blame

Congress' utter lack of effectiveness is letting their biggest fear come to fruition: a President Obama acting on his own.

Cory Booker Doesn't Need the Senate — the Senate Needs Cory Booker

With his win in the New Jersey Primary, Cory Booker appears poised to be the next senator from New Jersey. What impact will he have if elected?

Freedom Of the Press: For "Real Journalists" Only?

As Washington lawmakers debate who is protected by a proposed media shield law, they ignore the larger problem — that it changes the idea of a free press as protected by the Constitution.

The Real Reason Obamacare Won't Work

Amidst the plethora of arguments that have been raised for and against Obamacare, the issue of whether or not it is compatible with American social values had been largely, and wrongly, ignored.

Obama Has No Interest in Changing His Drone Strike Policy

The CIA’s decision to withhold information about the drone program represents the administration's ambivalence about transparency and reveals the hollowness of its rhetoric.

Cory Booker Will Crush Steve Lonegan Without Even Trying

The Republican Party of New Jersey has nominated a small-town mayor with some pretty out-there ideas to run against Cory Booker for Senate. Who is this guy and why did the GOP choose him?

And the Muslim Brotherhood Said, "Let There Be War!"

Morsi demonstrators and opponents come to blows, hurling insults and stones. Peace seems unlikely since the Muslim Brotherhood refused a negotiation attempt offered by Al-Azhari.

Egypt's Revolution Already Happened in the United States

The process toward a democratic Egypt has been violent and distressing. But so has been the course to democracy in many countries ... including America.

The Studies Are In, and Meatless Mondays Are Good For Everyone

Health? Fossil fuels? The environment? A love of all things warm and fuzzy? Pick your reason — there are plenty of good ones to cut down on meat.

Sperm Donor Jason Patric Comes For His Kids

Should men who have acted as sperm donors with close relationships to the mother be allowed to receive shared custody over a child that they helped create?

Best Thing We Can Do For Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Is Not Pay Attention

Less media attention and less talk could increase the chance that the peace talks will be successful.

Egypt's Shameful Response to Peaceful Assembly

The Egyptian army has made good on a longstanding threat to violently end the pro-Morsi protests. The U.S. gave up any power to stop them when John Kerry said they were "restoring democracy."

This is What the Secret Service Has to Say About Aaron Scwartz

The Secret Service has released 104 pages of Aaron Swartz's file following a court order. The report reveals an over-the-top investigation into the life of an activist driven by archaic laws.

Detroit Was Not a Freak Occurrence — You'd Be Surprised How Many Other Places Are On the Verge

The public pension problem isn't unique to one bankrupt city.

Oregon Tuition Plan: Here's Why Free College Isn't Enough

Oregon's legislature passed a bill last month to make public higher ed "debt-free." What's really at stake is how we view college: Should it be a universal program or an individual luxury good?

Middle Eastern Peace Talks May Work This Time — Here's Why

The current round of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations is distinguished from previous ones by two things: Palestinian bids for statehood at the UN, and the Arab Spring

New York Times Site Down: Reporters Tweet Their Way Through Blackout

The New York Times website may be down, but that hasn't stopped their reporters from tweeting.

Preventing the U.S. Airways - American Airlines Merger Will Not Help Consumers

The US Justice Department is to prevent American Airlines and US Airways merging. However, real competition will only come when foreign companies can enter the domestic aviation market.

This is Congress' Answer to Our Debt Crisis — And You Probably Didn't Know About It

The INFORM Act offers younger Americans a clearer picture of their futures, and it is based on honesty.

The Awkward Years Project Teaches Kids That Real Beauty Comes From a Flat Iron

Some people don't grow out of their awkward phase. And that's a good thing.

A Path to Freedom For Immigrant Detainees

The Dream 9 activists are moving ahead with their applications for amnesty, highlighting the need for immigration reform, and establishing a precedent that could help other immigrants.

Mic Check: 11 Photos Of Egypt's Bloody Crackdown That Killed At Least 149 People Today

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Starting a Band? Here Are 6 Ways to Use the Web to Get Jammin'

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