One Stat About the U.S. Military That Will Surprise You

Many people believe that the U.S. military is made up mostly of poor, underprivileged Americans. They are wrong.

5 Films That Tackle the Fight For Civil Rights

With the release of The Butler we look at four other films that have elegantly depicted the issue of civil rights.

Big Government is Moving to Crush Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the increasingly popular cryptocurrency without any central governing body has been subpoenaed by New York's financial regulator.

12 Official Ground Rules For Moving Back in With Mom and Dad

Millennials are coming home at a record rate. Here's the official set of rules for living with the 'rents.

Immigration Reform 2013: Anti-Immigration Activists Are Fighting Reform, and Losing

Anti-immigration reformers exist and they are organizing to gain more opposition for the immigration bill.

In China's Megacities, Baby Girls Equal Mega Savings

As housing prices in China's cities reach nauseating heights, urban parents are changing their centuries old preference for male children. What is causing this change in mentality?

Scyld Berry Rascist Remarks: Everyone Calm Down, and Stop Throwing the Term "Racist" Around

Racism is always stupid but not all stupidity is racism; Scyld Berry's critics after the Usman Khawaja fiasco don't seem to get that.

The One Reason Donald Trump Will Never Run For President

By now most people realize Donald Trump isn't ever serious about running for president, but few seem to truly understand why.

This One Type Of Startup Fails the Most

Six examples of venture-backed startups that failed to launch, and why.

Obama Egypt Speech LIVE Stream and Transcript: Obama Speaks On Crisis in Egypt

After one of the deadliest days in modern Egyptian history, President Obama will speak on the violence in Egypt.

How Kitchen Spoons Can Stop Forced Marriage

An organization in the U.K. is encouraging would-be forced marriage victims to put spoons in their underwear. This is why.

The Sickening Reason Why the U.S. Will Not Stop Paying For Egypt's Military Massacre

The reason President Obama and Congress have done nothing to stop bankrolling the out-of-control Egyptian military will disgust you.

Sheryl Sandberg Made $92 Million Last Week, But Won't Lean In to Pay An Intern

Sheryl Sandberg wants women to Lean In to their careers and "pursue their ambitions, and changing the conversation from what we can’t do to what we can do." Just don't expect pay for it.

Feminism's Biggest Challenge: What the Heck Is Feminism?

#Solidarityisforwhitewomen proved that there are still real factions within the feminist movement, but can we be both more inclusive and more politically coherent as a movement?

This is What College Would Look Like If It Were Founded By Elon Musk

Do we Americans really want to risk losing innovative minds such as Elon Musk and Sergey Brin over residency issues?

Hola, Olinguito! Meet South America's Cutest Discovery in 35 Years

The recently discovered olinguito is the first mammalian carnivore discovered in the Americas in 35 years. Its also really, really cute.

Michael Deane Went Bravely to His Death in Egypt, But He Shouldn't Have Had to

Michael Deane, a cameraman for Sky News, was killed while covering the Morsi demonstrations in Cairo. Is news coverage more important than the safety of journalists?

Bahrain Arrests and Tortures American Tagi Al-Maidan, and U.S. Barely Lifts a Finger to Help

Bahrain security forces arrested a U.S. national and subjected him to torture. The U.S. is doing little to help because of its cozy relationship with the Al-Khalifa regime.

The Middle Eastern Country Where Startups Are Thriving Most is Not Israel

It's one that's been in the news a fair amount over the last few days. Luckily the news coming out of Egypt is not all bad.

Bradley Manning Transgender: Media Should Be Ashamed Of Its Coverage

Bradley Manning apologized for leaking confidential information regarding the Iraq war. But the way the media is covering it is bad news for LGBT people everywhere.

Why Obama Won't Suspend U.S. Military Aid to Egypt

The administration is playing a delicate balancing act, but can't continue to fund a military in a region of instability.

Why Vladimir Putin May Not Be As Powerful As You Think

It seems like Russia and the U.S. are always at odds, but there's more complexity to this diplomatic relationship than you think.

The Afghanistan Constitution Has Failed — and This Kidnapping Proves It

When an Afghan member of parliament can be kidnapped, it shows that the Taliban's incessant attacks have become stronger than the country's constitution.

Euro Zone Escapes Crisis and Ends Recession, But It's Not Over Yet

The euro zone, containing 17 European countries of the European Union, announced that the economic union had experienced 0.3% growth in the second quarter of 2013.

Micah Kellner is Latest Democrat Accused Of Sexual Harassment

NY's 32BJ SEIU Union rescinded an endorsement for the first time ever after allegations emerged Assembly Member Micah Kellner sexually harassed his staff. He's not the first Democrat, either.

Using Technology to Spy Is Much, Much Older Than You Think

Clandestine tech spying strategies have been around since the 1950s.

ALEC Joined Yelp, and This is What Happened

Smack Down! ALEC got destroyed on Yelp. See the carnage.

Inside Putin's Plan to Dominate the World's Oil and Gas Markets

The world's most lucrative concentration of natural resources will soon be controlled by three 'presidents' who have held power for a combined 56 years.

In Bold Move, Andy Cohen Says No to Russia's Miss Universe Over Its War On Gays

Andy Cohen refuses to return as the host of the Miss Universe pageant until Russia stops jailing people for being gay.

Obama Egypt Speech Transcript: Read Full Remarks From President

"Our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back."

Why Marijuana Dispensaries Won't Be Part of Your Obamacare Health Plan

Obamacare won't be handing out free joints to anyone anytime soon. Here's why.

Will Hispanic Moviegoers Save the Film Industry?

Does Hollywood have a new love affair with Latinos — or is it just a marketing gimmick?

FEMA Won't Call the Deadly Arizona Wild Fire a Disaster — And Doesn't Need To

Both Democrats and Republicans will twist the incident for their own political purposes. Both will ignore the structural issues damaging disaster relief funding.

Julian Assange Takes Bradley Manning to Task Over Apology

Wikileaks founder criticizes Manning and US government over apology, calling it "forced." However, Manning's reasons for giving the statement may be more pragmatic than anything else.

Trijicon is the New HobbyLobby: Gun Company the Latest to Challenge Obamacare

Trijicon — a leading manufacturer of sights and rifle scopes for the U.S. military — has filed a challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s contraception rule. Can you be pro-life and pro-gun?

Meet Amirah Mercer: Fashionista, Sociologist, & Pundit Of the Week

As part of a weekly column, one awesome member of the PolicyMic community shares their story.

Obamacare Repeal Won't Happen, But the GOP Will Hold America Hostage Over It Anyway

House GOP leadership will use the debt ceiling in November to ostensibly force concessions on Obamacare, but the real goal is placating voice within their own party.

Why Egypt's Protests Could Fail Like Tiananmen Square's

Sit-in movements are inherantly non-violent. So why do they have such a bloody history?

Can Ban Ki Moon's Pakistan Visit Help Quell Pakistan-India Tensions?

The UN Secretary General arrived in Pakistan on Tuesday. Can his personal mediation help reduce tensions between the nuclear armed neighbours?

The Staggering New Cost Of Raising a Child in America

It cost $195,690 in 1960. It's risen a lot more.

Obama's Egypt Speech Cancels Military Exercise Nobody Knew Or Cared About

President Obama responded to the violence in Egypt by cancelling our biennial military training program. But what exactly is the joint military exercise, and how significant is the cancellation?

Thousands of Tunisians Rally For Women's Rights

Tunisians are in the midst of a years-long effort draft and approve a new constitution. A simple question of wording is sending thousands of women to the streets.

Are Entrepreneurs More Rebellious — Or Do They Just Come From Rich Families?

A recent study showing that entrepreneurs were mischievous rule-breakers in school is interesting — but not all the facts are there yet.

U.S. Military Rights a Wrong By Giving Gay Couples Equal Benefits

The US Army now recognizes same-sex couples by giving them the same benefits as heterosexual couples. But marriage equality is still far from reality in most states.

Egyptian Leaders Are Following the Dictator's Playbook By Declaring State of Emergency

On Wednesday, Egypt's military-appointed government declared a state of emergency amid countrywide clashes. Such declarations have long been a tool of tyrants and terrify pro-democracy activists.

Mohammad Elbaradei Resigns After Death of 525 Protesters in Egypt

The use of violence in Egypt will not help solve the challenges Egypt faces today. It will only further incense the Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

This is the Biggest Problem Iran's President Faces

Hassan Rouhani's very first moderate moves face fierce criticism from the conservative parliament. Can we expect real change in Iran?

You Won't Believe What This Congressman Says About Guns

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) asserts that ciminal practice must involve a gun. This logic makes no sense, but if widely accepted can change the American legal system.

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