The 'Steve Jobs' Movie Trailer is Ruining My Favorite Song

Has one of my favorite songs, by my favorite band, been ruined just a little by its use in too many commercials?

What White Poverty Really Looks Like in America

The Associated Press discussion of poor America portrays poverty in a way that should cause us to reexamine how we relate to this "invisible" problem, especially as white poverty grows.

A Timeline of Israeli Settlements for Everyone Who Thinks They Don't Matter

The recent announcement of further settlement construction in the West Bank may undercut peace negotiations, but also threatens to undercut the very viability of a future Palestinian state.

The NSA is No Laughing Matter, But This Video Parody to Protest Its Abuses is

Are satire and creativity the only avenues left Americans have to protest?

The Police in This Small Town Are Cracking Down On Citizens — With a Tank

While the militarization of a small American city is unfortunately increasing, the local pushback provide great lessons on how to resist increasingly growing state power.

This Russian Gay Man Came Out On Live Television, What Happened Next Is Shocking

He knew people would notice, but he didn't expect it to be this bad. Check out what happened after this host decided to reveal his true identity to his fans and cowokers.

Why the RNC Made the Right Decision to Drop CNN and NBC

The RNC has decided to drop TV networks CNN and NBC from the 2016 presidential primary debate cycle. Here's why.

7 Bridezillas You'll Find At a Wedding Venue Near You

Ah, the infamous bridezilla – the blushing bride whose flushed face is only the result of her latest hot-headed outburst. Here are 7 types you may find near you.

40% of Americans Ask Dr. Google For Health Advice, But It's a Really Bad Idea

Self-diagnosing online is not a good idea. Not even a little bit.

Study Says Sex Makes People Happier — "Duh," Says Everyone

Higher wages and more sex go hand in hand. It's not certain which causes which...but is anyone really surprised?

The Case for Closing Every American Zoo

Costa Rica plans to close all of its public zoos for the benefit of the animals currently in captivity. Here's why the U.S. should do the same.

One Chart That Proves Obamacare is Good For Millennials

What has Obamacare done for you lately? Quite a lot, actually.

Will Growing Marijuana Ever Be a Legitimate Profession?

Some farmers are already treating weed like it's a business. Now the government just needs to get out of the way.

Zerocoin is like Bitcoin, Except It's Actually Anonymous

Bitcoin is not as anonymous as you think. Zerocoin closes that privacy gap.

California Minimum Wage Bill: A Disaster For Blue-Collar Workers

Despite the bill's good intentions, it would hurt the very people it is meant to help.

How a Typo At the NSA Can Flag You As a Terrorist Threat

A new NSA audit reveals that thousands of legal infractions to privacy standards take place every year as a result of unintentional human error. But how powerfully can a typo violate our privacy?

This Map Of Israel Proves Israel is Doing Something Highly Illegal

The announcement of 900 new Israeli settlements casts a dark shadow over the first peace talks in three years.Is the building of these settlements really illegal?

5 Reasons America Should Abandon Tipping

It's one of the most common practices in America — and it's terrible. Here's why we should stop doing it.

Russell Simmons' Harriet Tubman Sex Tape YouTube Video is Basically As Awful As You'd Expect

Russell Simmons' new YouTube video channel made a major misstep by posting a video portraying Harriet Tubman as a blackmailing Jezebel who made a sex tape with her master.

Marijuana Legalization: Chris Christie Made a Big Mistake Upholding Bill

The bill that may save 2-year-old Vivian Wilson's life may not be passed by Governor Christie.

Bill de Blasio Gets Grilled By New York City's Smartest Millennials

Three PolicyMic pundits dig into Bill de Blasio and ask him why he should by New York City's next mayor. Here are his responses.

Time Warner Will Survive the CBS Blackout, and So Will You

When there are cable blackouts in the age of online and on-demand television, what's keeping people subscribed to cable?

English-Only Laws Would Criminalize the Words Coming Out Of Your Mouth

This is Murica! Speak English! How would the US look like if such people were able to make English the official language of the country?

8 Ladies Who Are Leveling the Playing Field

Women athletes have a lot working against them. Check out the ladies who have been challenging gender stereotypes their whole careers.

Jessica Padron: Her Plan to Get Paid For An Unpaid Internship

When she was selected for the internship of a lifetime, Jessica Padron was not going to let money interfere with her dreams.

Why Only Letting Women Watch 'Austenland' Is Not Empowering

In an unheard of move, advanced screenings and premieres for Austenland, out today, were women-only. Here's why this move is actually repressive for both genders.

The Simple Reason Why Egyptians Love the Muslim Brotherhood

Religion is not a very useful lens to understand Egyptian politics. Instead, we should look at economic forces.

These Brave Girls Are Taking On the Media By Taking Over Times Square

The Brave Girls Alliances is launching a campaign to change media representations of girls. Their message should be taken seriously by our media-obsessed society.

The Syrian Civil War Isn't Just Syrian Anymore

A car bomb exploded yesterday in Beirut, as a rebel group in Syria takes the fight to Hezbollah. Syria's neighbors are increasingly at risk of masive violence.

Relationship Problems? There’s an App For That

After making apps for hooking up, breaking up, and rating a partner, there's an app for trying to help people make long-term relationships last.

Obamacare and Social Security Have 4 Major Things in Common

Obamacare and Social Security are both costly, unsustainable, tedious, and extensive. They impose regulatory burden on businesses and offer Americans little security.

Why We Should Be OK With the Spike in Gun Permits in Newtown, Conn.

More people are applying for gun permits in Newtown than ever before. This should not be as surprising as it sounds.

This Former Veteran Has Been Deported and Now Makes Only $3/Hour

In a matter of years, he went from defending his adopted country to being barred from entering it.

Barack Obama's Biggest Lie of All

The political system is thriving off dirty money. Bribery and corporate money are fueling corruption as the regulations on campaign finance are dwindling.

The One Reform That Could Bring Republicans and Democrats Together

If neither party gets too scared of being painted as "soft on crime," there's an issue where Republicans and Democrats can find more common ground than they think.

Google Doesn't Expect Privacy On the Internet, and Neither Should You

A recently uncovered motion shows the legal opinion and attitude of Google. That opinion is that nobody should expect privacy on their free services. Sadly, they're right.

PolicyMic's Culture Round-Up: All the Highlights Of the Past 7 Days

Tweets from Ru Paul, five new Arts Fellows, and amazing content. Oh what a week it was.

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