Obamacare Strikes, and Forever 21 Cuts Employees' Hours

Responding to regulations imposed by the Affordable Care Act, Forever 21 has demoted all of its non-management employees to part-time work.

Another Horrible Rape Case in India: 7 Year Old Raped on a Train

India's National Crime Records report a rape incident occurs every 22 minutes. A mix of poverty and ignorance supplemented by a lack of state action is proving to be a menace for Indian women.

7 Musical Artists Who Are Sparking Religious Debate

These 7 contemporary bands and artists have produced work that informs and contributes to the modern debate about faith and belief. Reaching the youth, music defies any conventional obstacle.

How the World Forced Ecuador to Destroy Its Own Environment

The Ecuadorian government will start oil drilling in the Yasuni delta. The decision comes as a major setback to environmentalists and at considerable costs to the environment.

This Egyptian Child's Drawing Will Break Your Heart and Give You Hope

Kids say (and draw) the darndest things. In the aftermath of the bloodiest day of protests since Tiananmen Square, you need to see this photo.

Reince Priebus' CNN and NBC Ban is Just More Silliness From the GOP

Reince Priebus' decision to ban NBC and CNN has struck a chord with his base but he has left himself open to criticism if instead of controlling the debates he just shifts them to Fox.

10 Cities That Could Become The "New" New York

With rising costs seeing no end in sight, hopeful city migrants may soon have to seek out another place to thrive and call home.

Sorry, Conspiracy Theorists: Area 51 is Real, But The Aliens Aren't

In an anticlimactic turn of events, the government has admitted Area 51 exists, but there are neither aliens nor spaceships.

'The Butler' Movie Review: The Year's First Oscar Movie

Lee Daniels' new film 'The Butler' looks at a century of racial strife, and the personal and political choices that changed history. Oscar nominations will abound.

Soccer – Not Politics – Will End Racism in Europe

Could it be possible that soccer, sometimes Europe’s most used channel of diplomacy, can influence racism into being taboo enough to reduce it significantly?

Rand Paul Gets An Endorsement From An Unexpected Ally

Could an endorsement from an unlikely place help Rand Paul unite liberals and conservatives going into 2016?

Why Are Egypt's Christians An Easy Target?

Christians have had a presence in Egypt longer than they've had one in Europe. But when crisis comes, they're often the first to get the blame. Why?

Bahrain is Looking Less Like Egypt, and More Like Rwanda

Last week, protests in Bahrain were supposed to be a ray of democratic light in the Middle East. Instead, a brutal government crackdown darkened the nation with scenes of pre-genocide Rwanda.

Ex-Boy Scouts Form New Organization, With No Icky Gays Allowed

A new, more conservative version of the Boy Scouts is about to be created. One has rarely seen an organization boast so openly of its bigotry.

Elizabeth Warren Champions Small Business, But Not Small Government

Senator Warren has made clear her skepticism of large banks, but has a great trust in large government. This is an ironic double standard, and one that undermines her philosophy.

WATCH: Google "Literally" Accommodates Joe Biden

Merriam-Webster, Cambridge, and Google have recently added the informal, non-literal definition of "literally" to their dictionaries. It is a favorite word of Vice President Joe Biden.

Chris Brown Retiring: To Generate Buzz, Say You're Leaving the Bizz

Chris Brown's latest announcement that his next album will be his last reveals one of the oldest tricks in the book for artists and musicians.

NJ Senate Race 2013: The Republicans Blow It Again

In a state that's not exactly welcoming toward conservative politics, the Republicans have nominated too conservative of a candidate, a fact that polling already reflects.

When the U.S. is In Sync With the Saudis, You Know Something is Wrong

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia, among other regional allies, continue to support Egypt's crackdown on pro-Morsi protesters not only through rhetoric, but through a continuation in military aid.

Summer Fridays Are Screwing Over American Workers

Summer Fridays may be experiencing a slow death, but maybe it's not such a sad death afterall.

The NSA Thinks It's Above the Law — and the Obama Administration Knew It

With Thursday's report of the NSA's "unintentional" collection of Americans' phone records, the president needs to act on his promise and his words.

Anything You Say Or Tweet Will Be Used Against You in a Court of Law

Police say Cody Hall lost control of his vehicle, killing one and injuring another. After reading the 18-year-old's Twitter account, prosecutors upped his charges from manslaughter to murder.

NGOs Help Women Everywhere, Except In Their Own Boardrooms

NGOs have overwhelmingly female staffs working towards missions to help girls and women around the world. So why aren't more women in charge?

Starting a Human Rights Association in This Country? Prepare to Face Jail Time

Human rights activists in Saudi Arabia with their own organizations, speaking out in the media and questioning the judiciary, are being imprisoned by the government, most without trial.