If George Zimmerman’s Jury Had Seen This Chilling Video, Would They Still Have Let Him Go Free?

This chilling reenactment of Trayvon Martin's death cannot be unseen, nor can it be ignored.

Lobsters Feel Every Second Of You Boiling Them Alive

There is new scientific evidence that shows that lobsters and other crustaceans feel pain. It's time humans did something about it.

Immigration Reform 2013: Marco Rubio's Last Ditch Effort to Save It

Rubio's empty threat hopes to save a weak immigration bill.

A Takedown of Ashton Kutcher And Anyone Who Thinks It's "Sexy" to Brag About Yourself On National TV

Did Ashton Kutcher's viral Teen Choice awards speech make you feel all kinds of weird inside? Well you're no the only one.

4 Shocking Stats That Show How Badly We're Failing Our Black Youth

Educational racism is very real, but fortunately, the solutions are just as real.

What "Checking Your Privilege" Really Means

Ever played the game "Step Up, Step Back"? It's a great game to address privilege, but how effective is it when the goal is to disrupt systems of power?

Jay Z's 'Picasso Baby' Is Challenging the Definition of High and Low Art

Jay Z's latest video actively pushed boundaries of race and class, as he questions hip-hop's role within the art world, and confounds the latter's critics.

This Chilling New Video Will Stop You From Texting and Driving Ever Again

Werner Herzog will make you rethink the one second it takes to send a text.

The Shocking Graph That Should Scare Every Pro-Choice American

There have been 200 anti-abortion bills in 40 states. The number of abortion restrictions has skyrocketed.

Silicon Valley: No Old People Allowed?

In their rush to fill their offices with young workers who can code and work 12-hour days, tech companies are missing out on the more balanced perspective that experienced employees can provide.

'True Blood' Season 6 Finale Recap: Magic Blood

The 'True Blood' finale, "Radioactive," left viewers with less of a cliffhanger than they might have expected. But that doesn't mean that all of our questions have been answered.

Congressman Cheered For Telling 11-Year-Old Her Dad Should Be Deported

"Laws are laws," Rep. Scott Desjarlais told the little girl, pretending to be oblivious that he himself has a job changing laws.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Will Shut Down These Illegal Scams

"Immigration reform" is a controversial issue that is bandied about a lot, with a new bill crawling through Congress. Here are a few problems that the current system let slip through the cracks.

Inside the Dark Reality Of Obama's Job Numbers

While the number of jobs is up, the quality of those jobs is questionable.

Free Market Supporters Always Get This One Thing Wrong

Conservatives and libertarians believe, erroneously, that antitrust laws are unnecessary.

The Simple Statistics That Prove Obama's War on Drugs Remains Racist

Even though we've taken steps in the right direction, President Obama has taken no substantial action to help end the racist Drug War, and instead, his administration has exacerbated it.

This Brutal Murder Shows the Worst Country for LGBT Rights is Not What You Think

The brutal murder of a transgender teen in Jamaica reflects broader concerns for LGBTQ rights abroad.

The CIA Just Admitted to the Crime Every Iranian Has Known About for 60 Years

The CIA finally declassified documents that admit to the much-suspected and ever-controvertial role of the U.S. in Iran's 1953 coup. But 60 years later, how newsworthy is the revelation?

How George Takei Went From Being a Trekkie to a Gay Rights Hero

George Takei is one of October's LGBT History Month icons. So how exactly did Takei go from helming the USS Enterprise on Star Trek to championing social justice?

Ted Cruz Birthers Are Coming — So Let's Just Change the Constitution

Ted Cruz's citizenship may be his biggest obstacle if he chooses to run for president in 2016. This is a wake-up call to clarify who exactly is eligible to run for president once and for all.

Why Obama vs. Putin Spells Doom For the Syrian Refugees

President Obama's decision to cancel his summit with President Putin has gained a lot of attention in the past weeks, but lost in the scrum has been the impact this will have on Syria's refugees

Watch Lady Gaga's "Applause" Music Video

Lady Gaga's "Applause" puts her back on the music video scene with a splash, just in time for her VMA performance.

Chris Christie Bans Gay Conversion Therapy in New Jersey

New Jersey's Chris Christie will sign a bill banning the damaging, and arguably terrorizing, practice of gay conversion therapy. This makes New Jersey the second state to do so.

New Immigration Law Doesn't Take Into Account This One Demographic

In all the focus on immigration reform, there's one large group of immigrants that's not getting much attention — and whose options for a normal, secure lifestyle are dwindling.

GOP, Beware: Latinos Are Watching Your Every Move On Immigration Reform

If House Republicans don't act soon on immigration reform, the GOP won't gain Latino supporters.

Is the Death Penalty On Its Way Out?

The use of the death penalty is going down. New Jersey and Illinois abolished the practice. It is highly likely that more states will continue to ban the death penalty in the future.

Why Christiane Taubira is Exactly What Democracy Should Look Like

Christiane Taubira, the Minister of Justice of France, is a reminder of what a democracy could and should be about.

The World's Richest People Create 50% Of Global Warming

The truth about climate change is that it's a problem that disproportionately affects the poor.

The CIA Just Admitted It's Responsible For Everything Wrong With Iran

In 1953, Iran's democratically-elected secular government was overthrown to maintain British access to oil supplies. This weekend, the CIA admitted it's respnsible.

Why the Washington Post is More Than Jeff Bezos's Business Investment

Great journalism relies on inefficiency — which means that entrepreneurs like Bezos, in making the Post thrive in purely financial terms, just might force it to fail in journalistic ones.

Republicans: A Right-Leaning Presidential Debate Moderator Won't Help You

The RNC has proposed several reforms to the 2016 debate schedule, but like medieval bloodletting, the cure is worse than the disease.

This Best-Selling Author is Sick Of Men Calling Her Writing a Hobby

Danielle Steel is one of the most successful and prolific novelists in history. So why have so many men dismissed her work as a hobby?

Israeli Settlements Are the Reason Palestinians Will Never See Peace

Israel's mass demolition of homes in the occupied West Bank is hindering plans to create a viable Palestinian State.

David Miranda Detained By Brits in Blatant Attempt to Intimidate Glenn Greenwald

The British government arrested and interrogated David Miranda, Glenn Greenwald's partner, on terrorism charges, questioning him about Edward Snowden for nine hours and seizing his electronics.

The Toronto Fire Service Needs More Women

The service's aim to recruit more women is not only important for employment equity, but also for changing a discriminatory culture within the field.

Here is the Pathway to Peace in Egypt

Both the Muslim Brotherhood and the interim government headed by the military are determined to destroy each other. But standing down is the only way forward.

Should the New Delhi Teenage Rapist Be Tried As An Adult?

The trial of the unnamed juvenile begins this week. Should he be tried as an adult, subjecting him to possibility of the death penalty?

The 5 Stages Of Grief For Dealing With the NSA

Are you mourning your loss of privacy due to NSA surveillance? Here is how to cope with your emotions in five easy steps.

Egypt News: 3 Reforms That Can Get the Country Back on Track

General el Sisi must take steps to gain legitimacy. That requires coalition building and outreach, and concrete steps to get the economy moving. Here are some ideas that merit exploration.

Latin American Cinema is the Unexpected Remedy For Hollywood Blockbuster Boredom

An interview with Ecuadorean director David Nieto Wenzell on international cinema, how piracy actually benefits independent films, and why we need to learn to "read the label" on our films.

Hosni Mubarak To Be Released: Is This What Justice Looks Like in the New Egypt?

Former Egyptian autocrat Hosni Mubarak has been released from life in prison and set free. Is this the revolution Egyptians envisioned when they overthrew him just two years ago?

Gay Conversion Therapy is Not Free Speech — It's Child Abuse

Gov. Christie has banned "gay conversion therapy" in the state of New Jersey. Many argue that this is infringement on the First Amendment rights, but this time it is worth it.

5 Quotes From U.S. Politicians That Prove We Know Nothing About Egypt

The ongoing crisis in Egypt triggered hysteria among politicians, ranging from demands to cancel foreign aid to pro-Morsi statements. Have a look at 5 remarkable political quotes about Egypt.

These Air Force Officers Have Set Up a Company That Helps Afghan Widows

These Air Force Officers have found a way to combine their desire to serve with their passion to create a social business. Their advice: "Start small, but dream big."

Archbishop Of Canterbury Tells Rich Christians to Stop Whining

The former archbishop of Canterbury's comments that Western Christians who believe they're persecuted should "grow up" ties into a shift away from religious institutions among young people.

Recent Report Shows How and When The NSA Invades Privacy

The NSA's newest unflattering revelation exposed the fact that a bureaucrat's accidental typo can violate your privacy. But don't expect much to change in Washington.

Oscar Pistorius Charges Explained in Plain English

Like so many recent cases stateside, this is a case about what the prosecution cannot prove rather than a case about what the accused did.

How Entrepreneurs Are Going to Kickstart America's Employment Rate

How entrepreneurship and only entrepreneurship can save the American economy

Keystone Pipeline Deal is Full of Double Dealings and Cronyism

Obama's former PR flack Anita Dunn was hired by Katie McGinty to do PR for her 2014 Pennsylvania gubernatorial run. Dunn also does PR for the Keystone XL pipeline.

Mic Check: This Egyptian Child’s Drawing Will Break Your Heart

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