A Homeless Man Enters the Subway – What Happens Next is Something Even New Yorkers Have Never Seen

The prank that is guaranteed to make every New Yorker laugh out loud.

"Blurred Lines" Isn't As Blurry As Everyone Is Making It

Until the feminist movement can find unity and temper the war calls accordingly, the message will always be distorted, and people will keep bouncing titties and blurring lines.

5 Muslim Women Who Defy Submissive Stereotypes

Some pundits insist that Huma Abedin is sticking by Anthony Weiner because she is a "submissive" Muslim woman. They've forgotten just how powerful some Muslim women are.

Ariel Castro’s Testimony Reveals More About Us Than It Does About Him

Ariel Castro's crimes aren't common, but his justifications for them are.

Polandball: The World's Most Sophisticated Subreddit

Polandball, a hilarious webcomic subgenre, offers a rare mix of intelligent and irreverent geopolitical humor that taps into the core of our international system.

'Sharknado' Will Be in Theaters August 2

Certainly one of the biggest and most bizarre fads of the summer, Syfy's made for TV movie, "Sharknado" is hitting the big screen on August 2.

The War On Terror is Over, and the Terrorists Won

The revelation of PRISM is only the latest in a series of pieces of evidence that the terrorists have defeated the United States. They got us to give up our freedom.

How the Media Botched a Story, and Scared the Hell Out Of Google Users

Michele Catalano received a visit from the Joint Terrorism Task Force. She complained that it was only because she Google'd "pressure cooker" and the media ran with it. But there's more to it.

Shocking Truth Revealed About Liberia's Former Child Soldiers: They Were Girls

New accounts of Liberia's former child soldiers bring to light the fact that a number of Charles Taylor's fighters were, in fact, girls. Their stories need to be told.

Should the NFL Care That 20-Year Old Johnny Manziel is Acting Like a 20-Year Old?

It's been a roller coaster off-season for Mr. Football. Have NFL teams cooled on the young superstar or has the media gone overboard?

East San Antonio Has Become a Girl Zone

Martinez Street Women's Center's Girl Zone program is empowering underserved San Antonio girls to become our future leaders.

Dunkin' Donuts Cashes In On the Cronut Craze

For months, Ansel's world-famous cronut has occupied the news as the most coveted and elusive treat in NYC and possibly the world. Now, Dunkin' Donuts is introducing its take on the treat.

Federal Agents Stop At Nothing — to Kill a Baby Deer

In this latest edition of “Is this really the best use of government resources?” government agents go on a massive hunt for a baby deer. You haven't been this sad since you last watched Bambi.

You Probably Shouldn't "Send a Dildo to Vladimir Putin," No Matter What Facebook Tells You

Call me crazy, but mailing the Russian president dildos is probably not a good way to punish him on his laws and remarks concerning LGBT people.

In Honor Of Its 32nd Birthday, MTV's 32 Most Iconic Moments

We've wanted our MTV for 32 years. Happy birthday to music television!

"The Spectacular Now" Movie: The Best Teen Romance Film This Year

The early reviews of the new teen romance film have been absolutely spectacular. Find out why everyone is raving about this love story.

We Should Be Very Worried About the Drop in Millennial Unemployment

The unemployment rate for 18 to 29 year-olds declined in July to 11.4% from 12% in June, but don't be fooled. Tough times discouraged many from looking for work at all.

Washington, D.C., Tells Walmart to Pay Up Or Get Out

As protests for a minimum wage increase continue, city lawmakers in Washington, D.C. passed a measure that raises hourly pay to $12.50 — despite Walmart's threat to withdraw from the metropolis.

Egyptians Have a New Post-Morsi Enemy, and It's Not Who You Think

Years of xenophobia and chauvinism in Egypt have led Egyptians to blame their country's post-Morsi problems on an unusual enemy — Palestinians and Syrians.

What Happened in Benghazi That the CIA is Trying So Desperately to Hide?

While many categorized the Benghazi attacks last September as nothing more anti-American radicals at work, the CIA is certainly trying to hide something from Congress that could be huge.

America Survived Partying Like a Rock Star and it Will Survive Hip Hop Thug Life As Well

If the nation was able to survive rock and roll, why wouldn't it be able to survive hip hop? The two genres are not as different as people think.

DailyKos Exploits Conservative Writer's Illness to Score Political Points

RedState blogger Caleb Howe is in critical condition with a failing liver. DailyKos chipped in to donate to his medical costs, but not before some moralizing about the insurance industry.

Cats Rule Everything Around Me: Why Kitties Run the Internet

They is on your laptop, being on all the interwebs. Cats have stolen our hearts and made our workday more amusing — but why are we so intensely fascinated by them?

Edward Snowden is More Popular Than Ever Among Americans

A new poll released on Thursday shows that a majority of Americans view former NSA employee Edward Snownden as a whistleblower rather than a traitor.

Yale's Sexual Assault Policies Highlight An Educational System in Need Of Reform

Yale recently reported that it punishes "nonconsensual sex" with a "written reprimand." The revelation makes it clear that campuses need to do a lot more to protect students from rape.

Dear Obama, Declare the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

A petition on the "We the People" site has acquired nearly 150,000 signatures demanding that the Obama administration declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. What happens now?

Could the Pardon of a Serial Pedophile Lead to the Second Arab Spring in Morocco?

Moroccan King Mohamed VI pardoned a Spanish man convicted of raping and filming 11 children aged 4 to 15. The Moroccan people are outraged, and momentum is rapidly growing for a protest Friday...

Gay or Straight, We're All Getting Screwed by the Estate Tax

When the Supreme Court overturned DOMA, lost in the celebration was a recognition of what prompted Edith Windsor's case — a tax on people who die.

Enumerated Powers Act Won't Become Law, Despite Rand Paul's Best Efforts

The "Enumerated Powers Act" has been introduced multiple times to require every Congressional act to cite its the Constitution, but its politicized nature will make it difficult to pass.

Listen Up, Maggot! You Can't Buy Porn Mags On U.S. Military Bases Anymore

Porn magazines will no longer be sold on Air Force or Army exchanges. This is sure to upset whoever still reads them. Which is no one.

This Poll Confirms What We All Thought: Millennials Just Aren't That Into Marriage

A recent Gallup Poll released Friday suggests that the perceived importance of adhering to the tradition may be declining, particularly among 18-34 year olds.

Don't Be Fooled — Eliot Spitzer is Still As Sleazy As Ever

How a "disgraced" politician crafted his comeback — and why women shouldn't buy it.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is the Future Of the GOP

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is the future of the Republican Party, and I could not be more excited about it.

The World's Simplest Solution to Fighting Twitter Sexism

Thousands are planning to boycott Twitter on August 4 in protest of the social networking site's slowness to address rape threats directed at a feminist activist. Here's why it's important.

Global Warming: What If We've Already Passed the Point Of No Return?

A new study reveals that the effects of global warming will lead to thousands of cities being at risk of massive flooding in the near future.

5 Reasons Why Claire McCaskill is Millennials' Senator

Missouri's senior senator is so much more than the woman who brought down Rep. Todd "Legitimate Rape" Aikin.

John Kerry Doesn't Understand That What Happened in Egypt Was a Coup

During his visit to Pakistan, the secretary of Ssate reflected this administration's inability to define the overthrow of Morsi as a coup, falsely supporting the actions of the Egyptian military.

Prepare For the Next Fiscal Cliff — Obama and Republicans Are Going Back to War

The GOP and the president prepare for round two of the seemingly never-ending fiscal cliff drama.

Firing People For Being Gay Should Be Illegal, Even From a Catholic School

After 17 years of dedicated service to his community and school, Ken Bencomo was fired because he married his partner of 10 years. It is discriminatory and it needs to change.

Will Russia's Anti-Gay Laws Lead Protesters to Boycott the 2014 Sochi Olympics?

Olympics 2014 in Sochi, Russia may be compromised due to enforcement of anti-gay laws in Russia. Is this prejudice worth devaluing a paramount international sport event that will affect millions?

Fixing Transit Doesn't Need a Free App — It Needs a Free Market

Infrastructure is on the mind of many people in Washington, but instead of developing apps to give more power to the government, our leaders should consider privatizing our transit system.

Beware: With New Technology, Your TV Could Be Watching You

With the new Samsung Smart TV, hackers have arrived on home turf. So what can you do to protect yourself?

Ohio's Plan to Stop Student Debt Won't Work — But It's the Start Of Something

Ohio should not replicate the structure of Oregon's tuition plan, but it should build upon Oregon's initial draft by putting its college students to work on developing a viable version.

Oil Pipelines Are Our Best Energy Option — If We Actually Repair Them

Pipelines are the way to go, but not without some spanking new ones and some good operators to keep them in shape.

GoldieBlox is Teaching Girls to Build Their Own World

Debbie Sterling's new toy is revolutionizing how young girls and adults alike think of play and engineering. Here's how her message applies to big kids, too.

Chuck Hagel to Take Serious Action On Military Sexual Assault

Will we see some relief for military victims of sexual assault? Chuck Hagel is set to take tough steps to crack down on the military rape epidemic.

Don't Believe John Kerry — Drone Strikes Aren't Ending Anytime Soon

Secretary Kerry hinted recently that the days of drone strikes in Pakistan may be numbered. But it's likely that drone use will continue until there's no upside left for the U.S.

The NSA Has One of the UK's Top Spy Agencies Wrapped Around Its Finger

The latest to emerge from the Edward Snowden cache indicates that the NSA has been paying the GCHQ to do some of its dirty work. How reliant are the British on these American funds?

Why Are the NYC Mayor Candidates SO Bad?

At a certain point, it might just be worth admitting that marriage is a prop in political careers, and that plenty of politicians aren't as faithful as they let on.

Feel Like Punching Someone? Blame Global Warming

A recent study shows that as the earth has warmed up, crime and conflict rates have too. Feel like cutting a b*tch? Blame global warming. It's making us more violent.

Inside the Military's Fight Against Sexual Assault

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel will announce six new executive actions to combat sexual assault soon. In the meantime, what has the military done to curtail the sexual assault epidemic?

Ellen DeGeneres Is Hosting the Oscars, and the Backlash Has Already Begun

The Academy's selection of Ellen DeGeneres as the 2014 Oscars host has incited criticism. Critics say DeGeneres is way too safe; bring on the MacFarlane celebrity shame game.

Lollapalooza 2013: 5 Acts to Watch For This Weekend

Chicago's music festival will let you see some essential up-and-coming artists who are about to make it big.

PolicyMic's Culture Round-Up: August, the Culture Section Is Ready For You

July featured some of the most exciting, in-depth, and original content we've published yet! Now, let's tackle August.

Mic Check: The Ideological War in the Middle East No One is Talking About

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring my take on the world's top news and some of the best links from around the web.

"I Am Not a Monster" — Really, Ariel Castro?

Ariel Castro, the man who pleaded guilty to abducting, torturing, and raping three women in Ohio, claimed he wasn't a monster during his sentencing.

The Ideological War in the Middle East No One is Talking About

The Shiite-Sunni violence across the Middle East has been fueled by a civil war in Syria. Will the tensions reach a tipping point, leading to an internal Islamic war across the region?

The New Beauty Secret? Covering Your Face in Bird Poop

Bird poop facial, anyone? It'll only cost you $180.

Another Bank is Caught Messing With Energy Markets — What Will Stop Them?

After Barclay's and Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan is the latest to get caught with its hands in the energy cookie jar. Is it worth making such activities illegal, or will banks always find a way?