Did Robin Thicke Steal "Blurred Lines" From Marvin Gaye?

The songs are a little too similar and now Thicke is suing Gaye's family. How can that be?

Richard Dawkins and the "New Atheists" Represent the Dark Side of Atheism

Scientist Richard Dawkins' latest comments on Islam irked many who see problems with Dawkins' brand of atheism. Writer and commentator Murtaza Hussain speaks to PolicyMic on this latest issue.

Feminism is For White Women

Women's rights should be available to all women, not just the privileged few.

'Breaking Bad' Season 6: "Buried" Raises The Stakes

'Breaking Bad' aired "Buried," the second of its final eight episodes, Sunday night, and it was another master class in pure nerve-fraying tension. Thoughts (and spoilers) after the jump.

Watch Ron Paul Crush It On His New TV Channel — You'd Never Guess He's Almost 80

With a new TV channel, foreign policy institute, and homeschool curriculum, Paul will prove to have the real lasting impact on public debate and on spreading an intellectual revolution.

9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Voyager 1

It's been traveling in space for decades, and it may very well have just left the solar system entirely.

6 Famous American Films That You Didn't Know Are Foreign Remakes

Pablo Picasso famously said that good artists copy, great artists steal. If this is true, then do these 6 remakes prove Hollywood is the greatest artist in history?

3 Ways Drug Cartels Launder Their Money, Right In Front Of You

Drug cartels launder millions of dollars a year through legal institutions. Here's why they're always one step ahead of the law.

What Would Libertarianism Look Like, If It Wasn't Just White People?

When it comes to today's libertarianism, topics like racism and classism often take the back burner, or are ignored entirely. It's time for that to change.

4 Shocking Things From the Secret Service File On Aaron Swartz

A number of Aaron Swartz's investigation files were released to public record recently, and I read 104 pages of federal documents so you wouldn't have to. Read the most interesting parts here.

6 Dating Tips For Every Feminist

Here's some advice that can help single feminists stick to their ideals, while navigating a world of first dates and terrible pop-culture advice.

MTV VMA 2013 Live Blog: Everything You Need to Know

This Sunday the MTV VMAs are coming to Brooklyn. With controversial videos like "We Can't Stop" and "Blurred Lines" nominated, this year's awards show will have more than a few memorable moments.

Family of 13-Year-Old Autistic Boy Disgusted After Receiving This Hate-Filled Anonymous Letter

You won't believe the shocking content of this hate-filled letter, and what it says about the larger problem of discrimination in our society.

Immigration Reform News: House GOP's KIDS Act is Smart Politics

Illegal immigrants should not be treated better than legal immigrants. The House GOP has a bill to treat both groups fairly.

3 Ways Tech is Being Used to Invade Your Privacy, Every Day

Technology helps us do more everyday. But at what cost to our personal privacy?

Yes, Sweden, Blackface Is Always Racist

Sweden does not have a large minority population, but recent photos from a gay pride parade show that it does have a racism problem.

Moritz Erhardt: Can Working Too Hard Kill You?

An intern with Bank of America died after allegedly working almost non-stop for three-days. This tragic incident puts the spotlight on the counter-productive impact of banks' long-hours culture.

American-US Airways Merger Proves Bureaucrats Don't Understand the Economy

The DOJ recently filed a lawsuit stopping the merger of American Airlines and US Airways, a move that shows how government is in the business of picking winners and losers in the marketplace.

Inside Document No. 9, the Secret Memo That Ensures There's No Democracy in China

A document from Beijing that takes aim at “Western” values establishes the ideological stance of China’s new leaders.

Meet the Professional Lobbyists Fighting To Legalize Marijuana

As the fight to legalize marijuana has gained steam in the last couple years, a highly influential coalition of lobbyists has sprung up in anticipation of a new industry.

VMA Pre Show: Charlamagne Tha God Kicks Off MTV VMA Hype

The hip-hop radio host's late-night talk show on MTV2 premieres tonight, and will lead up to this weekend's MTV Video Music Awards.

Aaron Sorkin Thinks Libertarians Are Impressionable Drunks Who Want to Smoke Weed

How Aaron Sorkin's pandering to liberals sacrifices the integrity of "The Newsroom." (Alert: mild show spoilers.)

This is One Of the Worst Things Fox News Has Ever Done

Fox and Friends selectively edited a video of a teacher to imply that Obama's new education standards will make your kids into math-illiterate dullards. Is this a new low?

Hangover-Free Beer Has Been Invented, and It Sounds Awful

There is something unsavory about eliminating even the more simple discomforts of life, like a benign weekend hangover.

The Marketing Genius Behind Hong Kong's Celebrity School Tutors

Hong Kong's test-prep tutors are veritable pop culture superstars, with massive marketing campaigns to help boost their images. But are they threatening the integrity of education?

This is the Most Important U.S. President That You've Never Heard About

Tuesday marks the 180th anniversary of the birthday of President Benjamin Harrison. Here is why liberals should celebrate.

Why We Should Have Supported Mohamed Morsi All Along

Choosing sides in Egypt's coup is forcing liberalism to choose what it care about: messy democracy or "benign" dictatorship. But if we choose the military, there is no future for democracy.

Kelly Clarkson At the Heart Of An International Incident

Kelly Clarkson's purchase of a ring that belonged to Jane Austen has caused an international controversy. Is there more to the ring in question than we realize?

These 3 Kids Were Bored and Had a Gun — So They Murdered An Australian Baseball Player

Christopher Lane, a 22-year-old Australian man attending an Oklahoma college on a baseball scholarship, is the latest victim of America's obsession with guns.

These Pictures of Fallen Soldiers' Bedrooms Reveal the Truth About Soldiers Who Do Return

We need to respect soldiers' struggles, and to attend to their needs.

This Is the Biggest Policy Issue Everyone Under 30 Should Care About

Housing finance reform probably isn’t at the top of your priority list. But it should be.

Egypt Right Now, Summarized in One Chart

We can't boil down what's happening in Egypt to two camps. Here's a helpful guide to the mindsets at play.

Here's How The Onion's Latest Fail Outraged Twitter

This morning, The Onion published a piece entitled "Adolescent Girl Reaching Age Where She Starts Exploring Stepfather's Body" that makes light of sexual assault and rape.

How This 92-Year Old Woman is Leading the Fight Against NC's Rigid Voter ID Laws

When Rosanell Eaton was 21, she had to take a literacy test to vote in North Carolina. Now she's fighting to prevent history from repeating itself.

12 Shocking Photos Showing Why Egypt Won't Have Democracy Anytime Soon

The conflict in Egypt is heating up, and the stand off between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the military government have become more and more violent.

Why This Entrepreneur Wants PolicyMic Pundits to Keep Writing

Want feedback on using PolicyMic to get ahead? Join us on Twitter every Wednesday for a community discussion.

Maine Governor Paul LePage: "Obama Hates White People"

Maine's Governor Paul LePage has said some zany things, but does this latest comment reveal a complete lack of sound judgement?

Are These 27 Hit Songs Brilliant Samples Or Shameless Rip Offs?

Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" is neither the first nor the last song to "sample" the original work of others.

Ted Cruz Birth Certificate: Nobody Expects the Birther Inquisition

Amid recent news that Texas Senator Ted Cruz released his birth certificate and renounced his Canadian citizenship, questions are now swirling around his presidential eligibility in 2016

Obamacare's Employer Mandate is Delayed, and That Means It's Working

Delays in implementing certain provisions of Obamacare does not mean the law is a failure. It means it's being implemented responsibly, and presents an opportunity to work to improve it.

Julian Assange Praised the Paul Family, But He's Only Half Right

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange recently praised the Paul family. Is he right to praise both Ron and Rand?

Why the UN Should Actually Take Over the World

In a possible distant future, the United Nations becomes the governing world body for all nations. Can this prove to be a peaceful utopia or a totalitarian nightmare?

Fracking is Not to Blame For Texas Water Shortages

Yes, fracking uses large amounts of water, but far more water is wasted through poor agricultural practices and low-density urban development.

Al Jazeera America Debuts, But Will Real 'Muricans Watch It?

Al Jazeera has faced fire from the U.S. public and literal fire from the U.S. government. However Al Jazeera America promises to shake up cable news, provided Americans discard their biases.

Want to See Egypt's Future? Look At the Civil War in Sinai

As the Sinai Peninsula becomes increasingly unstable and bathed in blood, we may begin to see the shaking of Egyptian foundations and the first sparks of civil war.

The Obamas' New Dog Instantly Made Twitter Cuter

Twitter became the platform of choice for the Obama family's announcement of the newest addition to their family, a second "first" dog named Sunny.

LGBT College Life: The Good, The Bad and The Most Improved

Headlines from the past year show that the LGBT scene still varies widely from university to university. Here are some of the best and worst LGBT news bites from colleges throughout the U.S.

This Horrific Accident in India Killed 35 People — Here's How It Could Have Been Prevented

A high-speed train ran into a crowd of Hindu pilgrims who were illegally crossing the tracks at a remote station in east India, killing dozens of people. So who was really to blame?

Michael Bloomberg's Hissy Fit On Stop and Frisk

The New York mayor wrote a Washington Post op-ed lashing out at the new restrictions on stop and frisk, but the old program wasn't just racist — it wasn't even working.

LeBron James Got An Illegal Police Escort in Miami, and It's Your Fault

LeBron James got a police escort to Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake's concert, showing us, yet again, that celebrities exists on a separate plane than us mere peasants.

Transgender Equality Has Come to California, and Conservatives Lose Their Minds

A bill in California grants transgendered students the right to use public facilities based on gender identity rather than physical sex. Republicans believe this bill will disrupt gender roles.

Whether Or Not Pervez Musharraf Murdered Benazir Bhutto, Here's Why He'll Walk Free

Musharraf has been formally indicted over Bhutto's murder. But will the limited evidence available to the prosecution be enough to convict him?

'Ain't Them Bodies Saints' Review: We Always Root For Outlaws

Bank robbers have made for great heroes in American cinema, especially in times of injustice, and main characters of the film 'Ain't Them Bodies Saints' are no exception.

This Is Our Chance To Redefine What "Made in America" Really Means

Although the return of manufacturing to the mainland will produce benefits for the country as a whole, it is important to ensure the sustainability of the process both for the economy and workers

Mic Check: The U.S. Secretly Cut Off Over $500 Million in Aid to Egypt

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These Organizations Are Here to Make Your Period Suck Less

Crankytown and Huru International are working to make sanitary products available to girls around the world, increasing school attendance and reducing the spread of disease.

NSYNC Reunion Performance at 2013 MTV VMAs

Justin Timberlake and the gang will receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the 2013 VMAs.