Antoinette Tuff: Meet the Woman Who Prevented a Mass School Shooting Yesterday

In Tuesday's terrifying incident in which a man carrying a rifle and other weapons entered an Atlanta elementary school, Antoinette Tuff helped convince the gunman to surrender.

Arkansas Passes a Bill That Cracks Down On People With Tattoos, Piercings, and Body Art

Clearly the Arkansas legislature doesn't care about individual freedom. The question, though, is this: Do you?

The Economics Of Hookup Culture

Stories about sex-crazed millennials ruining the American dream ignore the fact that hookup culture is an adaption to the bad economy bequeathed to us by older generations.

Networks Don't Think There's An Audience For a Show About Black Teens. Do You?

Writer/producer Lena Waithe has just debuted her presentation for "Twenties", a show about three girls trying to get their lives together. Would you watch it?

This is How LGBT People Are Dealt With in Putin's Russia

Over the weekend, a transgender woman was attacked in Russia by five men in a public park while bystanders watched. In Russia, violent intimidation of LGBT people is quickly becoming the norm.

The American Savior Complex in India

A CNN iReport account of sexual harassment faced by a female student on a study abroad trip to India forces both Indians and Americans to consider sexual violence at home.

Meet the Activists Who Just Humiliated Monsanto

A pair of press releases regarding GMO Corn in Mexico purporting to be from Monsanto came out last week, now attributed to a group of activists. We got a hold of them to find out more.

Listen to Your Enemy and You Might Just Be Surprised

Treating political opponents as friends rather than enemies makes us all stronger.

NSA Spying Gets Even Creepier With Facial Recognition Software

BOSS, a new facial recognition technology in development by the Department of Homeland Security, promises to combat terrorism and crime but could have sinister applications if left unregulated.

FEMEN Sparks a Feminist Revolution — Against FEMEN

Tunisian activist Amina Sboui has been recently released...from the clutches of FEMEN. Her move is the latest outcry against feminists who oppress the very women they claim to save.

What Anti-Choice Legislators Don't Want You To Know About Abortion

An investigative report published by RH Reality Check, released today, tells you what the anti-choice movement hopes you won't find out.

The $33 Billion Cost That We Could Be Avoiding

An outdated and vulnerable power grid system is costing Americans $33 billion a year. Who is going to pay for the bill?

What Americans Don't Get About Jihad

By using the word incorrectly, we end up validating the terrorists who attacked us.

Dear Don Lemon: Your "Do Better, Work Harder" Advice is Crap

Don Lemon has dished out a new wave of "tough love" for black America, stating that they do not need to be coddled. But he may be missing the point.

The Obama Rodeo Clown Controversy is a Good Thing, and Here's Why

The backlash against a rodeo clown who donned an Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair go against the spirit of American values. Here's why.

In Case You Missed It, Sen. Lindsey Graham Just Called For the Summary Execution Of a U.S. Citizen

Senator Graham not only called for the targeted killing of a US citizen, but justified it without looking to the Constitution.

Larry Summers So Reviled, Republicans Back More-Liberal Janet Yellen For Fed Chair

Sen. Roberts joins growing list of Democrats to oppose a Larry Summers led Fed.

8 Women Who Are Taking the Tech World by Storm

New findings suggest that technology companies with woman in management positions have a 34% higher return on investment. Check out these women who are game changers in the tech world.

Here's How Russian News Channels Deal With LGBT Activists

Earlier today, journalist James Kirchick admonished Kremlin-funded news station Russia Today over Russia's new anti-gay laws. Here's how they replied.

These 5 Infamous Criminals Were Locked Away For Less Time Than Bradley Manning

With the recent sentencing of Bradley Manning, we take a look at some of history's most infamous and controversial cases who received shorter sentences for more heinous crimes.

The Amazingly Sad Thing Not One Supreme Court Justice Can Do

The lack of technological awareness among Supreme Court justices could pose huge problems in their ability to rule on important cases.

Chris Lane Killed Because of Abortion and Facebook, Says Keith Ablow

Fox News physchiatrist Keith Ablow likens the murder of baseball player Christopher Lane to late-term abortions and Facebook.

The Crazy Story Of An Iowa Hostage Situation Becomes a Pro-Gun Rallying Cry

71-year-old Jerome Mauderly shows that guns can be used defensively — but the fact is, they rarely are.

19 Ways To Survive Freshman Year

Some retrospective knowledge from a freshman-year survivor. Lets Alleged Pedophile Bully Them Into Taking Down Story Of His Crimes

A young woman wrote about the stepfather who sexually, emotionally, and physically abused her. He got to take down the ebook for no reason other than that he denies the abuse.

How Big Government is Getting Away With Coddling the Rich and Handing You the Bill

Ever-increasing government power and a tax code riddled with loopholes gives government a license to help out friends and donors.

Rick Perry's Change of Heart For ObamaCare Reveals His Common Sense

Rick Perry goes from anti-ObamaCare alarmist to taking $100 million in funding provided by the ACA.

This City's Solution to Homelessness is Appalling

Columbia, South Carolina has voted to expel the homeless inhabitants of the city and move them to the outskirts of the town where facilities are few and resources scant.

Stop and Frisk Stops Nothing — Check Out How Cops Can Actually Fight Crime

Stop-and-frisk not only requires 1000 stops to recover 1 gun, but it damages community trust in police. Focused deterrence initiatives that involve community are a viable, effective alternative.

Bob Filner is Still Mayor Because Of Hypocritical Union Bosses

Unions are supposed to work towards ending workplace harassment, but they continue to support the infamous San Diego mayor Bob Filner.

The Scary Way Russia is Using Edward Snowden As a Diplomatic Weapon

Dangers arise when a country uses its clout to try to influence other countries’ consideration of an asylum application.

Free Wi-Fi is Actually Ruining Your Life

The internet is getting easier and easier to access, but that doesn't mean we're better off.

Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Rivals These 5 Historic Atrocities

Rebel fighters accuse Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces of killing hundreds of civilians in chemical weapons attacks. But this is not the first use of chemical warfare in history.

Brian Holbrook Stays True to Second Amendment, Despite Son's Tragic Gun Death

A Michigan man proclaimed his support on Facebook just hours after his 3 year old shot himself in the head.

Lucy Knisley's Comics Communicate the Millennial Soul

In her autobiographical webcomic, Stop Paying Attention, and her books 'Relish' and 'French Milk,' Lucy Knisley mines everyday life for meaning and joy.

Deaths in Egypt Are Overshadowing This Other Big Event

Egypt's interim president Adly Mansour allegedly threatened to recognize Turkey's Armenian genocide. Observers see this as a retaliation for Ankara's anti-Mansour current activities.

Wisconsin Leads the Way On Fighting Prison Rape

Wisconsin's Department of Corrections will become the first state to post statistics on the internet in a bid to raise awareness and prevent sexual assault in prisons. It's a bold, laudable move.

Abolish the Sales Tax

Sales taxes end up costing the poor far more than the rich, so why do they even exist?

This Trayvon Martin PSA Uses Real 911 Recordings, But Hits Off-Target

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence used real audio from a Trayvon Martin 911 call to bolster their case against Stand Your Ground laws, but it skims over how we failed Martin in the first place.

The $3 Trillion Question That No One Wants to Answer

Where will the government get the money to repay the Social Security Trust Fund? From millennials.

How the U.S. is Its Own Worst Enemy When It Comes to Fighting Terrorism

The war on terror solely aims at the consequences of terrorism rather than its causes ... which are mainly the effects of U.S. intervention abroad.

NYC Comptroller Race: Can Eliot Spitzer Be Trusted to Do a Good Job?

It's not just about the sex scandal. Eliot Spitzer's career is over because of the kind of sex scandal he carried on, while he was governor and attorney general.

You'd Have to Be High Not to See the U.S. Has Lost the War On Drugs

Although Eric Holder's speech on reducing minimum sentences for drug possession is important, several other policies contradict this increasingly popular stance.

Robert Bales Massacred 16 Afghans, and This Drug May Be to Blame

Was Bales improperly prescribed a drug with known dangerous side effects?

Gay Conversion Ban: New Jersey's Not Out Of the Closet Yet

Although a recent bill that bans conversion therapy statewide passed with the support of Governor Chris Christie, New Jersey has yet to allow same-sex marriage. That's a problem.

Mic Check: Why Today’s Bradley Manning Sentence is a Big Deal For the First Amendment

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring my take on the world's top news and some of the best links from around the web.

Bo Xilai Is Doomed

China's "trial of the century" is scheduled to take place tomorrow, but the verdict and sentence are likely already decided.

Bradley Manning Sentence is Part of a 250-Year-Old Debate, That'll Keep on Going

In the 21st century as in the 18th, national security and civil liberties must be defended with equal vigor.

Egypt Violence Could Escalate With Mohamed ElBaradei Lawsuit

The case against El Baradei threatens to further polarize Egyptian politics, undermine its citizens' confidence in the government, and limit the possibility for democracy.