Bluest Eye Banned: Why Parents Want Toni Morrison's Book Out Of Schools

Does literature that brings up issues of incest, rape, and pedophilia deserve a place for discussion in public education? As a matter of fact, it does.

Antoinette Tuff 911 Call Reveals How She Prevented Gunman From Mass Killing

Antoinette Tuff helped calm down gunman Michael Brandon Hill at an Atlanta elementary school. Here's audio of her heroism caught on a 911 call.

Slane Girl Controversy Goes Viral — Thanks to This Online Mega Site

Recent online coverage of the Slane Girl controversy points to the fact that internet bullying and online slut-shaming are major issues in our online generation.

SLUT The Play: Meet the Teenage Girls Who Are Putting an End to Slut Shaming

SLUT: The Play is a brutally honest dissection of the slut shaming and victim blaming that defines girls' lives. It must be seen.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Trial: Meet the Lawyers Defending the Boston Bomber

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is being represented by a team of prominent defense lawyers committed to fighting for his life. Their work is part of a long tradition in the American justice system.

Chelsea Manning's Next Battle: Being A Trans Woman In An All-Male Prison

As if a 35 year sentence for blowing the whistle on crimes committed by the U.S. military weren't enough, Chelsea Manning now faces the injustice of serving her sentence in an all-male prison.

Sex Box: Why Sex Drive-Ins Are Good For Women

Zurich's new prostitution “drive-in sex boxes” may sound exploitative, but they could actually improve the safety and lives of sex workers.

FEMEN's Topless Protesters Get Schooled in the Muslim World

FEMEN is searching for new members in the Muslim world, after Tunisian member Amina Sboui quit the group. Here's why they might have a hard time recruiting.

These Young Activists Are Risking Their Lives to Speak Out On Bahrain's Despotic Regime

An inside look at Bahrain's future through the eyes of young people facing dire consequences in their fight for democracy.

Tiffany Daniels: One of Thousands Tragically Missing in the U.S.

A young Florida woman has mysteriously gone missing. Here's her story.

Hillary Clinton 2016? These 5 Candidates Would Be Better

Although the media is prepared to anoint Hillary Clinton as the next Democratic nominee for president, Democrats should consider these five candidates first.

Ron Paul Racist? Libertarian to Speak At "Anti-Semitic" Conference

Ron Paul's name has become associated with racism once again. The response may just determine the viability of libertarianism as a philosophy and its implications for the Republican Party.

An Inside Look At the UN's Horrifying Investigation Of North Korea

The United Nations panel tasked to investigate allegations of human rights violations by the North Korean government just heard its first testimony. As expected, the stories are horrific.

Women In Comedy Have to Be Double Threats to Be Taken Seriously

Today's funny women don't just land their jobs, but create them.

Ron Paul Gold Portfolio Might Seem Crazy, But It's Genius

Ron Paul loves gold. A lot. Is he right revering the shiny metal, or is he a fool about to see his investment portfolio melt down like so many pawn-shopped chains?

Wentworth Miller Gay: "Prison Break" Star Comes Out Of the Closet

TV star Wentworth Miller came out of the closet on Wednesday, declining an invitation to Russia's St. Petersburg International Film Festival to protest Russia's horrific anti-gay laws.

Banksy Mural On Sale For $150,000: Graffiti is Officially High Art

Banksy's "Flower Girl," and the wall it's on, are set to be auctioned in Beverly Hills. As graffiti moves from city streets to private living rooms, the nature of street art is changing.

This is the Horrific Aftermath Of Bashar al-Assad's Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack On Civilians

As the U.S. remains hesitant to intervene in Syria, Syrians continue to suffer the calamities of an endless and brutal civil war.

Is U.S. Military Aid to Egypt Going to Stop? Here's Why it Doesn't Matter

Despite calls for slashing $1.3 billion in annual military assistance, Washington is unlikely to cut much. The facts suggest it would not stop the violence anyway.

Immigration Reform Needs DREAMers

DREAM 9's courageous protest exemplifies activism that can be truly effective in today's media and political landscape. DREAMers focus attention on what is at stake in the immigration debate.

A View From Inside Iran: What Sanctions Do to Real People

My trip to visit family in Iran allowed me to see just how deeply U.S. sanctions are hurting everyday people in Iran. With a new Iranian president taking control, it's time to talk.

One Chart That Shows Exactly Who Makes the Minimum Wage In America

As Washington, D.C., debates raising it, who earns minimum wage and how might they be affected?

Marijuana Legalization: Why Obama Will Eventually Support It

With majority of Americans supporting marijuana legalization, why does the Obama administration oppose it? Will they change their stance like they've done in the past?

Rise Of the Warrior Cop: How America's Police Are Increasingly Like the Military

Is your neighborhood a warzone? There's an increasing attitude about militarizing police in America that seems to think so.

Chelsea Manning Pardon: We Can't Ignore the Impact of Aggressive U.S. Foreign Policy

Chelsea Manning's sentence and letter, requesting a pardon, raise a critical issue. Americans should seize this moment to discuss the “blowback” of aggressive, U.S. foreign policy.

Atheists to Churches: Stop Talking Politics, Or Start Paying Your Taxes

The IRS does not know how to deal with "pulpit politics." They need to figure it out.

When It Comes to Female Superheros, Being Strong Is Not Enough

The summer blockbuster season has always been heavy on boys playing with toys, and generally light on women. When will Hollywood wise up and give audiences the strong female heroes they deserve?

How to Read an Article on the Internet

Here's the proper way to approach this story, and everything else you look at online.

Obama Education Speech: Here's His Solution to Soaring College Debt

The president introduced a three-point plan to improve college affordability. While some ideas will be difficult to implement, the speech helped highlight the rising costs of college.

Why Gay Rights Are on the Rise In These 5 Countries

The recent improvements in countries traditionally conservative countries demonstrate the interconnected relationship between human-rights improvements and setbacks globally.

Alleged Killer James Edwards Jr: "90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM."

A senseless killing in Duncan, Okla. happened because the killers were "bored" and "just going to kill someone."

Chelsea Manning Hormone Therapy: Will the Military Foot the Bill?

Chelsea Manning is asking the military to fund her hormone replacement therapy. The government is responsible for providing healthcare to transgender inmates just as it does for cisgender ones.

Here's How Hackers Are Saving the World

Hackers may have a bad reputation, but their work is instrumental in securing everything from our money to our bodies.

A Pregnant Muslim Woman Was Attacked By Islamophobes, And This is How Her Country Reacted

Using the hashtag #hijabuppropet (hijab outcry), numerous women posted photos of themselves wearing a hijab on twitter and other social media outlets.

Russian Navy Hovercraft Storming Tourist Beach Caught On Video

A 550-ton military hovercraft stormed a tourist beach in Russia, accompanied by a bevy of paratroopers. Russia, of course, claims that the tourists were on their military base.

California Is Using Gitmo Torture Tactics to Stop Protests In Prison

A California judge gives prison officials the right to force-feed prisoners participating in a hunger strike protesting solitary confinement. This is the very same tactic used in Guantanamo Bay.

#Instaguns: World's Dumbest Arms Dealer Caught After Tweeting Arsenal, Wads Of Cash

The takedown of a gun-running ring centered around the main suspect's Instagram profile shows the usefulness of social media in criminal investigations, but it is still prone to abuse by police.

Earl Sweatshirt Doris Review: Hip-Hop's Hangover, Its Moral Bankruptcy, Its Virus

Earl's sophomore album takes his music in a deeply personal direction; the result is confessional, challenging, and disturbing.

Kerwin Okoro: NCAA Cruelly Denies Hardship Waiver After Death of Athlete's Father and Brother

The NCAA allows athletes who transfer because for personal reasons to continue playing under a 'hardship waiver.' Kerwin Okoro was denied one for mourning the deaths of his brother and father.

Texas Voter ID Law: Why the Feds Are Going to War With the Lone Star State

The Department of Justice is suing Texas over voter ID laws, but it isn't really fighting to protect your civil rights; it's starting the next power struggle of the states vs. federal government

Simon Pegg, 'The World's End' Star Revealed Insider Knowledge During Reddit AMA

Last night, actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright answered their fans' burning questions in advance of their latest comedy, "The World's End."

U.S. Nuclear Reactors Are Safer Than You Think

According to a recent report, U.S. nuclear reactors are not well protected against a possible 9/11 scenario. However, the report seems to address rather speculative and improbable scenarios.

Feminist Weekly: Meet Our New Editor, Thomas Page McBee

Exciting updates at PolicyMic for all you social justice writers out there.

Young and Uninsured? Obamacare Won't Help You, and Here's Why

The promises sure sounded great in 2009. Too bad they aren't coming true and the math doesn't add up to anything but increased prices that are prohibitive to the uninsured.

Drone Attacks and Government Surveillance Put America's Future at Risk

As the first president of the digital-age, Obama has not placed new technology within a legal framework that simultaneouslty protects civil liberties and promotes international responsibility.

Watch This Mining Company Disaster Devour the Louisiana Bayou

The town of Bayou Corne, Louisiana, has been evacuated after mining company Texas Brine's negligence caused this devastating, 24 acre sinkhole.

Over 1 Out Of 3 Millennials Now Live With Mom and Dad

It's no surprise that more millennials are living at home post-recession. With the economy's painfully slow recovery, how long will it be before they can move out?

India-Pakistan Tensions Escalate After Shelling in Kashmir

Partition of Kashmir, independence, or an innovative joint control solution remain the only viable options for solving the decades old conflict. But its hardly that simple.

Why Gloria Steinem's Medal Of Freedom Isn't the End Of the Feminism

Gloria Steinem's hard work deserves recognition — but the best way to honor her is to realize that the fight for women's rights is far from over.

These Walmart Workers Were Fired For Taking a Break in 90-Degree Heat, and Now They're Fighting Back

Recent suspensions of warehouse employees by Walmart reveal that terrible conditions aren't just commonplace, but being covered up. Protests are now bringing this to mainstream attention.

Doug Truax Senate Bid: Dick Durbin Challenged For First Time In 17 Years

Doug Truax, a local businessman and West Point graduate, hopes to take down longtime Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) next year.

The Rocky Relationship Between Jan Brewer and Barack Obama, Explained

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's one-sided fight.

LinkedIn University Pages Might Put the Pressure For Jobs Early On High Schoolers

Stressed out enough applying for college? LinkedIn is doubling it up by launching a network that will allow high schoolers to be stressed out about employment, too.

Mic Check: Syria May Have Just Launched the Deadliest Chemical Weapons Attack in 30 Years

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