Xbox One Or Playstation 4? Brand Loyalty Won't Save Microsoft's New Xbox

The Xbox One has one advantage going into the new generation of console video games: good use of switching costs and building brand loyalty. But will it be enough to save a badly managed launch?

'The Butler' Movie Review: Not All Black People Agreed on Civil Rights

'The Butler' shows some general dynamic tension among blacks during the civil rights movement.

7 Companies That Have to Lay Off Employees to Deal With Obamacare

Obamacare is strangling businesses, many of which are laying off workers and cutting hours.

Westboro Baptist Church Shot Down By Federal Judge

The anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church can no longer protest funerals or burials. While members insist otherwise, this does not violate First Amendment rights.

5 Reasons Everyone's Talking About Malala Yousafzai's New Book

Here are 5 reasons why you should be on the look out for this inspirational young girl's book about her fight for universal education.

This Neo-Nazi is Quietly Creating a Whites-Only Town in North Dakota

Craig Paul Cobb is a neo-Nazi with a history of celebrating white supremacist violence. For over a year, he's been quietly buying up an awful lot of land in a North Dakota town.

The New York Times Predicted the NSA Scandal 30 Years Ago

This shockingly prescient warning about the NSA fell through the cracks. Fortunately, we have all the tools we need to prevent such oversight in the future.

Ben Affleck is Batman: How the Heck Did This Happen?

Ben Affleck is the new Batman in the "Man of Steel" sequel. Will this be another superhero bust for the Oscar-winner?

How Average Student Loan Debt is Weighing Down Millions and more than a dozen other organizations have partnered together to launch the #OutWithStudentDebt Video Project to encourage millions to tell their student debt stories.

Christopher Lane Murder Prompts Aussie Outrage, But Politician Gets His Facts Wrong

The U.S. may have its share of violence, but Australia's record is not exactly spotless either. Former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer seems to have forgotten this.

Delbert Belton's First Attacker Has Been Found — So What's the Motive?

World War II vet Delbert Belton, was found viciously beaten by two men in a random parking lot attack outside a pool lounge. Belton died from massive head trauma on Thursday.

This Liberal State Spends 34 Times More On a Death Row Inmate Than a Kid's Education

The more money we spend on the death penalty, the less we have left over for the people who truly need it the most. Even in liberal states like California, the balance has grown out of whack.

Stop Calling Chelsea Manning "Bradley"

A recent statement has made it clear: whistleblower Chelsea Manning is a transgender woman. So why are so many journalists not calling her by name?

Why Obamacare is Increasing Unemployment

Unemployment data is distressing and shows no sign of promise. Obamacare is making the situation worse than ever.

'The Butler' Movie Review: New Film, Old Stereotypes

White America likes to see blacks portrayed one way and that's a big problem.

Marissa Mayer's $33,000 Playhouse is Why the 1% Are Still Hated

The top 1% no longer seem to spend as lavishly as they once did, but Marissa Mayer hasn't gotten the memo that personal wealth can have a greater impact when spent on others.

Washington March Anniversary: Millennials Must Work to Get Racial Equality

This week marks the 50th anniversary of MLK's "I Have a Dream Speech." As millenials, we are tasked with turning this dream to reality. Much more work needs to be done.

In the 2016 Elections, Joe Biden Could Be The Last One Standing

Although many assume that Hillary Clinton has the 2016 nomination locked up, there is the chance that Biden may run. Would he in fact be a good candidate?

What the NFL Rulebook Teaches Us About American Government

If the traditional American political aesthetic is of small government, then why do we put so many rules and officials into our sports?

School Poisonings In India Make Front Page Headlines, But the Real Issue Goes Unrecognized

Bihar, India has been in the media this summer due to the midday meal poisoning. But the real tragedy in schools is the poor quality of education.

PolicyMic's Culture Round-Up: Meet Our Arts Fellows

All the exciting reads, updates, and triumphs in the PolicyMic culture section this week.

Obama's "Red Line" In Syria Does Not Exist

Obama's refusal to compare recent events in Syria to his infamous "red line" have rendered the benchmark invisible, but that shouldn't serve as an excuse for inaction.

One Thing Teachers Do That They Never Get Credit For

Recent survey reports show that 92% of teachers pay out-of-pocket expenses for school supplies due to nationwide school budget slashes.

Congress Won't Pass Financial Reform, So Let's Do It Ourselves

Credit default swaps, CEO bonuses, and Too Big to Fail nearly imploded the American economy, and yet they continue.

6 Pictures That Prove Russian Cats Get Better Treatment Than Russian Gays

Instead of addressing its gay rights violations, Russia is embracing cats. The result? A series of tsarist cat portraits that make even a true Romanov seem underdressed.

Meet the Real-Life Power Ranger Keeping Tokyo's Subway Riders Safe

Tadahiro Kanemasu has spent three months helping the elderly, families with children, and those lugging heavy packages in Tokyo subway stations.

Meet Nate Abrams: Blogger, Musician, & Pundit Of the Week

As part of a weekly column, one awesome member of the PolicyMic community shares their story.

5 Things You Need to See As Mugabe is Sworn in Again

Robert Mugabe has been sworn in again for a seventh term as president of Zimbabwe. Here are some quick facts about his reign over the years as he steps forward into yet another term.

Jeff Bezos Buys Washington Post: It's Time to Think About Nonprofit Newspapers

With billionaires snatching up newspaper after newspaper, isn't it time we thought about the public option?

Alabama Gay Marriage Pledge: This is What the GOP Going Off a Cliff Looks Like

Alabama congressional hopeful Dean Young makes an outrageous pledge to oppose same-sex marriage. In violation of the Alabama constitution, Young challenges opponents to affirm a Christian faith.

One in Four Americans Still Suffering From the Sequester

Sequestration is increasingly threatening government workers, as jobs are cut and hours are reduced across the board.

Inside the Secret Affair Between Silicon Valley and the Pentagon

Silicon Valley is often praised as a model for private sector innovation. But this ignores the industry's under-the-radar ties with the government's defense and security programs.

This Study Confirms Everything You Suspected About Facebook

Social media is hurting our ability to connect with each other. Instead of telling stories, we live in a world of constant "updates." A new study shows the trend is bad for you and me.

This Lebanon Bombing Proves the Syrian Conflict is No Longer a Civil War

Reports of bombings at two Sunni mosques in the Lebanese city of Tripoli on Friday continue a trend of sectarian violence gripping the region caused by spillover from the Syrian Civil War.

2014 World Cup Tickets: Who Cares About Protests When Sales Are This Good?

As tickets go on sale, it looks like the plans for the 2014 World Cup are coming together at last.

Why is the Fashion World So White?

Some of the biggest fashion supermodels of the '90s — Iman, Naomi, Tyra — weren't white. What happened?

'The World's End' Movie Review: Finally, a Summer Movie Worth Seeing

The latest and last installment of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's "Cornetto Trilogy" delivers what we've badly needed all summer: an entertaining movie.

League Of Denial: ESPN Capitulates to NFL Pressure On Player Injuries

Kowtowing to pressure from the NFL, ESPN has decided to pull out of PBS Frontline partnership when it became clear their joint documentary would target the NFL for covering up player injuries.

Mic Check: “Mubarak is Walking and Egypt is On Fire”

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