5 Pieces Of Wearable Technology That Are Actually Useful

Wearable tech isn't just a vanity project. These five devices do everything from giving you social cues to telling your parents when you've pooped in your diaper.

The Christopher Lane Murder Wasn't a Tragedy, It Was a Hate Crime

Chris Lane, 23, was shot and killed just for the mere thrill of it. The young men responsible seem to harbor both an affinity for violence and a hatred for white people.

Holy Overreaction, Batman! Why Ben Affleck Deserves a Chance

Nerds are up in arms after it was announced that Ben Affleck will play Batman. Here's why they should give him a chance.

Syria Chemical Weapons Attack: Why It Won't Change Russia's Mind

Russia has encouraged the Syrian government to allow UN weapons inspectors into the country in the aftermath of a chemical attack. But Russian support for the Assad regime isn't going to end.

'Ghost Shark' is the WTF-Worthy Successor to 'Sharknado' You've Been Waiting For

Shark gets tortured to death, shark becomes ghost shark, shark eats people. Is there really anything else to say?

March On Washington 2013: Here's Why We Still Need the NAACP

Some have been questioning the NAACP's relevance as the most overt forms of racial injustice have generally disappeared. Is there truly no longer a need for such organizations?

JetBlue Racial Profiling Incident Proves What Every Muslim Already Knows

Over a decade after 9/11, Islamophobia and religious profiling of American Muslims is still very apparent in the United States.

Fast-Food Workers Will Strike On August 29 — Here's What You Need to Know

A national strike by fast-food employees is set to take place on August 29. Here are three important points to keep in mind as these workers plan to stand up for themselves.

The NSA is So Powerful, They Spy On You Without Meaning To

Surveillance has been going on in the U.S. for a long time. So why should we be more concerned than ever?

8 U.S. Cities Where Millennials Won't Break the Bank

Check out the best cities in the country to start your career or settle down for the long haul.

Mumbai Gang Rape is Another Reminder That I'll Never Be Truly Safe

A 22-year-old photojournalist was gang raped in Mumbai, known as one of the safest cities in India. As an Indian woman, I'm not just angry with these cases. I'm exhausted by them.

Four Young Egyptians Speak On Women and Egpyt's Future

Young female Egyptians' voices are largely unheard in political discourse. Four of these women recently traveled to London and spoke with journalists. Here are their stories.

Why We Should Ban the Term "Tramp Stamp"

The term "tramp stamp" should be abolished because it reinforces rape culture and disrespects a woman's body, mind, and spirit.

Bob Filner Resigns, So Why Do Other Politicians Get Second Chances?

The latest political scandal concerning former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s sexual misconduct renews the question: Should we give fallen politicians another chance?

Ireland's First Abortion is Literally a Livesaver

Abortion progress in this deeply Catholic country has been slow and halting, but the country's first legal abortion was performed last week, and a woman's life was saved because of it.