Delbert Belton and Christopher Lane Hate Crimes Show a Massive Racial Divide in America

Delbert Belton survived the battle of Okinawa to die at age 88 after being beaten outside the Eagles Lodge in Spokane, WA. African American teens identified in surveillance video are sought.

Class Of 2017: 8 Classes Every College Freshman Should Take

Make freshman year fun. These are 8 classes worth taking before the year ends.

Orgasmic Meditation is the Latest Relaxation Trend

Here's how women can achieve orgasm through meditation, thought, and focus.

Another Horrific Rape in India: 22-Year-Old Photojournalist is Latest Victim

India is again shaken by another tragic incident of rape, the victim being a 22 year old photojournalist. She's taking a stand against the perpetrators, but will the Indian government join her?

5 Gay-Themed Books That Should Be Taught in Every High School

Including books with LGBT themes in high-school curricula can give hope to struggling LGBT teenagers — and may even make school reading interesting for other students too.

MTV VMAs 2013: We Are Not In Biggie's Brooklyn Anymore

This year's MTV Video Music Awards will take place in Brooklyn. But does the Brooklyn the VMA's paying homage to even exist anymore?

Richard Nixon: The Social Liberal Of His Time

As Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon emerges again in our cultural zeitgeist, it is appropriate for liberals to look back on his presidency and take note of the good he achieved.

How to Solve Sports' Steroids Problem in One Easy Step

Because we're tired of acting surprised that another star athlete doped, and pretending it won't happen again.

This Is the Side of Egypt That You'll Never See in the News

While the media around the world shows us the Egypt that is burning in flames of political unrest, people in this country have to live their normal lives. Have a look at how they do it.

VMA Nominees 2013: 6 Biggest Music Videos Of the Year

MTV announced the nominees for the 2013 Video Music Awards this morning. Here are the six songs up for the most nominations on August 25.

Why Seeing "The Godfather" Is An Offer So Many Millennials Can Refuse

"The Godfather" is considered one of the greatest films ever made, but many millennials haven't seen it and have no desire to. Coppola doesn't take it personally. But still, why the resistance?

Why We Can't Compare Israel's New I24 Channel to Al Jazeera — Yet

There are three major differences between the two networks.

What I Learned On My Lobbyist-Funded Summer Vacation

Congress has been on recess, but not everyone has been back at home. So where just have some members of Congress gone? And what are its implications for Congressional ethics?

13 Facts About the Most Interesting Man In The World

The Dos Equis beer icon, revisited.

The Answers to This Simple "Who Said It" Quiz Will Shock You

American conservatives are deathly afraid of extreme Islamic law, but are they really that different from its supporters? The answers to this quiz will surprise you.

Do Stand Your Ground Laws Incentivize Killing?

By requiring the people meet force with force, Stand Your Ground laws are increasing violence.

Chemical Weapons in Syria: A Wake-Up Call That Is Hopefully Heard

The Syrian people need to be saved from themselves. The U.S. must make the right choice before more innocent lives are lost.

The Income Share Of America's 1% Has Doubled Since 1970 — And That's a Good Thing

There clearly is an income gap in America. But don't blame the rich for generating wealth — blame the system.

What It's Like to Be Tried For Corruption In a Corrupt Country

Besides addressing the fate of a former high level politician in China, the trial could shed light on how corruption functions within the Chinese government.

Defund Obamacare? Inside the Doomed Republican Plan to Shatter the Health Care Law

The government shutdown strategy has moved the debate to Republicans versus Republicans. As a result, this strategy is not only setup for failure but more than more than likely will backfire.

This Author Won $25,000 For a Novel That Publishers Turned Down

The success of Sergio De La Pava's 'A Naked Singularity' highlights the rise of self-publishing, and shows that both publishers and readers should be going online to find good reads.

On Military Aid to Egypt, Let's Let the Pros Handle It

A recent poll shows most Americans want to cut military aid to Egypt. Shouldn't politicians listen to the people? Yes, but the people shouldn't be the only voice. Here's why.

Family Reunions Could Help Bring Peace to North and South Korea

North and South Korea have announced that family reunions for those separated by the 1950-53 war will resume next month, after a three-year hiatus.

5 Inspirational Images From the 50th Anniversary March On Washington

Fifity years after the historic March on Washington, these photos show we are still battling for civil rights.

Why Did This Homeless Man Turn Down $100?

If you were homeless and someone offered you $100, would you turn it down? What if there was a better offer?

The 5 Must-Read Series From Today's Hottest Genre

The genre of dystopian fiction is everywhere you look, and causing many to wonder, "What if...?"