12 Top Colleges Where Students Get the Best Bang For Their Buck

These 12 colleges are affordable, have high graduation rates, and have among the best starting salaries for graduates. Each is on track to benefit from Obama's new college ranking system.

'Breaking Bad' Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: "Confessions" Blows Everything Up

'Breaking Bad' aired "Confessions," the third of its final eight episodes, Sunday night. Things got very, very heated. Thoughts (and spoilers) ahead.

Government Shutdown 2013: Still a Terrible Idea

Republican hardliners threaten to shut down the federal government to prevent implementation of Affordable Care Act. Such hostage-taking tactics would have great negative repercussions.

On Miley Cyrus' X-Rated, Attention-Whoring Teenyboppery From Last Night

Miley Cyrus and the decline of Western civilization.

10 Incredibly Terrifying Facts I Learned From Reddit

Some of the best and freaky statistical facts from democratized information source Reddit.

When Lifelong Couples Die Together, It's Not Just Adorable — It's Science

When lifelong couples die within hours or days of each other, is it just a coincidence? Science may have some answers.

'Dads' TV Show Controversy: Is This the Last Straw For Racial Stereotypes On TV?

Although it premieres in September, Dads has already received criticism for its stereotypes aimed at Asians. Should the creators and producers reshoot these scenes or is that censorship?

The Only Chart You Need to Understand the Middle East

There's a new chart for those who doubt the importance of inter-connectivity and network politics in the Middle East.

As California Prison Hunger Strike Hits Day 50, Guards Resort to Brutal Gitmo Tactics

After nearly two months of protest, the hunger strikers are now facing Gitmo-style force-feeding and the United Nations has spoken out against solitary confinement in California.

11 Classic Novels That Went Right Over PolicyMic's Head

PolicyMic went back to English class — and got a big fat 'F.'

Jon Hamm and These 4 Other Actors Would Make a Better Batman Than Ben Affleck

Warner Brothers announced its choice for the new Dark Knight. While we are collectively confused, enraged, and hysterical, here are five alternatives to calm your nerves.

Miley Cyrus' VMA Twerking Blurred the Lines of Sexism All Over Again

MTV's Video Music Awards are giving the people what they "want."

Immigration Reform 2013: Reform Will Not Solve All Problems, But It Is a Start

Immigration reform will not only help our economy, it will also reinvigorate the American dream in a time of increasing income inequality and distress for the working and middle classes.

MTV VMA Recap: Miley Twerking and All the Highlights Of the Night

The MTV VMAs have almost always been a hot mess, but this year showed that our biggest music stars are getting way more professional and way less interesting.

The One Phrase That Explains the Great Recession

How Bear Stearns got into a position to destroy our economy, and how Washington missed it.

8 Reasons Why Obama's Presidency Has Been a Disappointment

Even for people who are not partisan Republicans, the Obama administration has been a long string of disappointments, both policy and personnel-related. Here are 8 examples.

10 Tips That Will Make Your Computer Un-Hackable

Protection tips for home networks, browsers, account passwords, social media, and public Wi-Fi usage.

This Mind-Blowing Map Shows Every Protest Since 1979

Thought the 60s were radical? Think again.

Raising the Minimum Wage Would Hurt Workers

The minimum wage helps one group of poor people by hurting another. Free markets, on the other hand, empower workers with choice and opportunity.

The Shocking Truth About Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance

Get out of here with the slut- and body- shaming.

18 People Get Murdered Every Day in South Africa — Now, Tell Me How Guns Don’t Kill People

In South Africa, guns kill 18 people every day.

Postcards From North Korea: The Peaceful Landscape Of the Most Militarized Place On Earth

If the DMZ is a metaphor for anything, it is that nature’s harmony can be restored in the shadow of war, even between fences and on top of landmines.

7 Must-Reads For Any 20-Something Moving Abroad

Millennials go abroad to work, travel, and explore. While it seems like new territory, books remind us of the 20-something travelers who came before. And how much we can learn from them.

'Breaking Bad' Season 6: Why Do We Care About Walter White?

We are beyond wanting anything from him. We are beyond a happy ending or a tragedy; we want to see him be Walter White, wherever that leads him.

'Kick-Ass 2' Review: Can Hit-Girl Save the Movie From Itself?

Chloë Grace Moretz's Hit-Girl is one of the most compelling female action heroes around. Too bad 'Kick-Ass 2' doesn't seem to realize it.

'Una Noche' Will Show You the Real Cuba

Lucy Mulloy's movie is much more than a coming of age story of three teens fleeing Havana; it is a snapshot of the reality youth in Cuba face every day.

Happy Women's Equality Day — Now Keep Fighting

It's been almost a century since the ratification of the 19th Amendment, but can we say that we've reached equality for women?

The World Has Condemned Bashar al-Assad For Firing Chemical Weapons — But Did He Actually Do it?

History shows us that the U.S. has turned a blind eye when the side they support in the Middle East uses chemical weapons. Is this happening today in Syria?

Will Xbox One and Playstation 4 Completely Flop This Holiday Season?

Microsoft and Sony hope costumers will flock to stores to buy their new consoles. However, even a strong showing during the holiday season may not salvage the video game industry.

Breaking Bad Season 6: What Should Walter White Do Now?

As an absentee husband, a liar, a murderer, and the greatest drug dealer in the southwest, Walter White is not exactly a role model.

Study Proves That Lumberjacks Are Super Manly

A study at the University of California shows that chopping wood boosts T-levels. What does this imply about testosterone commonly associated with aggression and competition in Western culture?

House Republicans Propose Cuts That Will Leave Millions of American Children Hungry

SNAP benefits are an effective, efficient safety net for millions of American families so why do Republicans want to cut them?

This Rare Animal is Now Being Used to Comfort Patients In Hospitals

Therapy dogs are are common for comforting and easing the anxious. But a new, less conventional creature can offer a similar service.

Hassan Rouhani is Not the Moderate We Thought He Was

The Western media has time and again referred to Iran's new leader as a "moderate." The reality is that he's anything but.

Fast Food Strike Proves Why The Minimum Wage is a Disaster

In order for our economy to improve, and for our workforce to remain strong, the minimum wage must cease to exist.

These Laws Force Abuse Victims to Choose Between a Call For Help, and Keeping Their Homes

Hundreds of cities have adopted "nuisance laws" over the past few years to save neighborhoods — instead, they're stopping women from saving themselves.

NSYNC Reunion Video VMAs 2013: Watch Justin Timberlake's Best VMA Moments

The former *NSYNC star proved Sunday night that good music and exceptional storytelling still mean something in the music industry.

Millennials Are Too Broke to Start Their Own Farms

Ever considered starting your own farm? You might want to sit down for this.

How the CIA Let a Dictator Commit War Crimes

The CIA knew of and did not stop Saddam's use of chemical weapons against Iran. This will do nothing besides join the list of dubious CIA actions throughout its history

Women's Equality At the Western Wall is Closer Than You Believe

Israeli officials have unveiled a new plaza where men and women can pray together at the Western Wall, but it was denounced as discriminatory by protesters. Can the issue ever be resolved?

Lamar Odom Drug Binge Leads Reported Split With Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom, former Lakers star and current member of the LA Clippers, has been missing for following a supposed drug binge.

New Delhi's Taxis For Women, By Women

With high profile cases of sexual violence highlighting the difficulties Indian women face in the country's city, one woman has offered an innovative solution to both protect and empower women.

Miley Cyrus Twerking: Her VMAs Sexcapade Proves She Must Be Stopped

We've made Miley into a sex robot. It's time to power her down.

War With Syria: Intervention Must Happen Immediately

As violence escalates in Syria, there is no excuse for the U.S. to not intervene.

Ty Carter Medal of Honor: What He Did to Deserve It

In an interview with NPR on Monday, Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sgt. Ty Michael Carter's reveals a side of war that is not discussed enough in the American media.

One Chart That Shows the Devastating Effects Of the Assault On Reproductive Freedom

Abortion rates declining, and it's the government's fault.

Chris Christie 2016: His Popularity With Liberals Could Doom Him

Christie needs to find a way to attract the conservatives of the Republican Party if he wants a nomination from them in 2016.

This Section of Dodd-Frank Actually Kills People

This section of Dodd-Frank is rarely mentioned, but it will shock you.

Why Americans Would Rather Invade Iraq Than Help the Syrian People

Ten years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the American public is less inclined to support military force in the chaotic, increasingly belligerent, Syrian conflict.

March on Washington 2013: 50 Years Later, We Still Haven't Fully Integrated America

Though America has come a long way since that day on the Washington Mall, the hardest tasks of integration remain to be tackled.

March On Washington 2013: Meet the Gay Man Who Was Behind the Original March

Bayard Rustin organized the 1963 March on Washington. If alive today, he would still be marching — and fighting for economic justice across the country.

Bob Filner's Press Secretary Drinks From Penis Straw: So What?

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's sexual harassment scandal has a new victim: his press secretary Lena Lewis, who has fallen under undeserved scrutiny for having fun in Vegas.

Obama Can Fix Education If He Follows This Simple Plan

Obama's goal in higher-education reform is to lay the groundwork for a pay-for-performance model, most of which can be done without Congress.

The Egyptian Military Has Done the Muslim Brotherhood A Huge Favor

With its brutality, the Egyptian military is undermining any salvageable legitimacy of the post-coup government and strengthening the political position of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Why Israel Shouldn't Worry About the Egyptian Conflict

The new face of Egypt's government likely won't change the current relationship it has with Israel. Here's why.

The CIA Just Let a Man Smuggle Uranium On a Plane — But They Have a Pretty Good Reason

CIA operatives arrested Patrick Campbell at JFK International for smuggling uranium in the soles of his shoes, with the ultimate intention of shipping yellowcake from Sierra Leone to Iran.

Donald Trump's University Facing Lawsuit

Trump's for-profit educational institution is being sued by the Attorney General of New York for elaborate 'bait and switch' tactics charging customers high fees for courses that fail to deliver.

North Carolina Bans Church From Feeding the Homeless

While the state government is busy lurching rightward, its people are suffering.

Was the Brutal Police Takedown Of This Protester Justified?

Video footage shows this Wisconsin protester violently tackled by police during a protest at the state house.

Why It Is So Crucial That Obama Move Carefully On Syria

Faced with the pressure to punish Bashar Assad for his use of chemical weapons, President Obama is stuck with no good options.

5 Surprisingly Moving Celebrity Memoirs

The vast majority of celebrity memoirs won’t be winning a Pulitzer anytime soon, but there are a few glossy gems amid the debris.

This American was Captured and Tortured by Syrian Rebels

Matthew Schrier was captured by Al-Qaeda-linked rebels. If the west responds to the use of chemical weapons by Assad, will it be helping these goups further?

I’m Voting for Bill de Blasio For a Strong, Safe, and Smart New York City

De Blasio is for millennials who care about fixing income inequality and improving early childhood education.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty — Except in This "Court"

The American university system has begun to adopt a new way to prosecute and investigate sexual assault cases. The methods and procedures in question go against centuries of judicial standards.

Nidal Hasan Will Win If He Gets A Death Sentence

Don't let a murderer of U.S. soldiers get what he wants.

The Inside Story Of How Mubarak Escaped Life In Prison For Embezzlement and Murder

As a fragile Egypt continues to show internal divisions and struggle, the symbol of the very inception of the Egyptian uprising of 2011 was shown out of detention. Here is why.